tagMatureBeasts in the Rain

Beasts in the Rain


They were maybe 2 miles into their adventure through the woods behind the cabin where they were staying at. It was the "honeymoon cabin" that lay a few acres separate from the rest of the campground down the road, but they weren't there for any special reason...only to get away from their everyday stresses and routine life.

"We've gotta be halfway by now right?" Jason asked Erin.

"Oh come on, you're such a baby. The lookout is another mile or so," she teased.

"Another mile? Jeez...how do you enjoy this? I feel like we've been walking forever." Jason wasn't exactly the outdoorsman, even though he absolutely adored Erin for her sense of adventure.

"Are you bored already?" She waited at the top of a small dirt hill so he could catch up.


She laughed a little. "Fine, let's make this interesting then."

"Yeah, how?" He took another sip of water once he caught up to her and leaned in to kiss her neck. A combination of saltiness from her perspiration and her body scent lingered on his lips.

"How about a little strip trivia?" she giggled and galloped down the other side of the hill to continue their hike.

"What?! I'm not getting naked out here! We'd be naked in 5 minutes!"

"No, not necessarily. Okay, fine. Here are the rules: no work related questions and every OTHER one we get wrong, we lose something."

Jason eyed up her attire: her short running shorts that emphasized her runner's thighs and tennis shoes that only added to the sexiness of her dark toned calves as she hiked. There was a reason he kept his distance when they walked. "Ok. Which coffee company burns their coffee beans until they are practically charred?"



"Okay, which President is on the dime?"

"Oh crap...uh...Harrison Ford?"

She starts laughing. "One more and your shirt is gone."

They continue hiking, nearly to the lookout point they were searching for. Jason loses his shirt and Erin just answered her 2nd question wrong. Jason smiles, eyeing her up from head to toe. She stops in the middle of the path, reaching under her shirt, twisting and turning until she slips her sports bra off without revealing anything under her top except her navel for a few seconds. "Hey, that's cheating!" he said, coming up to her and playfully tugging at her top.

"Hey! Quit it!" she laughed, pushing him away. "It's not cheating...I just have to remove a piece of clothing...it doesn't have to be the most outer layer!"

Her thick nipples pressed through the thin fabric so he decided not to complain. Instead he lifted her chin lightly with his finger kissed her, sneaking his other hand to her left C cup breast to cope a little feel. As soon as she felt his hand there she shied away. "Next question." She turned around, grabbing his hand, and continued leading him through the forest. "What is..." She paused. "What is...that sound?"

They paused, looking around them for the source. The tree tops were still, yet it sounded like a swift breeze. Before they knew it, heavy water drops were falling from the aisle between the trees above. They almost hurt, they hit the top of their heads so hard, while the rest of their bodies seemed soak it right up. It wasn't long before Jason's naked top half was glistening, trailing rivers of water down his neck and shoulders to the waist of his khaki shorts.

"Ahh, dang it!" He was looking down, covering his head for the first few moments, and then looked up to see his lover laughing, having moved to a more open spot where she could further be drenched. Her white top clung to her form. The silhouette of her belly button could be made, as well as the obvious perky nipples poking out even more. He could even make out her tan areolas. Her dirty blond hair was matted and curled around her soft wet face. He lost track of the rain battering down on him and moved closer to her, resting his hands on her hips.

He looked down at her, enjoying the feeling of her cold hands rubbing up his cool damp skin, from his stomach up his pecks, over his shoulders and to his neck. Her smile was contagious. He hated every bit of being wet and cold out in the rain in the woods, and just barely forgot about it all when he pressed his forehead to hers. "you know, we're probably going to get sick from being out here in the rain..."

She shook her head and said "shut up" before practically leaping at him. She pressed her body against his while her lips attacked his. He was expecting something soft and sensual but something violent poured out of her. She pressed her lips against his...almost too hard, but not quite. She bit his lower lip aggressively and twisted her arms around him, surfing her fingers through now stringy hair.

At first he was gentle with her, slowly sliding his warm hands up her cool smooth body underneath her shirt. He raised them to chest level, using his thumbs to caress her soft lumps on either side. When he realized her aggressive body language, he quickly moved them inwards and grabbed each breast roughly, grunting. She moaned and pressed herself at him more and more, he stumbled backwards not expecting her heaves. All his intuitions, fears, and discomfort of location and environment were soon forgotten if not reversed. His arms were squished between them as he groped her breasts so he squeezed them free and wrapped his arms around her, grabbing her ass roughly, lifting her up off the ground. She took the hint and leaped slightly, wrapping her legs around him. He freed his lips for a moment and dove into her neck, licking, sucking, and biting a little. She controlled some of his power by tugging on his hair this way or that...like encouraging and discouraging an animal. He grunted again in and dove for the sweet spot by her ear lobe. She leaned her head back, moaning, and squirming almost out of his arms. She even tried to drop her legs from around his waist, but he held one of them up yet while pulling her hair slightly. He may have been the weaker of the two when it came to the outdoors and roughing it, but he wanted to show her who was the alpha between them.

He started losing his balance, so he let her drop, only to start making a go at her the way she did before. He tugged at her tank top, trying to get it up while he kept moving forward against her, kissing at her and thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She giggled and tried to fight his arms away, "What are you doing?" she laughed when her lips had a free moment.

"Mmmm." He kept kissing her and said between kisses, "You either let me take it off...Mmmm... or I'm ripping it off. Your choice sweetie."

This was a new side of him she'd never seen before, but embraced it. The rain and setting made her feel wild and free. He kept backing into her, making her walk backwards on the trail. He slipped her tank up off over her head, tossing it in the grass aside the trail. Returning to kissing her, he slid his hands up her smooth body, squeezing her perky cool breasts and pulling on her nipples. She moaned and kissed him back rougher, their heads moving back and forth from the rough kissing. She slid her hands around his back and grazed her fingernails from top to bottom over his skin.

He couldn't take it anymore. He spotted a wide tree out of the corner of his eye, picked her up so she wrapped her legs around him again, and pressed her bare back against the rough bark. She winced a little from the wood tips gauging into her back but he ignored her. He pinned her up so her hips were above his and he shoved his hand through the legs of one of her shorts. He pulled back her cotton panties and felt her hotness was already built up. Her lips were already swollen and sticky, wanting more. "Oh my gosh, you are so wet!"

She was secured between his body and the tree so she moved one of her hands down, shoving it inside the tight waistband of his boxers and found his 8" mostly hard already. "Mmmm and you're so hard!"

He began fingering her, a little rougher now, trying to find the best angle to avoid his wrist from cramping with the restrictions of her shorts while she continued to stroke him, making him wet at the tip. The rain poured down even harder, beating at his back while now and then the leaves would drop huge puddles of water over their heads. Streams of rain glazed their bodies. Jason's lips moved in to lick up one of the trails of sweet nature dripping down over her nipple. She gasped from the combination of his hot tongue and the cool water droplets.

For a moment he was distracted as the large droplets from the leaves above fell into his eyes. He looked up, wiping them, wondering if there was some place better they could go there in the woods, when he noticed to thick branches within reach. Even in thought, he did not move to release her from the tree and he asked her, "Are you strong enough to hold yourself up?" Her moment of bliss suddenly subsided, "What?"

He gestured his head above her. "There. Grab hold of those and either hang there. I'll give you a lift."

She was confused as to what his little idea was but did as he said. He released her from the tree, brushing off the bark bits that clung to her sweated skin. She stepped into his locked palms and he lifted her so she could grab the two branches. The first couple times were a fail, but as the rain died down to a soft patter, they were able to concentrate a little better. On the 4th try she grabbed both branches on either side, spreading her arms, her body shaped like a "Y". She looked down at him, still slightly confused until she realized her hips were just above his head.

He reached up, smiling, and briskly jerked both her panties and shorts down together and over her shoes so she was dangling naked from the tree. "Hey!" she laughed "What are you doing?"

He smiled devilishly and got up between her legs. He had to walk up onto one of the roots from the tree to raise his lips to the right height, but soon his lips were pressed to hers. He craned his neck back further to flick his tongue into her loosening slit. He licked from her opening up to her clit which was now bulging and pulsing. "Ohh my gosh," she moaned out, leaning her head back. "Please, don't stop."

He grabbed onto her legs to keep her from swaying and kept his tongue flicking over her clit over and over. Letting go of her left leg, he used his free hand to finger her, easing 2 fingers inside easily from her wetness. He kept his tongue on her clit and fingered her hard. Her moans grew louder. She tried bucking at him, grinding her clit into his tongue, wanting more, but her thrusts didn't do much except make her whole body start to sway back and forth.

The rain subsided a little, with only a few drops falling from the leaves, but they didn't stop. The wind picked up and a cool breeze grazed her nipples, only making them more sensitive with the moisture still resting on them. She squirmed as they desired attention, a firm hand to squeeze them and then rub them, a mouth to suck them and a tongue to flick them, but she remained teased. Jason stopped to watch her reactions, and the cool breeze snuck between her spread legs. It brought her closer to the edge, the cool air on her swollen clit.

"You know...it would be fun to tie you up here, except tie your legs spread around the tree too," he taunted.

"Aww, now why would you want to do that."

"Ha! To tease you, my dear." He tickled his fingers over her lips ever so gently and then flicked his tongue gently to her clit to tease her even more.

She groaned and squirmed, making her sway back and forth again. "Since when did you want to do anything like this?"

He pondered it. "You know I'm not really sure. I think the wilderness brought something out of me. I never liked it before, but this... this makes me feel... like an animal. I feel like I'm a part of nature, and having you...taking you the way I want...like an alpha wolf. It's a turn on! I want to drive you mad!" He left it at that. Inside he thought, I want to drive you mad, make you crazy for me, make you want me and desire me more than you ever have before. I want to tease you until you beg me to take you on the forest floor, regardless of the rocks and roots, bugs and dirt.

He hadn't realized he had been standing there doing nothing while thinking, and quickly grabbed her up and started eating her out roughly again. He reached one hand up into the air and rubbed one of her nipples lightly. It was hard between his fingers, and tingled underneath. She moaned, struggling to hold on now. She was losing some of the feeling in her fingers, having been hanging there for over 15 minutes now, and all her nerves deciding to populate her pink bits. He licked at her clit ravenously, fingering her roughly with his left hand while rubbing her nipple with the right. She forgot to breathe, just kept inhaling over and over, trying to intake every feeling. The breeze that blew over her sensitive nipples, the hot tongue overpowering her clit, his fingers occasionally pinching her nipples, just on that comfortable border between pain and pleasure. She finally exhaled and realized she couldn't hold on anymore. "I..." she still couldn't breathe. "I... I need...I need to let go... I .... Can't hold on anymore."

"If you let go, I won't finish you."

She released a little whine. "Oh please, please will you. I'll lay on the ground, I don't care!"

He tried not to smile at his own success. "Nope."

He kept going, sucking, finger fucking, groping, teasing, licking, nibbling. She was getting close, he knew because her breaths were so irregular, her pussy was throbbing and soaking his fingers. He wanted to keep her close, but didn't want to push her over yet. He knew sometimes after she came, she was set, and often would just let him fuck her so he could finish. He didn't want that. He wanted her to beg him to fuck her because she wanted it and she needed it.

"I.. I can't! I'm letting go, I can't hold on, I'm slipping. Watch out!"

He didn't budge, but instead prepared his arms to catch her or at least lower her impact on falling. She landed on her feet, his hands sliding back up to her breasts. He left her pussy alone for the time being, moving both his hands to her nipples and just softly caressing them. It practically tickled her so she tried to pull away a little...wanting it rough or not at all. He pushed her against the tree again, his hard cock now pressing against her pelvis through his khakis. "Don't move away from me" he whispered in her ear, and moved in to suck and nibble her neck.

She almost fell weak at the knees. She had never seen him act this way, so confident, so secure, so powerful. She felt vulnerable and dependent, for once, on him.

"How far is the lookout from here?" he asked.

"It's gotta be just over that hill," she responded.

He looked into her eyes, her pupils dilated. She was like a little mouse, a little bit of prey, almost afraid, yet full of lust, desire, and passion. He knew she wanted more, but he wanted a better place. He finally backed away from her, and took her hand. He pulled her to the path and then stepped out of his own khakis finally, tossing them with the rest of her clothes, leaving him in his boxers and tennies. His cock poked through the hole in his boxers and he placed her soft hand around it. "Lead the way."

She turned his back to him with her hand firmly around his cock, occasionally using her fingers to caress it as they walked up over a small hill and down to a more open area. There was a huge boulder to one side, and the rest was open grass and a cliff that looked out over the rest of the state park. They could even see bits and pieces of the windy road through the tree tops. They stood at the edge, admiring the view, though neither of their minds were on the scenery. He watched her half dried hair dance in the wind. He pulled her around to face him and kissed her passionately again.

Her hand was still on his cock so she kept caressing him. He put his hand back down to her pussy, her stickiness having dripped down part of her legs now. He couldn't believe how wet she was! He moved her hand away from his cock and focused on teasing her again. He didn't want her to give him any attention yet, which might distract her from her own pleasure. She wanted his cock bad, and he knew that, and figured the best way to make her begging for it would be to deny her of it.

He placed a hand on her shoulder, gently pressing her downwards and followed so that they both lowered to their knees, and he laid her back in the wet soft grass. The sky was still dark, but the air warm. The smell of rain in the clouds lingered, and they knew it would come down again soon.

Her nude soft body with gentle tan lines was a beautiful site against the lush grass. He crawled over her, sliding down his boxers and kicking off his shoes and socks beforehand (while she did the same) and started kissing her lips softly. "Don't move," he whispered in her ear. She closed her eyes while his lips trailed from her neck to her plump breasts, licking over her sensitive nipples. She giggled once or twice when his tongue grazed over her belly, and his fingertips tickled her sides. His hands grew firmer as he made his way to her hips, and he spread her legs as wide as was comfortable for her. The grass tried to hide her pussy so he told her to raise her hips.

His tongue continued its duties from previously while he teased her. She moved her hands up to play with her nipples, but he gently bit her clit to get her attention. "Hey!" she squirmed and jumped up.

"I said don't move," he warned. She put her hands back down and felt his tongue and lips at work, his hands finally moved up to her nipples. After a few more minutes of getting her close, his mouth quit while his fingertips still teased her nipples. "You're killing me!" she moaned.

"Am I teasing you too bad?" he asked. He knew she didn't like him going from rough and playful to soft and sensuous...to her it was like going backwards. She was always the one to progress things, and usually tease him until he was begging to fuck. He enjoyed this sudden switch in roles.

"Yes!" she yelled in frustration.

"Okay...I'm sorry." He shoved 2 fingers up pussy hard, finger fucking her hard and rough, his thumb locked straight ahead so when he went in, it brushed her hard clit. He went harder, working her g-spot until she was thrusting at him.

"Oh yes, please don't stop. Oh more! More!" She begged.

"You want more?"

"YES!" she moaned out.

"Get on your hands and knees!"

He slicked his soaked fingers out of her pussy, licking them while the other hand grabbed at her hips, throwing her around to her stomach. She struggled to jump to get to her knees so he hooked his arm from under her stomach and brought her up. Within a second, he shoved his hard cock into her pussy, thrusting it back and forth. She was soaking wet, it was no problem. Her pussy was throbbing, begging for more, juicing up his thick cock. He grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back against his body while he pounded that pussy.

"Oh gosh, oh yes! That's right, fuck me baby!"

They saw a faint flash of lightening light up the sky, with a huge rumble of thunder a few seconds to follow. Her thrusts stopped and she looked out at the sky. "Maybe we should start heading back..."

He hadn't stopped. He was still grabbing her body and using it to slam her pussy. "Fuck no, we're not." He pulled her hair so her head was forced up to the sky. He felt her response to this action around his cock... an oozing of her juices lubed his cock some more. "We aren't going until I'm done with you!"

His take of control just made her want him more. She forgot about the storm brewing above as he kept going. He pushed her head into the ground, into the grass so deep, the dirt below stained her cheeks. The slaps of their bodies together echoed off the nearby rocks. She wondered how many people might see them at the top of the cliff, naked, and fucking like animals...like dogs...like wolves.

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