tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBeautiful Naked

Beautiful Naked


After stripping my clothes off onto a pile on the floor, I scooped them up and tossed them into my laundry basket. I was drenched in sweat from head to toe and just really needed a shower.

It was a good thing my roommate wasn't home because that meant I could walk freely from my room, tuck in the corner of our apartment, to the bathroom at the end of the hall. Since I had forgotten to grab a towel.

Humming to myself as my bare feet smacked against the cold tile floor, I yanked the hair tie holding my ponytail, taking a couple strands with it.

It was probably close to mid-day but I had done enough hard work to sleep through till tomorrow. I had gotten up some time around six in the morning and the spent the rest of my time painting walls, hanging frames, and cleaning the floors in my new office space. It had taken me forever to earn my owe building, but now that I had, I was going to make damn sure that everything was perfect before we opened.

I turned the water on, adjusting the temper to the cooler side considering sweat still beaded down my chest. I looked myself over in the tiny bathroom mirror. My hair hanged matted and limp in random places, forehead glistened, cheeks pink from exertion, but my hazel eyes were alive with the excitement I felt every time I got another thing finished in my office.

My gaze lingered down to the rest of my body with my breasts being the center of attention. I mean it's not like they were that big but they were definitely noticeable. From there my stomach pudge stuck out a tad but was mostly hidden by my hips as they stuck out further. At my five feet six inch height I wasn't necessarily tall, but I had long legs in proportion with my body.

Finally satisfied that the water was not going to burn or freeze me, I hopped into the shower.

At first I just stood there, letting the water cool me down. After what felt like awhile of doing nothing I decided to wash my hair, followed by my body. I debated on whether or not to shave, ultimately, giving in since it has been a couple of days. Not long after I cut the water and stepped out onto the shower mat. Then screamed.

I struggled to pull a towel off of the bar, trying to cover myself as I listened to my roommate chuckle. He was standing in the door way looking very amused.

"What the hell!" I yelled, flipping him off. Which only made him laugh harder.

"You're the one who left the bathroom door open," he grinned.

"Yeah" I bit back. "Because you're not supposed to be home."

He stood there, arms crossed, leaning against the doorframe, "Maybe I came home to eat on my lunch break" he stated innocently.

I glared at him real hard, still clutching a towel to myself haphazardly. "Why would you do that? There's never any food here unless I go grocery shopping." I should know, because I haven't and I really needed to.

His eyes deliberately traveled up my body, looking in appreciation. "Oh," was all he said.

My hair was dripping water down my shoulder as I stood there waiting for, I don't know, something. That's when he smirked and took a step into the bathroom, closer to me.

Faintly he whispered, "Why are you hiding?" as he reached for my hand grasping the towel.

I looked at him wide eyed. Never in the seven years that I've known him has he ever hit on me. Never in the three years we've lived together has he ever tried to make a move. I mean we've both had our share of other people over, dates, whoever, but him and me, always just friends.

Not to say I wasn't enjoying the way he was looking at me.

His dark blue eyes captivated me as I forgot that his hand was on mine, and very close to my boob I must say.

'What are you doing?" I replied back hoarsely. I was losing my mind and my body did not want to listen anyhow. I could feel myself growing wetter with each passing second, and it wasn't from the fact that I still hadn't dried off from my shower.

"I don't really know," he breathed against my face. He took another step, looming over me. I could almost feel his body against mine. His eyes searched mine like he was seeking out the answer.

That's when I did something crazy... I dropped my towel and then it was my turn to smirk.

His mouth hung agape as he looked me once over. When his gaze returned to my face I was a goner. Passion burned in his eyes but more than that was the uncertainty. He was hesitant on his next move. I liked the idea that I had thrown him off. So I sauntered past him towards my room, hips swaying a little more than normal.

"Where do you think you're going?" his voice was low as he came and bear hugged my naked body from behind. I squealed in surprise.

He carried me back to his room, effectively closing the door with his foot. I flopped on his bed, laughing when I noticed the huge wet spot left on his shirt from my hair. He took care of that problem by pulling it over his head and tossing it on the floor.

Ok so it's not the first time I've seen him shirtless. I mean come on I live with him, work out with him. He's been shirtless around me before but this time it was different. It was intended for me only. I swooned, hard.

His chest was well defined and he had a slight tan. But the thing I loved the most was that nothing about him was overdone or showy. He didn't want attention on his body; he was real. And then he was looking at me.

I stood back up, looping my fingers through his belt loops and yanked him closer. That caused my nipples to barely graze his skin. I moaned.

My hands moved to the button on his pants. Once undone, I slid the zipper down and ceremoniously pushed his pants to his knees. He stepped out from them, standing only in his boxers then.

My eyes wandered to his erection. Oh boy.

I reached for the elastic holding them on his hips. He stilled my hands.

"Sierra," I looked up at him. "Are you sure?"

I bit my lip and nodded my head.

He watched my fiercely, "No regrets," he said. "You know what you are getting into."

Again I only nodded.

His lips brushed my ear, "Say it."

I was having a hard time concentrating. His breathy voice in my ear sent my spine tingling in the most delicious way.

"No regrets."

And then his lips were on mine. I pushed his underwear down, freeing his cock.

I broke the kiss so I could look. His circumcised penis was average in length, close to six inches if I had to guess, but it was thick.

Oh fuck, I wanted him inside me so bad.

He picked me up and laid me at the top of the bed. My head on his pillow.

He smiled sweetly at me as his hands roamed, running a clear path from my breasts to my thighs then back. He trailed kisses from my lips, to breath in my ear, to my neck. I gasped when he bit lightly, leaning away to give him better access.

He chuckled, "You like that?"

I mumbled something incoherent.

"Huh? I can't quite hear you Sierra." He did it again.

"Yes!" I practically screamed, not caring. And all he had done was pay attention to my neck.

"I bet I could make it better," he lowered down to my boobs. Taking one in his mouth and the other in his hand.

I squirmed. It had been awhile since any part of me had received this much attention. His hand gently circled my areola and pinched my nipple while his tongue was flicking the other. He grazed his teeth against it next, then swapped, taking the other in his mouth.

Once he was done there he continued to trail kisses down to my stomach. He smacked his big, wet lips against my belly button, eliciting a series of giggles from me. That is until he ran his finger slowly against the most inner part of my thigh, as close as he could get without actually touching me.

I moaned, completely lost in the sensation of it. He was teasing me and I was at his mercy.

He kissed my lips lightly as he continued trailing his fingers close but never close enough. I gripped his shoulder for leverage and as soon as he pulled away slightly I threw my weight into him till he was on his back and I was above him.

I grinned wickedly was he looked up surprised, then he leaned back, hands behind his head like he was relaxing as I straddled him. I don't think so.

It was hard to ignore the feeling of his cock underneath my sex but it was my turn to tease. And tease him I would.

I bushed my breasts against him with a purpose as I moved in to kiss him. Then I continued down his naked body, kissing his chest while rubbing my body down his agonizingly slow. When I made it to his cock, instead of avoiding it like he had done to me, I immediately took him into my mouth.

He groaned, one hand tangling in my hair. I felt him eagerly trying to move freely in my mouth, thing was it's not his turn to be in control. I let me teeth make contact with the soft skin and he stopped. Then I just barely grazed him while making sure there was extra saliva so it didn't hurt.

"Shit," he grunted, fist pulling on more of my locks.

I circled my tongue around the tip, and sucked slightly going back down. Then I stopped and smiled at him. He moaned again and opened his eyes. They were alive with a fire and I knew I was in trouble.

He tossed me over roughly, holding my wrists in one of his hands while he rubbed the other over my clitoris. Again, I screamed out.

"I like it when you are loud," he was next to my ear again.

I moaned in response when my muscles spasm. I was already close to an orgasm.

And the he stopped.

I groaned, frustrated.

He had a cocky smirk on his face, "Don't worry babe, I'll take care of you..." he paused. "But I don't know if you're ready." He plunged two fingers into me and I gasped, clutching the pillow at my head.

"Damn, Sierra, you're soaking."

"I... I need. Please, Daniel..." I let out breathy.

Suddenly, his fingers were gone as he removed a condom from the side table and rolled it on.

He positioned himself directly above me, just barely poking my entrance. Damn it just hurry up, I thought. I can't take it anymore.

He kissed me, pushing for access to my mouth. Greedily, I tangled my tongue with his, waiting in anticipation.

I didn't have to wait long. He pushed into me slowly, letting my vaginal walls stretch to him. Fuck it had been a long time since I had somebody inside me.

"Ugh, you're so beautifully tight. It feels amazing."

He felt amazing inside me.

And then he hit my g-spot. I jerked, crying out in pleasure and dug my nails into his back.

That seemed to boost him onward. He started pounding inside me, rough and fast. His mouth was on my boob again and I moaned, arching my back and raising my hips. In the process I effectively gave him more access causing him to hold onto my slightly lifted hips.

I was on fire, every nerve in my body was awake and it pushed me over. His lips greedily soaked in my cries as my body quaked and a dam was released. But he didn't stop, he was on a mission for his own release.

His hand returned to my clit as he continued to wreck my pussy. Already a second climax was building.

"Sierra... I'm so close," his breathing sped up.

I started to clench and release my vaginal muscles in rhythm with his movements. I was rewarded with a drawn out, "Fuuuuck, Sierra!"

And then he slowed, emptying everything he had into the condom. I could feel him shuttering and it was even more arousing.

Damn, I didn't get a second orgasm.

Daniel kissed me sweetly as he pulled out.

I sighed as he threw away the condom next to the other side of the bed. He returned his mouth to my ear, gripping it between his teeth and pulling lightly as he breathed into it.

I couldn't help it, I moaned, loudly.

"My sweet Sierra, you didn't think I would leave you like this did you?"

Again his fingers were in me, moving deeply and fast. I felt was he slid another inside, stretching me to the max.

"That's four," he said.

I started working my muscles to the pace he set, needing release.

"Come for me babe," he sucked on my nipple, hard.

My second orgasm ripped through my violently and I writhed in pleasure. When I was done, Daniel held up the mess I had made on his hand and smiled.

He disappeared for a second. I heard the faucet run in the bathroom for a second and then shut off. He returned with a devious grin on his face.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing. You're just too damn beautiful Sierra," he pulled back his covers and I crawled under as he did too.

"And this!" He ran his freezing cold, wet hand down the front of my skin.

"Aghhh!" I shoved his arm away as he snickered.

Holding his arms wide, "Come here."

I looked at him warily, then gave in, falling to his arms. My head landed on his chest and he kissed the top of it.

"You're gorgeous completely naked...Sierra," he whispered. "Daniel," I mumbled as I drifted to sleep.

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