tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeautiful Relations Ch. 01

Beautiful Relations Ch. 01


Kivdar glanced across the sitting room to the woman who was to be his wife. His wife. That concept was peculiar to him. He had sworn he would never marry, and then he had become the king's confidant. After a week, the King had demanded he pick himself a wife from the available maidens. Casts offs really. The king had chosen his own bride from their numbers and left him to pick one of the others. Rape was an everyday occurrence in this land. Even amongst the noble families. Yet somehow, Kivdar had managed to choose a girl that was not only a virgin, but from a very good family. A family that was well above his own status.

The King of course had been more then generous when he had informed the girl's father that his eldest daughter would be marrying his confidant. He had given the man twice the bride price that he would have otherwise received. Still, the lord had been angry. So angry that he had marched to the castle with his daughter in hand on the king's own wedding night. After the ceremony had concluded, he had handed Kivdar the keys to the girls' ankle chains and informed him that the girl was his problem now. He could do what he wished with her.

Ankle chains. That is probably how the girl had managed to keep her virginity. They were a common sight in Varecht. Those men who wanted to insure the safety of their women often chained their ankles together in such a way that it was near impossible for the girl to do anything but walk. It also made it almost impossible to rape her. Unless of course you wanted to take the time to cut the chains, But who wanted to do that?

Kivdar sighed. The poor girl had not said much of anything to him all night. She sat next to him at the Kings table and ate only when he asked her why she was not. When it came time to escort the King and his new bride to their bedchamber she had followed him. His duty to the king ended in the hall outside his rooms, and he had watched that door close with mixed emotions. With a sigh and a quickly muttered prayer that his king did not seriously harm his new bride, he had turned to his own lady.

She was staring at him in shock. Apparently, his little prayer had startled his bride to be. She was surprised to find that he had the capacity to care about the well-being of others. No doubt, she had expected the worst from him, and when he had told her, she was wrong she began to open up. They had made light conversation all the way back to his rooms. Only ending once they had stepped inside.

Here is where it became awkward. This girl was his he could do whatever he wished with her, but he did not want to frighten her overmuch on their first evening together. In silence he leaned himself up against the wall near the hearth and watched her slowly take in her surroundings. She was exquisite, a lovely young woman in her early twenties. She had her auburn hair pulled up onto her head in a style popular among the court ladies. However, the dress she wore was quite simple, a single piece item sewn from silk the color of the night sky. Despite its simple cut, it fit her like a glove accentuating all the lovely curves of her lithe frame perfectly.

A small voice in the back of his head told him he should probably offer her one of the two unused bedrooms in his suite to sleep in for the evening. However, as his eyes roamed over her smooth desert sand colored skin, and settled upon those sparkling sea blue eyes he knew he could never do that. She belonged to him, would become his wife and bear his children... And he wanted her. He wanted her bad.

With a gentle smile, Kivdar walked over to his bride to be and took her by the hand. "Come Tavia. We can't stand about in the sitting room all night."

His touch had startled her. She had not been looking at him when he approached, and he instantly saw fear enter her eyes. No doubt, she wanted to flee, but she could not. So instead, she followed him and allowed her to lead her into his bedroom. With the utmost care, he coaxed her over to the bed and sat her down upon the edge.

By now she was trembling, so he decided to let her be while he began to remove his own clothing first. "I promise you that I will go slowly. I will cause you no pain. No harm at all." He looked her directly in the eyes. "All I ask of you is that you try to convince yourself to trust me."

At once, he began undoing the buttons on the front of his tunic, his eyes never once leaving hers. She was trying to be brave, trying not to turn her gaze away from him, but she was failing. Soon he had his tunic completely undone and set it down on a near by chair. Following the tunic, he removed his cotton undershirt, setting it on the same chair. Since he was now bare from the waist up, he brought his fingers to the clasp of his belt, unfastening it. A quick tug had his belt, and scabbard sliding off his waist and he set both down on top of his shirt and tunic.

When his fingers went to the top of his breeches he stopped. It was probably best to leave those on, for now anyway. So instead, he sat himself down on the chair he had been piling things, being mindful of his scabbard and removed his boots and socks. Once he had them set neatly beside the chair he removed the keys to the girl's ankle chains from his pants pocket. Almost instantly, the girl's eyes went wide. Yeah, it was going to take a lot of work for him to calm her down.

With slow, careful motions, he made his way to where she sat on the edge of the bed and knelt down in front of her. "Whatever you have heard," he reached out to claim those offensive chains, quickly unlocking each shackle. "I want you to forget it." He set the chains down on the ground, his fingers lightly brushing the skin of her ankles. "I'm not just going to rip off your dress and have at you like most men would probably do." His fingers slid lower as he casually removed her shoes and set them aside.

She did not speak, barely even dared to breathe. His words seemed to do little to help calm her, so he lifted himself up and brought his lips a hairsbreadth away from hers. He lingered there, judging her reaction to his close proximity before he leaned in further and kissed her. "Can you bring yourself to trust me?"

She was trembling, her eyes sparkling with barely suppressed fear but so far, she had not pulled away. Eventually she swallowed and nodded just once. "I... I will... try."

Instantly he smiled. "That is all I'm asking for." He leaned in to kiss her once again as he slid his arms around her waist and began gently running his hands over her back. As he caressed her he casually and delicately began to undo the lacing that served to hold her dress closed. Some men found the multitude of little crisscross sections of the lacing troublesome but for him it was no problem at all. Within a few minutes, he had the entire backside of her dress wide open, his hands gently roaming over her silky smooth skin.

The moment she felt his hands on the bare skin of her back, she tensed slightly. Had she even realized he had been working to unfasten her dress as he kissed her? With steadfast determination, he allowed his fingers to begin working that fabric forward pushing it first off, her shoulders and then casually edging it down her arms. He could tell that fear was returning, but so far, she did nothing to stop him. When he finally slid the fabric over her hands, he kissed her once again.

The kiss did little to help calm her this time however, especially not when he slid his hands to her hips and pushed the dress down past the curve of her buttocks. From here, it was simply a matter of getting all the fabric off the bed, over her legs before gravity took over, and settled the whole thing on the ground around his knees.

Now that he had her completely nude, he leaned back a little bit to admire her. "Mm, you simply are lovely," he murmured quietly. "Absolutely stunning." He reached out to run his hands gently over her shoulders and down her arms, before capturing her hands and bringing them to his lips for a couple of light kisses. "You deserve to be worshipped." A quick tug sent her tumbling forward into him, and he caught her up as he finally pushed himself off his knees. The cold, hard stone floor simply was not comfortable for him any more; he needed to get her into the middle of the bed.

With careful movements, he crawled up onto the bed and gently settled her down somewhere near the center, sliding a couple of pillows beneath her head before he settled down beside her. Even trembling as she was he found her completely and breathtakingly beautiful. How did he manage to come into possession of a woman as marvelous as this? It was if she had been plucked right out of some fantasy and laid out before him, ripe for the taking. And he had every intention of taking her.

Rolling himself onto his side, he propped his head up with one hand while the other began to slowly run over her body. He kept his touch light and teasing, tracing fingers idly down her neck, her shoulder, over her arms. His desire for her was growing more and more unbearable with every second that passed. Would he be able to continue with his plans?

In a move that was perhaps a little quicker then he had originally intended it to be, he slid that free hand upward to cup her cheek coaxing her to turn her head toward him. He needed to taste her again, was going to go mad if his lips could not have hers. Therefore, he took them, drawing her into a kiss that started out sweet but soon began to grow heavy with his hunger. While he kissed her, his hand went back into motion roaming ever southward until he brought it over her stomach and curbed it up to cup one of her breasts.

That move had startled her enough that she tried to break the kiss, and he let her. Yet he did not remove his hand from its prize. "Let me worship you Tavia." He said it as though he were pleading with her, his hand gently caressing the sensitive skin of her nipple. "I will put you on a pedestal; bring you to heights you never even imagined." A quick kiss was brushed casually over her lips a moment before she gasped from the sensations that must be rippling inward from his hand upon her breast. "Will you let me worship you, Tavia?"

His hand slid over to caress her other breast before she had a chance to reply, and she gasped again. "Yes," she murmured softly.

Once again, he smiled leaning in to kiss a soft trail down her cheek and jawbone. He really did not need her permission of course. There was only going to be one outcome of this evening. And while he might not make her completely at ease with the idea, he would make sure she felt little to no pain during the process. You see a widowed noble woman who had picked him up off the streets after his father tossed him out had trained him. She had watched him grow from an awkward teenager into what she said was a fine young man.

She had lusted after him, and eventually informed him that as payment for her generosity in taking him in he was going to start sharing her bed. Since she was not all that bad looking, despite her age, he had not objected. What had followed was eight glorious years of pleasure and security. It turned out she was a marvel in bed, and had shared her knowledge of the bedroom arts with him freely. He had learned much under her steady hand, and now he would apply that knowledge to his future wife.

Of course, this probably was not the best time for him to be thinking back on his years spent with Lardana. It was already taking most of his willpower to keep himself from removing his breeches and having at this beautiful young woman beside him. Gods but she smelled so good like a cool summer breeze on a hot muggy night. He could not get enough of it, and it allowed him to take his time in kissing a trail over her body. So far, he had not made it past the girl's neck and shoulders. His lips tasting her skin over and over again before he began moving even lower.

The first stop on his sensual journey down the girl's body was of course going to be her breasts. So far he had only touched him with his fingers and hands, but that was about to change. His lips were drawing ever closer to those wonderful mounds of skin, so close, and yet not quite there yet. He was taking his time, listening to the sound of the girl's breathing, feeling the slight tremors of apprehension that began rolling through her body. Then between one heartbeat and the next, he claimed his first prize, his hand sliding away from her right nipple so that he could claim it with his lips instead.

Oh how the girl gasped in response to his actions. She was teetering on the edge of fear, and her body's natural response to his pleasant stimulation. And he was just feasting on it all. After a few moments of his worshipful suckling and kissing, he brought his tongue out and dragged it teasingly over the most sensitive parts of her pert nipple. She actually let out the smallest hint of a groan in response, and inward, he grinned. She was giving in, letting go of her fears.

After spending a decent amount of time on her right nipple, he kissed a sweet trail over to the left, awakening her sensitive spots all over again. He was almost becoming drunk on the taste of her sweet skin, the feel of her body as it squirmed beneath his. A few minutes later, he released her nipple entirely and turned his eyes upward to her face. He did not see any hint of fear there now. However, he had not gone anywhere near the true prize yet. He had kept his hands almost entirely above her waist until now. Now, he was going to change that.

Now is when he began running the hand not pinned under his own body downward, over the flat contours of her stomach and even farther to her waist. As he did this, he returned his lips to her body, kissing and licking all around the skin of her chest and breasts. He wanted to distract her, to keep her mind off what his free hand was doing and where it would eventually end up. That she had not begun panicking yet was a blessing for him. She seemed only to notice what his lips and tongue were doing, and that was fine by him.

That was of course, until he made his move. With a quick push, he pressed his hand home, wiggling it in between her legs and settling it on the ultimate prize. Almost instantly, the girl's entire body tensed up beneath him. Oh yeah, she had noticed that one all right. With a small smile which he kept hidden against the underside of the breast he was currently kissing, he slid a single finger in between her soft folds and began running it lightly over the sensitive little nub hidden within. She gasped and began almost trying to struggle away from him, her hands pushing lightly on his shoulders.

"Shh," he murmured gently, his finger not stopping. "Trust me, and relax." A quick kiss was placed on her closest nipple. "I haven't hurt you yet, now have I?"

After a moment, those hands stopped pressing against his shoulders, and some of the tension drained out of her body. She did not answer him with words, but he really did not need her to. This was uncharted territory for her, and no doubt, she had been raised to fear this night her entire life. That he had gotten this far with her before she had begun trying to get away from him was a wonder in and of itself. He had taken the virginity of only one other girl before tonight, and she had been much more difficult to settle down. So difficult in fact, he had almost given up on trying, but he had not.

Just like before he had kept his mind on the ultimate prize and pushed through her fear until she had been almost begging him to give her everything. Tonight would be no different, or so he hoped. When he had finally gotten the girl used to the feel of his fingers on her most intimate spot, he went a little further and slid a single digit inside her body. Once again, she gasped and almost seemed to panic, but he did not relent. Her mind might be objecting to his movements, but the slick wetness he encountered down below said that her body did not share the sentiment.

He continued his exploration with his fingers, continually rubbing from her entrance to that sensitive little nub until he heard her breaths coming in quick shaky gasps. Was she finally abandoning fear, or was her body simply overriding her mind? Just before the moment when she might have slipped over the edge he stopped, sliding his hand away from her and looking up into her eyes. Did he imagine it or was she just a little bit disappointed?

"Now," he slid his hands to the strings of his breeches and began to undo them. "I want you to keep reminding yourself that I haven't hurt you." Fastenings undone, he pulled the breeches off and tossed them aside. The girl could not help herself, she took one look at him and he saw the fear beginning to return. Well, he was not going to allow that to happen so he quickly positioned himself on his hands and knees over her and pressed a passionate kiss to her lips.

He knew she could feel the weight of him pressed against her stomach. Perhaps she could even sense the tiny bit of his fluids, which dribbled, onto her skin, but he did not relent. He kept his lips locked on her own until he felt her begin to relax, his hands running tenderly over her body. Oh, how he wanted so much to slide himself down until he could slip inside her! She was slick enough to be sure. But she was not mentally ready to accept that, not yet.

When he judged her calm enough, he broke that passionate kiss and began working his way down her chin, and neck. Loving, worshipful kisses trailing down and down, across her shoulders, over her chest. He made a quick stop to suckle each nipple, licking and tasting them hungrily, before he went even further. He kissed down the curve of her left breast and continued south, over her ribs, across her stomach and finally to her waist. Here is where he coaxed her legs apart with his body, settling himself comfortably between them before continuing his journey.

She was tensing again, but he ignored it. He would have her relaxed soon enough. With out any hesitation he kissed his way over the precipice and seized the soft flesh beneath. As his tongue slid between her soft folds to brush over her nub, she gasped. This time he was certain it was a gasp of pleasure instead of fear, so he continued. The taste of her was so sinfully delicious that he simply could not stop himself from pushing his tongue farther inside, alternating himself between suckling and outright licking as he used his fingers to move some of her skin out of his way.

Her body was growing more and more wet as he went along and shoved his tongue inside her as far as he could get it. He wanted her, needed her so bad by this point that he almost screamed out his need. As the girl's fingers began digging into the soft fabric of his bed sheets he stopped his meal, and began kissing a trail back up her body. She was breathing heavily by the time he crossed the curves of breasts, and nestled his face into the crook of her neck and shoulder. He had himself poised directly in front of her entrance, but he did not push inside.

Instead he began dragging the full length of himself over her lower area, slowly and teasingly, coming so close to entering her that he knew she was expecting it to happen at any moment. He waited, teasing her for a solid two or three minutes until finally he just could not take it any more and made the move that pushed him inside her warm body. For a moment, her body tensed up but as he began to move himself within, she began to relax.

He knew she would need time to adjust to the feel of him inside of her, so he kept his movements slow and steady at first. Pushing in and pulling out with such tenderness that she soon began biting her bottom lip in anticipation of every inward motion. He had her. She was his from that moment out. With careful measured strokes, he began to pick up his pace, moving quicker and pushing himself deeper with every moment that passed. Gods he simply could not believe how good she felt!

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