tagNonHumanBeastie Ch. 02

Beastie Ch. 02


Emma stood before Kai, a smug expression played at the corners of her mouth. The meeting had not gone well for Kai, he had argued with his father in front of the entire council, and his father had put Kai back in his place like an ill-tempered child. "Awww, did Daddy hurt little Kai's feelings?" Emma asked him in a mockingly saccharine voice. Kai was not in the mood for this,

"Is there something that you wanted?" He asked, trying to keep his temper even.

"You know, I could convince your father that there are other ways to gain more territory. All you would have to do is ask,"

"And what would the price of this divine intervention be?"

"Oh, I'm sure we could come to some agreement, don't you?" Kai rolled his eyes at the implied proposition,

"No, thank-you, I'm not interested," Kai moved to step around her, but she stopped him with a hand on his arm, lowering her voice seductively she whispered in his ear,

"Daddy would never have to know," this angered Kai,

"Good thing my father doesn't know what a whore his new mate is, he might get angry,"

"At least I've given him a son that won't be a total disappointment, that's more than what can be said for his previous mate" with that Emma stormed off, actively ignoring the shouts of her toddler son, Christopher, as he called after his mother. Kai heard Emma call for a drink before the sounds of her departure were dissolved by the wailing of two-year-old Christopher. Kai pitied his little brother; Emma had no maternal instincts to speak of. "Come on little man," Kai said as he lifted the baby off the floor, "let's go find your Grandmother" After dropping Christopher off with Emma's mother, Kai decided to go check on the progress of his book, he knew it was early, but he needed to get out.

Rowan woke up with the feeling that something was wrong. Crawling unwillingly out from under the warm blankets, she examined every corner of her one room apartment. Nothing seemed to be out of place. Cursing her paranoia, she turned to climb back into bed and noticed the shredded screen in the window leading out to the fire escape. "Crap," She thought to herself, "Now I'll never get my security deposit back"

About an hour later, Rowan was exiting the bakery in a hurry. She and Miss Scarlett had just had an argument over who would get the screen repaired. Not only had the landlady refused to handle it, but she had also threatened Rowan with eviction if the problem was not fixed by the end of the week. Rowan needed to relax, and the constant bustle of the bakery was not conducive to unwinding, so she was headed to the one place where she was able to completely let go. The bell over the bookshop door tinkled merrily as she entered. "Good morning, Miss Lottie, How are you?" She greeted the shop owner.

"I am doing well dear," was the ever polite response, "However; I do have a slight favor to ask of you."

"Certainly, how can I help?" Rowan was grateful for the distraction.

"Somehow, a wasp got into the shop last night and has started to build a nest in the corner by the biographies. I would kill it myself, but I am allergic to the stings" The old woman handed her an ancient can of bug spray and wished her good luck. Without another word, Rowan headed straight back to the infested part of the shop to begin her hunt.

Kai was already feeling a little calmer when he walked into the shop. The old woman from last night was there, reading a magazine at the counter. She looked up from her reading and smiled, "I'm sorry, sir. I just sent out the order last night, I have not heard anything back yet," Kai nodded his head in acknowledgement, but he had barely heard the woman speak. That scent filled the shop, calling to him, drawing him further back into the room. She was here. He found her in the back corner of the store, standing on an old wooden ladder that had been built in to the shelves. There was a can of bug spray in her hand and a look of total concentration on her face. He was just about to say something to her, when a wasp came out of nowhere and flew directly at her face. Attempting to dodge the insect, she lost her balance and slipped from the ladder. Without hesitation, Kai dashed over and caught her before she hit the ground,

"Are you alright?" He asked her,

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks. Wow, that was a pretty amazing catch,"

"Glad I could be of service," She was light and warm in his arms; her greened eyes sparkled up at him framed by thick dark lashes. A light blush swept across her pale cheeks, and when she spoke it was musical,

"Umm, you can put me down now," Kai snapped out of his reverie and reluctantly set her on the floor. She smiled sweetly up at him and ran her fingers through her long coffee colored hair, "Thanks again," she said, holding out her right hand, "My name's Rowan, by the way,"

The strange man took Rowan's hand gently in his and said, "Kai" Clearly, he was not a man of many words. Rowan smiled again and moved to walk past him. He stopped her with a strong grip on his wrist,

"Excuse me," she said, attempting to twist out of his hold, "I just need to return the bug spray to the front" Kai still held her. She looked up at him, suddenly a little afraid. With terrifying ease and surprising gentleness, Kai pressed her up against one of the bookshelves. Rowan gasped in surprise and tried to shove him away. Effortlessly, he caught both of her hands in one of his much larger ones and pinned her wrist over her head. She was about to call out for help when the stranger placed one hand over her mouth,

"Shh," he whispered soothingly, stroking the side of her face with the back of his free hand, "Don't be afraid" despite the assurances, Rowan's heart was racing with panic. This stranger had her pressed from toe to tip against the wall, their noses practically touching as he spoke, "I'm not going to hurt you," she knew that she should probably scream, but she could not find her voice. He must have taken her silence as consent, because he moved to run his nose along her jaw line and down to her throat. It felt like he was sniffing her. She squirmed uncomfortably and his grip on her tightened. As his finger tips brushed across the sensitive area along her collarbone and down her side, he began to kiss gently at her throat. Rowan was suddenly aware of a feeling that frightened her even more; a small, warm epicenter of desire was building and expanding in her core. Something about this man made her want him. Ever so slightly, she tilted her head to the side, granting him better access to her neck, a low growl of approval came from him, and she heard herself emit a small, barely audible whimper in response. The desire for him grew and she felt her body responding to his attentions. She squirmed again, this time trying to get even closer to him. His free hand found its way under her shirt and he gently tweaked an increasingly sensitive nipple, causing her to arch against him. His grip on her hands had loosened at some point and she wrapped her arms around him, trying to pull him even closer. She needed him now, wanted him inside her and he seemed more than willing to oblige. His other hand slid over her stomach and under the waistband of her skirt. He growled again in pleasure when he discovered that she was wet and ready for him. He deftly slid a finger inside her.

This touch brought Rowan back to her senses. She did not know this man, yet here she was moaning for him like a common whore. How had things gotten so far out of control? She was just beginning to panic again when she remember the red spray can in her hand. Pulling back as far as she could from the embrace, she let loose a mist of pesticide directly into her assailant's eyes. He staggered back, howling in pain. She tried to run toward the front of the store, but was brought down quickly by Kai. Snarling at her, his face was more animal than man with yellow eyes, a slightly protruding muzzle, and fangs. Frightened, Rowan reached for the heaviest thing she could grab, and struck her attacker repeatedly on the head until he collapsed, motionless on the floor. Rowan got to her feet, straightened her clothes, and headed for the door. "Is everything alright, dear?" Miss Lottie asked.

"Fine" Rowan mumbled as she raced out the door. She could not believe that the old woman had not heard what was going on not fifty feet behind her. Rowan debated going to the police about the incident, but the same part of her that made her want him also wanted to protect him. Even now, a small corner in the back of her mind was waiting anxiously for the next encounter.

Kai woke up with a splitting headache, but was otherwise undamaged. Without even opening his eyes, he knew the girl had gone. Her scent still lingered in the room, a painful reminder of what had transpired. He had lost control. He had frightened her. He had meant to introduce himself. But one touch had made him completely loose command of himself, one electric touch and he attacked her like some lust crazed adolescent. She was right to have fought him. His beautiful Rowan had actually managed to incapacitate him. She was magnificent. He walked to the front of the store, his mind filled with plans to meet Rowan without scaring the living daylights out of her, "Did you find what you wanted, dear?" the shopkeeper asked,

"Yes, yes I did" the odd phrasing of the question nagged at Kai's mind, but he pushed it out of his head. He had bigger things to worry about.

From across the street the nondescript little bookshop was being carefully watched by a pair of sharp eyes suddenly very interested in the goings on in the little store. The wheels in Emma's mind turned darkly, "So he's found himself a mate, how sweet".

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