Beach Vacay


Teen girls discover the thrill of being nude in public

(Author's note: Very special thanks to LunaRosa for the focused and perceptive editing. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.)

: : : : :

We're almost there, at last. Our annual beach vacay.

I'm Caitlin Reilly. If you assume from my name that my grandparents are all first-generation Irish-American, and that I have red hair, green eyes, and five hundred freckles, you're right. Except it's probably more like a thousand freckles.

I turned eighteen last May. That makes me a Taurus. If you assume from that that I'm stubborn, adventurous, and competitive, you're right. Except I hate the word "stubborn." "Focused," "tenacious," those are better words.

I'm an only child. If you assume from that that I'm spoiled, bossy, maladjusted, or lonely, you're wrong. I'm naturally outgoing, and I was raised to be fair to everyone: friendly, supportive and reliable to people my own age, and respectful to my elders. I know, those are old-fashioned values, but they work quite well for me, even in today's irreverent world.

Every summer, my family spends a week at the beach. Always in mid-July, and always with the Wilsons, the Coopers, and the Andersons.

Outwardly, our families have nothing in common. We live in different states. The adults all work in different fields. The bond is, the older generation went to college together, all eight of them. Whatever connection they made there, it's a strong one. They share one other major thing: each couple produced an only child, a daughter. All of us were born within a few months of each other.

We've been vacationing together since I was four, in various combinations. I've become quite close with the other girls: Alyssa, Danielle, and Jessica. Like our parents, we're quite diverse in our interests, seemingly without much in common. But also like our parents, there's chemistry at work there, and we have a great time when we're together.

For the last ten years it's been all four families, with only a few exceptions. One year, Mr. Anderson's mother died the day before we were due to travel. Another time, the Wilsons all had a summer flu bug. Last year, we were the ones that didn't make it -- my mom had an emergency appendectomy on the day before we were due to leave. (She made it through fine.)

So I haven't seen my friends for two years, and this particular two years has been quite dramatic.

When we got back home two years ago, my mom noticed I was kind of down. I thought I was hiding it, and I was determined not to talk about it, but she finally drew me out. "Mom, surely you noticed that Alyssa, Danielle, and Jessica have all become curvy, and developed breasts. Look at me: I'm just a bean pole. I have no hips, and no tits. I'll never catch up to them." I told you: I'm a Taurus -- intense, competitive.

"Cait, when's your birthday?"

"May, mom, do you really not remember?"

"When's Alyssa's?"


"And Danielle's?"


"And Jessica's?"

"October. What's your point?"

"You tell me, what do you think my point is?"

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "They're seven or eight months older than I am, so of course they're more developed."

"Good. Did I ever tell you about when I was a teenager?"

"Only about a jillion times, mom."

"What do you remember me telling you about when I was a teenager?"

"You were what they call a 'late bloomer.'"

"So, do you think your dad liked me and married me even though I never developed?"

"No, mom, you eventually developed, and dad liked you because you DID develop."

"He NOTICED me because I did develop. He liked me and married me because..."

"Because you're a good person. I get it mom. Lesson over."

"Not so fast. What do you get?"

"My friends are half a year older than me, and I'm probably a late bloomer. (sigh) I'll catch up."

: : : : :

That was two years ago. I don't know if I've caught up or not, but I've certainly developed a figure. I don't like talking about it, it sounds like bragging, but let's just say that I did grow hips -- my boyfriend calls them my "wonder buns" when no adults are around. And I did get breasts, 34Cs to be exact. I guess that's good... my boyfriend doesn't have any cute sayings or nicknames for them because it's clear that when he even just thinks about them, his mind comes to a complete halt.

Anyway, the point is, my little inferiority complex is long gone. Whether or not I've "caught up," I can't wait to see my friends.

: : : : :

Sunday morning. We took off in the car obscenely early, before dawn, and arrived at the beach a little past noon. As usual, we were the last ones to arrive -- we live the farthest away. We parked, and entered the hotel to check in. Alyssa, Danielle, and Jessica must have seen us pull up, because as soon as I walked through the door into the lobby, they ambushed me. There was much hugging, jumping in place, squealing, and general happiness. I noticed several of our moms and dads looking over, with warm smiles on their faces.

Apparently, there was no agenda for Sunday afternoon, other than get some lunch and get settled. The parents all wanted us all to go out to lunch together, but the girls already had other plans -- they got the folks to leave us some money, so we could eat at the little poolside grill. "Don't go in the water for an hour after you eat," our moms said, and we all groaned and pointed out that that little bit of folklore has been discredited for decades.

By the time we had eaten, the parents were back, for a minute. They had seen a sign for a local art fest they thought looked interesting. One thing we had all learned many years ago, our parents' taste in art is the polar opposite of ours, so they didn't expect us to go with them. After making sure we'd be OK, they set out, saying they'd be back for dinner, but probably after 6.

We stowed the trash from lunch. The beach was only about a ten minute walk from the hotel, but we decided that for today, being near the hotel and its concessions was better than packing a cooler and lugging it to the beach, so we commandeered four of the lounge chairs around the pool.

I have to say, as proud as I was over how I'd blossomed, my friends looked fabulous. I'm talking swimsuit-model-caliber gorgeous. They, however, only wanted to talk about me and how great they thought I looked. They demanded to know all about how the boys back home were handling it, and particularly how dad was handling it.

Speaking of dad, he was NOT happy with the bikini I was wearing, but I held my ground and insisted that it was what girls wore now, and that it was perfectly in line with what my friends would be wearing. I was right -- their bikinis were as revealing as mine, leaving very little to the imagination. I could tell that the guys lying out near us appreciated our choices in swimwear -- it was all they could do to keep their eyeballs contained in their heads.

We pulled our deck chairs into a small circle, and leaned forward, in order to have our conversation as private as possible from the nearby boys, as well as the two college-age guys working the grill.

"So, Cait, seriously, I think you ended up with the best boobs of all of us," Dani said. That worried me; whenever she gives a compliment like that, she's up to something. I didn't have to wonder long.

I shouldn't have let Aly and Jessi out of my sight -- they can be so willing to co-conspire. Before I knew it, their hands were on my back, untying the knots holding my bikini top on, and they whipped it off my chest, leaving my tits fully exposed.

Time came to a complete stop. My brain just froze. My breasts, my pure, innocent, delicate breasts, were out in the open, on full display, the sun shining on them, the breeze blowing across them, the poolside guys all looking at them.

By the time I lunged at Aly to get my top back, she had already tossed it to Jessi. Dani was laughing so hard it looked like she couldn't breathe. I charged at Jessi, who ran a zig-zag path between the deck chairs. After a couple of figure-eights through the furniture, I remembered that there were guys watching, and covered myself with my hands, my face (and my pussy) glowing in response to the show I realized I had given them.

Remember the part about being a Taurus, being competitive? I lunged at Jessi, to get my top back, but it was a fake-out -- what I was really doing was getting around to Dani's back. I pulled both the knots of her top loose, and snatched it off of her. She lunged at me, but I evaded her, and tied her top on in place of mine. That left her tits out, and she went to work trying to snag my top from Aly and Jessi.

Jessi tossed the loose top to Aly, and Dani chased after her, forgetting, like I did, to cover herself as she ran. The guys, needless to say, had huge grins on their faces. Jessi was right in front of me, watching Dani chase Aly, which meant she wasn't watching me. I untied her top and pulled it away before she could react.

Aly ran past me, followed closely by Dani, her boobs bouncing obscenely. I tossed Jessi's top to Dani, and she gratefully stopped and put it on. Now, to recap, Jessica was topless, I had on Danielle's top, Dani had on Jessi's top, and Alyssa, the only one who had not been exposed, was still holding my top.

Jessi covered her chest with one arm, and held her other hand out to Aly, who dangled the top just slightly out of reach. Jessi reached a little farther, and Aly took a half step back. Jessi reached a little farther still, and Aly took a full step back, bumping into Dani, who untied Aly's top and pulled it off, while I grabbed the top that was originally mine. Dani tossed Aly's top to Jessi, who gratefully put it on.

The three of us tossed my top amongst ourselves, letting Aly chase it. The next time I had it, I pantomimed tossing it to Dani, who pretend-tossed it to Jessi. Aly followed the motion of the gestures, and by the time she realized that the top wasn't actually flying from person to person, I had hidden it under the cushion of one of the chairs.

Aly continued rushing from one of us to the next, still trying to figure out who had the fourth top. She became aware that she was also forgetting to cover up as she ran, mainly because the guys were cheering. She stood still for a second, covered herself, stuck out her tongue, and shot them the bird. They hooted and hollered even more.

She finally gave up on finding the top, and gave up on covering herself, and came and sat with us, letting her breasts hang out, in full view. She actually sat on the cushion hiding the top. I took pity on her, and said, "You're getting really warm."

"I know exactly where it is, I saw you put it here. That's why I'm sitting on it," she said. "I just feel really HOT, sitting here with my tits out, while ALL the guys are looking at ME."

We glanced at them, and she was right, they were.

Jessi said, "Well, you should cover up, we don't want to get kicked out of the pool area."

Dani and I agreed, so Aly retrieved my top and tied it on. Jessi added, "But this is fun," pulling the cups of her top aside to reveal her nipples. The guys cheered.

"So, what are we gonna do about that?" I asked.

Dani glanced at the pool clock and said, "I have an idea. We'll have to watch the time -- we want to be sure that we're 'back to normal' by the time the folks get back..."

We all leaned forward for privacy, to find out what Dani had in mind. She asked, "Did we all think that was hot?"

We all nodded, some a little more shyly than others.

"I know I did," she continued. "I'm not completely ready to 'put them away.' But, realistically, the hotel will shut us down, and maybe even evict us, if we try to lie here topless. So let's make it a game. One of us at a time will take her top off for five minutes, then put it back on. We'll wait five minutes, then the next one will take hers off for five minutes. And so on, around the circle."

I could see that Aly and Jessi were stressing, and to be honest, I was, too. "That's going to be pretty intense. I mean, having your top yanked off, that's one thing. But intentionally taking it off, that's completely different."

Dani didn't seem to be aware that as she sat there, she was rapidly rubbing her knees together. "I know, that's the best part."

Aly and Jessi weren't saying anything, so I took a deep breath and said, "Let's do it. Who's going first?" We all looked at Dani.

"No problem," she said. We rearranged our loungers, so that we all faced away from the hotel office windows. Dani leaned back and arranged herself on the chair as if she was settling in for some sun. We all did the same, while at the same time watching her, as well as checking out the guys, who sensed that the show was over. Jessi got her smartphone out and fiddled with it a bit, as if she were sending a text or a Tweet. "Five minute timer," she said.

When we were all settled, Dani reached back, as cool as the other side of the pillow, and untied her top, laying it on the pool deck beside her. She reclined, pulled her sunglasses into place, and shut her eyes, as if everything were normal.

It was surreal, looking at her lying there, wearing nothing but a very tiny bikini bottom. Several of the guys were still ogling her, even though one topless girl, lying still, was rather tame compared to several of us chasing each other around, tits a-floppin'.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I envied her -- not being topless, I would get my turn before long, but appearing so calm, so peaceful, so comfortable. My heart was racing in anticipation, even though it wasn't even my turn yet; yet there she was, lying there half-naked, so serene.

Then Jessi's phone made a barely audible 'ding,' and Dani's five minutes were up. We 'rested' for five minutes, and my metabolism sped up to warp speed in anticipation of what I was about to do. When the timer dinged, without asking who wanted to be next, I leaned forward, reached behind my back, overruling all sorts of negative internal dialog, and untied. I only undid the bottom knot, and lifted the top over my head with the neck still tied -- it would be easier to put back on.

I laid back on my chair, letting the sun wash over me, feeling the sea breeze caress my skin. It was a completely different feeling than having my top pulled off. That had been exciting, in a frantic way; this was, it was, it was calmly exciting... it was excitingly calm... it's hard to explain.

Actually, except for the newness of it, it was no big deal. I mean, I definitely felt an exhilarating buzz, because it was impossible to forget that for my entire life it had been such an intense taboo. Overlooking that, however, it was very natural and easy.

Through the enjoyment I was feeling, in the back of my mind I was aware that this was a rare moment, and there would be few opportunities in life to repeat this. As nervous as I had been, my five minutes flew by, and when the timer dinged, I hated putting my top back on.

We took our five minute rest, and then Aly took her top off. I watched her go through the entire cycle of emotions I had just experienced, from nervous anticipation, to calm excitement, to serene enjoyment.

At one point she glanced around, and when she caught my eyes on her, mouthed "What?" at me.

I shrugged and whispered, "I just wish it was my turn."

She grinned, lay back in her chair, whispering back, "Soon enough, Cait. I'm not giving up a SECOND of this." When her five minutes were up, I saw the same disappointment cross her face that I had felt.

I watched Jessi go through the same cycle of emotions -- fear, acceptance, pleasure, regret that it was over. I'm not that good at doing math in my head, but I spent some of the time, while I waited for my turn to roll around again, calculating how many turns I'd get before the parents were due back.

My second turn was quite different than the first. I barely got nervous this time, and because of that, I was able to enjoy it in a very different way. That "calmly exciting" glow was there from the start, or at least after a brief adrenaline rush from taking my top off. I felt completely free -- both in an exhilarating way from facing a deep inhibition and overcoming it, and in a serene way from experiencing something very special, that not everybody gets to do.

As the afternoon passed, two or three times an older man from the hotel office, wearing a suit and tie, came out and stared at us. Fortunately, every time he did, it was during our five minute "rest" period where we all had our tops on. We'd kind of glare back at him, trying to make him feel like a pathetic old lecher, and he'd slink back into the office. I said, "Those five minute gaps were a great idea, Dani."

We each had taken several turns, and Danielle was reaching behind her to take her top off again, when Ally hissed, "Dani, wait, look at the time!" It was after 6. She retied the knot she had undone, right as our folks came around the corner, back from the art show.

"Hey, girls," they all said. "You have a fun afternoon?"

You have no idea, mom, dad, no idea. We gathered our stuff and headed to our rooms, to shower and get ready for dinner.

The one thing we didn't do was get our correct tops back on. I'm pretty sure my mom noticed, but she didn't say anything, and the girls told me later that no one said anything to them, either.

: : : : :

That was Sunday. With all the activities the adults had planned, it was Wednesday before we had another moment to ourselves. After breakfast, I headed back to the room with the parents, got my bikini on, and told them I was meeting the girls at the pool. Dad woofed about my bikini some more, but didn't make me change it, I guess he accepted that ship had sailed.

When I got out, only Dani was already there. I laid my towel out over the lounger next to her.

"Hey," she said.

"Hey," I responded.

"So, that was fun the other day, giving the guys a show." She sounded sort of tentative, like she was gauging my reaction.

"Yeah, it was."

She paused for a minute. "I mean, I REALLY liked being topless."

"Yeah, I did, too. I've never done anything like that before."

"Did you like it enough to do it again?"

"Right now?" I couldn't imagine what she was thinking. What I could imagine was, if my dad happened to come out and see me topless in public, he'd have a cow, and probably ground me until I turn 30.

Dani gave me that "duh" look that all teenagers have, and said, "The parents are all going out to some nature center this afternoon, I think we can beg off and have the afternoon to ourselves again."

"Cool, but, at some point we're going to get in trouble for breaking the pool rules here at the hotel."

"I'm not thinking of the pool."

"Well, the beach is posted 'No Nudity,' and I'm pretty sure that includes topless."

"I'm not thinking of the regular beach." She paused. "I'm sure one of us can get the folks to leave us the keys to a car. There's a 'clothing optional' beach about a 15 minute drive from here."

"How do you know that?"

She gave me the "duh" look again. "I've got my tablet here, with wi-fi. I went on-line and looked up 'nude beaches.'"

Now it was my turn to pause. "So you want to go there, and lay out topless?"

She smiled a little Mona Lisa smile. "For starters..."

It took a moment for that to sink in. "You'd go bottomless? You'd get completely naked?"

"Well," and she glanced from side to side, as if checking to see if anybody was listening, "you thought it was exciting letting your boobs out, right?"

I nodded.

She was practically whispering now. "Think how much more exciting it would be, letting your kitty out!"

Actually, my kitty was already getting pretty excited. Before I could answer, Aly and Jessi showed up.

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