Beach Romance


The first morning on the beach, 5:30 in the morning and Jessica was stretching her arms over her head as she looked out over the ocean. She took a deep breath and walked back inside for a cup of coffee. She knew in her mind that going by herself, away from all the crap, was a good idea; but she wanted to be with someone that would hold her, touch her and make her feel safe. She's been alone too long and although there were other relationships, they always never worked out; she wanted to fall in love for the first time in her life, she wanted that feeling so desperately. She wanted to share her love with someone special, someone who won't hurt her.

The warm breeze from the ocean's waters ran through the shear curtains hanging on the windows. As she poured her coffee, the breeze surrounded her body, dressed with just a tee shirt on, the breeze tickled her pussy and her nipples aroused. God it sure would be so wonderful to have someone standing behind her making these things happen to her. Touching her in all the right places, leaning close into her, touching her all over. To feel his fingers roll her nipples or to feel him play so lightly with her pussy...yes that's what she longed for.

She grabbed the morning paper and walked back out on the deck, sat down on the lounge and let the sun warm her body. Although the deck was sand level, she was certain that she won't be seen, there was no one walking the beach this early in the morning, not at this hour, her house was the first on the strip, the next one had to be about 1 mile down the road; so she stripped off her shirt and leaned back, naked to the sun.

She slowly drank her coffee and read the latest news, advice columns and other gossip blurbs about the town she was in. Before she realized it, she drifted back to sleep. While she slept, she briefly dreamt that a man was watching her and admiring her curves. Unconsciously her hand went to her large breast and rested near her nipple. She woke up suddenly, feeling strange and looked around. There in the distance stood a man, wearing a boxer swimsuit and smiling at her. Quickly she sat up and pulled her tee shirt back on and smiled at him. He casually waved and walked on.

Wow she thought, that was really embarrassing, but the sensation of excitement waved through her body. She reached down and touched her pussy to find it wet. He was very good looking she thought as she touched herself. I wondered she thought, what was he thinking?

Hours later Jessica walked into the local town to pick up some groceries for the week that she would be at the beach house. Walking up and down the aisles, picking out junk food, food she won't have usually purchased; but this was her vacation and she didn't care. As she approached the Spirits aisle as the sign so invitingly said, she picked out a couple bottles of her favorite wine and a six pack of beer. She wasn't expecting any company, but she wanted to have something cold in the refrigerator, just in case.

She moved to the checkout line, standing behind other customers. Her blue sun dress was just below her knees; her brown curly hair was pulled up in a ponytail. Out of the corner of her eye she saw that man again, the one on the beach and she quickly looked away. Oh my goodness she thought, I hope he didn't see me, he knows what I look like with nothing on, how embarrassing is this? The line all of a sudden seemed to slow down to a snail's crawl and she wished to god she could melt into the floor when she noticed he was walking her way.

Wow, she thought, what if he says something to me? What will I say back? Okay she thought take a deep breath and just stare straight ahead, maybe he won't notice me at all.

But Jessica was so wrong. The man came closer and smiled at her. God she thought here we go, this is so awkward. She couldn't help but notice his kind eyes and mustache. She thought to herself, I bet that it tickles when he kisses. Then she thought about it more, what it would feel like to kiss him, to let him devour her pussy, tickling her pussy lips. STOP IT, she told herself, your imagination is getting out of control, my god I don't even know his name!

He got on line behind her, he only had a few items and she started to think that maybe she should let him get in front of her, it made her nervous to have him stand behind her breathing down her neck, knowing he knows what's under her dress.

She turned around and smiled and asked him, "Would you like to go before me?" she asked, "I have so much more than you do and it would be quicker for you."

"No, he said in a deep voice, "I'm good, nothing to do today, but be lazy" he smiled down at her.

God, she thought, he just had to smile at me didn't he. Well, as she turned around, maybe he doesn't recognize me with clothes on? Now wasn't that a stupid thought.

He leaned closer to her and whispered, "You are a very beautiful woman, did you know that?" he asked.

She stiffened, but then she thought come on Jessica, when was the last time anyone ever said that to you? Never, actually, never. She twisted around a little and whispered back "Thank you, kind sir."

She was up next, putting her groceries up on the belt, as she bent over she knew her breasts were revealed and she could feel his eyes on her. She actually liked this type of 'innocent' attention and relaxed a bit more as she finished emptying her cart.

She put the grocery bags back into her cart, paid the cashier, and made her way to the exit, walking a little slow to see if he would be behind her again. She stood outside putting her cart up against the building and started to pick up her bags. Man, she thought, I don't know if I can carry all this and walk back; too bad I can't take the cart. As she gathered as much as she could, 'he' walked out of the store with his one bag in hand. He looked her way and walked over to ask "Would you like some help?"

Feeling flustered and dumb at the same time, she smiled at him and asked him "Do you mind helping me?" "I guess I didn't negotiate the amount of food I picked up and then would have to carry back to my beach house."

He took the rest of what she couldn't carry and walked with her to her house. He introduced himself as Coby White; he was single and came down for the week to get away from the rat race and somewhat chaotic life he lives. He told her that he always found peace when he looked out on the ocean, but never had anyone to share it with.

She briefly told him about herself, but didn't want to give too much detail or bore him for that matter! As they walked, she measured him up to her, he had to be about 5'10" or 5'11" compared to her almost 5'2" height, she smiled to herself as she remembered his bare chest earlier that morning and wondered what it would be like to have him hold her.

Thank god, she thought as they got closer to her place, I don't live far! As she climbed the two steps to her front door, she put down her bundles and took out the key in her dress pocket. She opened the door, bent over and picked up her groceries and stepped inside. He followed behind her.

He closed the door and quickly looked around and then followed her into her kitchen. He placed the rest of her groceries on the countertop and looked over at her with a smile. She started to speak at the same time he did and they both laughed. "Oh," she said, "Thank you ever so much for your help, can I offer you a cold drink?"

He nodded his head yes and walked over to her door to view the ocean from her deck. He turned around and said "You do have a wonderful view of the ocean, don't you love to watch each wave as it touches the shore?" "It is so breathtaking when the wave hits the sand for the first time; it's like touching a woman's face with a soft stroke."

She just stared at him, and then came back to earth and smiled at him. She was wondering to herself what that would feel like if he stroked her face. She shook her head and thought; wow he must think I'm an airhead! She reached out her arm and handed him a cold glass of iced tea.

As he took the glass from her, his fingertips brushed hers and she felt a chill even though the temperature was in the high 80's she could feel goose bumps on her arms. She walked to the door and he followed her out on the deck. They both sat down and started to talk a little more about themselves to one another. He seemed so easy going and very friendly; she didn't feel uptight and thought how nice he was.

After a while he stood up and walked back inside, stating that he should really get going. He didn't mean to take up her morning and that he hoped he'd see her around town during the week.

She turned towards him and said, "Again, I can't thank you enough for your help this morning." "Would you like to come back later on, I can fix dinner for you" "That's if you don't have any other plans."

He nodded his head yes and said "I would love to come back later on, do you want me to bring anything?"

"Oh, no" she said, "That won't be necessary at all, just bring you."

When he left, she closed the front door and shut her eyes. My goodness she thought to herself, what a very nice guy, he is so comfortable to talk to. Not wanting to read anymore into their brief conversation, she smiled and wondered where it would go.

About 5:30 later that day, the doorbell rang. Jessica had changed into a short skirt and a low cut tee shirt that fit her body so very nicely. She hoped that he would approve. And apparently her wish came true, because when she opened the door; there he stood and his smile intensified when he saw her. His eyes felt like he was drinking her in and she couldn't help but blush. God, I hope he didn't see that. As he walked by her, his cologne hit her nostrils and she felt hypnotized.

He handed her a bunch of white daisies and smiled down at her. His shorts and tee shirt showed exactly what she wanted to see and the way his shorts fit across his cock, she was impressed. She felt like she was in her twenties again as her skin started to tingle. She thanked him for the flowers and turned to go get a vase and some water for them, they, she thought would look so nice on the table for dinner.

He followed her and watched her every move. She was so lovely, so sexy and all he wanted was to hold her close. He loved her curves, he didn't care for women that were skinny and tight, he liked what he saw in her and on her. Her breasts were large and firm and her ass so round. He just wanted to reach out and touch. Her skin looked so smooth looking and from remembering how she looked naked from afar that morning, he just knew that up close would be even better.

He shook himself back to reality and looked at her as she stood on her tippy toes to reach the glass vase on the top shelf. He walked over to help her, but stopped too close and butted up against her back, she lost her balance and tipped backwards. As he caught her, she laughed a little, and tried to erect herself. But his hold on her went through her like electricity and she turned and looked at him. "Oh, I'm sorry," he said, "I was just trying to help you!"

"That's alright" she whispered, looking up at him. She smiled a bit and moved to fill the vase with water. God, she thought to herself, I want to feel his lips on mine just once before I have to go back to the real world.

They sat down at the table on the deck, the evening sun was starting to lower in the sky and the breeze was so nice. She had them made a green salad, small steaks and cheese potatoes. She hoped he would like what she made; she wanted to keep it simple for a summer's night. He as if reading her mind, he commented on how everything was so delicious.

They broke into a conversation about their families, about their work, about their lives. She didn't want to reveal too much too quickly, she was starting over and just wanted all of her past forgotten for good. He seemed fine with the fact that she had two sons. He had been married once, but it didn't work out and thank god they never had children.

As the evening went on, they surprised themselves by draining two bottles of wine. It didn't feel like they were drinking a lot, the world around them right now just involved the two of them and she felt so comfortable in his presence; safe like.

He was enjoying her so much, when she laughed her breasts moved and while the moments were few when they didn't speak, he caught himself watching her chest go up and down as she breathed in the salt air. God, he thought to himself, she's just an angel.

It got to be around midnight, my goodness; she thought to herself, time has flown! She stood up and started to clear off the dinner dishes and head for the kitchen. He helped her and once they did a sort of dance one way or the other when they crossed paths and laughed so softly to each other.

He knew it was time to leave and didn't want to wear out his welcome; so he asked her if she would like to go for a walk on the beach in the morning with him, that he was an early riser and would love the company. She smiled inside and thought I wonder if he thinks I'll do that in the nude considering what he saw this morning; but then again, he's been a perfect gentleman and never mentioned this morning at all. She agreed to meet him on the beach in front of her deck at 5:00 a.m.

They said good night and he kissed her cheek, giving her hand a squeeze, he let himself out. He left her standing there with her heart skipping way too many beats!

Early the next morning, she got up about 4:30 and took a quick shower, not drying her hair and letting its natural curls do their thing, and she slipped on a pair of short shorts and a tank top. She decided not to wear panties but did put a bra that would hold the girls in place but still look sexy. She looked out the back door and there he was -- in the same boxer swimsuit from the previous morning and two cups of coffee in his hands. He smiled when he saw her and hollered "Are you ready?"

She moved quickly and bounded down the stairs to the sand and caught up with him. He gave her yet another kiss on her cheek and said "Good Morning." Those words from his mouth got caught in her throat and all he said was a simple good morning! She looked into his eyes and smiled up at him, whispering good morning back to him softly.

They walked and walked for miles it seemed. The beach was so quiet, clean and he was right, no one was around. She never walked the beach in the early morning and never did she walk with a man that seemed to take an interest in her. Along the way was a trash can and they threw their coffee cups inside. Standing for a few minutes, they both looked out towards the ocean and let the breeze sweep through their bodies; he reached down and took her hand. They continued to walk and up a head there was a mass of trees and it looked so secluded, they decided to discover what was over that way and headed towards it.

They walked through and discovered so many different colors of beautiful wild flowers, she took off her flip flops and went barefoot, the sand and the soft grass was nice under her feet. They found an opening of just the soft grass and decided to sit for a little bit. It was so quiet and she was afraid he would hear her heart.

He wanted to hold her and kiss her. He hasn't even known her for 24 hours yet, but there was something between them and he felt it was fierce. He kept thinking about his life and the happiness he wish he could find, he always said that life was too short and he just wanted to find someone to share it with him. He reached over and held her hand and pulled her closer to him. She didn't resist and snuggled up against him as he held her close. He thought to himself, she fits me, she feels so good.

He bent down and kissed her gently and she seemed so hungry for him. He kissed her again, this time harder and longer and pressed her lips with his to open up so he could explore. She welcomed this gesture and opened her mouth for him. His tongue swirled inside, around her tongue and he kissed her so deep.

She moved away and looked up into his eyes, feeling like she was drowning in them, she knew that his mustache would tickle! She made the next move and kissed him deeply. He guided her down into the grass and leaned over her. God, he thought, dare I touch her? Does she want me as much as I want her? Can I explore her every curve and get her to moan for more?

She made the first step in hopes that it was the right one. She moved her hand down over his bare chest and played with his nipples. He moaned a bit and let her discover his body. She moved down more and with her fingertips, followed his trail to the top of his waistline...moving her fingers down over his shorts, she could feel his cock already throbbing and wanting her touches.

He moved his fingers over her top and could feel the response of her nipples as they grew harder under the fabric. He made circles with his fingertips and as she caressed his cock, she moaned for more of his touches. He lifted her top and then her bra as her breasts fell out for his waiting mouth. He took her nipple and heard her whisper to him, play and lick, but please don't bite me...he nodded his head and made love to her nipples, one by one.

Her hand moved under the fabric of his shorts and she felt his cock grow harder as her hand captured his rod. He stopped for one minute and gasped and looked deep into her eyes. He released her nipple for a moment and stood up, pulling his shorts off. She was taken back and wanted more than ever to capture that throbbing cock of his in her mouth and taste him.

She got up on her knees and removed her top and bra; she knelt in front of him and took his cock in her mouth. Just the tip, just to the ridge and she started to suck on him. The taste of his pre-cum as it hit her tongue was more delicious than she could have imagined and she took more of his cock deeper into her mouth. Her hands grasped his ass cheeks as she guided more of him inside her throat and she could hear him moaning and begging to go deeper.

She pumped faster and faster and then she released his cock and took her hand to hold it, as she did this, she blew soft breaths on his wet rod and when it was dry, she swallowed it back down and he moaned so loud, she was glad no one was around!

He stepped back, he wanted this to last for a while and he knew if he let her continue, he would explode. He took her hands to help her stand up, kissed her mouth so deeply and gently guided her back down on the grass. He played and kneaded her breasts, licking her nipples to they were rock hard and to his surprise she came...her moans of ecstasy caught him by surprise; he couldn't believe he made her cum by only licking and playing with her nipples. He lingered longer and moved down to her tummy. As he kissed her tummy he too, followed her trail to the top of her shorts...he gently pushed them down her legs and found no panties and a bare little pussy glistening with her cum. He got in between her legs, putting them gently over his shoulders and started to lick, kiss and consume her pussy. He licked her pussy lips apart and ran his tongue up and down her pink slit. God he thought she is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. He just kept licking and sucking her so gently. He took his finger and rubbed her clit so gently and applied more pressure with her moans of delight. She moved under his touches and wanted him to finger fuck her but dared not ask.

As if to read her mind again, he entered his forefinger and moved it around inside, in and out. She just couldn't help herself and moaned under each move. Then he put in another finger and the wetter she got, he got in three. Her pussy was so, so tight like a young woman's pussy and he marveled at the idea of her maybe being a virgin?! No, he knew better, but god it sure felt like that. Her pussy was wet and warm and as he licked her again her juices were so, so sweet.

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