tagGay MaleBeach Rendezvous Ch. 01

Beach Rendezvous Ch. 01


It was a glorious sunny day; I had left my home and headed for the beach. I wanted to get there early as I wanted to secure my secluded sun spot that lay in a small cove that was surrounded by tall grass and acted as a natural wind breaker. I settled myself in and set out my stuff, I laid the big beach towel stripped off my t shirt and shorts so that I was now just wearing my blue Speedo's.

I applied a generous helping of suntan lotion on to my already lightly tanned muscular body and settled in to soak up some of them rays.

I had been lay there for about 30 minutes or so when I heard someone not 20 yards away splashing around in the sea in front of me. I looked up shielding my eyes from the bright sun light. There in front of me was a young guy walking out of the ocean, he was tall and muscular, he was wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy lime green trunks and had a marvellous tanned body, it was in contrast to my own as I have a hairy chest and I also have quite hairy legs, however I do keep my balls and ass well waxed as I prefer the cleanliness of it.

Good morning, it's a beautiful day. He said.

I smiled and said, Good morning, yes it certainly is a beautiful day.

Sorry I didn't mean to disturb you, I was hoping that I would have been the first here today, I use this area myself to get away from the fracas of the main beach. He said.

Yeah, I know what you mean it can get very hectic down on the main part of the beach. I said.

Anyway, I'll be going then, enjoy the rest of your day. He said.

Look, if you want to get your stuff and join me you're more than welcome, there's plenty of room for both of us. I said.

Ok, sure, that sounds like a great idea I'll be back in a few minutes. He said.

Sure enough he returned carrying a small bag; he laid his beach towel down next to mine and settled himself in.

Hi my names, Mike. He said.

Hi mike, I'm Steve pleased to meet you.

Mike applied his sun cream and lay down on his towel, I lay there on my side as he settled down, his smooth muscular body glistening in the sun light, my eyes roamed over his near naked body, my eyes settled at the bulge in his trunks, this guy sure had a nice package, I could see his belly rising and falling ever so slightly as his six pack moved with the rhythm of his relaxed breathing. I could feel my cock starting to twitch so I decided to lie down and soak in some more of them rays to try to distract my amorous feelings.

After about an hour mike sat up and turned over so he was now lying on his back, the small piece of lime green fabric barely covering his ass, I licked my lips and took in that fabulous view of a well toned rounded ass that was teasing my eyes and my mouth.

I must have been totally entranced, because I heard mike say something which snapped me out of my naughty thoughts.

Sorry, I said, shaking my head to snap myself out of it.

That's ok, would you mind rubbing some sun cream on to my back for me, Mike said.

Yeah, sure, no problem. I said.

Mike lay back down face down and slightly lowered his trunks just an inch or so, I could make out the lighter part of his skin where his tan hadn't stretched down to.

I squirted some of the sun cream on to my hands and started to slowly rub it in to his back, I started on his shoulders and made sure that I rubbed some on to the back of his neck, then I took the sun cream and squeezed a line of it down along the length of his spine, I replaced the cap and then started to rub the cream in to his warm muscular skin, Mike had totally relaxed now and I had repositioned myself so that I was now kneeling between his legs, my hands were rubbing that lotion vigorously into this hunks body like it was the only thing my hands had ever wanted to truly do. My hands reached to bottom of his back and started to trace the top of his trunks, my fingers lingering there longer than they had lingered on any other part of his body. I could hear ever so slight moans of approval coming from Mike, the more I rubbed his body the longer and deeper his moans became,

Would you like me to do your legs for you also, I said.

Mmmmmm, yes please. Mike said quietly.

I squirted some of the sun cream on to his right leg then started to massage it in to his heavily muscled right calf the up and along his right thigh, my fingers running along either side of his thighs until they just brushed against his balls that looked heavy and only just covered by the thin fabric of his trunks. I then turned my attention to his Left thigh and repeated the process.

As my hands glided there way up to the top of his thighs and brushed the under side of his trunks, Mike let out a slightly louder audible moan and parted his legs a little more. I thought about what he had just done for a split second before I returned to rubbing the top of his thighs some more, then I let my fingers reach under the trunks and started to lightly massage his ass cheeks, this caused mike to wriggle slightly but he certainly didn't try to stop me from pursuing it more.

I rubbed my fingers along and under his trunks until my thumbs were running along the crack of his cheeks, I could feel mikes hips raising slightly trying to encourage me to do more, not that I needed any encouragement, but it was good to know I was heading in the right direction.

As I gently massaged his gorgeous ass I leant forward and started to kiss the base of his back, I knew he was in to what I was doing so being that bold didn't bother me in the slightest. We were in a secluded spot and any way this hunk had gotten me so horny and my cock was so hard I wouldn't have cared who had saw us anyway.

Mike just lay there, he made no attempt to stop me from where I was going with this, the slight audible moans of enjoyment and the small but significant movements of his hips and legs were all the encouragement I needed to try my luck a little further. I moved my hands up and along his ass, the suntan lotion on my fingers allowed them to glide easily over his smooth ass, my thumbs tracing the outline of his bum crack always got a reaction from his hips, he would raise them and move them in time with my thumbs, it was while I was tracing this outline and he had raised his hips that I took the opportunity to hook my hands in to the top of his trunks and pull them down from over his ass freeing his round muscular ass to my ever grateful greedy eyes.

Mike looked back at me, and smiled, before settling himself back down on to his towel again.

I removed his trunks and laid them at the side of his towel, I squirted some more of the sun cream on my hands and started to massage his entire ass, my thumbs were now deep in to the crack of his ass and my fingers were lavishly coating his ass cheeks, god how I wanted to taste that gorgeous ass.

Mike had now opened his legs wide and had raised his hips up allowing me more freedom to explore him further, I parted his ass cheeks ad ran my thumb down to his beautiful bum hole, I playfully let my thumb rub along and around his hole each time gently applying a little more pressure than the last, before long I had pushed my thumb in to his hole about half way and I could feel his moisture I could feel his hole tighten around my thumb and then slowly relax, a few gentle strokes later and my thumb was all the way inside his tight beautiful hole.

Mike was now bucking against my thumb as it slowly fucked his hole, he had raised himself so that he was now on his knees with his face down on the towel allowing me easier access to him, I moved my thumb in circles inside his opening to increase the pleasure and sensitivity within him, I licked and kissed his ass cheeks then I reached under him and started to stroke his thick hard cock. Mike was now pushing back hard against my thumb the rhythm we struck up allowed him to fuck my thumb and fuck my hand that was wrapped around his cock.

I could sense that Mike was getting very close to Cumming so I took my hand away from his cock, and slowly pulled my thumb from his ass, there was no way I was going to let him cum so quickly, I wanted to taste more of this god like man, lay there beside me.

I leaned forward and started to run my tongue along and over his ass crack, letting it linger slightly longer on his hole, and then gliding down so I could lick and taste his balls, I licked then sucked his balls in to my mouth and then ran my tongue up along his crack till I reached the top and then ran it back down again, stopping momentarily at his hole and probing it with my tongue before returning back to his balls. Mikes hands had now reached back and were pulling his ass cheeks open so that I could dig deeper in to him with my hungry tongue, allowing me to probe my tongue into his wet eager hole, he was starting to whisper comments to me like "mmmmm lick my fucking wet hole with your hot tongue" and "oh yeah baby fuck my ass with your tongue".

I obliged without hesitation, not that I needed to be told, but it really turns me on hearing other men telling me what they like me doing to them.

After several minutes of rimming him and fucking his hole with my tongue I decided it was about time I got a good look at his thick long cock in its full erect entirety. I told Mike to turn over and to lie on his back, which he did dutifully. My eyes started to take in his entire body from head to toe, there it was his thick hard cock standing at around 8 inches and with a girth that I struggled to enclose my hand around, it was indeed a perfect specimen.

I started to rub my hands up and along Mike's chest finding his dark brown nipples and giving them a quick tweak, I leaned down and started to kiss his chest, licking and sucking his nipples, his hands were rubbing the top of my head, while his breathing and moaning grew more and more rhythmic. I kissed my way down his six pack until my chin lay on top of his cock head.

I couldn't wait any longer, I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and lifted it and gazed at it in awe, I opened my mouth and let my tongue run along the head of his cock, up overt he top of it and then round in a circular motion licking every bit of his big purple head, the I let my tongue run along the under side of his shaft with my lips running along down one side and then up along the other side, I did this several times before I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, my tongue teased open his pee slit, licking and probing it.

Mike's hips rose as he reacted to the sensitivity his cock was betraying, he was desperate to fuck my mouth, but he was also relishing the expertise my mouth was lavishing upon the sensitive areas of his glands.

I started to slightly lick and swallow more of Mike's cock, running it around in my mouth being careful not to grate my teeth against it, I made circular motions up and down and along his cock while I inched more of him into my mouth, I could feel the head of his cock brushing against the back of my throat which made me gag a little, but I was an expert at this and I knew with a few more strokes and a little relaxation I could take more of his cock in to my mouth. I took my hand away from the base of his cock and let him start to fuck my mouth, as he started to fuck my mouth I relaxed my throat and allowed him to penetrate me deeper, I knew he wouldn't last to long so I inserted my finger in to his tight ass and started to finger fuck him, then I deep throated him which really drove him wild and sent him completely over the top, the next few deep thrusts of his hips in to my mouth and down into my throat and I felt him thrust, heard him grunt and then his cock swelled up and there it was the first shot of his hot cum exploded deep in to my throat, then another and another, I moved my mouth up his cock slightly so I could taste his cum before swallowing it. I felt him collapse back down on to his towel while I continued to lick and suck his cock of all his cum, Mike had his hands in his hair and was writhing and wriggling under the attention I was paying to his over sensitive cock.

I let his cock fall from my mouth, I gazed in to his eyes, and said. There is plenty more of where that came from and I am so looking forward to seeing out the rest of this day with you and your heavenly body.

Mike looked up at me and smiled, oh I sure hope we get to spend the whole day together.

I turned to Mike and said, I only live 5 minutes away, if you would like to come back with me and we can get freshened up we can continue this in more privacy at my place.

That sounds like an offer I can't refuse, Mike said.

Good then that's a deal, we packed up our stuff and headed back to where I had parked my car.

Mike followed me back to my place.

The rest is another story for another day. xxx

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