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* * * * * *

I've always heard that most of us only use forty to fifty percent of our brain power. I'm not sure that's true. I think that for the most part we just wander through our lives on autopilot until something shocks us into awareness and then we process with almost awesome efficiency.

Let's look at my situation in particular: I had the day off and decided to do something nice for my wife, Natalie. I decided to surprise her at work with flowers and take her out to lunch. Nat and I work in the same law firm. I'm a paralegal and she's a secretary. I walked into the outer office and didn't see her, but I heard voices form the inner office. I quietly opened the door in case they were involved in a meeting with a client. I'd just stick my head in the door, the way I'd done a thousand other times to see what they were up to and whether or not Nat was even there. If they were busy, I'd just excuse myself and either wait for her or come back later.

I guess I was too quiet because they didn't even hear me. Our boss, Gunner Sterling, had his pants down around his ankles and he was thrusting his dick in and out of my wife as hard and as fast as he could. He was sweating and grunting with each thrust. Natalie had her legs spread and her hands on Gunner's hips. She was flat on her back on his massive desk lifting her pussy up to match his every stroke and hissing, "Fuck me, fuck me harder."

That was the part where I started using all of my brain power and it still wasn't enough. I stood there like a deer caught in the headlights watching them for a while. Finally, my shock wore off and anger took over. I threw the door the rest of the way open and moved into the room.

"Get off of her, asshole!" I screamed.

"Take your clothes off," he said. "You can go next. I've got enough left over for you too. I've been wondering what it would be like to have both of you." Surprisingly, neither of them stopped what they were doing. Gunner looked at me as he pumped Natalie, but Nat was too far gone to stop.

"I'm almost there," she said. I threw the flowers in her face and turned to walk out.

"Wait, don't go," Nat said. "We need to talk about this."

"There's nothing to talk about, Natalie," I replied.

"Baby, this doesn't mean anything; it's just sex," she said. "I was curious, that's all."

"Yeah," said Gunner. "It's no big deal."

"Gunner, I quit," I said. As I slammed the door behind me and ran out of the office, it was all I could do not to cry. I made it all the way out to the parking lot and got into my car before my emotions got the better of me and I let the tears roll down my cheeks as my body was wracked with sobs. As I cried, I wondered how Nat could do this to me. We'd been together for so long and had made so many sacrifices just to be together. Our wedding alone was a perilous and heartbreaking affair as each of our families had pretty much disowned us afterward.

My family and I had always been close and I guess I was probably my dad's favorite. I'd grown up in a middle class neighborhood as part of a fairly good family. I met Natalie in high school and we instantly became friends. Originally, there were three of us, but the third member of the trio, Melanie Wright, started dating and didn't have much time for us. That had been a blow because we used to always hang out at Mel's house back then. Her parents were everything I wanted mine to be like. Her dad and I were especially close. He often gave me advice on how to handle certain situations I found myself in with teachers or peers.

When high school ended, Melanie was already in love with Bobby Bradley. They were going to the same college and getting married soon afterward. I hadn't even had one relationship throughout the four years that separated childhood from adulthood and wondered why. I was very popular and had been asked out a lot of times but had never accepted. I'd even turned down some of the cheerleaders. They just seemed to be overly prissy to me. Besides, there wasn't anyone at that school that I'd rather spend time with than Nat anyway.

So when it came time for the prom and we showed up together, no one batted an eyelash. There were some "I told you so," expressions and a few weird smiles but no one really cared.

Our experiences in college were even less dramatic. Everyone was so busy experimenting, finding their own path towards adulthood and becoming a contributing member of society that no one really cared about us. After a few guys had asked Natalie out and been turned down people just accepted that we were together even though we hadn't formally announced anything. After college, we both got jobs to pay the rent while we tried to settle into our careers. Natalie had soon secured a job as a secretary, while I still had two more years of school in order to become a paralegal.

As soon as I got done with school, I started interviewing with different lawyers and firms. Of all the places I interviewed, I thought that I had the best possible future with Gunner. He was an associate with one of the biggest law firms in the city, was on the fast track to becoming a partner and was more ambitious than the law allowed. I saw Gunner moving from law into politics and beyond. If I could hitch my wagon to his star, I'd do well.

Six months after I started working for Gunner, his secretary just quit. Gunner wanted me to interview the potential candidates for her replacement. In our office, secretaries only did clerical work. They typed papers, made phone calls and made coffee. My job was to handle all of the things that required knowledge of the law, that Gunner didn't have time for. I did research, I looked up case files that might have a bearing on cases we working on and I drew up papers.

Hiring a secretary was technically outside of my job description, but it only went to show how much faith Gunner had in me. I wanted to do the best job possible. Did it hurt that the best possible candidate happened to be my own wife? Not to me. And Gunner seemed to like Natalie as soon as she walked in the door. He looked at me and said, "You made a great choice."

Natalie is tall, but very petite. She has short golden blonde hair and is always smiling. Her brown eyes seem to light up every room she steps into. She has a very outgoing personality and can usually be counted on to be the life of any party. Gunner and she became the closest of friends almost immediately. Maybe I'm just stupid. Maybe I should have seen what would happen between them from the beginning. Maybe all of this is my fault; if I'd never given Nat the job, she would still be mine.

I started the Jeep and drove back home. Almost as soon as I got the car moving my phone rang. I looked at the screen on my iPhone and saw that it was Nat calling. I didn't bother to answer it. As soon as I got to our apartment I started throwing my clothes and personal items into duffel bags, gym bags, plastic bags, garbage bags and anything else I could find. Every time I got a couple of bags ready I ran back downstairs and loaded them into my Jeep. I got all of my clothes, my toiletries and personal items into the Jeep. I still had room for electronics and my computer. I put my laptop on the front seat where it would be safe and went back into the apartment for another load.

I unplugged my flat screen from the cable box and realized that I'd either need help or a cart to move it. If I put the back seats down and put it on top of my clothes to give a soft surface to rest on I could easily get it in the back. I called downstairs and the building manager was only too happy to loan me a dolly to move it with. Unfortunately, he couldn't help me move it because of his bad back. I got the TV onto the dolly and rolled it down the hall and into the elevator in less time than it takes to talk about it. I gingerly tilted the TV onto the lip of the Jeep's rear section and grabbed the bottom to kick the dolly out from under it. I took a deep breath and tried to summon some of the anger I'd felt when I saw my boss fucking my wife. It worked. My rage gave me more than enough strength to lift the TV and slide it into the back of the Jeep. I decided to take one last look around the apartment to make sure I hadn't left anything I could do without. I grabbed a few more knickknacks and was doing a final sweep when she walked in. She took one look at me and burst into tears.

"So this is the way you handle our problems?" she screamed. "You just grab your shit and slink off somewhere?" I didn't say a word. I was too close to tears myself.

"What ever happened to loving me all the days your life, so long as you shall live?" she asked tearfully. That did it. The bitch was trying to use our marriage vows against ME, after what she'd just done?

"Whatever happened to keeping yourself only unto ME?" I shot right back.

"I was doing it FOR us," she said, trying to get closer to me.

"How is fucking Gunner doing something for us?" I spat.

"If you'd just calm down and let me explain this, you'd understand," she said.

"No need to calm down," I told her. "I'm calm now. I've had a chance to think about everything. You'd be surprised at how things click into place when you're going through someone's stuff while you're packing so you can get the fuck away from them."

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"Gunner wasn't the first man you've cheated on me with, was he?" I asked. She couldn't meet my eyes. "There's no need to deny it, Nat; I found your fucking birth control pills. We both know that you don't need them with me."

"But it was just curiosity," she parried.

"Bullshit, Natalie!" came my riposte. "You used that line on me when we were in college. You tried out a few guys back then because you were curious, remember? I was the one who came into our relationship a virgin. You had your chance to experiment. You said it was for both of us."

"It was and so is this," she said. "We've been talking about having a baby, right?"

I started laughing then. "Let me guess, you were only doing it for the baby, right? How the fuck is Gunner supposed to get you pregnant while you're on the pill? Tell me Nat, woman I've loved for most of my life. Do you know how it feels to hear the woman you love begging some guy to fuck her?"

"But..." she began.

"Save it," I said. "I'm leaving. I don't want to talk anymore. I'm too hurt and too angry. I might say something you'll regret."

"Gunner wants you to come back to work," she said. "He wants us to all sit down and talk about this like rational adults."

"Fuck Gunner," I countered. "Wait, you already did, that's why we're here. He's not the only lawyer in town. I'll call you tomorrow to let you know who I get."

"If you're getting a job with another law firm, let me know when they get an opening for me," she said. "I've liked us working together. I wouldn't like not seeing you for most of the day again."

"Natalie, you're not going to be seeing me at all," I said. "I'm getting another lawyer to handle my side of the divorce."

"We are not getting a fucking divorce," she snapped suddenly. "We are going to be together forever, just like we've always fucking said. This is bad, I know. I was wrong and I'm sorry, but this is not the end of us. I won't let it be. If I have to bankrupt both of us, I'll fight it."

I slammed the door and just walked out. She opened it behind me and ran screaming down the hall. "Jill, I love you! Please don't leave me!"

* * * * * *

Mason Wright

"Mason, your eleven o'clock appointment is here."

My secretary's voice over the intercom pulled me away from my thoughts. I shook my head and silently laughed at myself. It had been five years last week and I still found myself daydreaming about my wife. I'd taken two years off after she'd died. I originally wanted a year off, but found that even after a year, I just wasn't ready to resume life again. Three years later, I still found myself just going through the motions. Almost every time I ended up with time on my hands, I found myself wondering what she'd think about this or that. I also wondered why.

They always say that flying is the safest way to travel. I'd heard all of the bullshit statistics. The man from the airlines told me that last year alone there were over 34,000 deaths from auto accidents, but from 1982 to the present there have been only 364 deaths to people flying in airplanes. That's three hundred and sixty four people over thirty years for airplanes versus thirty four thousand every year for cars. It really doesn't matter, though, when one of those people is the person you intended to spend the rest of your life with. When your mind and all of your senses are used to a person, the numbers cease to hold any relevance. When your muscle memory is accustomed to wrapping your arms around a soft, warm form in the middle of the night, the numbers become lies. When....

"Should I send her in?" Anne's voice burst from the intercom yet again, preventing me from returning to my thoughts.

"Yes, Anne," I replied, "Send her in."

I tried to smile. I wanted to give my potential new client the sense that I could help her. It's a funny thing, no matter how much experience you have, clients tend to believe that you're a better lawyer or whatever if you're smiling when you first meet. Perhaps projecting sadness or unhappiness with your own life indicates an inability to help them with theirs.

The door opened slowly, almost cautiously, and my mouth dropped open immediately. "Good morning..." I began before the words found themselves stuck in my throat and I started to smile. I got up and rushed across the room to shake hands but somehow the friendly professional handshake became a hug and she started crying and hugging me even closer. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but when the person you're hugging is Jill Black...It's a problem. Well actually there were two problems and they were pretty fucking big ones.

"Jill, what's wrong?" I asked her. "I'm so sorry, honey; I didn't know that it was you. I thought it was just another client."

"I didn't know it was you, either, Mr. Wright," she sobbed, "but I am a client."

"What's wrong, Jilly?" I asked. "What do you need me to do?"

"I need a divorce," she said. She could barely keep the tears from falling. I could tell that she was really upset.

"Jill have you had lunch yet today?" I asked. She shook her head, sending a torrent of inky black waves falling over her shoulders. Her bottom lip stuck out like a petulant child's and again I thought about all of the frustration that she must have given hundreds of teenaged boys early on, not to mention full-grown men in later years. I stood up and grabbed her hand.

"We're going to lunch and you can tell me about it," I said. "Everything seems to feel better when you share it with someone. Plus it's harder to be miserable on a full stomach. Didn't I teach you that when you were sixteen and trying to learn how to drive?"

"You mean when I destroyed my neighbor's fence and scratched my dad's car and you helped me rebuild the fence because he wouldn't?" she asked, smiling. I just nodded. An hour later, after putting away an order of fillet medallions each at Texas Roadhouse, Jill was ready to talk.

"Okay, Jill, why do you need a divorce?" I asked. "Start from the beginning and tell me everything."

She told me a story that I hadn't heard. Jill and Natalie had been my daughter, Melanie's best friends before she got married and moved on with her life. My daughter and I were still close, so I'd have to tell her that I'd run into Jill. Of course I couldn't talk about the specifics or anything about Jill's case if there did turn out to be one. But I could mention that I'd seen her.

Of the three girls, Jill was the most unforgettable. My own daughter Melanie was the pretty girl-next-door type. Natalie was the tall, thin model type. And Jill was like something out of playboy, but she just didn't seem to understand what she had. Natalie's body was almost boyish with her slim hips and tiny breasts. It was her personality more than anything else that brought people flocking to her. Melanie was pretty much in the middle; she had a nice body and was proud of it. Jill, though, had to have worn a double-D bra in high school. She was slim but curvy and even my wife had commented on her body. She used to joke that Jill's boobs came into the room two minutes before she did and her ass was still there two minutes after she left.

Jill could probably have driven the boys crazy but she seemed to hold onto that tom boyish thing for a lot longer than you'd have expected. It wasn't that she went out and played football or anything – she was extremely feminine – it was just that long after she should have started chasing boys (or at least letting them catch her) she still preferred to hang out with Mel and Nat. There were a lot of frustrated boys back then.

I tried not to react when Jill explained to me that she and Natalie had actually grown up, stayed together and gotten married. Our state was one of the first to allow same-sex marriages and they'd taken advantage of it. Things had gone great except for a few run-ins with narrow-minded people. Sure, they'd had their ups and downs like most young couples, but until yesterday when Jill had walked in and found Natalie fucking a man, her life had been great.

"Jill, divorce is a really big step," I said. "Are you sure there's no other way to handle this?"

She shook her head. "I thought about this all night Mr. Wright. Natalie has been lying to me for a long time. There's no way I want to go back to that."

"What about counseling?" I asked.

"Won't work," she said. "Counseling is only good when both parties believe there's a chance to save the relationship and are willing to work at it. I'm not."

"I'm just asking the questions the way any lawyer would," I replied.

"And I appreciate it," she smiled, flipping all of that dark hair out of her eyes. "Most people act like we're some kind of oddities."

"Okay, we're going to have to go over your financials and decide what you'd like to have happen," I said.

"So you'll take my case?" she asked excitedly.

"Was there ever any doubt?" I returned.

"Mr. Wright..." she began.

"We're both adults now, Jill. You can call me Mason," I said.

"Mason, you were always special to me, but you'll never believe how many people turned their back on us when Nat and I decided that we wanted to be together. Her family, my family and a lot of our old friends won't have anything to do with us." She looked at me and lowered her eyes a bit.

"That was how I lost you," she said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well towards the end of high school, some of the kids had noticed that Nat and I were very close. They started to make comments and jokes about it. Melanie kind of distanced herself from us then. I can't say that I blamed her. High school was all about fitting in. But when she stopped hanging out with us, I didn't get to see you or ask you for advice anymore."

She put her head down as if she was trying to hide her face when she said, "I think I missed you more than I missed her."

* * * * * *


The past three days have been hell. I woke up this morning feeling like spiders were crawling over my body. There were no spiders, it was only Gunner. He'd slept over with me last night since he didn't have to worry about Jill coming home. He was slowly trying to squeeze his fingers into my pussy. The problem was that I wasn't in the mood and what he was doing hurt. He didn't care.

"It might get wet if you were to lick it a little bit," I said.

"No chance, babe," he smirked. "I'll eat you out as soon as you start sucking my dick. So get out some lube."

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