tagErotic CouplingsBeating Around the Bush Ch. 01

Beating Around the Bush Ch. 01


"Sex, sex, sex; that's all he can think about."

Janine Tyler stuffed another French fry into her mouth and washed it down with raspberry lemonade. The petite brown-haired girl sitting next to her watched her with rapt silence as her friend continued to rant about her recently ex-boyfriend. Like a good friend, Amanda would only sit and nod her head, occasionally interjecting with "Oh my God", "Oh no", or something along those lines that conveyed dismay and disbelief.

The two girls were sophomores at Northwestern, having met for the first time one year ago. Randomly paired together as roommates, they couldn't be more opposite. Janine was a curvy blonde from Florida who had lived a life of popularity; Amanda was essentially a 40 year old woman trapped in a 19 year old's body from Illinois, who preferred wine to beer, music that was made decades before she was born, and reading novels that kids her age usually had no interest in.

But, for some reason, the two were really good friends. Their freshman year brought them together in ways they couldn't foresee. Amanda taught Janine how to change a car battery and persuaded her to join the intramural Krav Maga class they had on campus. Janine reciprocated by inviting Amanda out to some of the hottest parties on campus and teaching her how to talk to guys. The arrangement worked out pretty well, especially when Janine effortlessly beat up some jerk senior who tried to force his hands under her clothes, and Amanda getting some actual boyfriends.

As Janine continued to drone on about her woes, Amanda couldn't help but wonder how exactly she landed a friend like her. Most of Janine's friends only knew her as "Janine's roommate", even though they weren't living in the same dorm room anymore. Any time a hot boy had showed up at their dorm last year, Amanda automatically knew that it was one of Janine's visitors.

Even though they were good friends, Amanda would have killed to be Janine. Not only was she rich and popular, she was beautiful. Lustrous golden hair, perfect skin, a pert backside, and wobbling double-D breasts that could turn even a gay man's head. She'd spent her childhood as a beauty pageant queen, and still pulled the occasional modeling gig. Even now, Janine was scarfing down her bacon cheeseburger and large fries, but anyone who knew her knew that the calories wouldn't show, it simply must have gone straight to her boobs. She was a vision of perfection.

As Amanda snapped out of her trance of envy to continue to listen to Janine, the source of her friend's woes popped into her mind: Michael Clemons. A slim, well-muscled male with a boyish face that was lightly covered with stubble, he had seemed like just the right guy to date Janine. Personally, Amanda had a hard time keeping track of Janine's string of Ken-doll looking ex-boyfriends, but what Janine was saying about him was definitely hard to forget.

"We were barely 5 minutes inside the pool before he's got his hand in my bikini bottom, trying to get a finger into my whatnot," Janine said. "I slapped the shit out of him and walked home."

"He's that bad?" Amanda asked in genuine shock.

"I know! I'm still trying to get over it myself. I'll admit it, he was great in the sack those three months we dated, but it seemed like he got more perverted as time went on. He even..." Janine leaned across the table and lowered her voice. "He even tried to go in through the back door!"


"Yes!" Janine affirmed. "I'm sorry to talk your ear off. Thanks for listening to me bitch about my ex."

"Forget about it," Amanda said. "I know you would do the same for me."

The girls decided to drown their sorrows in some bowls of brownies and ice cream before departing the restaurant, spending the rest of their time there talking about mutual friends and classes. When they were done, the two friends went their separate ways.

A ring of the doorbell brought Michael out of his daze; for the past hour, he had been poring over his textbooks, determined to dedicate his weekend to staying ahead of his classes. At 20 years of age and already in his junior year of college, he was maintaining a great GPA. Usually, at 8 PM on a Friday night, he was partying with his friends, working out at the gym, or masturbating.

In all honesty, the studying was an effort to keep from doing the third thing. Activity one would give him a 50/50 chance of actually getting laid, but that would involve a lot of small talk, and he wasn't in the mood to try and make small talk with some girl for the minute possibility of getting some pussy. Activity two would just get him all hot and sweaty, plus all those chicks at the gym bending over, getting sweaty and grunting would get him hot.

So, tonight was homework night. Actually, it had been going very well; he had finished two-thirds of his Macroeconomics term paper, and was so immersed in the reading material that he forgot all about his recent break-up with Janine Tyler. He had begun to think that maybe she was right, maybe sex all the time would lead to nothing but trouble.

Reaching the front door, he peered into the peephole and recognized the visitor in seconds. Pulling his head away, he unlocked and opened the door.

"Amanda?" He said with a puzzled smile. "What are you doing here?"

"You need to let me in," she said. Not waiting for an invitation, she strode into the house and closed the door behind her.


She responded by lifting the hem of her dress. "So, I can let you in."

Michael's eyes widened as he saw the brown panties underneath the dress. I took about a minute for him to realize that he was wrong.

She hadn't even bothered to wear underwear.

He was entranced by the lush tangle of pubic hair that adorned Amanda's crotch. In the dimly-lit hallway, its thickness and triangular shape could be easily mistaken as a furry bikini bottom. Who could have thought that she'd have something so beautiful down there?

Hours worth of Macroeconomics material quickly left Michael's mind, replaced by carnal desire. He quickly lunged forward, dropped to his knees and buried his face in Amanda's crotch. After inhaling her rich, musky scent, he slid his tongue past her hairy bush and into her already-wet slit.

"Yessss," Amanda said, reaching down and running her fingers through his hair. "Taste that pussy, because it's all yours."

Amanda felt butterflies in her stomach as Michael continued to probe her vagina with his tongue. Her ears burned as she listened to his muffled moans. Already, she could feel her nipples getting hard; if he were to look at her chest, he would see them tenting visibly from underneath the confines of her dress. Before she had knocked on his door, she'd discarded her bra as well. She didn't imagine that her gambit would turn out so well.

She let out a sudden yelp; Michael had bitten her clitoris. The unexpected jolt of pleasure made her grip onto his hair even tighter. She could feel her crotch becoming wetter with a mixture of cum and Michael's saliva.

"Enough of that," Amanda said, pulling Michael's head away from her crotch. "I need you now."

She kicked off her shoes and pulled the dress over her head, leaving her as naked as she was on the day of her birth. Michael's dick strained visibly against his basketball shorts. Granted, she wasn't as hot as Janine, but Amanda was beautiful. She had beautiful porcelain skin, long legs, and beautiful B-cup breasts that were adorned with round pink nipples.

She strode towards him, and pressed her body against his. Michael then wrapped his arms around her and put his mouth to hers. She slid her tongue past his lips and explored the inside of his mouth.

Their tongues dueled voraciously; this was not a kiss of love, but of pure lust. Michael could feel her sucking at his tongue, as if she were trying to take it out of his mouth. She then sucked his upper lip, and, for a half of a second, he thought that she was going to bite it off.

Amanda was softly grabbing Michael's butt with her left hand, marveling at its firmness. With her right hand, she was gently caressing his rippled abdomen. She then slid her right hand slowly down his belly and into his boxers, where she quickly found his rigid member. Michael broke off this kiss and let out a groan. Amanda smiled as she watched his face contort with passion.

"Take me to bed, Michael."

Michael picked her up and started off towards the bedroom. Amanda giggled as she wrapped her legs around him and felt him kissing her neck. Once they were in his bedroom, he threw her on the bed and began to strip.

"Amanda," he said. "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you."

"Good," she replied, getting on all fours and crawling to the foot of the bed like a tigress. She marveled at his long and veined penis, as well as the rest of his well-trimmed genitals. "But, first, stick that fat cock into my mouth."

With a growl, Michael pulled her face towards his crotch, watching as his dick went into Amanda's waiting maw. He looked down to find his eyes meeting hers, her face plastered with a dreamy look as she moved her puckered lips up and down the length of his shaft. Her tongue slathered every inch of him, filling her mouth with his body's natural scent with just a hint of pre-cum.

She then reached up with both hands; she used her left to reach behind him and fondle his butt, while using the other to play with his balls. She at first gave them a good rub, feeling his weighty, stubble-covered testicles. Then, she progressed to gently massaging them while imagining all the cum building up inside them.

"Ahhhh, that's right, baby. Suck me good."

Amanda smiled at him as she pulled her head back so that she could only suck at his glans while tickling the tip with her tongue. Michael laughed and moaned as he felt shocks surging throughout his body. With an audible "pop", Amanda took her mouth off his dick and began to lick it like a lollipop.

"Mmmm...did you enjoy that, baby?" she purred.

"Fuck, yes," Michael breathed.

"You ready to fuck me?"


Amanda lay back on the bed, lounging as she watched Michael procure a condom from his bedside table. After removing it and putting it on, he climbed on top of Amanda and gave her another kiss. She wrapped her arms around his toned body, letting out a moan after Michael began kissing her neck and chest. She could feel him rubbing his dick against her bush, taking care not to penetrate her, which only made her more anxious.

"Pleeeease," she moaned. "Don't...don't tease me, just fuck me. FUCK ME!"

Michael looked into her eyes and responded with a grunt before sliding into her wet slit. The two of them shared a moan as Michael buried his entire length inside of Amanda.

"Ohhhh, you feel so good!" he whimpered.

"I knooooow," she replied. "Give me more!"

Michael slowly began to pump into her, feeling her bristly pubes rubbing against his groin as he did so. Amanda moaned as she felt him delve deeper into her honey pot; she began raking her fingers across his back as she reveled in his girth. Inside of her mind, she tried to remember the last time she had ever taken a dick so big, or if she'd ever had in the first place.

She saw him lower his face towards her with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. She reciprocated and the two lewdly dueled tongues without making their lips meet. Amanda reached up and began running her fingers through his hair.

"That's it, Michael. Fuck me. Harder, faster," she whispered.

She wrapped her legs around his torso, urging him deeper within her body. Michael leaned forward and rested his head on her shoulder and he quickened his pace, breathing in the lovely scent of her brown hair.

"Yeah, baby," he whispered, half into the pillow and half into her ear. "I'm just gonna show you just how fucking horny...AAAAGH!"

Michael yelped as he suddenly pulled away from his lover. Amanda's eyes ballooned in shock as she sat up in the bed.

"What the fuck was that?!?" Michael yelled.

"I'm sorry!" Amanda said. "I saw your earlobe right there, so...I don't know...I just felt like sucking on it. I didn't mean to freak you out."

"No, no," Michael said. "I'm okay, it's just that, I was a little unprepared for that; it's kind of new to me."

Amanda studied Michael's reddening face. "Michael, did that turn you on?" She began to smile at him as he bit his lip.

"Just a little bit," he admitted. "It...it made me want to almost cum."

Amanda crawled towards him and began to caress his balls gently. "It's okay, if you want to cum now. We can take a break and go at it again when you're ready."

"No," he said, putting one hand around her waist and the other on her breast. "I want more of you. It's only a quarter to nine, and I want to fuck you until the sun comes up."

"Good," Amanda said. "Well, at least we both know now that your ears are a high erogenous zone. Now, lie on your back; I wanna ride you."

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