Beach Vacay


I guess Dani had been practicing her speech -- she led them through exactly the same script. "So, that was fun the other day, giving the guys a show..."

She was very persuasive, and we all agreed. My mind, my tummy, and my pussy were doing little flip-flops: after lunch, we were going to go to a nude beach...

: : : : :

We all wore t-shirts and shorts over our bikinis for the short drive over to the beach, except me. I wore a small tank top, really a boy's undershirt, the ribbed stretchy kind, instead of a t-shirt. Once we parked, we left our shirts and shorts in the car, except I untied my top and pulled it out from under the shirt, leaving a tankini, with several inches of tummy showing between my bikini bottom and the tank top.

The shirt was so tight, I was almost already topless, and I felt a surge of energy from that. Of course that made my nipples stand up, which was obvious through the shirt. Actually, you could clearly see the outline of my areolae as well.

We bravely marched past the big signs on either side of the path saying "Warning: Nudity Ahead" and "Clothing Optional Beyond This Point."

I was surprised by how crowded it was, and how diverse, too. Young people, old people, slender people, chubby people, attractive people, ugly people. All sorts of hair and skin colors. Some with tan lines, some tan all over. ALL over...

Dani found a fairly open space amongst the humanity, and started to lay her towel out, but Aly said, "Let's go further down," and she pointed left, "where it's less crowded." Dani looked at her quizzically, and she replied, "You aren't the only one with a tablet," and stuck out her tongue.

So we walked up the beach for ten minutes or so, to where there was more open space. Dani said, "How's this?" and threw out her towel, not waiting for a reply. Aly and Jessi looked around at how few people there were, apparently approved, and began arranging their towels as well. I laid my towel out, but gave Dani a sharp look, which she caught.

What Aly and Jessi failed to notice was, yes there were fewer people here, but all of them were young and attractive, about three-quarters guys, and one-quarter girls, mostly college age. I started to mouth "You devil" at Dani, but she cut me off with a finger at her lips in the universal "shhhh" symbol.

We were all still standing, and Dani undid her top with a flourish. I followed with my tank top. Aly and Jessi both had an attack of shy, pulling the knots loose on their backs, but holding the little triangles of fabric in front. Reluctantly, they let their tops come free, folded them, and stashed them.

Dani grinned and said "Showtime!" Aly and Jessi groaned. Dani bent over and lowered her bottoms, going a little slower than she had to, for effect. She stepped out of them, and held them over her head in that Olympics "stick the landing" pose. Sensing that this was going to be difficult for Ali and Jessi, she said, "See? It's easy!"

The three of them looked at me, so I guessed I was next. Not believing what I was doing, I lowered my bottoms slowly, inch by inch, over my butt and down my thighs until the elastic no longer gripped, and let them fall to the sand. I lifted them with my foot, captured them with my hand, and set them with my shirt.

I have to say, as exhilarating as it had been to have my breasts out in the sun, having my pussy and ass uncovered, free for viewing by anybody, the sun warming them, the breeze tickling them, was beyond incredible. I looked around, and practically every pair of male eyes on the beach was glued to me, so I slowly spun in a circle, sashaying a bit for emphasis.

From the stunned looks on their faces, Aly and Jessi weren't having quite as easy of a time. Dani said, quietly so her voice wouldn't carry, "The longer you wait, the harder it'll be."

Jessi got it, and as quickly as she could, yanked her bottoms to the sand, and stepped out of them. She looked like she was going to pretzel her arms around her front to try to hide everything, but she caught herself.

By now many of the guys nearest us had noticed there was a free show going on, and applauded. Although she turned bright red, she waved at them. I found it interesting that on a beach full of naked people, it was the ones in the process of taking off their clothes who got all the attention.

That left Aly. I'd never seen her with such a panicked, deer-in-the-headlights look on her face. She began to pull her bottoms down, the tiniest little bit at a time, more in the back than at the front. When barely an inch of her butt-crack showed, she bent forward at the waist, and continued the painstaking process of exposing her butt.

When her entire ass was uncovered, she froze. Completely. As in, unable to move. Visibly trembling, she said, "I'm not sure I can do this."

Dani asked, "Want some help?"

"NO!" Aly barked, then relented, "Yes. No. I mean, yes. Yes, YOU do it." She remained frozen, not moving a muscle. But when a couple of us reached for her bottoms, to pull them down for her, she said, "No, wait, I'll do it."

She straightened up, and began to wiggle the front down, first pulling one side down a quarter inch, then the other. When they were down to where I was sure her pubes would start to show, it looked like she would freeze again, then as if resigned to her fate, sighed deeply, and continued.

She barely lowered it another eighth of an inch, then another. It was odd, though, no racing stripe, no landing strip, no powder puff, no short and curly hair of any sort was emerging. Another quarter inch, and there was the top of her slit, completely shiny smooth on either side. She had shaved!

"Girl, what have you done?" Dani asked, grinning wildly, then Aly lowered her bottoms to the sand in one continuous slow pull. She started to cover herself with her hands, but caught herself, and held her hands straight down at her sides. She crossed her legs, then caught herself again, repositioning her feet about a foot apart. Jessi and I both gestured at her to do a slow spin, letting us (and all the surrounding guys) see everything.

The rest of us were staring at her as intently as all the guys. I had heard some of the girls at school talking about shaving, and waxing, and of course almost every girl has to do some "grooming" down there to keep hair from escaping her bikini bottoms. But I had never seen a live, shaved pussy before, and apparently neither had Dani or Jessi.

"Whatever possessed you to do that, as shy as you are?" I asked.

"I wasn't feeling shy when I did it. I'm feeling so shy now BECAUSE I did it. When I saw that all of you had hair, I just kind of freaked out."

"I gotta do that," I said, "it looks AWESOME." Dani nodded in agreement.

"Do you think so?" Aly asked in a tiny voice.

"Abso-freakin-lutely, girl. Take a look around, EVERYONE is checking you out."

Aly looked, and they were. She looked for a second like she was going to wilt and fold herself up to hide it, but she caught herself, and obviously decided to maximize the moment. She held her arms up and twirled again, this time without any prompting from us.

"Fabulous," Dani said.

Now that we were all NAKED (I just wanted to shout it out), we applied sun screen to our fronts and each other's backs, then just lay in the sun, taking it easy. We talked some, but mostly just enjoyed the sun and the breeze in silence. After about an hour, I felt like things had gotten somewhat lethargic, so I got everybody up, and led us across the sand, into the water. I took a very zig-zag path, walking us past most of the larger groups of people. It looked like every guy on the beach tracked our progress over the sand with their eyes.

Going to the water added another level to the experience. The process of standing up, walking past people who were seated, and reaching the water, practically feeling their eyes checking out every part of my body, made me feel far more exposed than merely laying on a towel. Then there were the waves, splashing on my bare skin, tickling all the private parts that were out in the open. I never expected it to feel so free and exhilarating.

When we got back to our spot, a group of college guys was waiting for us, wanting to chat us up. "Sorry, guys, out of time, we gotta go," Dani said. It was news to the rest of us...

Still surrounded by the college guys, we got our suits back on, some of us (Dani and I) making a bit more of a show out of it than was absolutely necessary. We gathered our towels, and headed back down the beach toward the car.

"I wasn't ready to go back yet," Aly said.

Dani responded, "We're not going back, we're just moving. You didn't want to be held hostage by those frat rats, did you?"

We walked for a few minutes, then as we neared the crowded part of the beach, Dani said, with her eyes sparkling, "What's been the best part of the day?"

"I dunno..."

"What are you getting at?"

"Think, guys, what was the most intense moment?"

Nobody responded.

"Damn... I have to explain everything to you! It was undressing, getting naked, taking off our bikinis while everybody watched!"

"Yeah, you're right."

"Yeah, it was."

"OK. That's why," and she paused for effect, "we're gonna do it again. At the crowded part of the beach."

"I dunno, Dani."

"I'm not sure..."

I had heard enough. "I'M sure. Dani's right, that was the best moment of the afternoon, and who knows when you'll get another chance like this."

Dani said, "I know when -- right now!"

There we were -- in the middle of the beach, the most crowded part. She laid her towel out, and this time we all followed.

Dani said, "Let's take it up a notch. Instead of-"

Jessi interrupted. "We're already taking it up a notch, all these people are around."

Dani waited a second, to see if there was any more back talk, then she resumed, "Instead of each of us taking off our tops, and then we each take off our bottoms, let's go one at a time -- we each take off our top, then our bottoms, THEN it's the next person's turn." She glanced around the group, and nobody objected. "I went first last time-"

I interrupted her. "Wait. Everybody sit."

Aly looked confused, and Jessi said, "We're not gonna take our clothes off?"

When we were all seated, I leaned in to the center of the group so I wouldn't have to speak as loud, and said, "Of course we're gonna take our clothes off, but let's make it hotter."

Aly, who of course had the most to hide, said, "I don't wanna make it hotter, just getting naked in front of all these people is hot enough for me."

Jessi said, "Then you don't have to do it. I wanna hear Cait's idea. If she says it's hot, I probably want to do it."

They all turned their attention to me.

"Alright, here's the plan. One by one, we stand, and like Dani said, take it ALL off." I looked at Aly. "You don't have to do much if you don't want to, but if you're feeling it, spice it up with some wiggles and shakes. When we're all naked, we'll vote on who made it the sexiest."

"I don't wanna make it sexy, I just want to get it over with," Aly complained.

Jessi snapped at her, "Quit whining, you already have to do less than anyone else to be voted sexiest, because you're shiny bald down there."

Aly's face glowed bright red.

Jessi took charge of the moment, saying, "C'mon, Aly, those two went first last time. Let's show 'em how to do it."

I was really proud of Jessi. She stood right up, undid her top, taking time to fold it neatly and stash it with her towel, which prolonged her time standing. Then she calmly and casually slid her bottoms off, folding them, bending over at the waist and placing them with her top. She straightened up, and then seemed to remember that we were going to have a "sexiest" vote. She arched her back, sticking her boobs out, fluffed her hair, and looked out across the sea of people around us. She smiled at a couple of guys who were blatantly watching her, and sat, comfortably arranging herself. She looked all calm and collected; you'd have to know her really well to see how anxious she actually was.

"Good job," I whispered to her. She grinned in appreciation.

Aly jumped right up, raising her arms over her head and stretching, as if she were just waking up. She casually removed her top, then seemed to notice something on one of her boobs, bikini lint or stray grains of sand, scrutinizing it for a second before brushing it off. Now it was time for her bottoms. Obviously she had steeled herself for this moment, because she showed none of the stage fright she had earlier. She simply arched her back, and slowly slid them down to the sand.

She raised her arms up to the sky again, and stretched, bigger this time, an impressive simulation of nonchalance. She repositioned her feet almost as far apart as they would go, bent over, and touched her toes, stretching her lower body to go with the upper body stretch she'd already done. Just to make sure nobody missed anything, she straightened up, turned and faced the other way, repeating both stretches. This time I was behind her, and got a full visual tour of her shaved area, increasing my resolve that I wanted my pussy to look just like that.

With that, she was done, and settled down onto her towel. Dani and I looked at each other, not sure who would be next. I nodded at her, and she stood. I would be last.

I don't remember her 'performance,' I was too busy focusing my adrenaline into a plan -- I wanted to make the most of this moment. Knowing Dani, I'm sure she was very animated and demonstrative.

My turn. I took a deep breath, and stood. I hooked my thumbs in the sides of my bottoms, and wiggling my hips a bit more than I needed to, lowered them, one side a little bit, then the other, all the way down. Jessi said, "Ooh, bottoms first, I wish I'd thought of that."

Now I was standing there in my tank top, covered from my shoulders down to my waist, but with my pussy and ass out in the open. The opposite of topless. It's a very different type of exposed than either naked or topless -- ALL the attention concentrates on the most private areas, the ones that hardly ever get to be uncovered, and even when they are, have to share the stage with breasts.

Having my boobs covered somehow made my pussy and ass feel more exposed, and they were tingling harder than I had ever felt. I could practically FEEL all the eyeballs pressing on the little white areas of skin that had only ever been uncovered in public once before. I wasn't done enjoying the moment, so I took my sunglasses off and cleaned them. I put them back on, and turned a quarter turn, giving a different set of people a clear view, but they still had smudges. Darn the luck -- turning a bit each time, it took me another three or four tries to get those crazy shades clean...

Finally, I had extended the moment as far as it would go, so I lifted my tank top up over my head. As ultra-exposed as my lower bits had been, baring my chest somehow made me feel far more naked than I had ever been, even a short while ago at the other part of the beach. I felt like I was receiving an all-over, intense massage, from the breeze, the sun, and everyone's eyeballs. I still wasn't quite ready to be done, so I found another smudge on my sunglasses, and cleaned it thoroughly before I sat.

We leaned our heads together, and Jessi said, "OK, now we vote. You can't vote for yourself, OK?"

We all nodded. I voted for Jessi. She might have done the least, but I wanted her to get some credit for overcoming the greatest stage-fright.

The result was a tie -- we each received one vote. Dani wanted another vote to resolve who the winner was, but Aly and I both quickly said that a tie was fine -- that way we all won -- and Jessi agreed, so we settled back on our towels to catch some sun.

The whole bottoms-first thing had me more aroused than I had ever been. I tried to just enjoy the beach, I really tried, but the sun's glow on my skin just emphasized the glow in my pussy, and my pussy wouldn't leave me alone. I swear, it was throbbing. I needed some relief.

I didn't think I could just sneak my finger down to rub myself without being noticed, so I turned over onto my tummy. I mean, when you're tanning, you do both sides, right? I strategically positioned myself over my arm, with my hand conveniently right at my groin.

I paused briefly, to be sure nobody yelled, "Look, that girl's fingering herself!" When no one did, I slid my finger slowly into my slit, and the feeling was like sticking it into an electric outlet, only sexual. I don't think I'd ever felt anything that was that intense, but still felt good. This wasn't going to take long.

Even in the midst of all those people, I was too far gone to even consider stopping. I slowly rubbed myself from the bottom to the top of my slit, five or six times, bringing me right to the edge. I found my nub, and flicked my fingertip over it, as rapidly as I could.

My orgasm flowed over me like a tsunami, relentless, enhanced by the fresh sea breeze blowing across my skin. The air was slightly cool, contrasting with the warm glow I felt from the sun, as well as from my finger. Trying not to draw any attention to myself, I did my best to hold still and keep quiet, very difficult considering the explosion I felt in my pussy. My body wanted to squirm, thrash, writhe, moan, maybe even scream. I was pretty sure I succeeded in being stealthy.

Maybe not... I was floating gently back to earth when Jessi leaned over and whispered into my ear, "What did you just do?"

"Nothing!" I said, even though that was obviously untrue. Unfortunately, I said it loud enough, and with enough edge in my voice, that Aly and Dani noticed.

"What?" they both wondered. They sat up, and Jessi whispered something to each of them. Their eyes got wide, they all glanced at me, and Jessi whispered some more, then they glanced at me again. I shrugged, in the universal, 'Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do' gesture, with a smirk at the end, conveying my satisfaction with how things turned out.

They all laid back down, Dani and Jessi on their tummies, I noticed. One arm out in the sun, one trapped underneath. Knees slightly apart. Dani held fairly still, but Jessi was visibly squirming. Dani was the first to finish, and turned over onto her back. She was barely settled when Aly turned over onto her tummy, also trapping an arm under her. I settled back to enjoy the sun -- if I paid them much more attention, I was going to have to go again.

: : : : :

Friday was a very sad day. Both Aly's and Jessi's families had to leave, a day earlier than usual. We girls had a tradition of walking to the local ice cream shop for lunch on our final Saturday. With our week at the beach done, we didn't have to worry any more about how we looked in our bikinis, and since we'd gone 'without' for the entire week, we'd absolutely pig out.

But this year two of the four families were leaving mid-morning on Friday, and somehow ice cream for breakfast didn't quite fit the bill. We had some juice and fruit out by the pool, the site of our "coming out" party, or rather, our "top coming off" party. It seemed like a lifetime ago.

We hardly discussed anything but our time at the pool and the beach.

"So, what are we gonna do next year, to top that?"

"I dunno," I said. "I looked on-line at suggestions for public nudity, stripping games, Truth Or Dare, that kind of thing."

The girls looked at me like I had grown a fin down the center of my back.

"What? I have a tablet, too... Really, most of it is pretty silly -- ride bikes in short skirts without panties, that kind of lame."

"I wouldn't be interested in that."

"Me either. So what ARE we gonna do next year?"

"The good news is," I said, "we don't have to decide now. We've got an entire year to come up with ideas."

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