tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBeat Francis at Arm Wrestling Pt. 03

Beat Francis at Arm Wrestling Pt. 03


[This story is set in the universe of the game Fallout 2. Any locations, NPCs and other in-game concepts are all the intellectual property of the original creators. No infringement is intended. If you don't like the idea of "tampering" with the game lore, don't read.]

[This story has a muscular female protagonist who likes it rough, and has some very specialized kinks. If this kind of stuff is not to your liking, don't read.]

[I like muscles. I especially like women with muscles. If you don't like that, don't read.]


Consciousness slowly returned, and with it, a sensation of drowsiness and fatigue.

"Yep, right on time," came a familiar voice.

"Of course. I am never wrong with my dosages," a male voice spoke, sounding miffed.

Jenny groaned softly as she opened her eyes. The lighting was dim, so it didn't hurt to do that. Experimentally, she wriggled her extremities, and quickly discovered that her wrists and ankles had been bound, and that she was currently suspended from the rafters in some sort of basement. Her feet were an inch or so from the ground, as far as she could tell.

"Whoa, steady on there," Liz said, coming into view. She stood in front of Jenny, looking up, smirking as usual, her lascivious gaze travelling up and down the length of Jenny's naked body.

Behind Liz, there were two others -- Jenny recognized them as Jacob the chemist, and his wife Aileen, from her brief encounter with them at the saloon. They were looking at her none too kindly. Jacob had a stained lab coat on, and he had discolored hands. Aileen's hands were similarly stained, seemingly from long hours spent mixing chemicals together with her husband. She looked like the perfect American housewife from before the War, but with a certain toughness to her personality.

"Damn mutie-lover," she said, with a sneer of her pretty lips.

Jacob said nothing, but the way his eyes travelled up and down Jenny's body spoke volumes.

"What do you want with me, Liz?" Jenny growled. She swayed as she tested her bonds. No use -- the knots were tight.

Liz stepped closer and put a hand on Jenny's ridged abs, running her fingers over them admiringly. Jenny's flesh crawled, but there was nothing she could do.

"Mmm... that Francis was right, you're a really sweet piece of meat," she chuckled. "How did you get this way? Are you a mutant yourself? Some new strain, passes for human, but actually no different from those green warty bastards?"

"That would be impossible, as I have told you many times before," Jacob said testily from where he stood. His voice was thin and reedy, and grated on Jenny's ear. "The FEV is actually present in all of us in minute but negligible quantities, thanks to that big explosion all those years back. In us humans, it has absolutely no discernible effect. There is no in-between stage of mutation -- you are either a human, like us, or a mutant. Jenny here is simply a genetic aberration -- she is exceptionally well-muscled and she will remain so despite the chronic malnutrition that most people of our time endure all their lives."

"Well, that's quite a blessing for you, Jenny," Liz said, taking hold of Jenny's breasts and fondling them. "Be a shame to only let dirty muties enjoy your body, wouldn't it..."

"Take your stinking hands off me, you damn dirty bitch!" Jenny spat.

Liz's eyes narrowed. Her forefingers and thumbs closed around Jenny's nipples. She began to squeeze. Jenny sucked in her breath.

Watching Jenny's eyes closely, Liz began to twist and pinch Jenny's nipples, with slowly increasing force. Jenny bit her lip. She resolved not to scream in pain -- she would not give Liz that satisfaction.

She began to tremble and jerk all over, as the pain continued without surfeit. Liz also dug in her sharp fingers into Jenny's tender breast flesh.

"C'mon, Jenny... scream for me. I want to hear you scream," she whispered hoarsely, as she clawed and pinched Jenny's soft, vulnerable mammaries. "All your muscles not much use now, huh? You're still gonna be my bitch."

"Hnnnnggg..." It was getting harder and harder. Jenny's eyes started to tear, but she held Liz's cruel gaze, staring back defiantly. She wriggled and twitched, jerking with involuntary spasms, as she grimly endured the pain. She expelled her breath in gusts, and sucked it in through her teeth. She choked and coughed. She grunted low and long. But she did not scream.

"Damn it..." Liz hissed, finally breaking off her attack. Jenny blinked, feeling the tears run down her cheeks. Her body was now covered in sweat, she realized, and she was still trembling. But her lips turned up slightly at the corners. She had not screamed.

Jacob and Aileen clearly looked excited. Aileen was touching Jacob's crotch, and Jacob looked positively feverish. They were nuzzling each other while fixing their gazes on Liz's torture of Jenny.

"Let me go, Liz. You won't get away with this," Jenny tried.

"Oh please." Liz rolled her eyes. "We got you completely at our mercy, and this is what you say?"

"I..." Jenny was speechless. She became cognizant of the situation she was in. She was trussed up, helpless to move, let alone fight back. Moreover, she was still not completely over the Buffout crash -- she was of only average strength right now.

As if reading her mind, Liz added, "And what's more, you're still feeling weak, ain't you? The crash from Buffout lasts a good long time, it does. Why, I'll bet I could take you out right now, 'champ'. Want to go a few rounds?"

Laughing, she stripped off her shirt and threw it aside. She cut a solid, chunky thick-waisted figure, and she had generous breasts that sat a bit low on her chest. Her shoulders and arms looked capable of a fair bit of heavy lifting, which was probably exactly what she did as the owner of the general store. Quickly sizing her up with experienced eyes, Jenny realized that Liz was quite strong in her own way.

"Oh let's go," Jenny said, seeing a chance to get free. "Let's have a fight, right here. You think you can take me? Come on then, let's see who's tougher," she goaded.

"Oh, don't be in such a hurry," Liz drawled, stripping her pants off. Now she was wearing only a pair of loose, comfortable panties. "I've had my eye on you ever since I saw you," she went on, cracking her knuckles. Aileen and Jacob were frantically undressing by now, their eyes afire with voyeuristic pleasure. "And you know, first thought I had was, now there's a strong-looking gal. Looks like she could totally fuck me up. And my second thought was, I wonder if I'd get a chance to fuck her up."

Liz stepped back slightly, cocking her head, appraising Jenny's body. "Because, you know, that's how I get off. Ask them -- they know."

With a sinking heart, Jenny realized that Liz meant to use her as a human punching bag!

"What's the matter? Afraid of a fair fight? So weak that you have to tie me up before you can go a few rounds with me? I'm kicking your ass before we even start," Jenny said in the most insulting tone she could muster.

"Who gives a fuck about fair fighting?" Liz grinned. "Oh you'll get a chance, never fear. I'm just gonna... warm up first, you know? You're a professional prize fighter, you, little old me, I just have to get into the rhythm of it first. You gotta give me a chance to do that, right? Then, we'll let you down and you and me, we go a few rounds, see how long you last against me. Nothing unfair in that. Heh heh heh."

Liz adopted a sloppy boxer's stance, putting her fists up and waddling towards Jenny in a flat-footed style. Jenny tensed her abs, getting ready to breathe out -- if Liz went for body shots, Jenny knew she had to do that to minimize the damage. She could only hope Liz didn't go for her unprotected face or jaw. But she knew her breasts were tempting targets that Liz would not ignore. All she could do was to try and withstand the punishment.

Closer and closer Liz came. Then, she threw a big roundhouse haymaker that Jenny would have been able to see coming a mile away, if they had been in a ring. As it was, Jenny could do nothing except tense up her muscles to resist. Liz's fist thudded painfully against Jenny's abs, with the meaty smack of flesh against flesh.

Jenny grunted and her body swayed. Liz looked disgruntled at not getting more of a reaction, and she stepped in, this time driving a right uppercut directly into Jenny's belly. Jenny folded with the impact and her breath came out in a whoosh. Her eyes watered.

"That's better," Liz whispered into Jenny's ear. Jenny knew her ordeal was just beginning.

Liz began to dance around Jenny, as if she were in a real fight. Her left fist smacked repeatedly into Jenny's breasts as she jabbed. Then she sent her fist crashing into Jenny's side. Jenny's obliques were well-developed, but even so, she felt the painful impact. Then Liz went behind her, out of her field of vision, and landed some more punches on her lower back, causing Jenny to arch in pain.

All the while, Aileen and Jacob got more hot and heavy with their fondling, until Jacob roughly bent Aileen over, and got behind his wife. He rammed his rod into her, holding on to her wrists, riding her like a wheelbarrow. Aileen kept her face tilted up, and her mouth opened in an "O" of pleasure as she met Jenny's gaze.

For the next half hour or so, Jenny endured this torture as best as she could. A few punches landed on her face, so that she had a black eye and a swollen cheek, and bleeding lips. Bruises appeared all over her sore, aching body. She was moaning and gasping with pain, unable to remain silent and stoic under Liz's determined, continual pummeling. Somewhere along the line, Jacob reached orgasm, shot his load into his wife, and went to slump on a chair, exhausted. Unsatisfied, Aileen continued fingering herself while watching the spectacle.

Finally, Liz stepped back, breathing hard and sweating heavily all over. Her pumped muscles swelled over her entire body, giving her a very strong, stocky look. Even the rolls of fat over her abdomen gleamed with some abdominal definition after her hard workout. Jenny could only sway, her body shuddering slightly, while Liz went to strike up a biceps pose in front of Aileen, who moaned and touched Liz all over.

"Oh, babe, you're so strong," she declared. "You really showed that muscle bitch."

"I ain't showed her nothing yet," Liz boasted. "I'm going to take a break for a while. She's all yours, Aileen. Hey, Jacob, you got your tool up yet?"

Jacob rubbed his small erection with a look of discomfort. "Still... still need some more time," he muttered.

"Oh don't bother with him, Liz honey," Aileen waved dismissively. "He's only ever good for one a night, if that. Not even his special drug can change that."

Liz laughed, ignoring Jacob's protestations. Aileen stepped closer to Jenny, with a challenging look in her pretty blue eyes. Jenny raised her head slowly, sweat flowing down from her brow, wondering what Aileen intended.

Aileen reached in between Jenny's legs, finding her moist mound -- and gasped with delight to find that it was dripping wet.

"Liz, look -- she loved it!" she crowed, holding up her fingers for Liz and Jacob to see.

"Why, so she did," Liz nodded, smirking away. "Explains a lot. Like, how she could stand to be with that mutie bastard, for one thing. She must get off on pain. Makes her the perfect match for me, since I get off on just the opposite side," she chuckled.

"You're going to let her down and box with her, right? Let me soften her up for you, sugar. I mean, in my own special way," Aileen's eyes glittered with sadistic malice.

"You go right ahead, Aileen. She can't resist your special skills," Liz laughed approvingly. "Jacob, that ought to get you hard and ready again, or nothing will. You never get tired of Aileen and me going at it, right? Now look at what your sugarbabe is doing to this bitch here."

Jacob was starting to stroke himself again, watching Aileen and Jenny avidly.

Jenny bit her lip. It was true... it was a secret only Pounding Patty, her fellow woman boxer back in New Reno, had ever discovered: she got turned on by pain. The pain and pleasure centers in her brain had somehow gotten their wires crossed or something. Not all pain was pleasure, but what she had just gone through with Liz was something that her body actually responded to as sexual stimulation.

"No... I won't... you won't make me," she gasped defiantly.

"Watch me." Aileen cupped Jenny's breasts, and she went to work.

Her lips enfolded Jenny's nipples, and her tongue swirled around them. Her strong fingers kneaded Jenny's breasts. She traced patterns around just the right places on Jenny's lower back. Her breath was hot against Jenny's neck. When she suddenly raked her fingers hard down Jenny's back, Jenny could not resist responding with a scream of pure pleasure.

"Oh she really does love it," Liz cried, while Jacob remained engaged in his private struggle to stay hard.

Jenny meanwhile was getting betrayed by her body. Despite the dull throbbing pain, thanks to Liz's less-than-tender ministrations, pulses of pleasure were washing all through her. She was leaking down below -- she could feel some small amount of liquid start to flow out of her and down her inner thighs. Within, she was clenching and unclenching spasmodically.

"No... no..." she thought to herself, semi-coherently.

She sucked in deep breaths, attempting to slow down her pulse and put a damper on her arousal. She tried to put in a mental block -- thinking about how odious these people were, how infuriating that they stole into Francis's house to kidnap her, and how she had to escape somehow.

But the elements that made her turned on were present -- the feeling of being overwhelmed and dominated (which had been her secret kink for as long as she could remember), the sight of Liz's brawny, stocky physique, and even the sadistic quirk of Aileen's lips. And Aileen was very skillful.

Try as she might, she could not hold back. When Aileen gazed deep into her eyes while probing Jenny's anus slyly with a finger, Jenny gave a long shuddering moan. Aileen then stuck her thumb into Jenny's dripping pussy, and slowly coaxed Jenny's other hole open, until she could gently push a digit inside.

Jenny came. She shook and shivered all over, twisting this way and that. She was putty in the mature Aileen's experienced hands. Aileen drew out Jenny's surrender, licking and flicking, twisting and pinching, stroking and scratching, until the basement was filled with Jenny's uncontrollable moans and screams of forced ecstasy.

At last, Aileen stepped back, her face and torso flushed, her hands coated in Jenny's juices. Jenny slumped, her head lolling, her cheeks burning with chagrin. Aileen had managed to drain what little was left of Jenny's energy. Jenny was sore, aching and bruised all over, and her wrists and ankles were chafed.

Meanwhile, Liz had fingered herself to a comfortable orgasm at her own pace, so she still appeared energetic. "Ready for our bout now, champ?" she called out mockingly. "You win, you go free. You lose, you stay here as our slave for as long as you can last. Alright, give them to me, Jacob. Let her down, Aileen."

While Aileen loosed Jenny's bindings, Jacob took out some tablets from a drawer and handed them to Liz. Jenny's feet touched the ground as the rope tying her to the rafters was untied, and she stumbled, her legs almost buckling. As she rubbed her wrists, she watched Liz toss the tablets into her mouth and swallow.

"Mm, mm," Liz smiled, licking her lips in an exaggerated fashion. "I just love the taste of Buffout in the morning."

Jenny's heart sank. Liz struck up a muscle pose, and waited. The changes were not long in coming. Before Jenny's eyes, Liz's pudgy body became transformed into a formidable hunk of muscle. Her muscle definition improved visibly, and her already thick shoulders became slabs of solid flesh. Her abdomen became a ridged column of visible power.

"Ohhh, what a rush," Liz moaned. "My favorite chem, this." She shadow-boxed a few times, and her fists whooshed through the air with more force than before. "Now... let me teach you a lesson or two about taking advantage of other people's trust and kindness," she snarled, stepping forward.

Jenny stepped back, putting up her tired arms in a guard and dropping into a crouch. To her practiced eye, Liz was still unskilled, but right now, the discrepancy between their strength, endurance and reflexes was far too much. This was possibly the hardest boxing match she had ever had to fight. How could she win?

On the plus side, she was feeling a bit of a rush herself. The orgasm had left her drained, but slowly, she realized the pains and aches were fading into the background of her awareness. She was far from being in the best of conditions at the moment, but she forced herself to get ready to fight. She knew she had little choice. Even if she beat the muscled-up Liz, there were still the two others to handle. As far as she could tell, no help was coming -- she was on her own.

Liz began advancing, her stance careless, her guard low and sloppy. She had a big foolish grin on her face.

"When I'm done beating you up, I'm going to put on one of them devices they used to have," she sniggered. "Bet it'll fit snugly inside you, since you've already been filled by mutant cock."

Jenny just stayed silent, breathing quickly but deeply, to increase her oxygen intake. Bare-knuckle boxing was altogether more dangerous than gloved boxing, and involved slightly different tactics. All the more she could not afford to slip up. Her normal style was to move in, and use her strength to pound away at her opponent -- she could outmuscle every male boxer but one in New Reno's Jungle Gym this way.

But with current circumstances, she had to be wilier. Looking at Liz's swelling, veined muscles, she knew she couldn't win in a contest of outright strength.

Liz threw the first punch -- another of her clumsy haymakers. Still, it was surprisingly fast -- Jenny barely dodged back in time, and it missed her nose by a whisker. Liz followed up with another one from her left, and this one clipped Jenny's guard by a bit, hitting her forearms. Jenny circled away as quickly as she could, trying to see if Liz led with her right or her left.

Aileen and Jacob were leaning against a desk at the side, cheering for their compatriot. "C'mon, beat the mutie-lover down," yelled Aileen.

"Give her a good beating for the sake of real humans everywhere," Jacob declared pompously.

Liz came after Jenny like a charging bull, swinging careless lefts and rights. Jenny dodged and blocked as best as she could, though swaying made her bruised and battered trunk muscles protest. She couldn't avoid every blow -- Liz landed some heavy punches on her torso that made her gasp with pain. The ones that hit her breasts were especially agonizing. She guarded as best as she could, but Liz threw some uppercuts too, which hit the underside of her breasts.

She began to get a feel for Liz's rhythm, such as it was. As far as she could tell, Liz was a right-hander. That was good -- Jenny didn't like fighting southpaws. Liz was a brutish fighter, and she telegraphed most of her punches. Jenny began to feel that she could win this. If she could endure what Liz had to deliver, and wait out the onslaught until Liz began to tire somewhat, she could capitalize on an opening and go in for the knockout.

Jenny began to parry some of Liz's straight punches, even though it was harder without gloves. This only seemed to enrage Liz more, and she advanced more quickly and recklessly -- just as Jenny had hoped.

She went on the attack suddenly. After swaying away from a right haymaker, Jenny suddenly leaned in and jabbed with her left. It clipped Liz on the cheek, and as expected Liz instinctively flinched away from the blow. With a quick movement -- and a stab of pain in her trunk that made her gasp -- Jenny moved in and locked her right arm together with Liz's, effectively grabbing on to her and preventing any more attacks for the time being.

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