tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeautiful Beasts Vol. 01 Ch. 02

Beautiful Beasts Vol. 01 Ch. 02


The following story is called to ride a dark horse.

Just to clear up a few things it takes place in a fantasy world (hi there are vampires, werewolves, fairies, and angels just a walking around of course its a fantasy)

A quick Glossary.

Guardian: Is an angel doomed to walk the earth, unable to withstand contact with others as their empathetic nature causes them to absorb that persons most painful moments. Until they take a mate who becomes their protector and grounds them making the pain bearable.

Vampyre: non-parasitic vampires that feed mostly on blood provided by a blood bank and do not crave human blood or flesh. Though they have been made immortal and given all the markings of a vampire, their humanity managed to remain and keep them from being damned.

Vampire: a bloodthirsty demon once turned fully will never go back. Though some say it is possible for a vampire that has yet to mate to be changed by their mate.

Forager: A vampire who isn't fully turned but yet not a vampyre they forage for food amongst the animal kingdom and occasionally vile humans.

Seekers: Vampyre or vampire that are able to teleport or trace to follow targeted prey. Are stronger, faster and if turned more dangerous than foragers.

Vampire Lords: The closest thing to the devil this world knows. They are evil operating merely for the purpose of evil.

Lycan: A hybrid of werewolf and man. When turned they do not be come a wolf so much as a wolf becomes a man.


Chapter 2: When You Do, That Vodou, That You Do.

Rowan unable to do anything else followed the scent out into the dark night, his beast revealing in the joy of the hunt. He tried to focus on just his sense of smell, because if he thought of the way she had looked in that suit he would lack the will he needed to not hurt her. He definitely didn't want to hurt her. He wanted to not hurt her all night. But his Bollacks ached, and he had wanted to take her for nigh on a 100 years. He needed to bury his face in that dark hair. Then he saw her fumbling with a set of car keys. With out trying to slow himself he was on her in a flash. Covering her body pinning her against the car. Her skin glowing in the dark, her body soft under his, so lush. She screamed in pain, attempting to snatch her hands back. Then her eyes came to rest on his as she realized he could touch her. Without words his mouth took hers, laying claim, licking suckling, biting. He drank the soft coos she made and swallowed them whole loving her sounds of pleasure. He grew hard against her soft stomach and growled into her neck. As she moved against him unsure, at first then learning. As her beast emerged she hissed looked up at him her eyes pools of purple blackness, her lips parted begging she whispered.

"I need you to....


Rowan woke with a start and swore tossing the alarm clock against the wall. It broke on impact. He looked down his body was covered in a sheen of sweat but that wasn't the worst part. He was rock hard, the sheet was almost too painful as it lay against his aroused skin.

"Fuck...Fuck. FUCK!" his swearing filled the house.

"Oi? I got two twins trying to sleep off the whiskey it took 'em to go at it wit each other last night. You think you can keep the swearing and breaking of my shit to a minim until I get a morning stiffy off?"

Rake filled the doorway quickly.

Rowan growled his eyes fully gone.

"You 'ad a sex dream about the little half breed git didn't ya? Want a twin?" Rake laughed

Rowan normally would have said no, normally he would have taken a cold shower, jacked off, and started his day. Normally he would have kept his beast at bay. But he was too far-gone. He had to have a release. Or he would go mad. He couldn't even speak he just nodded. Rake laughed and was gone and back before he knew it. Standing next to him was a bimbo blonde with huge fake boobs and tan skin.

"Ginger this is my friend rowan. He needs you to show him your party trick love you do that for me?" Ginger smiled up at rake and dropped the T-shirt she'd been wearing on the floor next to him.

"Call me love again and I'll do it twice."

Rake left quietly.

Rowan watched her breasts bounce as she crawled into bed with him, she opened her mouth lifting one breast to her lips and suckling on the nipple. Rowan growled, and grabbed her pinning her under him grunting as his mouth found the other nipple biting it roughly. He found her opening easily and any suspicions that she might be a nymph or a stripper turned nymph were confirmed as she was dripping wet. He buried his length in her easily rocking his hips pumping her roughly as she moaned and panted.

"Such a big cock. You must be a ly..."

he kissed her to shut her up unhappy with the way her mouth tasted wanting her to be sweeter. He came easily and rolled off of her.

"Get out."

"But I didn't get off."

"Take that up with Rake." Screaming moans could be heard from down the hall.

She crawled out of bed grabbing her shirt and heading for the door.

"Shut it after you."

"Dick," she muttered as she did just that.

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