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Beach Pickup


Walking along the beach, carrying just a beach towel and a bottle of oil and wearing nothing but a tiny thin speedo—barely keeping my cock contained—I stumbled across a most beautiful sight. He was lazing on the beach, stretched out on his back soaking up the sun in his own tiny swimsuit that showed off his luscious thick bulge perfectly, and the outline of the rim of the head of his cock made his circumcision deliciously obvious. His strong, tight swimmer's body, his olive skin, and dark wavy hair played into all the details of "exactly my type". I had to stare.

He noticed me staring. He tried to conceal his grin, but one finally broke across his face, and he winked at me. It was a total turn-on and made me suddenly feel brave. I wandered closer, and I felt my cock beginning to move at the sight of him. I dropped to my knees. I asked if he'd mind if I spread my towel out on the sand nearby. He smiled and shook his head, silently. I noticed him scanning my whole half-naked body, lingering a while at the neon yellow bulge of my swimsuit. I decided to waste no time, jump in, and take no prisoners.

"You look really great...doesn't the sun feel terrific? It looks like you've already been in the water..." He was still smiling, and there was a sparkle in his eye, so I kept going. I took out some oil, began to rub it into my naked skin, "Hey, I've got this oil. You want me to rub some on your back?" At last, he spoke and gladly accepted.

"Wow, what a good idea. Sure." He sat up and leaned forward. He turned his head, almost bashfully, and introduced himself. "By the way, I'm Shawn. I'm glad you and your oil are here..."

I pour some oil into my palm and rub my hands together. "Yeah, me, too. Here, I'll start on your shoulders." It felt so good running my hands across his strong back. My hands slid down his arms, and he squirmed a little under my touch. I thought I could strike up some more conversation, even though I was completely distracted by what I saw, what I was touching, and what I felt growing in my bikini.

"You know, I saw you stretched out in the sun like that, and I had to stop. I just couldn't keep my eyes off of you. And now, I may not be able to keep my hands off you." He laughed boyishly. "Hell, if you're not careful, I won't be able to keep me MOUTH off you."

"Come on, take it slow. You're busy right now with oiling me up. I mean, you've only gotten to my shoulders. You've still got a lot of real estate to cover." I covered his back, massaging the oil into his skin, which was now absolutely glistening in the sun.

"If you stretch out, I'll be sure to not miss any spots." I expected him to stretch out on his stomach and was so curious to see what had to be a perfectly tight round ass held snugly by that clingy spandex. But instead, he agreed he should stretch out for me— and then rolled over onto his back, laid his arms wide and spread his legs slightly open. Suddenly, I had a full-on close-up view of his entire virtually naked and gorgeously ripped body. My hands full of oil, I straddled one of his legs and slowly lowered my hands to his strong chest.

"Yeah, this is a good idea," he said, and smiled and sighed. As my hands glided across his chest and over his tight abs, I noticed his cock starting to thicken and get hard in his tiny bikini. That bulge was straining to get out, and seeing that movement, and the outlined shape of the head of his cock literally made my mouth start to water.

I liked touching him so much...I wanted to tease him...I wanted to taste him...patience and self-control have never been my strong suit.

His cock jumped. I rubbed my oil-drenched hands over his lycra-covered cock. The material turned almost see-through and showed off the growing fleshy outline of his cock. With both hands, I slid up and down the shaft of his cock through the translucent spandex, pausing on his balls, pressing, seeing him shiver with excitement. I reached behind him and felt the curves of his butt-cheeks tense under my touch. I squeezed and pulled up, pulling his ass off the ground and his cock closer to my mouth. I gently nibbled the pulsing shaft of his cock through the lycra that it was nestled in as it was getting harder and longer. Suddenly, the head of his cock popped out the top of his bikini. It was purple and throbbing.

I got an eyeful seeing the precum spot on his speedo and glistening on his cockhead. But I struggled to be restrained, to hold off, to not immediately dive in face-first and start devouring every inch of him. I wanted to savor it, savor what I saw, indulge myself with what I was feeling with my hands, and then, later on, lose control, and see where things go.

My face just inches from his pulsing purple cockhead, I continued to massage the oil over his body. My hands slowly slid off of his bikini and onto his bare thighs. One hand rubbed oil up the inside of his thighs, and fingers slipped inside the bottom of the leg of his swimsuit. I brushed against the closely trimmed pubic hair at the base of his cock. Curiously, I tenderly felt around more and realized his balls are shaved smooth and bare.

My hand slid a little further in, and I felt the base of the thick shaft of his cock. Unable to restrain myself, I reached through the waistband--all the way in with both hands--cupping his shaved balls and pulling his cock out. His eyes momentarily got big, then he smiled, and groaned. Both hands covered in oil, I started to slowly stroke his stiff cock, which hardened further under my touch. His balls moved slowly in my hand, responding to my touch. I could hardly believe how beautiful and sexy he looked. I leaned my mouth close to his ear and whispered to him, quietly telling him how completely I wanted him and wanted him to fill me in every way he could. He nodded eagerly, but seemed unable to speak.

Hungering for so much with him, I let go of his beautiful cock, grabbed the sides of his bikini and pulled it down his long, muscular legs. To join in the fun and be ready for him in every way, I slid my hands into the waistband of my own little speedo, pushed it down to my feet, and kicked it off.

Then I saw it: we were both naked on his beach blanket, him fully stiff and me getting harder.

I turned around and eased into a delicious 69 position. One hand held his luscious balls, the other rhythmically pumped his shaft. I kept pumping his cock, the head throbbing a deep purple each time I stroked past it.

A slippery finger slid towards his asshole and tickled the edge of it. That eager finger slipped through the clenching ring of his asshole. I slid it in deep, feeling the warm pulsing ribs inside his ass. I dropped my mouth to his cockhead and licked it, slowly. I slid the head between my lips, licked the precum off. I started to suck hard as his massive cock weighed heavy on my tongue. I started thrusting that finger in and out of his ass. I massaged his balls as I suck the whole length of his cock into my mouth, finger fucking him in time with the movement of my hot tongue, and feeling hungry for him to cum. I felt the crazy sensation of his balls slapping against my chin as he started thrusting into my mouth, slowly fucking my face, pressing that thick cock into my mouth.

His eyes begin to close tightly, his tongue tries to re-wet his lips, dry with excitement. I see his chest begin to heave as he breathed harder and harder. I felt his cock stiffening like crazy in my mouth and listened to him try to hide his moans of pleasure. The head of his cock started to pulse and throb, and he groaned, first low and soft, then louder and louder.

"Fuck yes! Make me cum!" he cried out. I slipped a second finger, then a third into his ass that gripped my fingers hard as I pumped them in and out, sucking his cock far back in my mouth. He was on the verge. His asshole pumped and pulsed around my fingers. His cock started to throb as it got ready to push push out his hot creamy juice. I took the entire length of his cock all the way in, his cock-head slipping into my throat, a hot deep-throat, golden moment. Then he cried out: "Fuck yeah. Oh, God, yes! YES! Holy shit that feels good. Yeah, take it, take it all, take it deep! I'm gonna cum. Oh, God, yes, I'm cumming!"

And he shot a massive buttery warm sticky load, first one pulse, then another, one sweet pearly gob, then another, then another, filling my mouth, coating my throat. Deep, heavenly cum.

"My God!" he said. "That was incredible!" He pulled his cock from my mouth, and I kissed it as it left. He lay back, catching his breath, grinning ear to ear, resting his hand on my shoulder. He looked at me, and I swear a saw a wicked twinkle in his eye. He winked and sat up. "I think I have plans for you," he said.

"Oh, I'm so glad you've got even more appetite. I'm so turned on, I can barely stand it. So, what have you got in mind."

"Simple. Hand me that bottle of oil. It's your turn."

I handed him the bottle of oil. I leaned in to plant a warm, wet kiss on his lovely full lips, but he put up a hand and stopped me.

"Not yet, baby. Get on your knees for me." I did. "Now, lean forward, down on your elbows, with your ass in the air." I did that for him, too. I was aching to feel him inside of me, to feel his hands on my cock, to feel him squeezing every last drop of cum out of me.

"Fuck me, damn it! Oil up your cock and my ass, and then fuck me. Oh, I want to feel your meat inside me...." He shook his head knowingly.

"No. Like I said, not yet. Listen, you stay just like there just like that. And for now, you are not allowed to touch yourself, at all. That's for me." The wicked glint in his eye showed again as he poured oil into one hand, rubbed his hands together, and started rubbing the oil all over me. Being forbidden to touch myself by this beautiful stranger was oddly stimulating. And his long, languorous strokes had me squirming under his touch, intensely aroused, yearning for release. I couldn't help but whimper as he slipped one finger inside me...then two. His strong powerful hand fingered my prostate, sending shivers through me. He lowered his lovely lips to my skin, dropping sweet moist kisses on my shoulders, my back, the curves of my butt. As he caressed my body, he moved very close, brushing his well-oiled body against me and pressing his cock—hard once again—suggestively against my ass. I felt drunk with the excitement and ecstasy of it. His fingers were hard at work inside of me, and his beautiful stiff cock was pressed hard against me.

He inched his head under me. He ran his tongue the length of my growing cock, and nibbled the head. I felt my balls move as I got even more engorged. Then he pulled my cock between his lips. Delicious! I thrust into his mouth. He gagged slightly as the head of my cock slid into the back of his throat. He clamped his lips tightly around the shaft as he slid it slowly out. His tongue ran down my hard cock, over my swollen balls, and reached my asshole. He slowly slid his fingers out of me. With one hand, he pumped my cock, which was dripping with his spit and my precum. With his tongue, he toyed aggressively at my ass, darting in and out, then circling around that tight tiny muscle.

He lowered himself onto the beach blanket, pulled me down skin-to-skin with him, and eased his cock inside of me. He fucked me and he fucked me hard—it was wonderful! As he rode me hard from behind, he whispered in my ear how it's going to feel when he cums in my ass.

So his hard cock was all the way inside of me, and I heard him start to moan, he wasn't close to cumming yet, but he was feeling good! He pulled his cock out and slapped it hard against one of my ass cheeks...then hard again against the other, then flicked it hard between my legs, hitting my balls, then he shoved its full length, fast, hungry, and crazed, back into my ass...and after a while more of him pounding himself hard into me, I felt him getting close, almost ready to cum. And he pulled out.

"No way, beautiful!" I tell him. "I want you to press that thing all the way deep into me...and press hard...and then stay still, deep inside, while your cock throbs and pulses and shoots that sweet load of cum all over my insides!" His cockhead slipped in, then popped out, then slid back in, and popped out again, making me insane. When he popped it in the next time, I reached behind myself and grabbed his butt cheeks, and pulled them toward me, and I shoved my ass back against his body, his cock plunged deep inside. I slid slowly back and forth on the whole length of his cock. It felt amazing. I heard his breath begin to get shorter and heavier. "Are you ready to cum in me?" I begged.

He reached around me and grabbed my stiff cock and started pumping it like crazy. His butt started clenching in time with his hand beating me off.

"OK, baby," I said to him, breathlessly, "just tell me when you're about to cum. I'll hold off til then, but I'm ready...ready whenever you are." He pressed his body hard up against me, his hips thundering against my ass, in and out, faster and faster.

"Yes! Now!" he yelled. His body tensed against me, and I felt his cock begin to shoot his hot mess of cum into me.

"Oh, yes, yes!!" I growled to him under my breath. "Cum for me! Yes! Cum for me now! Cum in me, cum in me hard!!" He thrust into me REALLY hard, screamed in my ear as he came, and pounded my cock, now with both hands. I collapsed back against him, my eyes rolled back, and my cock started to throb, and I came powerfully all over his hands.

We fell into a gorgeous, ecstatic heap on the beach blanket. At about the same time, we both looked up, and looked around, and noticed that the beach is, in fact, NOT empty except for us. No one was obviously staring, but there was no telling how much we'd been watched. It was kind of titillating to think about. He grabbed my hand, pulled me to my feet, and ran us both quickly down to the water. There were people in the water as well as on the beach, so we wiped down each others softening cocks and deeply pleased asses underwater, to keep from giving too much of a show. Although, it may actually have been far too late for that.

We climbed out of the water leisurely, made our way back to his beach blanket, and slid back into our speedos. I leaned in, kissed him passionately, taking one final taste of those luscious full lips. I nibbled his earlobe and whispered demurely, "Thank you so very much! This was the best day at the beach I've ever had."

And we said goodbye. Smiling.

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