tagNonHumanBeauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast


Belle shivered as she walked past the decimated iron gate in front of the old castle. She wrapped her cloak tighter around her shoulders and thought back to how she wound up making this trek. The village she'd lived in her whole life had traded her as a sacrifice to the creature that had haunted their hills since she was younger. The Beast and his story had been scaring her to sleep for years as a child. Now as a woman of 18 years, she had lost (or won if you thought about how it was stacked) the lottery the town held to send someone up to deliver the tithe that paid back the Beast for another year of being established on his land. She had never known if the tale was true, how the Beast had been a spoiled prince who was exiled to these hills with his own castle to keep from ruining the king's reputation further. How he'd insulted an old gypsy woman who graced his door trying to find shelter and how she'd cursed him to spend his days as deformed and beastly as she'd seen in his soul. She'd been told the Beast was massive in size and eat raw meat from fresh kills on the grounds. That he'd once eaten a previous messanger for gasping at his appearance (that was never confirmed, just told to everyone who was entered into the drawing).

The doors of the castle were large and metal. Rust had built up in the corners and the latch to get in took all of Belle's strength to open. She'd always hate how weak she'd felt. All the men in town called her scrawny and puny. The other girls were all taller and had large breasts and behinds. they'd fill out their bustiers and dresses while she wore sundresses that she felt like she was swimming in. It was like she never hit womanhood. There she was, living alone in that old house of her mothers with no suitors and just old romance literature to keep her company. She was ever so lonely.

Once she entered the castle, she shivered again. How could it possibly be colder than the outside? She called out for anyone who might be around and then immediately scolded herself. Why would she want to alert the Beast she was here? The floorboards gave underneath her feet and creaked. Rats scuttled in the shadows and she swore there were bats in the rafters.

The rules of the transaction were to bring the tithe into the library and leave it on the table in the center of the room. There, under moonlight, the Beast would find it and be satisfied and the village would spend another year in peace and prosperity. Belle found the library right where she was told it would be and entered. The walls were lined with books, up to the ceiling. there were couches strewn about, some on their sides, some ripped open, some still situated properly. She spotted the table and walked towards it. From inside her cloak she withdrew the tithe and placed it on the table. as she let go of the parcel, she heard the door close shut. she turned around, startled to see a dark shape in front of the door. It was the Beast.

His form was enormous. Almost seven feet of massive shoulders and arms, his legs like wolf haunches. She could see his form heaving and hear his breathing like a wild boar. As he walked closer, his features became more prominent. He had horns like a ram and his teeth displayed huge fangs. His snout created a puff of mist from the heat combined with the cold of the castle. He had nothing but a loin cloth across his waist, fashioned from what she assumed used to be his pants. His chest was huge and covered in fur that also covered his arms down to his enormous hands, each with long claw-like nails on the fingers. He snorted with each step, moving closer to her and making her back up to the table until he was right in front of her.

He sniffed the air around her face as she stabilized herself on the table. her heart racing in her chest. All of a sudden he took his tongue to her face and licked all the way up her neck to her ear. He seemed to love the taste of her skin because at the end of his tongues trek, he let out a long sigh and seemed to smile a little. She looked deep into his inhumanly green eyes and saw an animal observing his prey. Her fear was palpable.

Suddenly, she looked down to see the loincloth moving slightly... the Beast was becoming erect underneath the torn cloth. A noise in his throat like a wolf growl or a territorial cat emanated and he lifted his huge hand near her face and then... quickly tore down the front of her dress, shredding the material. her cloak fell to the floor, and she immediately covered herself and tried to scream. All she could do was cry and close her eyes and prey for it to be quick. Again, though, the Beast just leaned in and licked her neck again, this time though she swore she could hear a "shhhhhh" afterwards, almost like an attempt to soothe her.

Before she could process this, she felt his massive hands on her shoulders, spinning her around and then shredding her clothes again like paper. She tried to hold the tatters together but there was almost nothing left of her garments. Her hair was falling out of its bun and she could see in a mirror across the room that it was like a birds nest now. Her shoes had fallen off while she'd tried to back up earlier and she stood there, facing the table, her back to the beast, holding on to the tattered remains of her dress and holding in all her screams. She heard the Beast move behind her and then she felt something huge and long and warm between her legs. It was his massive erection. So big and thick and warm... she shuddered as it rubbed between her thighs and up against her womanhood. How could this be arousing me, she wondered. This is... unnatural but... feels so... she let out a shudder and a breath all at once. the Beast's hands were placed on her shoulders and he leaned in again against her neck, this time the licking was long and felt different... more sensual. Belle turned a little to meet his tongue with the corner of her mouth. The emotions inside of her were building faster... how had this happened? How did she go from being so afraid to being so lost in lust for this creature? The only thing that it could be was... and then he licked her again and the smell of his saliva sent a wave of pleasure through her. His tongue. His wet tongue and its saliva were causing this arousal in her and it was building more and more. The erection moving between her legs was rubbing faster against her sex was making her drip more and more into the material of her undergarments. She slowly, not knowing if this was allowed, moved one hand from the table and to her side to pull down her underwear, just a little... to get a better feeling of the Beast's massive member. She moved the garment to the side, exposing her naked dripping lips to the skin of the Beast. The sensations with that touch made her moan out loud.

This aroused the Beast even more and he moved inside her lips, breaking through in a way no man had ever done. Only boys, fumbling for their small manhood had ever gotten inside of Belle's lips and none had ever been nearly as big as the Beast's member. He pushed her body to the limits of its capacity and she felt a mix of pleasure and pain with every slow inch until she knew he'd reached her end. The Beast began pumping and pumping inside her body and her screams of pleasure echoed through the high ceilings of the library. He moved quicker and quicker and she buckled against the table unable to keep her balance against his massive size difference from her. The pleasure was non stop and with each passing second and wave burning through her... she could feel something happening to her. She looked up at the mirror across the way again and noticed something happening to her.

Belle's body had always been scrawny. Her breasts small and her hips close together, her hair a ratty mess. Suddenly it was like she was hallucinating and the mirror was playing tricks on her since the reflection was looking less and less like the woman she'd seen before tonight. Her hair had grown longer than before, strewn about below her shoulders and elongating with every thrust. Her breasts were heaving on her chest. They'd grown from the size of small crabapples and were now like the round melons of the other women in the village. Her shoulders were becoming wider as well and thus she was feeling like she was getting taller with each pleasurable thrust from the beast. what tatters were left on her person were straining under these changes, like her being tied up. Her reflection of her face was also different. Her jaw was clenching and she was feeling soreness in her face... gritting her teeth from the strain of the Beast's member... or her teeth moving in her mouth. Her eyes... that was what caught her off guard. they had the same inhuman green as the Beast's.

The Beast himself slowly removed his cock from her dripping wet pussy (where were these words coming from in her mind...) and he backed up slowly from her still-evolving form. Her now thick, black nails dug into the wooden table and left scratches on the once varnished surface. She walked on her haunches like she was wearing invisible shoes. She stood and looked out the window into the moonlight and stretched like she'd awoken from a long sleep. She felt bones snap into place and crackling noises in her joins. The moonlight felt so good on her naked body. She removed the last vestiges of her clothing, the remaining tatters and undergarments were strained under her new form. She turned to look at the gorgeous creature that had freed her from her weak former life. He was a pinnacle of beauty. She wanted to repay him for all he had done for her.

She slowly descended to her knees and crawled like a cat across the small space of floor between them and approached his now dripping erection. She could smell her juice sticking to his skin and saw little droplets of his own fluids on the tip. She took her tongue slowly up his shaft to the tip. Her tongue felt different than it used to. Thinner and longer. She liked it. She could taste so many new things. She knew talking was pointless. They didn't need words anymore... just the noises and looks in each others eyes. She continued to lick his throbbing cock and then she rose when she'd assumed she'd cleaned him well enough.

The Beast looked her over and gave a snort of approval. She would be a fine mate, he thought. He'd wondered if this curse could stretch to others... could it affect someone else like it had him? bring out the beast in them? Would they be like him or... something different? Apparently, he now had the answer to that question and the answer was quite...beautiful.

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