tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeast in the Forest

Beast in the Forest


I had too much pride to get myself sucked into the marketing ruse of flowers, chocolates, and pink thong underwear -- the bane of all single people in the world. Valentine's Day was over-hyped and rang false in the ears of someone as contrary and suspicious as me.

So that fateful night of clichéd romance, I sat alone in my apartment listening to the peter-patter of rain upon my window sill while thumbing through an antiquated copy of an obscure Italian fairy tale book -- the most prized in my collection.

I was half-heartedly glancing at a tale called "The Beast" about a lonely forest creature when the old ache of being single stabbed at my heart. With a sigh, I reached for the box of Godiva chocolates some co-worker had given me at the library out of pity and popped one creamy truffle in my mouth. A brief moment of longing laced through my hardened heart. It was then that three things happened at once. The lights dimmed, lightning struck, and a hairy hand reached out from within my book and grabbed a hold of my wrist.

I was sucked inside the pages of the fairy tale. Before I could finish screaming, I fell with a thud on pungent grass reeking of vanilla. And lo and behold, my three year-old night gown was gone. I was naked and a creature as nude as I was stood looking down at me.

"Who- who are you?" I asked fearfully. The tall burly creature abundantly covered in hair merely grunted and took hold of my hair and slammed me back against a gigantic tree. Grunting some more, he cupped my breasts, tugging a little too roughly.

"Stop that you perv!" I said in my nastiest librarian voice. But to no avail. Even to my own ears I sounded fearful and pathetic.

The creature was a male. His well hung cock brushed against my thigh as he picked me up like a sack of beans and ran to the greenest part of the forest. He deposited me onto something satiny and red in the middle of a clearing. With my heart beating, I realized it was a mattress of some sort, but heart shaped!

His hairy paws parted my legs, his face diving in. His thick, slithery tongue invaded my pussy and I did not know how to extricate myself from the situation. The more I tried to pull his head from my nethers, the more he delved deeper into my moist hole. How can a girl resist such pleasuring?

"This is a dream," I kept telling myself. "Just enjoy it for what it is."

So I let go. I met every thrust of his tongue with my hips. His exploring hands fondled my tits and toyed with my asshole. He nipped at my flesh like he wanted to eat me. All I could think of was how glad I was to have shaved my pussy before leaving for work that morning. How I yelled when my release came.

The hairy man reached for my heavy breasts once more and began rubbing his thick penis between them. All fear had left me by this time. I was in a passion. I wanted his particularly fiendish cock in my mouth and in my cunt.

I reached for his dick, shocked again at the thickness and length of him. With a nervous laugh, I placed the moist tip in my mouth as he straddled me in the face.

"Chocolate," I thought. He tasted like the best Belgian chocolate -- only he didn't melt in my mouth and make me fat.

He shoved himself into my mouth down to my throat until I nearly choked. I grabbed on to his firm but hairy ass for something better to do. This was short-lived, however, for he pulled himself from my mouth and trailed his hard cock down my breasts to my stomach to my cunt. With a grunt, he entered me.

His scent intoxicated me.

"Jeez, your dick is so big," I said with awe. "Push it in deeper, you hairy beast."

And he did. He slammed into me over and over, never tiring even though I'd reached three climaxes in a row.

Again, he removed himself from inside of me and put me face down on the satin bed. My eyes grew wide when his cock pushed its way into my anus. I thought I was going to split open, the pleasure was so intense.

"Yes. Fuck me, Beast. Fuck me with your swollen prick. How I love what you do to me," I moaned.

He opened my ass cheeks wider and gave me what I wanted. He inserted thick fingers into my cunt while he pumped me from behind. I thought I was going to faint.

Several times I came. It was the most I'd ever experienced in my life and he wasn't done yet.

He placed me on his still-hard cock so I could ride him. I slid up and down his sodden dick full of veins that tickled my labia. He smelled of vanilla and chocolate. I wanted to eat him.

The Beast grabbed my hips and roughly brought me down to his cock.

"So you like it rough, eh? Let me do something about that."

I clenched my cunt muscles and Geronimoed down his dick as hard as I could over and over until my legs shook with exhaustion. When I thought I couldn't get up anymore, he lifted me off of him. Switching positions he straddled my hips. With a grunt, he took hold of his exploding cock and sprayed me with his cum. A little sample hit my lips and I was done for.

He tasted like the best Valentine candy money could buy. And like a greedy bitch, I licked his chocolate-flavored cream until he was dry.

"Ha-happy Valentine's D-day," said he in that beastie way of his.

"Gosh. Happy Valentine's to you too, Mister."

From that moment on with only a wish and a tap on a book, I could return to see the lonely Beast for a little tryst anytime I wanted. I could have a Valentine's Day everyday without all the fanfare. And the free chocolate cum was a bonus.

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