tagMatureBeautiful Mrs. Anderson

Beautiful Mrs. Anderson


Ever get caught fucking somebody? Or, to be accurate, trying to fuck somebody. I did and the consequences were certainly a major revelation.

I'd been dating Sheila Anderson through most of our senior year at high school and although I'd managed to finger-fuck her a few times, she had drawn the line there. Much to the agonizing frustrations of my eighteen-year-old libido. I wasn't a virgin by any means, but Sheila was such a fox, I wanted her in the worst way. Enough to keep trying even after graduation.

It was the last week of summer and soon she would be flying off to some college back East. Her father was off on some kind of business trip and her mother was suppose to be at some local women's club meeting. So Sheila and I were alone in her huge mansion of a home and I had managed to get her all hot and crazy on the living room sofa.

Hot enough to have her blouse, skirt and bra off and in a heap on the rug. I was sucking on one of her beautiful tits when I heard footsteps behind us and then Sheila's gasp of surprise. Oh shit, my mind raced, who was it?

Sheila pushed me off and clutched her firm, ripe mammaries as she squealed, "MOM!"

Sure enough, not ten feet away, hands on her hips, her face flushed with anger, was Mrs. Anderson. And me with a salami sized boner sticking out of pants like some kind of pet snake.

"Of all the disgusting, degrading things I have ever seen!" she ranted. "My own daughter, a cheap little slut!"

"Aw, come on, Mom, it's not..."

"Don't you back talk me, young lady. Get up to your room and stay there until I decide what to do about this."

"But Mom..."

"Now!" She stamped her foot and pointed to the door to add emphasis the order. Sheila started to cry as she raced past her mother and out of the room. The sounds of her footsteps were heard going up the long flight of stairs and then a along the second floor landing until finally there was the very loud slamming of her bedroom door.

As this was happening, I was frantically attempting to stuff my erection back into my pants.

"Leave that thing alone," Mrs. Anderson yelled.


"You heard me, Tommy Davis! Stop fiddling with your cock and sit still."

"Er...yes, Mrs. Anderson." I put my hands down and tried to relax. Wondering why it was whenever you wanted a hard-on, it was sometimes a chore while when you didn't, the damn thing just pops up, bigger and harder than ever. Which is exactly what mine seemed to be doing at the time. I don't know, maybe it was a nervous reaction. Anyhow, Mrs. Anderson didn't seem bothered by it in the least.

"You were going to screw my daughter, weren't you?"

"Look, Mrs. Anderson, Sheila and I love..."

"Oh, for heaven's sake, don't try that on me. I'm not one of your silly, bubble headed school girls."

She was certainly right on that count. Mrs. Anderson was a woman in every sense of the word. Somewhere in her middle forties, she was still a knock-out. Hell, even standing there ragging on me, I couldn't help but notice how good she looked. A brunette of average height, like Sheila she had a great body. But hers was much better developed. Dressed sexily in white pumps and white stockings that showed off her long, dancer's legs. She wore a dark blue skirt with a matching blouse of a lighter hue. The shirt was unbuttoned to the top of her bosom and it did little to hide her amble charms in that department. The woman was stacked.

She was also beautiful. Her face was chiselled perfection, with full red lips and dark brown eyes. A gold wrist bracelet and matching loop earrings the only jewelry she wore. She didn't need any more.

It was weird how all of a sudden I began taking notice of her like that. She must have sensed it because half way through her speech, she stammered and her eyes fixed on my naked prick waving in the air.

"No," she gasped, trying to regain control of the situation. "I will not allow you to hurt my baby."

"I wasn't going to hurt her," I fired back. "I was going to make her feel good."

"Oh, and you're that sure of yourself, young man?"

"I ain't had no complaints so far."

"I see." She stumbled again. "Well, you have to understand. I just want to do what's right by my daughter.

"I mean, it's not easy knowing if she's doing the right thing or not."

She started to pace back and forth in front of me purposely avoiding making any further eye contact. Now I was looking at her body, realizing how sexy she was and beginning to wonder what she would look like under all those fancy clothes. She had wrapped her arms around herself and was rubbing them anxiously as she talked.

"As a mother, I have certain obligations. To make sure she is always safe and happy. Anyway I can.

"Do you understand me, Tommy?"

"I guess." I didn't have a clue. What the hell was she mumbling about.

She stopped pacing to face the small writing desk in the corner. There was a mirror affixed to it and she looked at her reflection quietly. Suddenly her hands went to the back of her skirt. Without so much as a backward glance, she undid the zipper and the skirt dropped to the floor exposing her full, round ass.

I sat up straight. Now she had my attention. My eyes locked on to her long, nylon covered legs, held up by a white satin garter belt. The tone of her luscious buttocks was a golden tan.

Continuing to strip, she started unbuttoning her blouse. "I don't want Sheila doing anything ...until I've tried it first." She looked at me over her shoulder and let the blouse fall away. "Do you understand that, Tommy?"

Standing there, half naked in her lingerie, she looked like a model in one of those Playboy pictorials. Only she was real.

"Yes, ma'am," I swallowed hard, getting to my feet. "I sure as hell do."

I came up to behind her, knelt and took hold of her lace panties. Working them down her long legs, I let the backs of my fingers slide along her cool skin and the erotic texture of her stockings. The scent of her perfume enveloped me with a delicate, flowery smell. As she stepped out of her panties, I rose up to find her bra hooks. Quickly I worked them free and that last piece of feminine restraint was history.

She gave a slight shudder as I reached under her arms and cupped those magnificent jugs with my hands. Pulling her back into me, my concrete cock crushed up against her ass cheeks and it felt incredible. I began rubbing her huge, taut nipples and they swelled up under my palms. All that succulent, woman flesh to play with.

"Ooh," she moaned tilting her head back,"To it, Tommy. Play with my big tits. Rub them hard, squeeze them! It feels so good."

Bringing my mouth to her neck, I started lavishing kisses there, working up to her ear and gently nuzzling her lobe.

Mrs. Anderson was getting really hot and bothered. She pushed herself back into me, purposely shaking her butt to mash my hard-on.

"I need your cock," Tommy she whispered. "Right now. Fuck me with your beautiful cock. But be quiet, please. Sheila mustn't hear us."

"Sure, Mrs. Anderson, whatever you say."

She bent over and grabbed the edges of the writing desk. This brought her rear end up to just the right height for my horny love pole. Spreading her legs wider by fondling her inner thighs, I got her all set. Then, taking a hold of her lovely butt cheeks with one hand, I guided my cock to her furry hole with the other. As my inflated head made contact, she wiggled incitingly and I pushed it in slowly. Inch by thick inch, I entered her pussy and felt her muscles caress me.

"Now, Tommy," she gasped, her head almost touching the desk top. "Shove it in, please!"

I bucked my hips and slammed my rod all the way home. Damn but it was unbelievable. Mrs. Anderson pressed one of her hands into her mouth to stifle a yell and I knew she was loving it too. Flatfooted behind her, I rocked back, slipping out and then drove it in again. Pistoning my cock like a well oiled machine, fucking her for all I was worth. And that was a whole lot, thanks to Sheila's months long teasing. I had a lot of fucking to make up for and now, a very willing pussy to oblige me.

"Your so good," Mrs. Anderson blurted, as I kept slamming into her hot cunt. "You're going to make me come, Tommy. You're

going to fuck me to heaven and back."

"AAIEEE..." Once again she bit into her fist. But her body's shaking couldn't stop as her orgasm jolted through her.

I happened to look up in the mirror and the sight of Mrs. Anderson getting off with me plowing into her from behind was wild. All the while Sheila was right upstairs without a clue that I was reaming her mother.

I picked up the pace as my own juices boiled up. Wapping her cushiony ass faster and faster, my cock exploded and I let go the biggest cum load ever. Shot after shot of thick goo splashed into her cunt and mixing with her own secretions. It was pure pleasure.

By the time I was limp, both between my legs and all over, Mrs. Anderson had found some napkins in the desk drawer and stuffed a handful in her drenched pussy. She turned and took me in her arms. As nuts as it sounds, I was embarrassed all of a sudden. I had just fucked this gorgeous woman and now I didn't know what the hell to say.

She laughed and then pulled my head to hers. We kissed long and hard, her tongue slipping into my mouth. My arms pulled her tighter and I knew there was going to be lots more of this loving.

"You were wonderful, Tommy," she whispered seductively. "I hope you'll still come around and visit after Sheila goes off to school. Often."

"You can count on it, Mrs. Anderson."

Then she reached down and took hold of my cock. "And there will be no more of this for her, right, Tommy?"

"Sure, whatever you say."

"I do and mother knows best."

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