tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeautiful Relations Ch. 02

Beautiful Relations Ch. 02


Kivdar awoke the next morning to find Tavia staring at him. He was laying on his left side, she on her right with a good foot and a half of space between the two of them. For a moment he couldn't remember *why* she was still here. Ever since taking up his position in the castle he had only brought servants to his bed and *they* knew enough to vanish before he woke up. So then why was this woman still here?

As the woman noticed his gaze on her she offered him a small and most decidedly shy smile.

When he made to return it the events of last night suddenly flashed through his memory. "Tavia," he said sweetly. "Good morning."

Her smile grew just a little. "Good morning."

He slid a hand across the top of the mattress to grab one of her hands and brought it to his lips for a tender kiss. "Sleep well?"

"Yes," she replied. "Quite well."

"I'm glad," he stated as he released her hand and scooted himself a little closer to her. Once he was within reach he slid a hand along her upper left arm and over her shoulder. When his hand was sitting so that his fingers wrapped around the back of her neck and his thumb brushed her cheek he leaned forward to press a gentle kiss to her lips. Almost instantly he felt her tense beneath him. "Why darling, after last night I would have thought you wouldn't shy from my touch."

"I'm sorry," she mumbled quietly. There was a definite blush coloring her cheeks. "I couldn't stop myself."

"It is alright. I understand if I still make you nervous. Should you like, I'll leave you be and prepare myself to attend to my duties as the king's confidante."

Her eyes went wide with wonder. "You would do that? Just leave without pressing yourself upon me again?"

He gently caressed her cheek with his thumb. "If you would like me to, yes. I can hold off until tonight." It was the truth. Despite being intensely aroused at the moment, if she asked him to leave, he would. There were plenty of other ways for him to relieve himself.

There was a flicker of doubt in her eyes as she looked at him. "Alright, then yes. I think I would be more comfortable if you would leave."

For a moment he didn't move. It was difficult for him to tell if she was being sincere or if she was just testing him. Regardless, he decided to keep his words true. "If that is your wish." Pressing one more kiss to her lips he slid his hand away from her face, rolled onto his back and flipped the covers away from his body. There was absolutely no way for him to hide his arousal from her, so he didn't try. Instead he swung his legs over the side of the bed and prepared to stand himself up.


He paused in the process of rising to turn back toward her. She had propped herself up on her right elbow and was reaching her left hand out toward him. Though what he noticed most was her bare chest which had slipped out of the blanket. "Yes?"

For a little while she didn't say anything as her eyes danced along his body, taking in everything. "I didn't... That is to say..." She let out a small huff. "I didn't think you would truly leave."

"Why not? I asked you if you would like me to go and you said yes. I can respect your wishes." At least he could respect them right now, come tonight he wouldn't be as polite.

Something that might have been the beginning of tears sparkled in the depth of her eyes, but no tears ever fell. "If you would do that for me, I can do this for you." With or without directly intending it her eyes flickered down to the bulk between his legs. "You seem to need it."

Deciding not to cheapen her offer by letting her know he almost *always* woke up like this, he smiled and swung his legs back up onto the bed. "If you are certain."

Her tongue slid out to wet her lips as she watched him. "Yes. I would like to do this for you."

That was all he needed to hear. In less then a second he flicked the blankets away from the rest of her body and brought himself beside her. It was incredibly sweet and brave of her to be so obliging. So for her first reward he slid a hand up to cup the side of her face, bringing his lips to hers for a hot and hungry kiss. When their lips first connected the girl tensed, but as the kiss went on she began to relax allowing one of her hands to tentatively slide up to his side.

Well, well it seemed his little darling was actually going to try and put herself into it this morning. Last night she had been so unbelievably frightened that she had barely touched him the entire time. That was to say no more then she *had* to touch him. She hadn't lifted her hands up off the bed sheets until they were in the final stretch and she could no longer be considered a virgin. Now, with her hand slowly caressing his side in light fleeting strokes he decided he liked this much better.

With a slight gasp he broke their sultry kiss and set his head to nestle in the crook of her neck, his breathing picking up in pace. While he did this he set hungry hands to her body, stroking her from shoulder to hip, caressing her breasts, her stomach, and even her lower mound. This morning he wouldn't have quite the amount of time he had last night, but he *would* make certain she was ready to accept him before he claimed her. As soon as he was breathing at a more reasonable pace he kissed her neck, nibbling gently, then moved down to her breasts. The moment his lips captured one of her nipples he plunged a hand between her thighs stroking the tender lips of her vulva, circling the sensitive flesh, delving deeper to find her clit. When he found it, she gasped.

He pressed a little more firmly, circling it, massaging it until her breathing began to increase. She writhed beneath him, her back arching, her breasts pushing against him. He groaned as her thigh brushed over his cock, then quickly positioned himself at her drenched entrance. When his cock head entered her tight passage, she took a deep breath. He pressed in, and she gasped in such a manner he decided to pause.

Removing his lips from her nipple he lifted his head to look up at her face. "Did I hurt you?"

She breathlessly shook her head. He smiled starting to move, with slow, deliberate care, his cock withdrawing and pressing forward in long, loving strokes. His hips moved and flexed, entering her deeply as she wrapped herself around him. He plunged and retreated, moving deeper inside her as she clung to him, taking every heated inch. They moved in a slow, sensual rhythm, and he began altering his angle by degrees, varying his depth of penetration until she groaned, her hips grinding against his.

With one final adjustment she pushed her pelvis forward, taking him in deeper, meeting every thrust with her own matching pressure. This change caused him to lose himself, his lovemaking became less controlled, the tide of his desire carrying him away. All of his masterful orchestration snapping under the pressure of his growing need. He returned to suckling her breasts, his hips moving in increasing speed and pressure, his cock pummeling her with frantic hunger.

Crying out with pleasure she tilted her head back against the bed, her nails clawing down his back. She gripped his hips, wrapping her legs around his waist to draw him in even deeper. Her body clutched at him, their sweat slick bodies sliding against each other, molding and melding in an inferno of passion. After a few more minutes he felt her cunt contracting against his hard cock like a vise. He groaned loudly, bucking against her, riding out that lovely orgasm until he could take no more. With a shuddering gasp he slammed home, burying himself inside her welcoming warmth and collapsed against her.

This woman was simply amazing. So innocent, yet so passionate at the same time. "Tavia," he murmured between breaths. "You are to wonderful for words." With a tender kiss he slid himself out of her and rolled onto his back.

She turned her head to look at him with a smile playing on her lips but she didn't say anything.

"I wish I could stay longer, but I have to attend to my duties." He thrust his feet out over the side of the bed and stood up walking to the closet. She didn't say a thing, she just lay there on the bed and watched him get himself dressed for the day. A moment before he was ready to walk out the door he paused. "I shall ask the castle servants to find you some suitable clothing." When she still didn't say anything he sighed and left.

When Kivdar stepped out into the hall he couldn't help wondering why Tavia had refused to say anything to him after they were finished. He hadn't hurt her, had made sure she was ready and willing before setting himself inside of her. She had obviously enjoyed it, so why remain mute? Perhaps it was because everything was so new to her? Maybe he simply overwhelmed her? He had to wonder if taking her with so little time spent on getting her sufficiently aroused when it was only her second time was a good idea. Was she feeling pain now that everything had finished?

With a sigh he raked his fingers through his hair and approached a servant who was making her way toward him. "Perina, I have a task for you."

The girl stopped short, offering him a quick curtsey. "It is my duty to serve my lord. What is it that you need me to do?"

"In my bedroom is the woman who is to be my wife. Her name is Lady Tavia Ateld, her father handed her over to me without so much as a single change of clothing. I would like you to round up some suitable items for her to wear." He paused a moment to run his eyes over the girl. "You two are of a similar size. If it will fit you it should fit her. Also, have someone bring her some breakfast... If she doesn't feel brave enough to wander the castle alone, see to it she gets lunch as well."

"I shall do all that you ask Lord Ryvas." With one final curtsey the girl scurried off down the hall.

Satisfied that Tavia would be well taken care of Kivdar made his way to his personal office and prepared to spend a good deal of his day buried in paperwork. Which is exactly what he did, until right around mid-day when there was a knock on his door, followed by the entry of a young woman.

Kivdar sighed, he knew what this one was after. "Imas, what can I do for you this afternoon?"

The woman smiled as she sauntered toward him. "You took Perina away from me today. Why?"

"I needed her to see to my wife," he replied casually.

Imas paused. "Wife? You're not married." She reached out to pluck the papers he was holding out of his hands. "I would have heard about it if you were married."

"I'm not married yet," he agreed. "But I will be, and the woman to whom I shall be wed is already here. Her father dumped her on me yesterday." His eyes followed her motions as she set the papers on his desk. "She needed a body servant, so I asked Perina to attend her."

"You should have told me," she commented while her hands ran over his chest. "I had to yell at her because I thought she was shirking her duties."

Kivdar sighed and took a single step away from her. "Imas, not today I'm not in the mood for this."

She closed the distance almost as soon as he created it, one hand grabbing the front of his tunic while she pressed the other one between his legs. "I think that *this* here says otherwise."

With a growl he shoved her off of him. "Yes, well, it's not you I want. My bride to be turned out to be quite the treat last night, and this morning. I think I'm finished wasting my time with servants."

Imas was shocked but she pounced on him once again, shoving him up against the wall as she hungrily pressed her lips to his, that hand once again running between his legs. "You can't deny me. I'm the head servant, we always had fun together. Just because you will have a wife, doesn't mean things need to change between us."

"I can and I will deny you." He made to push her off him again but she hooked her fingers into the fabric of his tunic and held on. "You are a servant, I am a Lord, you should know your place."

"Oh but I do." The fingers that had been running over his crotch turned their attention to the strings on the front of his breeches. "It is a servant's duty to serve, and to please, their masters."

Kivdar sucked in a breath when she pulled the front of his breeches open and grabbed a hold of his cock, her fingers stroking brazenly along its length. How dare she do this to him! He was a Lord and she was a servant, she was supposed to listen to him, not the other way around. "Fine. You want to please me?" His fingers wrapped around her upper arms as he switched their positions, making it so that *she* was now the one against the wall. "You'll fucking please me alright."

Without even giving her a chance to respond he hiked the hem of her short servants dress up around her waist and forced her legs apart.

"Mm that's right," she cooed. One of her legs lifted upward hooking itself around his hip, her pussy rubbing against him hungrily.

Growling angrily he grabbed her other leg, lifting it, forcing her to wrap it around his waist and plunged himself inside her with one powerful thrust. She immediately gasped and he started rocking against her, crushing her against the wall as his cock delved farther and farther inside of her willing cunt. She was willing now, but would she remain that way?

With the slightest shift of his hips he suddenly changed the way in which his cock entered her body and she tensed in response. The angle was wonderful for him, it forced her body to squeeze him all the right ways, but for her?

"Kivdar!" Her fingers dug into the fabric on the back of his tunic. "That hurts!"

"So?" Almost instantly his speed intensified, until he was moving in rapid rhythm, sliding in and out of her, their bodies making a soft slap-slap-slap sound. "You said you wanted to please me." Another shift, and he slid in just that much deeper. "This pleases me."

She cried out, her body trying to shy away from him, but he had her stuck. There was no way for her to escape him like this, he was the only thing keeping her from hitting the ground, his strength keeping her neatly pinned between him and the cold, hard, unforgiving wall. "Kivdar, please!"

He didn't respond, instead he rotated his hips a little further, and kept thrusting. This wasn't his usual practice, not even with servants, but Imas had overstepped her bounds. If he wanted to take her, he would take her, if he didn't want to, she needed to back off. Since she didn't seem to understand this factor of their relationship he was going to show her just *why* he was the one who was in charge. It was completely within his control whether or not she felt pain or pleasure when they came together, so today, he was going to make her suffer.

After a couple of minutes of this frenzied pace he grunted, slammed himself deep inside of her and sent his seed flowing into her overused womb. Then he pulled himself out of her and let her slide down the wall until she sat slumped on the floor. "Maybe the next time I tell you no, you'll listen to me." Not wasting another moment on her he swiftly refastened his breeches and departed his office.

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