tagInterracial LoveBeautician and the Beast Pt. 03

Beautician and the Beast Pt. 03


Chapter Eleven

Her air commanded Quentin to do most of what she wanted. Lovie was ardent with her attention to him but still ordered him to her will. In honesty, he was in shock to everything all at once. She came in like a viral bomb and set off a contagious explosive excitement that mounted each second. Signs like her nonexistent dress, her sexy new look, and for the most part her announcement showed that she meant business. Her words burned through his head as she slinked around on his bed, 'We're going to make love tonight Quentin'. He gravitated to her like an animal to a scent yet he tried to ignore her sexual appeal and talk to her about the material found to his thoughts of who did it. She dismissed him with an agreeable nod towards the prospect of Drew. He stammered through the whole explanation so much that before he could get to the possibility of Cindy, the words were swallowed. She took off her shoes and ran her foot up his thigh. Lovie's gummy bear like toes found the tip of his penis on the inside of his leg and she smirked as he took a sharp intake of breath, "Don't I make you feel good?"

The role reversal wasn't lost on either of them as usually it took him having to put her legs in his lap; he did it so much at that point that it was in his subconscious. When they talked, watched TV, even when they ate he had her shapely stems in his lap. At first it started as a non-sexual way to enliven her arousal but soon it seemed to work just as well on him. Now that her little aggressive meter ticked up a notch he had to admit that it turned him on beyond belief or relief. Her tiny geisha digits rounded the circumference of his cock-head through his pants and he groaned low in his throat with tightened eyes. "It's not that. I just wanted to catch you up to speed."

He hoped to stave off her craving for sex by just a bit of heavy petting like back at her place. Once they were official he'd perfected a technique he called the 'Lovie Lullaby', which made her come so hard she went to sleep after. It usually helped when she pouted over not being mounted, which was more and more with each encounter. But that didn't happen. In stead she blocked his move, then pushed the fabric panel to the side of her right breast, the tatted breast, his favorite breast. Her left hand began to tug on her nipple and palm at the full weight in a circular motion. "Oh? I thought speed wasn't your thing. I thought you loved to take your time. Take it slow?" He couldn't contain himself any longer because she played too dirty. 'She knows what that tit does to me', his mind screamed! It was how he was most familiar with her. Sure on the surface it told a tame story of a beautician that loved horror but underneath it spoke volumes of a need for a darker life. Nothing crazy like serial killing but something that she definitely couldn't write home to mom about. Lovie's eyes glittered past her charcoal black lids and her breaths short staccatos of arousal. When her slender fingers plucked at her budded peak so hard that it rippled her breast he damn near fainted. In a breathy invitation she said, "Quentin...I want you." That was sexy overload as he ravished her right on the sofa; he groped, fondled, rubbed every inch of her and couldn't get enough. The heavy petting ended with them in his room where he stood at the foot of his bed as she writhed on his comforter. He covered her body with his and nothing but undulating hunger shown through their eyes and boiled through their bodies. Her knees rubbed at his waist down to his hips then back up. In a pained whimper and eyes more alert, "I need you."

That stung him in an upright position and designated him to the edge of the bed with his back to her. "We can't do this Lovie," he said in a low voice. He stooped with his forearms to his knees and ran his hand through his hair. "I can't have sex with you tonight?"

In a ragged sigh, "If not tonight when? I mean, why tha hell am I on the pill then!"

"When we're ready." He still couldn't look at her. It would hurt him too much. He didn't want to see any more signs that pointed towards her not loving him. "We're not ready Olivia." The tone warned not soothed. It took control of the situation and that didn't sit well with her.

"Yes we are." Her voice as calm yet calculated. Quentin wasn't running that night. She was ready to prove her love to him and damn it, he was going to like it!

"No we're not!" He jumped up at that point and paced. He looked like a smoking train barreling through his carpet tracks. He changed directions every five steps. She wasn't scared but cautious wasn't out of the question. He looked like a mad man.

"Quentin," Lovie comforted.

"We're only halfway there." He made a fleeting glance towards her before he switched paces again. She was thoroughly confused now. Was he really quoting the Black Eyed Peas? He searched for words and stopped to talk a couple of times but when he couldn't come up with it, he paced again. After the third attempt he finally said, "You tell me you need me...t-that you want me but it's not enough. Lovie that's only halfway to where we need to be before we can make love." He blew a harsh breath out and paced more after her brow still knitted tight with puzzlement.

She looked down to put his words together for clarification and when she finally got it, she slowly looked up to his erratic form. Love...that's what she forgot to tell him when she came over, that she loved him too! She was so ready to give herself completely to him that she forgot to take his feelings in account. She just figured that his dominate nature assured his confidence in her love for him so much that he already knew how she felt. She held back her smile as he walked back and forth in huge strides. He was really upset she didn't say the words he wanted...scratch that, needed to hear. "Quentin...I," he held up a hand to stop her.

"Lovie let's go the bed and we'll talk about it in the morning. I'm so tired...I can't even think straight."

"No," she said simply.

"Lovie..." He turned to her with a warned tone then moved back towards his wall, "you're not going home like that at this time of night. Just get in bed and-" the last part he said as he moved to his light switch to turn down the light. When he turned back around she was right at his side. He kept himself from jumping but his eyes betrayed his surprise. The ole sneak attack...he taught her that.

She was completely naked and the look of unyielding determination was back in her eyes. Determination and a spark of something else, something he couldn't put his finger on. When he moved to step around her she stopped him with her little frame in his path. He smiled at her boldness but still had no intention of following through. She saw it too and narrowed her eyes to him before taking his hard face in her small hands, "Quentin...I love you."

His features settled into rigid lines, "That's not funny Lovie. Let's just go to bed." Quentin knew she figured out what he was trying to say but saying it just to get laid...Ha! That's the oldest trick in the book. He gently stepped around her and started to turn back the covers on his bed.

"How dare you..." She whispered fiercely through clenched teeth.

"What?" He looked to her as he fluffed her pillows. She faced him with a pissed off stance.

She slowly walked over to him as she spoke, "I tell you I love you and you tell me to get in bed? I'm not a child so don't treat me like my feelings aren't valid!" The stomp of her foot conveyed opposite to her big girl point of view.

She was at the end of the bed and he advanced on her, "Oh please Lovie! You're only saying that because you want me to have sex with you!" He winced as her gasp filled the room. He wasn't stopping; he felt he was right and just as much as her feelings were hurt his were too! "You're trying to tell me that your nipples are hard with love or you pussy is leaking sweet nectar of devotion? Nah uh...it's lust and as little as you think of me, I want a little more from our first time together than an heated roll in the hay!"

That did it! She couldn't take anymore of his hurtful words as he spewed vial inclinations on her. Sure she was horny but she wasn't lying about her feelings for him for a fuck! As quick as a snake, she hauled off and slapped him. It rung in his ear and her palm for several seconds as they panted for clear air. They were both in angry shock but Lovie started first, "Fuck you Quentin Mavery." The venom that seeped through her words was like a fast acting poison that only fueled his fire. He clamped her body to his but she didn't cower, "I never wanted this...you know that. I was, hell, still am so naïve that my life has been turned upside down in both good and bad ways here. In spite of and as a result I've found myself loving you more and more every day since we've met. I did things with you that I never thought I could imagine on my own because of this stupid stigma that ran me out of college..." His face contorted to angry bemusement but he let her finish, "as much as I pictured myself a slut I never felt you pictured me like that too." The hurt in her voice transitioned from the original anger that started the statement. She jerked so hard from him that he stumbled back a bit. She reached for her dress then put it on and raced from the room.

He was still stunned and it took him a minute to get his legs moving from their rooted spot. He bounded down the stairs and caught up just as she made it to the alley entrance elevator. "Lov-...Lovie!" She struggled hard to get out of his reaching grasp.

"Leave me alone Quentin!" She swatted him away.

"No! Stop it! Let me explain."

"Oh you've explained enough! Explained how you're done with the cock hungry slut aren't you!" She wept openly at this point, with her back to him still. Her sobs weakened her stance and he caught her before she slid to the floor. In a heaving cry she tried another feeble attempt to shake him from her, "Get off...get off me!"

"Sshh ssh, I'm so sorry baby." His voice was full with his own emotions as he scooped her in his arms. He carried her back to his room and laid her down, she instantly turned her back to him. He took off his pants and removed her dress and lay next to her naked form. The warming connection helped her crying subside and her shudder went down to a sporadic tremble. He ran his hands up and down her side, all the while he whispered, "I'm so sorry baby...I love you," or some other variant. She never cried or got that upset in front of him and frankly it scared the shit out of him. In minutes her sniffles stopped so he broke the silence, "Baby let's talk."


And talk they did, about everything from her homesickness, her time at Louise's salon, and at the company where almost everyone hated her. They opened up on their love, fears, and their relationship. Lovie even broke down and told him about the break in the month before. That almost sparred another fight but they decided to table that conversation for another time. Lovie hoped not too soon. By the end of it they faced each other and he ran a thumb up and down her bicep. She had her pointer smoothing his chin. They were in such a comfortable silence that when Lovie spoke he jumped a little. "Now what do we do?"

"Now we're a couple that love each other." He rolled on top of her until they faced one another again. "And couples that love each other do certain things to prove it." Quentin moved his arm so his hand fell to her widow's peak and slowly smoothed her hair back on his pillow. His face warped with so many emotions, but this time they were all good. He saw them too in hers, love, admiration, and yearning. He searched her eyes for each feeling like a kid that caught fireflies. "Lovie..." She nodded as she instinctively allowed him between her legs. He could already feel the heat at the apex of her thighs and reciprocated his own as the length of his steely rod rubbed her seam. He ducked his neck in the column of her neck and traced soft and feathered kisses to her chin and ended by devouring her lips between his for a passionate kiss. They battled tongues to a fevered pitch of groans. They broke the kiss then smiled at each other when the sound of her parted folds smacked with wetness up to them. "Guess there's no need for foreplay," he smirked as he moved one of her soft limbs up over his hip.

"Boy," she chuckled in a husky tone, "everything we've ever done to this point has been foreplay." She lifted her hips then ground them on him. He hissed low and set her with a warning look. She backed off and gave a puckish smile, "Sorry..."

He positioned his cock at her opening and ran it over her swollen lips with breathy pants. He watched her reaction when it slipped just past her folds. He was rewarded with her sensual whimper and her bottom lip sucked past her top teeth. Her wetness slathered the tip of him and he hissed then turned his head again with a slow leak of air. He looked to her face and her eyes were closed. "Open your eyes Lovie." She snapped them wide and looked down at their crotches as his hand guided his lengthy girth to her petal soft crease. Her breath quickened with anticipation, "Baby look at me." Lovie's eyes flew to his and grew as his face displayed his stark commitment to her and their love. "Are you ready?" She nodded and never broke their eye contact. "Like a band-aid?" She nodded once more. This was it, her last remaining seconds as a virgin and she strangely wasn't nervous. She knew that it would hurt for a moment and with his more than generous size she wondered vaguely if that meant it would hurt more. In spite of that the only gnaw at her stomach was the fact that he hadn't entered her yet. Then just as she was about to ask him if something was wrong he impaled her all the way to her hilt. Her sharp intake of breath lifted at the end to a strangled yelp. He shut his eyes to the celestial adventure her tight little body sent him on but wasn't too far-gone to not sate her initiation into womanhood. He took the hand that directed his cock in his love and caressed her cheek, "Are you okay sweetheart? Do you need me to stop?"

"No I'll get used to it," was all she could clearly get out. Even though he wanted her eyes open they both seemed to shut them for the same reason. She was so snug on his dick that they both had to adjust. After a moment Lovie asked, "Quentin?"

"Just give me another minute." He whispered through tight lips. Lovie smiled and allowed him his extra minute. As it stretched into what seemed like an eternity she rolled her hips to get him involved. They circled and urged him to move but he still wasn't ready. The pain had subsided for the most part and her aroused ache burned more than her newly enlivened core. He hadn't felt bliss like that ever and he wanted to be able to remember every sensation to later tell future generations. Her walls swaddled him so warm and cozy he felt he was about to resort to a child once more.

It wasn't until her small whimpered plea of, "Please Quentin," that he finally moved. He slowly went back before he retreated with a sharp thrust. She choked a beat and his face flew to hers to gage. She only shook her head and assured, "I'm fine. Just please don't stop." From there his hips took on another conscience and gathered more speed in and out of her lithe like form. He hiked her leg up to his waist and dug his fingers into her soft tresses. He watched her closely as he struggled to contain his own flame. Lovie's lids were heavy with scorching passion and lips that swelled from his ripe kisses. He hadn't made love to a woman since Ana and he was nervous he'd forgotten. Once he found a steady rhythm to course through her channel that wouldn't let him come too quickly he stuck to it. He leaned in to delve his tongue between her parted lips for another soul-searching kiss. It drove his hips deeper and harder into her and he lost himself for a moment. He barely noticed her strangled cries as his mouth danced around her saccharine soaked tongue. Instinctively he slowed, as he feared he started to hurt her. With eyes closed so tight they gathered tears at the corners, he had to fend off his own excitement before he could look to her. When he broke the kiss her moans echoed in his ears, "Oh don't slow down...please don't stop! I love it!" Her dull blunt talons burrowed in his back and he welcomed the intrusion as he stroked into her so smooth that it made her eyes roll in the back of her head.

"Jeez Lovie, you're flawless!" He choked as he palmed her tits. He ducked down further and lightly bit at her beaded nips. She then withered under his tongue while his cock tagged her tunnel as his. When she looked down and found his blue-green pools staring back at her, she threw her head back for her first orgasm as a true woman. It hit so hard her back arched into him so much that he even stilled at the sight. He whispered his defeat to her lobe as she clenched so hard on him that he thought she was going to break it off. "Baby you gotta let up a little. It's going to be over before we even start." With that notion she quickly recovered and looked to him with astonished eyes. "Don't look at me like that," he said with a mocking glare, "You asked for it!" And with that declaration, he threw the covers off of their heated bodies, hiked his leg up so that her falling limb was braced for his next barrage of pumps. He had to show her that playtime was over and she quickly got the memo as he moved like a piston in and out of her. His face concentrated on her eyes while his lower half battered into her welcoming cavern. One hand stroked her knee that was now at his ribcage while the other persuaded her hands over her head and was held there by his massive palm. "How is it sweetheart? How does it feel?" He ground out as his pelvis jacked her body to and fro.

"So good! You have me baby! You have me right where you want me!" She cried as unshed tears escaped one by one down the sides of her face.

"Yeah?" He licked the salty liquid of admission to pleasure with vigor. " I don't think so baby...you're not there yet!" He chuckled when she whimpered at his comment. "I want you over the moon Lovely!" There it was again, that commanding voice he used when he wanted her to do something, even when they weren't in a scene. She didn't mind though, hell she even loved it. She loved how he controlled her body to a tightened knot so tense that only he knew how to unravel her. As one more orgasm slammed to her core she bucked into him instinctually. "That's it baby! Take my cock in that snug body of yours." She screamed his name so loud he was relieved that he didn't have neighbors. All of a sudden his own orgasm hinted its impending presence, "Oh my god baby! I'm almost there."

"Yes!" She breathed, "Give it all to me baby. I want to feel everything you got for me! Quentin," he looked in her eyes at the sound of his name, "I love you." That kicked him over the edge and was happy to fall. The next stroke stilled inside of her and he let out a yell that matched her last orgasm. She moaned close to his lobe as his heated essence filled her quivering channel. He jerked with each spurt and collapsed to match her labored breaths. The cool air blanketed their bodies as they caught treasured gasps of breath. "That was..." She paused and shook her head as no words could describe her feeling. Lovie never came so hard in her life and for a fleeting second wondered if it would be the same with another lover. As soon as she found the strength she lifted her head and found his earth like orbs directed to her. She didn't care what other men could do because this one did more than she ever needed.

"I know baby. I know." He rolled back over so that she was lying on his chest. Quentin stroked her matted hair from her face then moved so she looked to him. Lovie sat her chin on his chest and lazily smiled. He reciprocated as he traced the pad of his thumb over the fullness of her bottom lip, "I love you too Olivia." She blushed to a hurtful grin and he chuckled lightly at her sudden bashfulness. He wasn't joking when he said she was flawless. She as perfect for him as his skin encasing his body and he'd do anything in his power to never let her forget.

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