tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBeach Side Honeymoon

Beach Side Honeymoon


"Admit it, you just like watching those tight young bodies in their teeny tiny bikinis."

My new wife knew me well, even though we were on our honeymoon. We were real grown-ups, not kids any longer. Part of that maturity meant understanding that we each had eyes, and brains, and that eye candy fed our respective imaginations. We understood that fantasies fuelled our sex lives, kept it fresh, kept us young.

We had enjoyed long slow sex twice already this third morning of our vacation, once when we woke up, and then in the shower after breakfast on our balcony. Before my wife had spoken, I had actually been contemplating which I had enjoyed more - the way she had attacked my morning wood, her hand sliding slowly over my thigh to caress my cock before she slid her mouth over it, and then the ensuing full round of 69 and fucking, or the way I had pressed her hard up against the tile of the shower stall, mauling her nipples as I fucked her hard and fast under the cascading water, only to slow down so that I timed our climaxes to the instant the water started to cool.

As we ate, the young college aged vacationers had been setting up the beach volleyball court on the sand. Now, two luscious co-eds - one a tall leggy slim brunette, the other a shorter thicker curvy blonde - were teasing two tanned young males who might have great muscles, but lacked the skill of the women. I had barely glanced in that direction, so gave a long examining look in that direction, while contemplating the safest reply.

"Your bikini top looks just as good on you."

"You're so kind. But you don't get the thrill of hoping that my butt might slip out of the bottoms, or of a camel-toe exposing my pussy lips."

Her breasts were full and generous, jiggling in her top each time she moved.

"None of the youngsters on the sand have a chest to equal yours," I was able to honestly say.

I noticed that her eyes, though hidden behind sunglasses never left the display of tanned young flesh. Her tongue flicked out to moisten her lips. Her chin dropped open just a millimetre, her breathing slower, heavier, almost a panting.

"But just look how the slippery, thin fabric of that blonde's top keeps shifting around as she plays. A tight fitting T-back sports bra style would be more practical. Of course, she clearly didn't buy it for comfort. She bought it because it looks truly awesome on her, and at her age, she wants to make sure all the guys are looking at her assets. I wonder though if she realizes how every time she dives to the sand, her whole tit almost pops right out."

We might be newlyweds, but my wife was definitely trying to use those young women to turn me on. Even after two bouts of sex, she wanted more. It was working, too, as I felt my cock stirring under my robe.

I leaned over, my eyes lingering on the beach volleyballers as long as I could. I kissed her, at first gently, just lips meeting, but then she opened her mouth wider and my teeth grazed her bottom lip, my tongue slid around hers and we locked together with intense passion, no longer needing to watch the girls on the beach. I explored her exposed flesh. I trailed kisses down her neck, parting her robe and licking her chest. My fingers found her breasts, her nipples already hard nubbins aching for attention.

My cock was by then fully engorged and her freshly showered womanly scent perfumed the air.

"You're missing seeing the brunette brushing the sand off her thighs," she moaned. "I bet you would love to have your tongue there, tasting her saltiness."

I took a nipple between my teeth and tugged gently. My hands were stroking my wife's strong tanned legs as she teased me about the young women a few hundred feet away, but impossibly unattainable. Not that I cared. I had a perfect woman who indulged my every fantasy. Her knees parted as I explored. Under the robe, she was still naked, not even panties on. She had gone for a wax in the spa the day before, so not a single hair covered her distended labia. Her fleshy pink lips stood out proudly inside her tanned thighs, glistening with excitement.

My fingers lingered only for a moment on those thighs before they reached her mound. The first brush of my fingertip made her lips spread open like a flower drinking the morning dew, except here, it was the petals that were already moist. My cock throbbed as my digit penetrated between her moist inner lips. Her pussy spread open, welcoming my touch, as I felt her palm caress my hardness.

"I want to lick you," I moaned.

She closed her fist around my shaft, grasping it like a handle, and guided me to the lounge that sat on the other half of the balcony. She deftly used her free hand to drop it into a flat position, without releasing her hold on my manhood. That meant she controlled what happened next.

"I want you to make love to me more, all day, if you can manage, resting only to recover" she said softly, settling on to her back on the padding.

The sun glistening off her body, full breasts exposed, puffy nipples hard from the cool sea breeze flowing over her sun warmed body. Any tan lines she had before the honeymoon were fast blending into an overall tan, like most of the volleyballers. The blonde was an exception - very pink and pale. I wondered who got to lather her up with sunblock, whether she did it herself or got the brunette to help, or maybe one of the young men. She exposed so much cleavage that lotion would need to be layered in that valley with exceptional care.

I had pictured dropping to my knees on the warm concrete deck, her feet dangling off the lounger as I lapped at her flavourful offering, but she clearly had a different idea.

She had tugged me around so that I was standing near where her shoulders lay. I was too enraptured to even think about whether or not the folks on the beach could see my hard cock being caressed by her loving hand. She left me standing there for a good minute or two, her eyes on my cock as a drop of pre-cum formed, her lips moistened by her tongue. My arousal was enhanced further by a lingering glance at the two volleyball girls both sprawling to the sand after a loose ball, their asses flashing up, a feast for my old eyes. They both had sand all over their asses when they stood. I watched as they playfully dusted each others bottoms, taking just a few heartbeats longer than was perhaps strictly necessary, but maybe they just wanted to do a thorough job. With a final pat, they resumed their playing positions.

I wondered how their supple flesh would feel in my strong older man's hands. I reached down and pinched my wife's nipples.

"Oh, god," she moaned, her voice no longer quite so quiet. It might even have been loud enough that one or two spectators might have turned to look.

My wife lifted up just far enough to catch my first dribble of liquid on the tip of her tongue. As she laid back, she dragged me with her, her lips engulfing the tip of my cock.

Closing her lips around the head of my cock, she still had hold of the base of my cock but with about half of it in her mouth. Her tongue was working around my shaft and the ridge of my helmet, inside her mouth, sucking and licking me. I was imagining that my shaft was nestled between the blonde's tits, which were more exposed than covered, dangling in their fabric cups.

After one last lingering glance at the beautiful barely legal bottoms bouncing on the beach, I slung a foot quickly over her body, luckily not stumbling, but managing to straddle the lounger. My balance was precarious, but I kept my descent under control as she guided my loins to her face, and I aimed my face at her loins. It was a bit awkward to crouch like that, but soon, I did not really care, as I was in heaven.

My tongue found her clit almost immediately. I slipped a couple of fingers into her slit. Pretty soon her hips were bucking, her hand was pushing on the back of my head, and I keep working on her cunt using every technique any lover had ever taught me. At her end, she was as busy on my cock as any woman has ever been.

"Yessss..." my wife's voice surrounded my cock as she let it sit for a second just on her lip. "Those youngsters have never had sex this good."

My baby finger traced a complete circle around the wetness of her sex, as I slowly increased the depth and speed with which I fucked my other fingers into her womanhood. She closed her lips tightly around my cock head, lightly sucking, her tongue teasing my slit. I pumped faster and faster. Her breathing got more ragged as her tongue bathed my shaft.

I released her clit and plunged my cock deep into her slit. Her hips started to buck up off the cushion. She never missed a beat sucking my cock greedily. I was occupied maintaining the right pace and pressure at my task, fingers and tongue fucking my new bride as she had sped up and then slowed the pace, controlling my excitement just on the verge of explosion, the pleasure welling up inside my balls, my shaft throbbing.

One advantage to marrying a real woman instead of one of those barely legal volleyball girl types was that my wife knew expertly how to please me. Instead of just slurping away at my cock deep in her throat, she gently pressed my groin signalling me to raise my hips just enough for her to fist my shaft as she licked the head of my cock like an ice cream cone. Her well timed strokes made my toes flex. I knew that I was not going to last long, even though I had climaxed twice already that morning. I focused on her pleasure, not wanting her to be left hanging.

Her orgasm rolled through her whole body like a wave, the muscles in her abdomen stiffening. I knew that her toes were curling, her calves tightening. I felt her thighs lifting, spreading and then clamping around my ears.

She began to massage my balls with one hand as I licked up the nectar flowing from her slit, my tongue trailing all around her inner thighs, searching for every droplet, enjoying the sweetness of our mixture contrasting with the natural saltiness of her skin. In the background, I could just barely here the joyous noise of the college volleyballers down the beach. My brain started replaying images of how those young women looked in those bikinis, and that caused my tongue to start moving more aggressively, circling all around my bride's slit, moving in ever shrinking circles, focusing for a minute or three on her labia. When I flicked my tongue up to caress her clit, I was momentarily startled to find her fingertips there.

The two loads I had pumped into her cunt earlier left me with extra endurance, or if you want to look at her position, meant she had to go to extra effort to get me off. Even though I could tell from the motion of her hips that she was nearing another climax, I considered lifting my lips from her hips to suggest that she stop and allow me to deposit my gift onto her waiting womb, since we both loved how her orgasm made her abdominal muscles milk my cock. Before I spoke, I realized that though we were newlyweds, we had been fucking long enough that if she wanted to stop, she was a big enough girl to say so - even with a mouth filled with my throbbing cock.

Instead, she pulled my meat from her lips just long enough to mutter, "I need you to fuck my throat like you would fuck those tight young cunts."

One quick swirl of her tongue around my shaft and she took me deep into her mouth again. I realized that I could not last longer, but knowing how she was a swallower, not a spitter, I kept right on going. I smirked, thinking about whether the blonde volleyball co-ed would happily slurp up mouthfuls of my seed, or whether she would be insisting on pumping out the actual orgasm. Her tall tanned teammate I somehow guessed would be a swallower like my wife.

I sneaked a peek at the action just in time to see the brunette get struck by a spiked ball, right in her chest. Her blonde partner rushed over and without hesitation, slid a palm inside the brunette's top, massaging the injured area. Her fingers seemed to pay extra attention to the area where I knew the nipple must be. That made sense, I suppose, since that nub was most vulnerable and sensitive. The blonde seemed focused on her task, continuing to rub, her other hand on her teammate's hip, until one of the spectators wolf whistled, breaking the spell.

My bride paused, perhaps sensing my distraction. She kept a hand loosely around my shaft as she moaned "I love the feel of you in my mouth. I love how you taste, and I especially love the moment just before I feel you about to cum."

She pumped faster. "Come on my face."

That was all that it took - well, that and her thumbnail flicking along my scrotum, stimulating my orgasm. With a groan, my great gobs of goo spurted onto my wife's face. She did not release my shaft, rubbing my cock head over her face and slapping it against her tongue.

"Just look at my slutty little face dripping with cum."she said so loudly I imagined one of the youngsters watching the volleyball must have heard, but I was too busy to look over there.

"If only your bridesmaids could see you know," I chuckled.

"They'd be SO jealous," she replied.

I pushed my cock back into her hungry mouth. She fondle my balls, fingers caressing the root of my shaft.

"Lick it clean, you slut." I played along with her greedy game, knowing that I would not be clean for long, because in spite of the multiple loads I had pumped that morning, my girth was already recovering, the warmth of her fist being rewarded by fresh blood surging into my cock.

With her attention focused on her task, I glanced up just in time to see that blonde volleyballer pull her top away from her tits and reach inside each cup to try to brush sand loose. Apparently she did not succeed because a tiny redhead rushed from the sideline and doused the blonde with a bucket of water. That made the gal's top see-through, but even that was not enough for her. I guess the sand was rubbing against her nipples, because after a word with the ginger, she quickly flipped each cup totally off each boob just long enough for her pal to dump water over the entire naked mound. To facilitate this, the blonde palmed each tit in turn. I could not say for sure, but it looked a lot like her thumb curled around to flick each nipple as she got soaked. Once she shrugged her chest back into its holsters, I could still see the stiffness of her nubbins even from a distance. She resumed playing and I returned my attention to my wife.

"Enjoying the view?" she chuckled, her breath warming my cock, which was slimy with her saliva and stray seepage of my seed.

I answered by shifting my feet, shuffling along the deck on either side of the lounger, trailing the tip of my cock along her flesh down her chest. She squeezed her tits together, so I paused to fuck them for a few minutes - likely two or three, I wasn't telling the time or watching a clock. The sounds from the beach even faded into the background for the time being. The feeling of those mounds pressed around my shaft was incredible. I loved how it felt to rub that layer of silky skin that encases my sausage in her valley. I particularly got a thrill from the sensation of my tip, trapped in the flesh, popping into the air, and then repeating, retreating into the warm cave,sliding back and forth, like a turtle's head poking out of its shell, or a groundhog checking for spring.

"Let me go on top, my turn to enjoy the view," my wife suggested as soon as she knew that my cock was once again fully engorged. So much so that in spite of three loads being dumped already that morning, tiny droplets of precum were seeping out onto her skin.

We quickly switched positions, but not before I took another look at the volleyball crowd. They had switched teams, with mixed male-female pairings matched off. The ginger girl who had so enjoyed dousing the blonde was paired with a stocky surfer type guy against a gal who looked Latina and a muscular black football player type. My eyes lingered as the redhead stripped her cutoff shorts down her long freckled legs, leaving her wearing a thong bikini bottom so teeny it might as well not be there at all. I sensed that one dive to the sand and that fabric would slide right up between her cunt lips into her gash, revealing her full beauty to the world. If she didn't mind, I certainly was happy about it.

But I did not get to watch. Quickly, I was flat on my back on the chair pad, legs draped off the sides, feet on the deck, enjoying what was to me the far more enjoyable and sexy view of my naked wife climbing on top of my erect manhood. Sure, her tits were not as firm as those youngsters, and as she settled her hips on mine, a slight sag of belly pooled in her lap, but there was a certain wanton intoxication about her that had captured me from our first meeting which I would not trade for all the girls on the beach.

"You jerk," my wife laughed as she straddled the lounger, my hard cock firm in her hand, her loins inches from my tip. "You didn't tell me about the ginger. And...and...she's having trouble keeping her tits in her top. I guess she's so small that the cups aren't snug."

She paused, licked her lips, eyes fixed on the volleyball game as she flexed her hips, rubbing my cock head against her labia.

"She has those sexy bubblegum pink nips, just like..." my wife's voice was far away, long ago sounding.

"Like Rachel?" I finished the thought. Rachel had been her college room mate. We had met her at a reunion while we were dating. Rachel had flaming red hair, and had only added to her opulent curves over the years. Her body shape was nothing like the young woman bouncing on the sand, but the colouring was identical. It was never clear whether she and Rachel had actually experimented with girl sex, or if it was just a matter of Rachel's casual dorm room nudity being the source of a lot of college girl masturbation after Rachel left the room or was sleeping.

Now, I was pretty sure that as my bride rose up to sink my cock into her womb, her eyes were closed so that she could imagine that it was Rachel that she was fucking. Or maybe she would prefer to watch me fucking Rachel? Either way, thoughts of redheaded vixens with tits of all sizes had my cock throbbing as my bride slid her gash to surround my rigid pole.

She almost immediately slumped forward, hands pressed against the mattress pad on either side of my head, pumping her whole body up and down, her loins rising until all but the head of my cock was bathed in warm beach air, her labia pulsating in a rhythm that my cock sought to match. She would pause there, breathing, and then smoothly sink until my entire shaft was buried right to the root inside her womb. Each repetition was faster, harder.

"Fuck me," she panted. Soon, she was screaming it, "Fuuuuck me."

If the volleyball spectators had not noticed her head bobbing up and down above the balcony railing, they must have heard her excitement. Unfortunately, I was trapped lying on the lounger beneath her and could not see the reactions. All I could do was imagine some surfer dude quietly sneaking a rub of his cock, hard inside his board shorts, while that chunky blonde absentmindedly stroked her nipple, her other hand caressing her belly, dipping down into her bikini bottom, not even thinking about onlookers. Hopes that a dozen or so college aged kids would pair off as soon as they could to scratch the itch we had created. Visions of my wife's ecstatic grin floating in their horny brains, made me smile and my balls dance in their sack.

My wife meanwhile rose up, her hands cupping her tits, fingers tugging at her own nipples, as she bounced up and down on my hardness. I met her by flexing my hips up off the lounger in slow even thrusts. The tightness of her abdominal muscles made her sweet cunt clench around my cock so that I could feel the excitement building in her core. As she moved faster and harder riding me, I followed her lead, pumping up harder and faster, burying my cock in her with all the strength I could muster.

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