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Beauty & The Beast


disclaimer: The following story is completely fictional and would obviously never happen in real life. This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Ch. 1

It was the night of The 2014 Oscars, and Anne Hathaway was on her back getting fucked in the mouth.

"glug, gluckkk, glug...mmmrffblrrrl.." echoed the slurping mouth of the young actress lewdly. She was having quite a difficult time keeping pace with the cock being aggressively fed to her from above by a very large, heavyset man. He squatted over her gorgeous face, feet planted firmly on either side of Annie's head. Anne had no idea where she was, only that she'd hopped in the first truck that she spotted at a rest stop.

"Yeah, that's it. Take it, you slut. Milk this sweaty cock into that famous mouth." Anne whimpered and eagerly thrust her mouth upward on him, working her neck like only the filthiest sluts knew how to in order to accommodate her new lover's demands. The porcine man moaned and shuddered as he dipped his average-sized cock straight down into the mouth of one of Hollywood's most beloved starlets.

Anyone else who happened to peek in on this scene would have a right to be offended. Anne Hathaway, one of the most desired and naturally beautiful women on the planet, was getting obnoxiously fucked in the mouth by a man many would consider to be unworthy of her beauty. He was tall, but that was about all he had going for him. He was sweating from his efforts, with flabby breasts and an enormous, bloated stomach covered in black hair. His pale, sweaty ass hovered directly over Anne's face, and each time he squatted down to indulge his cock with the pleasure of her warm, wet mouth, his ass would spread open and Anne was treated to a bird's-eye-view of his filthy, brown asshole. It only made her moan and feel like more of a slut as she choked down his filthy meat, her eyes rolling back in her head every so often.

"Mmm, ain't so often I get to use a pretty lil thing like you, baby...." the man groaned.

Anne's long, supple legs flailed and kicked each time the corpulent beast thrust himself down into her demure face. His assault on her mouth was relentless, and overall his movement was heavy, clumsy and awkward, but all that mattered to him was that he got his fat little prick deeper into Annie's mouth, to feel more of that million dollar tongue working his prick; to treat her mouth like a cheap pussy.

"Oooh, you're a real filthy little bitch, aren't ya?" the lucky man stated arrogantly as Anne reached up and around his fat belly to grab his ass. Anne squeezed his fat, pale cheeks and fondled them, moaning like a bitch in heat against his drooling fuckstick. She used his ample rump as leverage to lift herself and pull her suckling mouth further up into his tool, his cock completely disappearing into her mouth, the head poking against her little throathole and making her gag wretchedly.

"Yeah bitch, gag on this cock, do it cunt!! Ahhh yeahhh! My little pussymouth!!" Suddenly, he grabbed her by the sides of her head and began to rock her pretty face into his pubis, carelessly slamming her proud nose into the built-up layer of fat above and around his cock, causing Anne to gag even harder on him. He let his knees collapse and practically laid on top of her, continuing to hump away. Her eyes widened to their limit as his weight pressed down on her and she braced herself, loving the way he used her mouth.

Anne began to slap his ass frantically, a signal of their agreed upon safeword (or in the case of being facefucked, safe gesture) "Mffmffmfmmmmmm!!!!" she moaned against his meat, her legs kicking wildly as the man waited 'til the very last second to expend enough energy and lift his cock out of her mouth. Anne gasped for air and choked, sputtering and disoriented from the assault on her mouth. She hadn't truly run out of air, but played up the aspect dramatically the best way she knew how. The man loved it, straightening his back, practically sitting on her head as his cock dripped gooey saliva and pre-cum all over Anne's gasping face.

"If only your fans could see you now, slut..." the heaving man said obnoxiously. Anne moaned from deep within her throat at the sheer degradation imposed upon her by the hulking mountain of flesh looming above. Her only response was to rub her pretty face into the man's hot, sweating balls. She tongued and licked them, getting high in the stink of the man as he jerked his spit-covered tool aggressively in her face.

"Ugh! Fuck! Your fat balls taste so good, I love sweaty trucker's balls and you've got some of the saltiest and stinkiest of them all! I never meet guys like you in Hollywood." Anne moaned, her voice had a sharp urgency to it, sounding so desperate and horny for more. The man couldn't help but laugh proudly, amused at her passion for his raunchy nether parts.

"Git up here and suck this cock, woman. I want you right up here on all fours so I can play with that cute little ass while I fuck your mouth." Anne smiled and obeyed, flipping over onto her knees and arching her back, presenting her pert little ass for her sweaty lover once she assumed his desired position. Her perfect, teardrop breasts hung proudly, swaying to and fro and gleaming with sweat; her pink nipples standing at full attention. Long, gorgeous brown hair flowed down her back in silken, shining waves. Her bright red lips were puckered up and presented respectfully for the fat man's stubby cock - still, it was more than enough to gag her throat and make her feel like a true slut, For Anne, he was truly a perfect fit.

Ms. Hathaway resumed her passion, setting her famous mouth back to task on the man's rosy red tool, his prick contrasting beautifully between her bright red lips. The man inhaled, hissed and moaned in a low, guttural voice as he gathered up Anne's hair in a tight fist and casually thrust his hips into her face, pumping his cock in and out of Annie's warm mouth. His other hand found it's prize, slapping her petite ass dominantly. Anne squealed and whimpered against his pervasive manhood, wiggling her ass for him as her left cheek turned a light pink.


Once again his rough, thick hand came crashing down against the firm, yet soft flesh of her petite rump; harder this time. The cracking of the slap resonated loudly over Anne getting her throat poked. This is what the elegant, young actress lived for, and even though she played the wholesome sweetheart in the public eye, she never felt more alive than with a sweaty, out-of-shape man defiling her pure beauty.

They continued in this fashion for quite some time, the pace of his desperate thrusting growing to an almost violent rate. He'd been taking his pleasure from her mouth for the better part of an hour, building it up to a peak and pulling back whenever he felt the cum churning to a boil in his swollen, underused testicles.

"Oooh, yaa!! I'm gonna fill this sweet mouth with stinking trucker juice!!!" Anne made a face as she slurped purposefully on his dick, the corner of her mouth curling up along with her nostril, making a disgusted face as if she had just caught a whiff of something putrid. Yet, Ms. Hathaway made no effort to stop or slow down her efforts, if anything she hunkered down on his cock, bracing herself for the man's inevitably salty, foul spunk.

The man grabbed Anne by the shoulders, flipping her onto her back once more and lying atop her in a 69 position, his fat stomach pressing down heavily on her perfect breasts as he came face-to-face with her shaven cunt. His body had simply been experiencing too much pleasure to continue standing, lost in the undeserved warmth of Anne Hathaway's suckling mouth and caressing throat.

Both of his knees were planted firmly on the mattress, resting on either side of Anne's pretty head. Reaching down, he grabbed the back of Anne's head from underneath and shoved her head up into his crotch over and over again as he thrust down to meet her. The result was a piston-like blowjob that was equally desperate and pleasurable for him, and undignified and humiliating for Ms. Hathaway. She completely surrendered control of her neck to him as he used her mouth like a cheap sex toy, her face being mercilessly slammed into him over and over again. Fortunately for Anne, his fat served as a cushion and the worst she would walk away with would be light bruising.

"Heh heh, yeeee-heeaaaah!! You're just meat for my pleasure ughhhh!!"

Anne's tubby stud was sweating and gasping, throwing his head back in ecstasy as the final pumps of Annie's head on his cock were the sweetest, feeling his orgasm reaching it's pinnacle, holding her still as he felt his fat little mushroom-tipped cock shot forth several ropes of steamy, stinking cum directly into Anne's throat. He could feel his cum forcing it's way through his dick, and the way his fat cockhead swelled and spit a seemingly endless amount of cum into her. After shooting a dozen ropes directly into her stomach, he eased up a bit, withdrawing his cock from her throatsleeve so that he could squirt the cum on Anne's tongue where she could taste it.

Immediately Anne gagged, the powerful, potent taste of his trucker cum filling her senses. The man obviously had a poor diet with lots of fatty foods and salt. This what was she wanted, to be disgusted and revulsed. She fought to keep the viscous, molten stench-goo on her tongue as the man continued to ejaculate his seed. Anne held still, her mouth open as more of the pungent slop was drizzled on her tongue.

After painting her tongue, he unsheathed himself completely from her mouth. Anne couldn't believe the man was still shooting. Her face was a mess, and he intended to add to it. Holding his cockhead to her forehead, he let the last heavy drippings of his seed drizzle from her hairline to just under her nose, fancying himself an artist as he finished her up with a mustache of his cum that was sure to add to Anne's gagging problem. She was fighting not to puke as she was completely doused in his seed and surrounded by it's heavy stink.

The man laughed to himself, leaning back on Anne's face so that his asshole pucker kissed her forehead before standing up and walking confidently to the bathroom, naked as the day he was born. Anne had a moment alone to bask in the filth of it all. She didn't dare move, her body soaring in euphoria as the gamy stench and taste of his cum permeated her very being.

Anne lifted a slender hand to her face, gathering up some of the yellowish cum and bringing it to her lips. She sucked the contents clean from her finger and winced, shuddering as she felt the warm, gloppy seed slide down her used throat. She felt the lumpy nutbutter settle in her empty stomach, smiling content as she held the palm of her hand to her flat stomach.

Finally, she licked away her cumstache and swallowed the rest of the batch he'd left in her mouth, her body convulsing as her cunt sprang a leak and squirted into the mattress without her even touching it. Anne Hathaway's body was on fire; she could hear the man taking a shit in the bathroom as her eyelids slowly began to close, drifting into an exhausted sleep with the man's smelly cum still splattered over her beautiful face.

-- The End - -

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