tagIncest/TabooBeach House

Beach House


I was your typical boy, 18, straight A student, athletic, and handsome (at least I thought). My life was going great, of course I did not have a girlfriend, but I was living life to the fullest by hanging out with my friends and just having a good time. Now I was about to leave for college and I wanted to go a private beach with my closest friends. So I picked up the phone and called all my friends, weirdly enough all my friends were busy that weekend. I was so bummed I had really wanted to spend one last weekend with my friends before I graduated. I was totally bummed when my mom said my cousin Tony was coming to visit, I was not really fond of him, but he was family and I thought this was my chance to catch up with him.

He arrived the next day already packed, so he threw his bag in my car and we were off to the private beach I had rented for the weekend. It was a long trip and Tony and I were not exactly hitting it off in the car it seemed we were from two different planets and we just did not seem to connect. We were about half way there when we stopped to put gas and fill up on snacks. I went inside the store and looked around and I saw a box of condoms I knew I was going to be doing a lot of girls this weekend so I wanted to be prepared in case the time came. So I went to the counter and bought them along with a case of energy drinks. I paid the man and Tony and I went on our way.

We arrived at the private beach a couple of hours later; I drove my car on to the beach and parked it in front of the house. We both took our bags inside and set them in our respected rooms. I looked out the window and saw the beautiful blue ocean crashing on the shore. We had three miles of beach all to ourselves and we had the entire weekend to just relax and ease all our troubles away. The house had two bed rooms I put my things in the master bedroom of course since I had paid for the house and Tony put his things in the other bedroom.

"So what should we do first," Tony asked.

"I don't know about you, but I'm getting in my trunks and heading down to the beach and when I get back I think I'll fire up the grill and make us some burgers," I replied.

I went into my room and started to remove all my clothes, I was standing there fully naked when I looked across the hall and saw Tony fully naked and popping a boner, as well as just staring at my body and cock. My cock was four inches unerect and nine inches when I was full on hard. From the looks of here Tony's cock was three inches unerect and about eight inches when he was hard. He immediately closed the door when he saw me, I guess he was embarrassed and did not want me to see his boner. I had never thought Tony was gay, but if he popped a boner because of me I knew he had to be at least bisexual. I got dressed and went to his door and I could hear Tony moaning and saying my name. I knew he was masturbating to me and now my suspensions were true of him being attracted to me. I waited in the living room until he was finished. He came out of his room out of breath and sweaty, I looked at him and said:

"Ready to go?"

He looked at me with a fiery passion and said:

"Yes lets go."

I looked outside and saw the waves crashing on the beach so perfectly. Tony and I walked down to the beach and just admired the scenery. It was just us alone for three miles and no one was gonna bother us for the weekend. We laid down our blankets and just absorbed the sun. I noticed Tony's cut body; he had amazing Pecs and a great set of abs. I was getting hard just by staring at him and suddenly I felt my trunks getting tighter. So then I got up and ran into the water so hopefully Tony would not see my boner. But what I did not see happening was Tony following me into the water. He ran and jumped on my back and we both fell into the water. We both got up and I continued to run but he kept chasing me and then he tackled me as I got back to shore and he ended up on top of me and we just stared into each other's eye I put my hands on his hips and he moved closer to my face, then we kissed. He pulled away and said:

"I'm sorry I don't know what I was thinking."

Then I looked at him and said:

"Its okay I wanted it." And I kissed him back and we started making out. The sunset as I gave him the most passionate kiss I had ever given or got in my life.

"Let's save some for tonight," I said smiling at him.

We walked back to the house holding hands, it was actually quite romantic. I fired up the grill when we got back and started to make us some hamburgers. Tony would come outside now and then and give me a slap on the ass or a kiss with plenty of tongue. We sat and ate at the table just laughing and feeding each other food. Then we sat on the couch and watch a funny movie, we just sat there holding hands. Tony kept rubbing my leg, he was ready for some action and I was ready to give it to him. Mid way through the movie I stood up and removed my shirt and went into the master bedroom. I got on the bed and waited for Tony to come, and sure enough he followed me. We looked into each other's eye and kisses as I fell into his arms. Then I separated myself from him and I said:

"Let's just strip down and then stare at each other's body before we do it."

"Just like in The Notebook," he said smiling.

I took off my shorts and my underwear and there I was standing naked with my half erect cock. Then Tony took off his shirt and his pants along with his underwear, he stood naked in front of my with his half erect cock. I stared at his body and he was doing the same then, I ran to him and just started kissing him and as I did I felt both our cock grow harder. We lay down in the bed together and started to make out, then I kissed his neck softly and he started to moan with pleasure as I pulled on his cock with my hand. It was firm and hard just perfect. I started to kiss his chest as he lay on his back, then I found myself looking at his eight inch cock. I knew he wanted me to start sucking but I was afraid I would not be good at it. So I took a deep breath and went mouth first at his cock, I started at his tip and soon I had my whole mouth wrapped around his penis. I started to move my mouth up and down his shaft. I licked his shaft from bottom to top then I put his balls in my mouth. I sucked on his balls and he was going crazy, his pre cum was all over my face; I got up from his crotch and wiped my mouth. Then he returned the favor and started to suck my cock. He was even better than I thought; I guess he had some practice before me. The feeling I was having in my cock was indescribable, all I can say is that he is the best I had ever had. I was really close to cumming when he stopped and whispered:

"I want you to fuck me in my ass."

I was very shocked at this request but I did not want to disappoint him so I went and got the condoms I had bought earlier at the gas station. I took one out of the wrapper and put it on. It was lubricated so it should go into his ass easier, depending on how tight his little asshole was. I told him to take a deep breath and he did and I went in deep. His ass was so tight as I fucked him doggie style. I did not go hard or fast, I wanted to go slow and be passionate since it was my first time. I fucked him good and hard, yet with passion, I kept pounding his ass doggie style until I finally cummed. I removed the condom and threw it away before it got to messy. Now it was time for my turn, Tony grabbed a condom from the box and put it on and then lay down on the bed on his back. He wanted me to get on top so he could fuck me cowboy style. I straddled him and slowly put my ass on his dick. I felt his tip near my ass hole, then I slowly sat down on it and from there he had my virginity. His dick was far up my ass and I began to work on him. He used his hands too feel my chest then he put then on my hips as I slowly made love to him. He fucked me for a while until he too had cummed. I got off his dick and he removed the condom and properly disposed of it.

I kissed him and just cuddled next to him and put my head on his chest.

"That did not feel like sex, it felt better," Tony said.

"Of course it did, we made love," I said back.

He kissed my neck and I kissed his chest and we both settled in bed and went to sleep because the next day was gonna have some excitement and some real fun.

I woke up the next morning alone. I got up from bed, still naked, and searched around the house for my lover and cousin. He was in the kitchen making us breakfast, he was still naked, so I went over and slapped him on the ass and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I sat at the table and he followed with breakfast. We sat and ate when he asked the question.

"Are you gay?"

I gagged on my orange juice when he asked this and I looked at him.

"I don't know Tony. Don't get me wrong I liked what we did last night, but I'm stuck in this phase I don't know if I like girls or guys," I said.

"Well I think I know what I have to do," he said with a smile. "This is a private beach isn't it so that means we can go down to the beach naked."

"Yeah we can," I said winking at him.

We finished breakfast after that statement and ran to the beach completely naked. We ran the beach for hours until we both fell in the sand and just started kissing passionately. I reached down and grabbed his big cock it reacted by standing up as soon as I reached for it. I kissed his neck and started on my way longer until I reached his cock; from there I gave him the best blow job I could give him. I did not use any teeth and I focused on giving his cock as much tongue as I could. I could feel his about to orgasm and I wanted him to just cum all over my face and mouth. Finally I felt my mouth drip with warm cum. His cum tasted salty in my mouth, but it was satisfying so I swallowed it all. Yet my cock was still hard and Tony wanted to take of it by me fucking him in his ass. I was not to sure about this because I did not have a condom and they were all the way back at the house. But yet I had a curious side of me to fuck him bare back, so I agreed. He got on all fours and begged me to put me cock into his non-virgin asshole. I spread his ass and looked at his asshole and I lined up my cock and thrusted it into his ass. The waves crashed on my feet as I slowly made love to his ass. I kissed his back as my dick went in and out of his big ass. Then finally I cummed inside his ass, I pulled out and saw cum dripping from his ass as we lay in the sand kissing. I grabbed his hand and said:

"I'm gay."

He looked at me and smiled and kissed me and then he asked:

"Will you be my boyfriend?"

I smiled bigger than ever and kissed him and said:

"Of course I will."

We cuddled naked on the sand as the waves crashed on us and we were ready to start our life as a gay couple.

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