tagGay MaleBeach Meeting Leads To Bi Sex

Beach Meeting Leads To Bi Sex


Author's Note: This story line was submitted to me by a man who was stationed in Naples for two years. He asked that I use the story line and write about his bisexual experience. All the names used are fictitious. Hopefully I did the story line justice.


It was the summer of 1960 and Cliff was stretched out on the rocks on a beach not far from Naples, Italy. Cliff was in the armed forces stationed in Naples for two years. He liked to go to the beach as he was avid swimmer which is how he maintained his toned ripped body. At 21 years old he was a picture of health as he was 6'2" tall and weighed 185 pounds. His brown hair was cut short military style and his body was well tanned. Cliff wore a skimpy bathing suit as was the style in Italy at the time and it allowed most of his body to soak up the sun.

Cliff had discovered a very private section of the beach where hardly anyone ever went. Once in awhile there would be some rock divers to show up and he enjoyed watching them. The beach was covered with jagged rocks with not much sand which is why it did not attract the sunbathers. He had just finished a lengthy swim and relaxing listening to the water splash against the coastline. His thoughts were interrupted when a voice broke the silence.

"I was hoping that I would find you here today," a young man said in perfect English with his Italian accent.

"Ciao, Filippo how are you?" Cliff replied when he saw his friend.

Filippo was a pretty young Italian young man of 20 years. His skin was well tanned and he had dark brown hair. He was 5'6" tall and weighed just 150 pounds. His skin was smooth and his body virtually hairless. There was not a blemish on him. Filippo tossed his beach bag on the ground next to Cliff and then removed a towel from it. He spread out the towel and lay down next to Cliff.

"I have been thinking about your cock all day. I am glad that you are here," Filippo said softly.

"That's good because I have been looking forward to putting it in your hot ass again," Cliff replied recalling the last time he fucked Filippo.

"I guess we should get started then since we both want the same thing."

"I guess we should," Cliff chuckled.

They got up and walked to their most private spot and Cliff was hard in his swimsuit by the time they reached the area. Filippo smiled when he saw the outline of Cliff's impressive cock in the skimpy swimsuit and he dropped to his knees in front of Cliff. Filippo took a hold of Cliff's swimsuit and pulled it down slowly making sure that it got caught in the waistband. Filippo smiled up at Cliff just before he released the big dick and it bobbed in front of his face.

"I love that," he whispered.

"I know you do," Cliff acknowledged.

Filippo covered the cock with his mouth and sucked it until Cliff ejaculated in his mouth. That was just the preliminary as Filippo continued sucking Cliff's cock to keep him hard. He wanted Cliff to last longer when Cliff fucked him which is why he always sucked Cliff off first. Filippo released the cock from his mouth, turned and knelt on all fours. Cliff peeled the skimpy bikini bottom down exposing Filippo's beautiful ass. Filippo handed Cliff some lube and Cliff prepared the gorgeous ass for his cock. Cliff moved forward and eased his impressive cock into Filippo who put a hand on Cliff's thigh reminding him to go slow. Cliff loved watching his cock slide into Filippo's receptive ass.

As Cliff fucked the young Italian beauty he thought back to the first time they met on the beach. Until that day Cliff had never had sex with a guy or had even thought about it. There was plenty of Italian pussy to be had and Cliff did well with the ladies. Cliff was still unsure of why he was attracted to Filippo's ass but he loved fucking it and he also loved the fantastic blow jobs that he got. Filippo was a good lover and Cliff like having sex with him. Cliff's second ejaculation snuck up on him and he flooded Filippo's rectum with a massive load. Cliff could cum at least four times on a good day and he knew that it was going to be another good day with Filippo.


Cliff found the remote private beach area early that summer and he went there often to relax. Some days he would stay at the main beach and ogle the bikini clad military wives, daughters, girlfriends and local Italian girls. However when he wanted to swim he preferred his private spot. It was there he first met Filippo.

Cliff had just finished his swim and he had stretched out on his blanket when Filippo arrived. The young cute Italian smiled at Cliff and then put his bag down and spread out his towel. Cliff studied the young man as from behind he looked like a girl without her bikini bra. Filippo was well tanned and shapely. He wore his hair long covering his ears and his movements were more effeminate than masculine.

Filippo walked toward the water's edge and eased into the cool sea. He swam for several minutes before returning to his place. Cliff noticed how the wet olive skin glistened in the sunlight. Filippo turned his back as he dried his body and Cliff looked at his curvy ass. Cliff had never seen such a shapely ass on a guy before. Filippo turned toward Cliff and smiled again. He recognized Cliff as an American and asked in perfect English.

"Do you mind if I sit by you?"

"No that's fine if you want to," Cliff told him and then added, "Your English is excellent."

"Thank you, I work at the museum so I speak it a lot there. Do you speak Italian?"

Cliff responded in Italian, "A little but I am still learning."

"Your pronunciation is very good. You should keep studying and learn to speak Italian."

"I studied Spanish in high school for three years so that helps."

"My name is Filippo."

"I'm Cliff."

Filippo spread out the towel next to Cliff and then he lay face down on it. Filippo lay on his stomach and his ass looked incredible. Cliff felt that familiar tingle in his loins as he stared at the lovely sight before him. They made small talk and got acquainted. Cliff took a liking to the young Italian. Filippo asked Cliff how he enjoyed Italy and what he had seen so far. As they chatted Cliff noticed that Filippo would clench his buttocks every so often emphasizing his shapely ass. Cliff was surprised at his own reaction as he found Filippo's ass very enticing. He decided to take a brief swim to clear his mind of his strange feelings.

Cliff then entered the water and swam around slowly. The water helped cool his jets at first but then Filippo came in too. Cliff watched as Filippo moved gracefully through the water using a controlled dolphin like stroke. Cliff stared intently as Filippo's ass would break the water slightly and then disappear. It was a beautiful sight as his curvy ass rose up and then eased back under the water's surface. Cliff's cock was throbbing in his bathing suit by the time Filippo stop swimming.

Cliff remained in the water hoping his erection would subside somewhat before he exited. It did not help though when Filippo walked out and his marvelous ass came into view again. He walked back to his towel in a sultry manner and slowly lowered his body face down again. Cliff didn't know if it was his imagination but Filippo's ass rose slightly looking incredibly desirable.

Filippo intentionally pushed up on his knees ever so slightly to further accentuate the shape of his lovely ass. He then turned and looked right at Cliff and asked, "Cliff would you put some lotion on my back. The sun is very hot today."

"I guess I can do that," Cliff stammered nervously.

Cliff stared at Filippo briefly as he had never seen a guy look so feminine but of course his cock was hidden from Cliff's sight. Filippo's skin was hairless and without a blemish and when Cliff began to apply the lotion, he felt the smooth texture of Filippo's skin. Cliff had put lotion on girls before but he couldn't recall anyone with skin any smoother than Filippo. Cliff began at Filippo's neck and shoulders and worked his way down Filippo's back. Cliff felt his cock harden in his swimsuit yet again.

Filippo had turned his head to one side resting on his hands folded on the towel. He noticed the bulge in Cliff's swimsuit and he smiled. Filippo also noticed that the outline of Cliff's cock was very impressive and Filippo guessed the size to be close to 20 centimeters and it was thick.

"Would you mind doing my legs too?" Filippo requested.

Cliff didn't speak but moved down and began to apply lotion to Filippo's calves and thighs. Cliff massaged Filippo's calves up to the back of his knees and then his thighs just below his buttocks. Cliff then stared at the shapely ass before him. Now that he looked at Filippo's ass it looked every bit as good as any girl or women that he had butt fucked.

"Oh would you do my shoulders again first," Filippo requested.

Cliff moved to the front of Filippo as he did not want to straddle his body and he began to put lotion on Filippo's shoulders again. As Cliff's hands massaged Filippo's shoulders, Filippo let his hands drift to Cliff's swimsuit. Cliff felt Filippo's hands fumbling with his skimpy swimsuit and then he realized that Filippo had freed his cock.

Cliff tried to move back but Filippo held on to the big thick shaft. "Relax and let me enjoy your beautiful cock," Filippo said as he stroked the long thick penis.

"Haven't you ever had sex with a man?"


"Well just relax and enjoy it. I know you like my ass. You have been looking at it since I arrived."

"We shouldn't," Cliff said nervously.

"Sure we should, let's just enjoy this," Filippo whispered again just before he lowered his mouth onto Cliff's cock.

"Oh my God it's going to happen," Cliff thought to himself.

Cliff knew that it was a big step to let Filippo suck his cock but it felt so good. Filippo was an excellent cock sucker and Cliff knew that he would cum soon. Filippo pulled Cliff closer to him and he began to fondle Cliff's balls and stroke his perineum. Cliff was so turned on that he busted his nut quickly and flooded Filippo's mouth. Filippo handled the discharge expertly and sucked every drop out of Cliff's cock. Filippo lowered Cliff's swimsuit down to his knees and pulled Cliff closer. Filippo held onto Cliff's muscular buttocks as he continued to suck Cliff's cock keeping Cliff hard.

"Now I would love for you to fuck me. I want to feel that marvelous cock in my ass. Massage my ass this time and lubricate me for your cock," Filippo directed.

As if in a trance Cliff followed Filippo's instructions and began to massage Filippo's ass. Cliff then worked Filippo's ass just as he had any of the girl's he had butt fucked. He lovingly massaged Filippo shapely buttocks and lubricated Filippo's asshole. Cliff put one then two fingers in Filippo's ass and finger fucked him for several minutes.

"I'm ready for you Cliff. I'm ready for you to put your big dick in me. Go slow and make this last a long time," Filippo whispered sexily.

Staring the entire time at Filippo's beautiful curvy ass, Cliff lowered his body onto Filippo. Cliff held his erect cock in his hand and guided to Filippo's anus. Filippo held his breath as the thick but soft mushroom head opened up Filippo's anus and stretched the sphincter. Cliff was thoughtful and gentle as he slowly penetrated a guy's ass for the first time in his life. Filippo's ass opened up and welcomed Cliff's cock into the warm snug passage. Cliff held still and let Filippo move under him. Once Cliff was satisfied that Filippo had loosened up he began to fuck Filippo with long steady deliberate strokes.

The two of them moved together as if they had done this many times before. Both of them were oblivious to having sex in public as they were lost in the moment. Filippo rose up slightly on his knees while keeping his chest pressed against the ground. This move accentuated the round shape of his shapely ass. Cliff like the feel of the curvy buttocks as he drove his cock all the way home. Normally Cliff liked the girls in a doggy style position but he found he liked the way Filippo felt under him. Filippo groaned repeatedly each time Cliff buried his cock in Filippo's ass.

Every time Cliff drove his cock into Filippo's bottom, Filippo lifted his hips to receive the cock in his ass. They fucked slowly and maintained their rhythm and Cliff wrapped his arms around Filippo's upper body. Their bodies pressed together as they fucked and Cliff felt just like he was in the ass of a woman. Cliff never expected that fucking a guy could be so enjoyable and so erotic. Cliff was so wrapped up fucking Filippo's hot curvy ass that his ejaculation snuck up on him. Almost without warning Cliff shot another massive load, this time into Filippo's rectum.

Filippo groaned aloud when he felt the first stream shoot into him followed by several more streams nearly as forceful. Cliff moved his hips in and out as he ejaculated into Filippo until he was nearly drained. Cliff pressed his body into Filippo and remained still as Filippo clenched and unclenched his sphincter muscle around Cliff's shaft. Cliff was still hard when he removed his cock from Filippo's ass and got up. Filippo turned over and took a hold of his own erection and stroked it in search of his release. Cliff looked at the average size uncut cock and watched Filippo jerk off.

Filippo saw that Cliff was still hard and spoke softly, "Put your cock back in me. Just fuck me until I cum."

Cliff moved back to Filippo who lifted his legs to receive Cliff's cock. Cliff eased his cock back into Filippo's well lubed passage and began to fuck him again. Filippo stroked his cock as Cliff fucked him and Cliff was pleased that he was still hard after cumming twice. Cliff watched as Filippo closed his eyes and felt Filippo's sphincter tighten around his cock as Filippo ejaculated. Filippo's load shot out in four or five streams and landed on his chest, abs and pubes.

Filippo smiled and said, "I think that you like fucking me," Filippo whispered.

Cliff just nodded but now he was a little embarrassed about what happened. He pulled out of Filippo and ran back into the sea. Filippo go up and entered the water also where he cleaned the semen from his body. After they cooled off they got out of the water, dried off and laid back down on the towels naked.

"I shouldn't have done that," Cliff said, his face turning red.

"Of course you should, people have been doing this for thousands of years. You enjoyed it and so did I. You can enjoy sex with both men and women. I want you to fuck me again," Filippo told him.

Cliff looked at the hot curvy ass again and within minutes he was buried balls deep again in Filippo's tight asshole. Filippo was flattened on the towel face down as Cliff drove his impressive cock deep into the bowels of his new found lover. Filippo's ass moved under Cliff but Cliff's strength and drive kept Filippo pinned under him. Cliff's powerful buttocks clenched and unclenched as he pummeled Filippo's ass. His thick cock drove into Filippo and then retreated until only the head remained in Filippo's rectum. Filippo felt the powerful shaft drive in and out of his anal passage like a piston causing Filippo to cry out.

"Oh man your cock is so big in my ass, so deep. Cum in me like the last time, I want to feel you shooting in my ass!" Filippo exclaimed.

Cliff continued to fuck the shapely firm ass of his Italian lover driving his cock into the warm recess. Cliff sensed his orgasm building in his balls and he knew that within minutes he would cum in Filippo's hot ass. Cliff felt the pressure in his scrotum just before he unleashed a torrent of semen into the shapely firm ass underneath him. Cliff felt Filippo's sphincter muscle tighten around the shaft and squeeze every ounce of juice out of it. Cliff stayed hard and he continued to slowly fuck Filippo's ass as the semen coated his shaft.

Filippo sensed that Cliff was up for another round without pulling out of his ass and whispered, "Cliff if you are going to keep fucking my ass let's roll on our sides."

Cliff rolled to his side keeping his cock in Filippo's ass as he pulled Filippo to the side. Cliff's hands wrapped around and caressed Filippo's body. Cliff gently pinched Filippo's nipples and kept fucking Filippo until they both came. Filippo came two times before Cliff came in Filippo's ass again. The first time Filippo ejaculated; his cum shot passed his face and hit the ground in front of him. The second time he came his seed hit him in the face and neck. Then Cliff lost it and dumped another load in Filippo's ass. The two of them rested on their sides as Cliff's cock slowly deflated and slipped from Filippo's asshole. By the time they were ready to move the semen had dried on Filippo's body. They both went back in the water and cleansed their bodies. Minutes later they dressed and headed back to the main beach which was a healthy walk and swim. Filippo told Cliff when he would be back to the private beach and he hoped that they would meet again.


It was two weeks before Cliff ran into Filippo again at the beach. After a blow job and another butt fuck, Filippo asked Cliff back to his home. "My parents are in Milan for a few days and I am home alone, would you like to come to my home."

"Okay but just for awhile," Cliff accepted

They made the way back to the main beach and took the bus back to the city. Cliff followed Filippo through some narrow streets until they reached the building where he lived. Cliff got some strange looks from other people along the way and he wondered if they knew that Filippo was a homo. Once inside Filippo served Cliff some wine and they both relaxed before they went to Filippo's bed. In the bedroom they stripped off their clothes and Filippo was all over Cliff's cock.

Filippo was taken with Cliff's impressive cock and he spent a lot of time kissing it and licking it keeping Cliff hard. Cliff was now ready to fuck Filippo and he told Filippo to get on all fours. Cliff used lotion Filippo gave him and greased up his cock. Then he greased up Filippo's asshole and he again marveled at the shapely ass on Filippo's smaller frame. Cliff observed again that Filippo's skin was tan all over except for his lighter skin ass. Filippo looked good on all fours as he waited for Cliff's cock to penetrate his ass. Cliff took his time lubricating Filippo's ass and he liked the submissive posture that Filippo presented. Filippo had his head down on his hands which were folded on the bed. Filippo's ass was elevated and his back was arched emphasizing the curvy shape of his ass. Filippo looked perfect and he presented exactly the image that Cliff liked to fuck.

Cliff moved close and slowly eased his cock into Filippo's ass. Filippo groaned slightly with the penetration and his sphincter stretched once again to accept the big cock. Once past the sphincter Cliff fucked Filippo slowly until Filippo's ass opened up and he was once again able to take the big thick cock. Cliff then picked up the pace and soon his hips were slamming into the lovely Filippo. Filippo's curvy ass would jiggle each time Cliff thrust into it and Cliff loved the effect. Cliff felt his orgasm building again and he knew that he would dump another load in Filippo's ass. Filippo felt Cliff's body stiffen and make one final thrust as Cliff buried his cock in Filippo's ass. Then Filippo felt cum surge into him and he felt Cliff's cock throb with each release. Cliff was glad that he had been able to cum so much every day.

Filippo's anal muscles involuntarily clenched and unclenched as they massaged Cliff's cock and drew every drop of cum from the shaft. Cliff kept pressed against his new lover and let his cock be milked dry. Filippo couldn't hold his position any longer and he collapsed forward on the bed. Cliff followed Filippo down and lay on top of Filippo with his cock still buried in Filippo's ass. Cliff felt Filippo's smooth hairless skin against his own and he liked the feeling. Cliff remained on top of Filippo until Filippo begged him to get up. Cliff didn't realize it but he had been crushing Filippo's smaller body. Cliff had gotten lost in the moment as Filippo's ass muscles tightened around Cliff's cock. Cliff then rolled to the side and his softening cock slipped from Filippo's dilated asshole.

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