Bean Counter Ch. 06


Suddenly he stopped, as he pushed his fingers into her and started roughly fucking her with them. Then he pulled them out and put them into his mouth – and stopped.

And freaked out.

"You fucking CUNT!" he bellowed, jumping back like he had been burnt.

"What?" she asked, confused. She had let the wave of orgasm erode her fear to the point she had lost track. "What's wrong?"

"You fucked him! Oh, my GOD! You actually FUCKED him!"

"Baby," she whined, "baby, it's not—"

"I think I know what sperm tastes like, you bitch," he snarled, holding up his fingers accusingly. "This is jizz! Don't bother lying, you cunt, it's human jizz! His jizz!"

"But baby," she said, cringing. "I . . . I had to! It was the only way to get the money out of him! He—"

"I can't fucking believe that you fucking FUCKED him!"

"Baby, baby, no, he's my husband, I've fucked him before—"

"I know he's your fucking husband, you unfaithful cunt!" he screamed. "And I know you fucked him! But not when you had MY BABY in your womb! You let him spill his evil seed in the womb that bears MY CHILD – what kind of sick—"

"I had to!" she screamed. "I had to get the money! You were in jail, and I didn't have a choice! I did it for you," she sobbed. He leaned forward and delivered a single slap across her face. In all the years of marriage, I had never even thought about hitting Mary, no matter how much we fought. It made my blood boil, and I had to consciously keep myself from going over there with a shotgun and finishing the bastard off. But I held still. I wondered how she would react.

"I trusted you," he seethed. "I trusted you, and you betrayed me. You took this sacred thing," he said, roughly grabbing her crotch, "the thing that's producing my heir, and you profaned it by taking his cock there. You are such a dirty, slutty, unworthy cunt!" he screamed. "And then you let me put my fucking FACE in it!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she moaned, holding her hands up to protect her face. "How can I ever trust you again? How?" he demanded.

"I'll stop, I'll stop, I'll call him tomorrow and tell him no more," she pleaded.

"The fuck you will! You do that, he sues my ass and I lose this place! My grandfather built this house – I'll be damned if a stupid little cunt is going to see it sold! No, bitch, you'll go back to him and you'll suck him and suck him and suck him until he turns me loose! You got that?"

"Yes, yes, I'll do it, I swear," she begged.

"And I can't fuck you any more. Not there. Not after . . . what he did. And what you almost made me do. Jesus! I'm in jail because of you, and then I almost get raped, and then you greet me at home with a cunt full of some other man's cum – are you trying to piss me off?"

"No, Tim, I swear, I'll do whatever—"

"Good! Starting tomorrow, you suck him as much as you can – twice, three times a day, if you need to. You suck him, and then you come straight home, so I know you aren't selling your ass to a bunch of crackheads. Got it? But I won't fuck you – not your pussy. That's for love, and you've got to PROVE your love to me, goddammit! Prove it! So from now on," he said, grabbing her ankles and flipping her over, "from now on, I get to fuck your goddamn ASS!" he said, triumphantly.

I stared in horror, and mentally begged Mary to get away. He was getting violent.

He viciously spread her asscheeks and spat into the crevice. He smoothed it over with his fingers for a moment, then lined up his cockhead with her tight brown pucker. With one savage plunge he entered her virgin asshole and started rocking his hips maniacally while she howled in protest and buried her face in the bed sheets.

"That's right . . . from now on . . . I take my pleasure . . . back here . . . where I know . . . no one else goes . . . anytime I want . . . any way I want . . . you understand, cunt?"

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes," Mary sobbed as she was abused. It didn't take long for him to dump his load and pull out suddenly.

"Here!" he screamed, throwing a blanket and pillow at her. "You sleep on the couch tonight, bitch! GO!" he commanded, pointing. She wordlessly took the bedding and slunk away. He slammed the door behind her, then turned out the light and the TV.

I sat there, stunned at what I had just witnessed. For the first time in this whole sordid affair, I actually felt pity for Mary. Not much, but some. No matter how badly she betrayed me, she didn't deserve that kind of treatment.

But despite all of that, I hardened my heart. Because the truth was, she had made her choice, and it was on her alone. I pitied her that her choice had led to this, but she had no one else to blame. I waited for hours for her to call, for her to ask me to rescue her, and by God I would have, in those first few hours.

But as the night wore on, I realized that Mary had probably seen what I had: that she alone was responsible for this. She got herself into this. She had alienated virtually everyone in her life for the sake of this little shit, and there was really no one she could turn to for help without abandoning her responsibility. And while I appreciated what a splendid opportunity for growth this was for her, I couldn't – shouldn't – intervene. She had given up the right to that protection when she had left me.

Around 3 am I finally sighed, poured out the remains of my latest drink, and went to bed. Perhaps she'd come to her senses by tomorrow. If not . . . well, at least I was getting what was owed to me.

Somehow that didn't bring the comfort it should have.

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by Samuel_T_Cogsley12/06/17

Great Series!

I love this series so much, I've looked into going to college- again- and becoming an accountant from SNHU.

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