tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeauty and the Beast Ch. 01

Beauty and the Beast Ch. 01


Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled over by a beast. Once a year a girl was offered up as a sacrifice to the Beast in lieu of taxes. This year the sacrifice was to be Belle, known for her intelligence as well as her beauty. She was a perfect offering to the Beast, he liked his sacrifices beautiful, believing that they tasted sweeter. But Belle was not going down without a fight. She knew though if she tried to fight and flee it could mean terror for the kingdom and her family. Instead she had a plan, a plan to stay alive as long as possible within the walls of the Beast's castle.

So when the day came Belle's father delivered her to the Beast's palace, she steeled herself knowing not what the Beast had in store for her. Very few had seen the Beast, and not many had lived to tell of it. But apparently he was cursed in appearance, horrible to look at. She was told he was also violent, cruel and selfish. No wonder he only took beautiful girls as sacrifices.

Belle's father placed her on the offering stone and they said their tearful goodbyes. Belle watched as her father left, standing there in wait for her end. She turned away from the closing gates to look up at the cold doors and stone of the palace. She had only one option at this point before the Beast came out and if she didn't do it now she'd surely die.

Belle took off her robe then undid her dress and let it drop around her feet. She did her auburn hair and let if flow freely around her face and shoulders. She stood, back straight, shoulders squared. If the Beast wanted her body then he could have it one way or another.

Finally the doors began creaking open. Belle held her breath and she clinched her fists tight. A figure came out, draped in a dark, hooded robe. He stepped out onto the top of the stairs and looked down at Belle and she met his eyes back with ferocity.

"Why have you removed your clothes?" His voice was dark and deep, like that of the devil.

Belle's mouth and throat went dry. "I wanted to make you an offer."

The Beast sniffed loudly. "You are in no position to barter, girl."

Belle took her hand, running it down her chest, between her full breasts and to her stomach, just stopping shortly between her legs. "I offer you my body in trade for my life."

"I already have your body." The Beast growled lowly as he got on all fours, climbing down the palace stairs.

Belle's breath shuddered. "I mean...sir...I will see to your body, your needs, as much as you want, in trade of my life."

The Beast raised up before her on his hind legs again, towering high above Belle. Belle didn't falter, only her breath caught once or twice as she felt his gaze from under the shadowed hood.

"You...would lay with me?" The Beast's voice vibrated the air around them. A clawed hand reached out and removed the hood from his head. He had a monstrous appearance, deep dark fur all over, horns jutting out from behind his ears, a sloped nose ending with a black pad, and a wide mouth filled with sharp teeth two of which jutted out from the bottom like tusks. His hand came down, Belle couldn't help but notice the size of it, hair on the back, rough on the palm, and the sharp black claws.

Belle looked back at his eyes. "I would, sir. I would see to your every need." She was surprised when tears came to her eyes. "Just please...don't kill me."

The Beast put his hand atop Belle's head, startling her and forcing more frightened tears to pour forth. He pushed Belle down, making her fall to her knees. With one hand the Beast gathered Belle's wrists in one hand and held them above her head. With the other hand he removed his leggings and produced his cock to Belle. It sprang forth from the fur, quivering to life as Belle looked at it.

"Then show me here." The Beast growled, sounding somewhat angry, extremely hungry. He pressed the firming meat to Belle's lips. "Use your mouth to prove it to me."

Belle licked her lips, gently brushing against the head of the Beast's cock. She kissed at it, slowly. The Beast's hand began stroking it to life. It grew and grew into a full erection. Belle hadn't seen many, but she knew the Beast's dick was large by any standards. She opened her mouth and licked from top to bottom, she wrapped her lips around it sideways and moved her head up and down, up and down, coating it with her saliva. She heard the Beast's low growls above her, heeding them as both good and bad. She pulled back and took the head into her mouth, sucking softly then growing with more force. She was fixing to pull back when the Beast's hips thrust forward, pushing his phallus deeper into her mouth. Belle chocked at first but gained herself, fearing it would anger him. She took as much of him as she could between her lips and moved her head back and forth.

The Beast then released her hands and removed his hands entirely. Belle took her left hand and stroked what her mouth couldn't encompass, with her right she reached down to fondle his balls. The Beast's hand were against the back of her head and Belle couldn't help crying out in fear.

"Shut up!" The Beast roared. "I am not going to harm you until I finish!"

Belle stifled herself and continued with her work, sucking and stroking, licking and squeezing.

Finally the Beast let out a frightening roar and he released himself fully into Belle's mouth. Belle held her breath, afraid and curious as she felt the Beast's hot load against her tongue. When he was finished he pulled away and looked down at her, Belle looked up at him and swallowed.

"Did I please you, milord?" Her voice quivered, her jaws sore.

The Beast reached down, picking Belle up by her shoulders he took her over to the stairs, breathing deeply and not saying a word. Belle was frozen, what were his plans with her now? He did say he wouldn't harm her until he was finished.

The Beast laid Belle down on the stairs. "Lie down, be quiet, and do as I tell you."

"I'm so sorry." Belle whispered. "Please let me try again to please you."

The Beast raised his eyes to her and he scowled. "I said be quiet." He bared his fangs to her.

Belle laid back and closed her eyes. This is it, she thought. It didn't work. The Beast's hands were on her knees, he opened her legs. A rough palm stroked up her leg and down her thigh. Belle screamed as a finger touched her pink lips below. She covered her mouth and stopped breathing. She saw the Beast's head lower and then something hot and wet was licking her beneath. Belle cried out in her throat, trying to keep quiet for him like he had asked.

The Beast's thumb was rubbing her clit slowly, his tongue licking up and down her slit and sometimes poking inside her. Belle was shivering. "Don't be afraid of me, girl." The Beast whispered against her skin. "I'm taking you up on your offer, but just for today. Tomorrow I will eat you for real."

"Tomorrow?" Belle whispered.

"For certain. Now don't say anything, but feel free to make any noise you want." His tongue entered inside her again. It was long and rough, but rubbing inside sent chills down Belle's spine. And the way the Beast rubbed her clit made her breathless. She let out a low moan and began to touch her breasts.

The Beast's strokes got harder and he began inserting his fingers into her pussy. Belle let out a cry and reached out, grabbing the Beast's shoulder while she fondled her breasts. Finally, the Beast coaxed out of Belle an orgasm and she cried out, gripping onto him and wrapping her legs around his neck.

The Beast rose, picking Belle up and throwing her over his shoulder. "You will sleep tonight. But remember, tomorrow I will really eat you."

Belle swallowed, groggy and hazy from the ecstasy she had just gone through. "I couldn't give you my offer again?"

"No." The Beast growled. "I don't think so."

To be continued...

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