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Beautiful in Red Lingerie


The wine with dinner had been exceptional, the entre, a seafood medley and salad had been delicious, the walk back refreshing, and the night was still young. Soft Jazz music was playing on the stereo, the lights were low and we had opened a bottle of wine. The view of the harbor lights from the suite was stunning. I walked up behind Liza and nuzzled my nose near Lisa's ear. I could smell the delightful perfume she was wearing. Her soft long wavy hair felt good against my face as I maneuvered to kiss her neck.

I place my hands on her hips resting on the figure hugging red skirt Lisa was wearing. I moved close so our bodies touched. My growing erection pushed snuggly between her butt cheeks and my chest tight against her back. Lisa moaned very subtly as I lightly kissed her neck working my way toward her ear. My hands moved slowly up Lisa's sides onto her silky white blouse. My hands transitioned to her arms and held her firmly as I tongued her ear. Lisa squirmed and giggled as I nibbled on her earlobe. I moved my hands around her waist and hugged her body even more snuggly against my body. The growing erection pressing against her ass had to be very noticeable. She leaned her head back against my shoulder and took several deep breaths.

As I gently suckled her earlobe my right hand slid slowly over her blouse. It traveled up the underside of her left breast finding a landing spot covering her boob. I fondled it delicately at first then I more firmly massaged the soft, warm, shapely orb. The 34C boob was a delightful handful with substantial heft and a beautiful shape. I could feel the outline of Lisa's bra and the bulge of her nipple confined by the layers of fabric.

I felt like I was taking one of those coordination tests. Could I kiss her ear, rub her boob with my right hand, and still use my left hand to explore her remaining targets of opportunity. My left hand traversed her hips and the side of her ass before moving to her groin and massaging her pubic area through her skirt and undergarments. With a contented left hand, a now bored right hand founds its way to Lisa's cleavage and ran fingers gently across the bare flesh. Lisa's squirming had managed to fully arouse my Johnson and its 6 inches was now happily pressed into the valley between Lisa's ass cheeks.

That right hand managed to undo one of the blouse buttons and my fingers we able to slide deeper in the valley between Lisa's breasts. Reserves were called -- my left hand came to assist. Slowly the blouse buttons were undone. The first two, pulled tight by the fabric stretched over her breasts, were most challenging but offer the greatest rewards as Lisa's red lace bra was revealed. The underwire demi bra did a delightful job of displaying the beautiful breasts in a way that would make any man's pulse quicken.

Both hands made short shift of the remaining buttons and pulled the blouse tails free. Lisa cooperated as the blouse was swiftly slid off her arms and discarded and thrown on the nearby bed. This task out of the way, I turned Lisa to face me and gently pulled her face toward me and kissed her lips. The kiss grew more passionate as I hugged her and our tongues jousted. Each hand landed on an ass cheek pulling her body tight against my groin. My hands recognized the opportunity to unzip Lisa's skirt and soon were up to no good.

The tight skirt was not easy to pull off even when unzipped. I had to break our kiss and nudge the skirt down over Lisa's hips. I was careful to leave the matching lace thong bikini in place for viewing pleasure. I slid the skirt down and Lisa gingerly stepped out of it kicking it aside. After briefly enjoying the view of her gorgeous figure in hot red lingerie and thigh high stay-up stockings, I resumed our kiss. This time my hands were fondling the soft warm flesh of two beautiful ass checks framed by the thong bikini.

Lisa finally pushed away slightly and began undoing my belt. I unbuttoned my shirt and in moments I was standing in only my briefs with a huge bulge revealing my arousal. I grabbed Lisa and turned her around then unhooked her bra clasp. I hugged her body to mine and reached around to her front to slide the straps down her arms. I slid my hands down her shoulders pushing the bra cups off and replacing them with my hands. I relished the feeling of her bare tits and aroused nipples as my hands cupped her breasts and my fingers played with her nipples.

The soft warmth of Lisa's skin was intoxicating. I couldn't get enough and contented myself with those beautiful tits for several minutes. My erect cock was partially extended above the waist band of my briefs and pressed into Lisa's ass and the small of her back.

Lisa's skin glistened as it exuded warmth. Her breathing was deep and regularly interrupted by short gasps as my fingers aroused various nerves. My right hand finally heads south quickly finding its way to warmth of Lisa's female pleasures. She purred as I rubbed her mound. I slid my hand down her panties to make direct contact with her pleasure points. A finger was soon sliding in her moist slit brushing her clit as it moved back and forth. The pace of Lisa's breathing increased as the finger probing picked up pace. A second then third finger joined in the pleasure hunt while fingers on my other hand were lightly massaging Lisa's nipples. My cock had worked its way out of my briefs and was pressed in the warm valley between Lisa's ass checks.

Lisa panted then gasped as my fingers, now plunging in and out of her pussy, brought her to her first climax. She went limp in my arms as I held her up while she recovered.

The stillness in the room was broken as her husband, seated in a chair five feet in front of us, commanded, "Now take her to the bed and slide the big cock into all her holes. Don't quit until she is filled with cum."

I was more than happy to oblige. It was four in the morning when I crawled out of bed. Don, her husband, had fallen asleep a few hours earlier. Lisa had fallen asleep exhausted after three hours of being sucked and fucked and brought to several orgasms. Each orifice was loaded and I blasted the sleeping beauty's breasts and face with my last load before dressing to leave.

A night to remember.

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