tagBDSMBeau of Les Belles Pt. 03

Beau of Les Belles Pt. 03


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A Tale from the Early Days of Les Belles -- Part 3

Les Belles Dames Sans Mercy

Hath thee in a thrall!

5 -- Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Whatever

John lay on the bed in the narrow alcove, whimpering, his hands bound over his head and his legs bound high in the air to either wall so they were splayed apart. The insides of his thighs were covered with bruises and welts. Sy, the young woman who had bound and whipped him, stood naked at the foot of the bed, her skin shining from the perspiration caused by her efforts.

"What a display," exclaimed Math, who had come back downstairs after finishing her snack. She stood next to the younger woman, put her arm around her waist and drew her close for a long, passionate kiss. "You're so hot when you get that look you get when you've been really cruel to a male and you're enjoying your effect. That little smile and how your nostrils flare, and if your nipples were any harder they might be mistaken for little rhino tusks! Let me watch while you hit him a few more times, please?" The younger woman complied, whipping the crop into her captive's tender flesh. He howled and pled for mercy. Then Math brushed the younger woman's back with her fingernails. Sy turned and they beamed at one another. Another kiss went on and on while John quieted down. Math continued, "You're lucky, John, that Sy was free this weekend. She's not only an artist with the whip but a budding mistress of male psychology. You probably are feeling sorry for yourself because of how much it hurts, but you're training will be over much faster this way and you'll be so much better trained as well."

"Do you think there's a chance of finishing his first level this weekend?" Sy asked.

"It would be extraordinary if we could accomplish that," exclaimed Math. "But, we do have him for three days. It wouldn't be the first time you rewrote the record book for breaking males to submission."

"Well, don't you be so modest either," replied Sy. "I've learned nearly everything I know from you. If we're going to do this it's only because you and me make such a really great team. Oh, Mathy. It's been months since the two of us got to work together this way. I'm so excited. I do think I'm more than a little in love with you too." She kissed the taller woman again then nuzzled her face against her neck. Math let her head go back and parted her legs for the exploring hand. In a moment she was panting her acknowledgment of her friend's erotic skills.

The male watched feeling chastened and left out. The two women in each other's arms made a very steamy scene. He yearned to be part of it. If they only weren't so mean to him, he thought ruefully, at least they could make up for the awful whippings by including him in their sexual play. But he was afraid to say anything.

Math whispered something in Sy's ear. They both laughed happily. Sy whispered something back and they laughed again. Math's lips went back to Sy's ear, but instead of whispering again, they nibbled at the lobe, while her hand parted Sy's thighs and returned her partner's caress. After a few moments they broke the embrace. Sy turned to John and slathered more of the ointment on the insides of his thighs where he had been whipped. Once again, the cooling and soothing effect was almost immediate.

When Sy finished, Math stepped behind Sy and strapped a realistically shaped plastic penis on her hips. But it was bright pink. Math handed her a man's tie, which she tied around her neck and straightened carefully. She put on a sport jacket, buttoning it in front so that her breasts were hidden. A mannish looking fedora was added next. The Math held up a hand mirror while Sy carefully affixed a false moustache. She smoothed it with her fingers several times, then grinned. Math put a pair of stockings and a garter belt, while Sy carefully clasped an elegant string of pearls around her throat. Sy then held the mirror while Math applied dark red glossy lipstick. Sy picked up a shiny dark walking cane in one hand and offered her arm like a gentleman to her companion, who had stepped into a pair of 3 inch heels.

"Les Belles Productions proudly presents, the Adventures of Matilda and Simon," the two women announced together. Arm in arm, they made a circuit around the room. They made a bizarre couple, Sy with her hat, the tie draped over her bare chest, the moustache and strap-on obviously playing the male despite her extremely feminine body. In her heels Math was about a half-foot taller than her companion, the pearls, stockings and lipstick assigning her the female role despite her more androgynous athletic physique.

"There's something I've been meaning to talk with you about, Simon" said Math, looking concerned.

"It's such a lovely evening, baby," replied Sy, doing a burlesque of a male voice by lowering her tone and speaking abruptly. "Why wreck it by talking. You women talk too much! Is what."

"But darling, it's important to me."

"Yes, yes yes. If it's really important, I'm sure it will keep until next month. I'll have time to talk once the football season's over. Right now, how about a quick roll in the hay?" Sy gave an exaggerated wink. "I do mean quick. I wouldn't want to miss the kickoff!"

"You beast. All you're interested in is football and fucking. But, no hay rides for you until we've talked about this!" Exclaimed Math.

"What!" cried Sy. "But we haven't fucked since this morning. Oh, how can you so cruelly deprive your sweetheart! I have my needs, too."

"I'm getting a headache. It might last hours and hours if I don't get this off my chest."

"Hours? A man can't go hours without sex. You win. What was it you wanted to talk about, Matilda dear?"

"It's this homosexual philandering of yours, darling Simon. I simply will not put up with it anymore."

"Oops. How did you find me out?"

"That John fellow you play "poker" with in the basement. He's so absurdly bow legged afterwards. It's from a game of poker, alright, just not that kind of poker!"

John didn't like his name being brought into this. He didn't like where this seemed to be headed at all.

."Oh dear. Caught red handed! What shall I do? I know, I'll promise you to put it to an end, I mean, put it into his end... Wait, is that what I mean? How about, I promise to put an end to it. But, Matilda my sweet, we both know what's going to happen the next time I see that cute ass. I am a male, after all. You can't expect me to say no to my penis. I am not superhuman."

"Simon! Yes, we both know it, you're just an ass man, is what. I'll bet you didn't even use a condom. The very thought!"

"But the way John swings his butt! What's a guy supposed to do?"

"He's just a slut. I'd like to get my hands on him right now. I'd make him sorry he has a butt!"

John was looking more and more worried. The role they were outlining for him wasn't one he cared to play. But it clearly wasn't going to be his choice.

"He's a slut, I'll give you that. Okay, I promise. It'll be hard for me, but I'll do my very darndest to keep my peenie out of his bottom. I'll turn a deaf ear. He won't sweet talk me into his back door this time."

"Oh, Simon darling, can I really trust you?"

"Oh, darling Matilda, let's curl up by the fire and discuss it over a glass of wine, shall we? You make yourself comfortable while I go down to the cellar and get something nice."

Math curled up next to the sofa. Sy mimed walking down steps, then walked toward the alcove, jauntily swinging her cane. She pretended to notice John and stopped. "Egad! What are you doing here man? Matilda is onto us. You can't be sneaking in here like this and spreading your cheeks in that delightful way. Just delightful! Oh, what was I saying? Are you trying to entice me, man? You have quite the irrestistable bottom for fucking, you know."

"I'm not trying to entice you. I heard everything. We can't do this anymore. It's over!"

"Playing hard to get again, are you? You know what that does to me!"

"No! I'm not playing hard to get. You promised Matilda, not five minutes ago, that you'd leave my bottom alone. It just won't work anymore with us. Go back to her. She's much better for you than me."

"How noble. On the other hand, what a delicious dish you are, lying here all trussed up like a turkey ready for stuffing. This is why I'll never give you up my dear. But you're right about my promise. Hmmm. If I remember correctly, what I promised was, to keep my penis out of your tempting ass. I don't think I promised anything about this." She straddled his chest and pointed the strap-on at his lips. "I know how much you love giving blowjobs, you incorrigible slut. We don't have long! I have to get back upstairs. You'll have to do that deep-throat thing you're so good at. You know what it does to me!" She pressed the tip to his lips.

"But Matilda's right upstairs! But how can we get in the mood with her so nearby? But she said she won't put up with your philandering. But..."

"But, but, but. Okay, yes, I promised not to do your butt, and I'm going to keep this promise for an hour or at least a few minutes! So, not more buts from you. Open up." She jammed the artificial cock against his lips. "It's not in character for you to fight this! If you don't get back into character this instant, I'll get off and use the cane. Trust me, I'll make your whipping so far seem like a picnic."

He looked at the dildo that was pressing against his lips. He looked up into her eyes. Her expression was determined. His was disconsolate. He was going to have to take the awful thing in his mouth and even down his throat. She left him no way out.

"Plea...ngh," he tried to beg but as soon as his lips parted the tool was deep into his mouth. "Uhh. Ahh," he cried as she jammed it deeper. He gagged and groaned as the thing was forced into his throat. She pulled back to give him a moment to recover. "Nnt! Oh!" he grunted, his mouth too full to get the full words out. But she only jammed the fake cock back into his throat. He gagged noisily several times.

"What's all this ughing and blugging?" asked Math, standing beside the bed. "You!" she pointed accusingly at John. "How dare you suck my Simon off here of all places, in the basement of my own house. I'll teach you!" She picked up the cane and slashed it across the backs of his thighs. She caned him several times, hard. His legs were on fire.

"Agh," he shouted at the first stroke. For the rest, Sy kept the strap-on deep, probing his throat with short, hard thrusts of her hips. He choked and gagged, tears pouring from his eyes both due to the pain and to the intruder. It wasn't long until Sy climaxed, crying out ecstatically and buried the dildo as far down his throat as she could, rhythmically jamming it over and over.

"Whore! Jezebel! Slut!" shouted Math, caning hard with each epithet.

When Sy sat back John was sobbing both from the physical abuse and from humiliation.

"If you get to philander, so do I," asserted Math. "Get off and let me have a ride!" Sy made way and Math knelt over him, facing the foot of the bed. "Lick, you sorry excuse for a man," she commanded. Start below my labia. Down there, at the perineum. Now work your way up and you better concentrate and work hard. Yum! I see what you mean, Simon, about him being an utter slut. He's really enthusiastic about using his mouth between someone's legs. Doesn't seem to care much what sex. Keep licking down there! Don't you slow down even a little."

"Since he's now both of ours, Matilda, may I?" Sy stood at the foot of the bed with her strap on pointed at John's bottom hole.

"Only if you wear a condom, Simon. I don't want you getting your penis all filthy!"

"Of course, sweet Matilda. And see, we can kiss and pet while we're making use of our new toy!" She jammed the dildo into his bottom. He wanted to resist, but there really wasn't any chance. His sphincter was not strong enough to resist Sy's forceful thrust and yielded to the wet, slippery prong. Once it was in him, each thrust lodged it deeper. He squealed at the feeling of being impaled. Math leaned forward, grinding her pussy into John's face and muffling any further cries of protest.

Inarticulate muffled cries came from between her legs. The pain of his impalement was so intense that for a minute he forgot to lick. Math's expression turned exasperated and she gave his balls a hard slap. A high-pitched little screech came from under her.

"Don't you dare stop. I'm not finished yet. You stupid twit." She seized his balls in her hand. "Now do it right or you'll be sorry." She gave a squeeze. He licked and sucked desperately at her sex. It was inept but still exciting. Sy reached for Math's smallish breasts, cupping them and using her thumbs to lightly tweak the nipples. The two women kissed passionately. Math broke away to demand, "Lick my clit. Quick little movements. Don't stop even for a second." Her mouth went to Sy's chest, lightly kissing her way over the tops and then covering a nipple. She licked gently until Sy sighed with pleasure.

Sy began rotating her hips using very small movements, which caused the dildo to grind around in John's guts, stretching his sphincter this way and that. Both women thrilled at the cries coming from under Math's thighs. Sys moved faster, rubbing the back of the dildo against her clit. In a moment she climaxed again and then Math came too, clamping her legs around John's head and rocking back and forth hard on his face. The two women luxuriated a moment in the afterglow of orgasm, and then Sy pulled out and Math got off the bed.

"Oh god, I'm ruined," wailed John. "I can't control my sphincter. You must have torn it. It just doesn't work anymore."

"Don't be silly. It's just a little stretched out. People get butt-fucked everyday. Do you have to be such a wuss about everything?" Sneered Sy.

"Yes, your bottom hole is going to get a little looser as it adjusts to being regularly fucked, but look at the bright side. It won't hurt anywhere near as much. In time it will even be pleasurable for you," added Math.

"What do you mean, regularly fucked? There's nothing regular about Sy fucking my ass with a dildo!"

"There's one thing we agree about. Being fucked by Sy is really an extraordinary experience. But that's not what I meant, silly. I meant, fucked on a regular basis. You know, like every few hours on the weekend."

"This is insane. I don't let people fuck me in the ass. You can't do this to me."

"Sy, may I?" She unstrapped the dildo. It indeed did have a condom stretched over it. Math went to the wet bar and used a little hook to peel it off the dildo and drop it in the trash without touching it. Then she strapped it around her own waist. She picked up a packet containing a lubricated condom, showed it to John, tore it open, and put it on the prong.

"No!" he shouted, realizing what was about to happen. "Not again. I can't stand it. Please don't. You can't do this to me. You just can't."

"Wrong. I can and I will. It doesn't matter anymore what you want John. The sooner you understand and accept this, the easier this is going to be for you."

"Shall we gag him?" Sy asked.

"Not this time," replied Math. "Let's hear him. In fact, let's record it.

"Oh yes, let's!" exclaimed the younger woman. "He's in the perfect position for filming, isn't he? I'll set up the cameras. I'm thinking, three: a wide angle view from the side so you can see pretty much all of him and it will show the prong going in and out of his bottom, a close up on his face, and one from high up shooting down at his weenie that will show the prong from above." There were concealed cameras on either side of the alcove. She busied herself at a console, aiming them and using the zoom to frame the shot she wanted.

"Sy's a real wizard with videos," explained Mat. "She has a wonderful sense of cinematography, but even more amazing is her talent at editing. Give her some material to work with and she'll turn it into a real show. All you need to do is show some emotion, John. Express your feelings for the camera. Give Sy something to work with. You can moan and groan. You can argue and threaten and plead and beg. You can protest. You can ooh and aah and purr with satisfaction when you start liking it. But first, you're going to shriek and yell and cry and sob -- I'll see to that!"

Sy turned several additional lights on, brightening the alcove. "This new video system is really tops," she exclaimed. With these lenses and the additional lighting, you can get such a remarkably clear picture!"

"Don't do this, please. If you're going to fuck me, there's nothing I can do about it. But don't record it. Really, please. What if the tape gets out? I'll really be ruined. You don't have any need to do that to me."

"We don't have any reason to show the tape to anyone other than members of Les Belles for our private enjoyment, do we? At least, I don't know of any reason. Yet. For example, you haven't threatened to make trouble for the Les Belles society unlike some of the guys who come to the house for a visit."

"You've planned this from when we met, haven't you? The whipping and the violation and the blackmail."

"Blackmail's such a loaded term. But, basically, yes."

"You'll have pictures. You won't release them unless I try to run away or turn you in."

"Probably not," said Sy. "We certainly will if you make it necessary. But we don't expect you will."

"Alright. I get the idea. Let's get it over with." The fight seemed to have gone out of him.

"That's not the attitude, John. You can be much more entertaining than that. Hey, maybe this will perk you up a little..." Math took off the strap-on and exchanged it for a different one. The replacement dildo was much larger. She held up a condom in its wrapper. "Extra large" was written in big letters across the side. Math grinned as she opened the packet and slipped the obviously lubricated condom over the dildo.

"Oh, no. You can't use that. It's way too big. It's going to do permanent damage. Don't! I beg you, please, use the other one."

Sy gave the high sign. Obviously, the cameras were rolling.

"Oh, it's not all that big. You're such a coward, John!"

"I can't take that thing inside me. I'll tear. I'll be ruined. You have to listen to me. Don't, please. Oh, please, no."

Ignoring his protests, she positioned the dildo at his bottom hole and pushed. He clenched as hard as he could. He'd gotten a little bit of control back over his muscles, but far too little for him to mount any meaningful resistance against her assault. Anyway, he realized, tied this way he wasn't going to prevent anything she wanted to do to him. She took her time, gradually pushing the rounded head of the shaft harder and harder against him. His shriek acknowledged when the intruder popped past his sphincter and inside. It hurt, much worse than the one that Sy had used. As his bottom stretched to accommodate the thing, he gasped and groaned. Math started slowly but then suddenly thrust her hips forward, hard. He shrieked again and began to cry.

It went on a long time. As Math had predicted, he begged, threatened, protested, pled and argued. She ignored him and continued thoroughly fucking his ass. Eventually he was reduced to incoherent cries and groans.

"Do you want me to stop now," asked Math.

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