tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeauty and the Beast Ch. 02

Beauty and the Beast Ch. 02


Belle was laying on top of the Beast, his dick in her mouth again, this time though his mouth was on her pussy as well. He had said he would eat her but this wound up happening. But Belle didn't argue when he came into her chambers, his erection presented to her. This only meant she'd be alive for a little while longer.

The Beast suddenly rolled Belle off of him and then climbed on top of her, pinning back her arms against the mattress and holding her still. "Will you still offer this body to me today for one more day of life?"

Belle nodded. "But you said today you would eat me."

"I had breakfast, so I'll save you for tomorrow." The Beast lowered himself and took Belle's breasts into his clawed hands. Belle was afraid he might tear her flesh apart, but he was surprising gently. The roughness of his palms added to her pleasure. He sunk his mouth onto them, licking at the nipple, and nipping gently with his sharp teeth, just enough so it was more pleasurable than painful.

The Beast's dick prodded at entrance into her pussy and Belle allowed it, swallowing him up as he penetrated into her. "Are you a virgin, Belle?" The Beast asked, stopping himself shortly.

Belle blushed, turning her head away. "I have never known a man, milord, but I have known other things. And I ride horses."

The Beast grinned, his teeth shining in the dim light. "Then this shouldn't be too bad for you." He thrust hard and merciless into Belle. Tearing past her and a wall of quick pain. "You aren't even bleeding. Good. Otherwise that might make me hungry. Smelling the blood of a girl."

Belle thanked the heavens it wasn't as painful as her sisters had told her. Thanks goodness she rode horses and often used a candle to find herself relief. But the Beast was much bigger than a candle, too big she thought for her tight cunt.

"This is a chore though." The Beast growled as he moved slowly. "You are almost too tight for me." He then grabbed onto Belle's breasts again. "But it won't matter since I am going to eat you tomorrow."

Belle closed her eyes, letting the Beast drive himself into her. He then reached down and rubbed his thumb against her clit. "Maybe if you're wetter I'll be able to move better."

Belle let out a small noise, reaching up to grab hold of the Beast's massive shoulders. She did want him to feel good, perhaps then he would spare her again to receive such pleasure. But as he handled her, making her swim in ecstasy beside him, she couldn't help but want that pleasure again for herself.

"What else would you have from me, milord?" Belle was gasping for breath. "I would do anything to please you."

"Would you kiss a beast?"

"I have done much more with one." Belle began reaching up, angling herself to kiss the Beast's mouth.

The Beast pulled out of Belle's pussy and reinserted his dick into her mouth. Belle was angry at his selfishness but took to licking it. The Beast eased himself down, pleased at how Belle was trailing after him as he went from standing to sitting and then laying down. "Climb on top of me girl." The Beast commanded, "but do not stop sucking for one minuet!"

Belle obliged, rotating around his cock like a crank. She turned over and continued licking it gently. He purred and reached out and put his fingers into her. Belle moved so that she was straddled over his face and he took to eating her once again like a starved animal. He used his mouth with such skill and dexterity and his tongue was so thick, long, and rough it felt like something amazing. And with his fingers she didn't notice the absence of dick between her legs.

She cupped his balls in one hand and that made his hips thrust, sending his cock a little down her throat.

Despite how selfish he had acted before his fingers worked feverishly at Belle's clit making her shudder and quiver constantly. Absentminded for understandable reasons, Belle stopped paying attention to his throbbing phallus and rolled with the passion he was filling her with. She screamed, literally screamed and went limp against him. The Beast rolled her off and stood over her. Belle was on her stomach and all she could muster was to just barely raise her ass in the air. The Beast looped is arms around her waist and placed himself back between her legs and glided in like it was nothing.

With his first thrust a small shudder went through Belle. He thrust again and she squeaked gently. He was grinning now and he started pounding back into her like he had wanted to. Belle was so weak and limp he could of done anything to her.

But somewhere deep inside Belle she enjoyed him ravaging her body as he sufficed himself. She found herself loving that wild look on his face as he rapidly pumped himself into her. And finally he let out his frightening roar and released himself once again into Belle's mouth and fell onto the bed beside her purring. Belle touched her fingers to her lips as she swallowed. She went to reach out for him but he was standing and walking out the door.

Belle sat up in her bed watching the door as it closed. She took her hand, cupped her sore breasts in her palms, then touched between her legs, sore and pulsating. She laid back again, wanting more of the Beast's touch tomorrow.

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