tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeauty and the Beast Ch. 06

Beauty and the Beast Ch. 06


The rain streaking down the windows blurred Belle's vision of the world beyond. Once again she brought herself to thinking about her sisters, Pearl, Rose, and Melody. Where were they now? What were they doing? Did they still grieve for her, believing Belle dead, eaten by the beast?

Belle pressed her forehead against the cold glass and closed her eyes. The beast reached out, stroking her bare foot.

"I something bothering you, my darling?"

Belle looked up at him and smiled sadly. "I'm sorry. I try to forget but-" she swallowed, eyes glancing back out.

"You had a life out there. A family. Yes." The beast looked down. "I took you quite cruelly from all that."

"It has been a month." Belle murmured, pressing her palm to the glass. "Have you requested a new sacrifice yet?"

The beast rumbled low in his throat as Belle turned to look at him for an answer. He removed his hand from her foot and shook his head.

"What?" Belle whispered, leaning towards him, placing herself in his lap.

The beast wrapped her up in his arms, cradling her to his chest. "I cannot possibly request a sacrifice when I have you all to myself."

Belle cuddled against him, resting her cheek against his warn chest. "You're heart is beating fast."

"Because-" he stopped.

Belle looked up at him expectantly and he brushed her hair away from her face and smiled gently. "Would you like to see your family?"

Belle's eyes widened. "Could I?"

The beast stood. "Stay here, I'll be right back."

Belle nodded, pulling herself back up into the box window and pressing her knees against her chest.

The beast returned a moment later, holding a silver hand mirror. He sat back beside her, presenting the ornate object to her.

"How lovely." Belle whispered, rubbing her finger tips down the glass.

"It is a magic mirror." The beast replied. "If you hold it and ask the mirror to show you what you most desire, it will appear in the glass."

Belle looked up amazed at him. "So I could see if my sisters are alright?"

The beast smiled. "Yes. You can see them again, if only from a distance."

"Oh thank you so much!" Belle hugged his neck. "You don't know what this means to me." She sat back down and held the handle with both hands. "I would like to see my sister Rose, please."

The silver glass swirled, turning black and red and then turning into smoke and parting, showing Belle's second eldest sister where her reflection should be.

Rose was tucking up her long red hair, which looked disheveled and tossed about. She looked flushed and beautiful, like always. Her face serious, as always. Belle smiled excitedly and then she saw a man enter the picture. She recognized him, it was Alby, their neighbor and an admirer of Rose.

"You were amazing, Rose." He cooed into her ear.

Rose smirked. "Oh hush." She held out her palm, which Alby placed a gold piece in.

Belle furrowed her brow. "What's going on?"

Rose took the gold and looked it over and then shooed Alby off. A moment later Melody came into the room, same stupid smile on her face. "Alby wasn't here long."

Rose stood. "He never is." She scoffed. "But he pays good enough." She checks herself in the mirror again. "Is Pearl still out?"

Melody nodded. "And there's someone else here to see you."

"Do I have enough time before she gets back."

Melody grinned. "Oh yes! I sent her on some errands."

Rose nodded. "Then let him in."

Melody nodded, going back out the door.

Rose sat on the edge of the bed, waiting. And then another familiar face came into the room. Belle gasped.

"What is it?" The beast asked.

"That's Dom. He and I were engaged before..." She looked up at the beast and then back to the mirror. "Oh Rose, what are you doing?"

Dom was a handsome man, tall, broad of shoulder and a head of curly black hair. He came into the room, standing before Rose as Melody shut the door on them.

"You look wonderful today, Rose." Dom breathed.

Rose stood, removing her robe and revealing her naked flesh. Belle nearly screamed. "Oh Rose!" But she couldn't release the mirror. She couldn't stop watching.

Dom reached out, cupping Rose's full breast in his hand. "I've missed these perfect tits." He seethed.

Rose smiled. "You're the only one who treats them right." She arches her back, presenting them to Dom who then took one into his mouth, sucking and biting her pink nipple.

"That feels good." Rose cooed.

He stroked and fondled her other breast, causing her nipple to peak and ache at his touch. He then moved lower, kissing between her breasts and down to her naval and then he sat between her legs. His fingers dug into her plump ass, bringing her pussy to his hungry mouth.

"Oh yes!" Rose whispered calmly. "That's it. You're so good at it."

Belle watched, awe struck as Dom ate out her sister. He slurped and stirred up her juices with just his tongue, making Rose moan in pleasure. He then stood up, turning Rose around and bending her over the bed.

"Here come my favorite part." He laughed, sitting down again. He spread open her ass cheek and poked his finger at her ass.

"Mmm! That's nice." Rose moaned.

Dom licked Rose's tightest hole, wetting it with his hot tongue. He smoothed his fingers from her cunt to her ass, coating it with her warm juices. Rose moaned and writhed in pleasure. She gripped hard onto the sheets and chocked on her lust.

"You think you're ready?" Dom asked, poking his finger inside her tight hole. Rose's breathed hitched. "Oh god! Oh...oh yes."

Dom smiled, standing and dropping his trousers. His cock sprang forth, it was long and curved and gleaming with precum. He used one hand to open Rose's ass and then another to guide his cock inside.

"Yes! Slow, slow." Rose coaxed.

"Oh fuck. It's so tight." Dom seethed as he slowly entered.

Belle dropped the mirror. "I can't believe..."

The beast held Belle to him. "I am sorry."

"Melody and Rose...they're...I can't believe..." Belle buried her face in the beast's chest.

He stroked her hair. "Hush now. It could be worse, darling."

That evening, after supper, Belle went to the library and sat by the fire reading. Her mind still trailing to her sisters. Had this been going on since before she left?

"Are you still upset?"

Belle looked up as the beast walked in. She sighed. "I am. But...I have no right to be."

The beast sat beside her. "Why?"

"I did the same thing as Rose." She murmured. "I sold my body to you in exchange for life."

"But Belle-"

"Don't argue with it. Yes, in the beginning I slept with you to stay alive." She reached for him. "And yes, now I do it because I want to be with you. I want to sleep with you. I want to cum with you."

The beast seethed, breathing in through his teeth. "Oh Belle."

"I want to be happy with you." Belle whispered then kissed him. His long tongue entered her mouth, swirling around with hers.

Belle, breathing heavily, dropped to one side and bent over his hips. With nimble fingers she felt for the ties of his leggings, eagerly pulling them away. When the beast's erect cock leap out to her, quivering with tension, she let out a sigh at the sight and stroked it with feverish fingers. Then she let her full breasts hang over it and teased the glistening head with her nipples, sighing at the pleasure it was giving her. The beast growled low.

Belle bobbed down, flickering her pink tongue, darting snake-like at the beast's swollen glands. She licked the bead of moisture from its tip, and swirled the tip of her tongue round its sensitive ridge. The beast jerked convulsively. He reached out to grab at her breasts, his rough fingers clutching at the sweet, creamy flesh, and his hips arched to thrust his rigid penis full into her mouth. And just as suddenly he pulled out.

Belle could feel her own juices flowing, her flesh tightening in anticipation at what she hoped would come next. The beast removed his tunic, wiping Belle's mouth clean. He pulled Belle's dress over the top of her head.

"Turn around," his breathing heavy, his voice shaky with anticipation.

Belle did as she was told, felling his hands pushing her into place, on all fours. His rough, cool hands were on her flaring buttocks, feeling for her cleft: stroking and probing. She shuddered and involuntarily arched herself towards him.

Belle gasped as the beast parted her the wet, swollen lips of her vulva with skillful fingers and thrust his manhood in to the hilt. Once sheathed in her moist softness, she stopped moving, and held himself still.

His refusal to move drove her wild. She waited as long as she could, raptly drinking in the pleasure of feeling him deep inside her. Then, with a groan, she started to writhe along the hard, wonderful length that filled her.

"Stop," The beast growled low in her ear.

But Belle couldn't stop now. She continued to massage herself along his shaft, quivering in her mounting ecstasy.

The beast's sharp fingers clasped her rear, stilling her suddenly. "I told you to stop. You were ordered not to move." He spoke in a calm voice, but Belle suddenly felt chilled and unfamiliar. This was like the beast she had met before, back when she was a sacrifice to his alter. "You will not move until I give you permission. Understood?"

The beast started to withdraw his penis very, very slowly. She wanted to cry out loud to him to thrust it within her aching flesh again, her hips quivering with need.

"Please-" she whimpered, looking back at him.

The beast withdrew completely and Belle was still, defeated.

Then he re-entered her and began to drive within her, his thrust increasing with devastating impulsion while she struggled to restrain her own pleasure. The beast said nothing, all she could hear was the harshness of his breathing as he gripped her by the waist and drove his engorged manhood into her soft flesh. At last he gave a final fierce lunge and she quivered involuntarily unable to reject the wild pleasure he had delivered. She went to cry out but found she could make no noise. She writhed against him, gripping at him, grinding herself up and down the delicious shaft as her orgasm convulsed her feverish body.

He withdrew, still engorged and inflamed. He held Belle in place still, her arms shaking to keep herself up. The beast moved her, making her lean across the love-seat so that her ass was still presented to him. He moved his apt fingers along her still convulsing vulva, taking her juices and spreading them, lubing her tight bud. Belle shivered and tried to move away, but he held her firmly in place.

"Oh please-" her voice chocked off as he interested a finger into her tightest hole. Belle whined, not sure if she wanted this. "Ah!"

"My desires are not human, Belle." The beast whispered into her ear. "Seeing your sister in the mirror reminded me of a pleasure I have not taken from you yet." She felt his engorged shaft probing at her tight entrance.

She shook her head, pleading, "it won't fit!"

The beast pushed forward, ignoring his love's cries. Belle buried her face, crying into the plush of the love-seat. He slowly eased himself inside her ass, spreading her open to accept him. She swallowed him up despite her protests.

"I have taken every virginity you possessed." The beast's low voice rumbled, his hand coming down to grip the back of her neck. "You have no idea how much that pleases me."

Belle shuddered, her ass aching from his cock. It was both painful, and to her surprise, pleasurable. She let out a soft moan, finding herself relaxing slowly.

The beast eased himself in slowly to the hilt, and then slowly eased back out. His breath hitched, and then he began to drive himself into her with hard, pulsating thrusts. Belle cried out, her whole body shaking because of his cock. He was bent over top of her, dominating her completely. He was no longer man, no, this was the real beast inside that was fucking her.

He was growling and grunting now, no harsh breathing. She felt his spit dribble onto the back of her neck. His grunting grew louder and louder, spiking until he was howling and roaring with pleasure. There was a new feeling for Belle, a new wild satisfaction as his long penis quivered and released its hot load in the very core of her body. Burning her up inside.

He collapsed on top of her, releasing all her had inside her belly. Belle tried to wriggle free, but the beast held her firmly in place. His breathing returned to normal, if not shallow. His hand came up, pushing the hair away from Belle's ear.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered.

Belle remained quiet.

"It is this curse, this monster inside me." He pulled from her and then rubbed her abused ass gently. "Thank you for not fighting. If you had, I may of really hurt you."

Belle looked up at him. "Please...just warn me next time." She bit down on her lip. "It does hurt."

The beast sat up, pulling Belle into his arms and cradling her to his chest. "I truly am sorry."

Belle placed her hand to his chest. "I promised I'd do whatever I could to help you." She looked up at him. "But you cannot abuse that right."

He pulled her in closer, tightening his grip on her. "Yes, my beauty."

Belle pulled back, sitting up so they met eye to eye. "Can I ask you a question?" The beast looked at her, nodding slowly. "The woman I dreamed about, the woman with silver eyes and black hair, who was she to you?"

The beast growled low in his throat, his rough palm rubbing up and down Belle's soft back. "She was, for a time, my lover."

Belle arched her brows. "Your lover? In what sort of capacity?"

The beast's second hand came up, cupping Belle's breast, rubbing it gently. "It was all lust, Belle. That was all it ever was or ever could be." He pinched her nipple, causing her moan involuntarily. "She taught me the meaning of pleasure and ecstasy. She was a witch of sex and blood."

Belle licked her lips tentatively. "So why did she curse you?"

"I was cruel." The beast murmured. His hand on her back cupping her ass, his fingers dipping into her wet vulva. Belle's breath hitched, but her eyes didn't waver from his face. "Extremely, unrelentingly cruel. She made me angry and I cast her out. I tormented her mentally."

His fingers slid in and out of her as a slow rhythm, tormenting her overly sensitized pussy. His fingers working on her breasts only increased her haze. "H-how so?" She whispered, her voice growing darker with lust.

"I fucked who I pleased whenever I pleased." The beast growled. "And I didn't include her."

Belle whimpered, his skilled fingers rubbing against the spot inside that gave her the most powerful of sensations. She reached down, gripping his growing penis and stroking it with hungry fingers. "Did she love you?"

The beast shook his head. "I do not know." He licked Belle's neck, suckling on her soft flesh.

Belle tugged and caressed his cock. Teasing it with gentle fingers, swirling her thumb around the gleaming hood. "Did you love her?"

The beast nipped at her breast. "I do not know that either."

Belle arched her back, allowing the beast full purchase of her breast in his mouth. His rolled his tongue around her taut nipple, tormenting it with his sharp teeth. Belle spread her hips, and the beast removed his fingers.

Belle guided his cock to her wanton entrance, feeling the helmet prod at her. His hips grinding hungrily, his eyes pleading. "Before I let you in again," Belle whispered to him. "I must know it will only be you, not the monster, this time."

The beast nodded, his penis finding home inside her hot cunt. Belle caught her breath and grasped his face in her hands. "Do you love me?" She asked.

The beast kissed her, rolling his tongue with hers. His thrust his hips, moving in and out of Belle with sure strokes. "You are my every thought. My every desire." The beast whispered against her flesh.

Belle was awed. She hugged him tight, crushing him to her breasts, and felt her climax bloom anew as he kissed her again. As he lowered her back to the sofa their bodies momentarily lost contact, she groaned in protest.

A moment later he was back inside her, driving himself to his own orgasm. She knew though since he had come not so long ago it might take him awhile. But now, she too knew, it wasn't just fucking. They were making love.

"Oh Belle," the beast whispered, stroking her face and neck. His lips touched her face, her neck, her ears. She could feel him biting and nipping and nuzzling as his penis moved strongly inside her.

Belle cried out again when her flesh seemed to melt and grasp around him with delicious waves. She could feel him releasing inside her and she held him tight as his whole body bucked and leapt. He let out a quiet roar, more like a sigh compared to his normal roaring. He lay on top of her, breathing heavy and melting into her.

It was then Belle began to sob gently into his shoulder. She gripped tight to him, her fingers digging into his broad back. He lay motionless, shocked, and completely unprepared.

"Belle!" He gasped. "Oh god, did I hurt you again?"

Belle shook her head. "No! No...no!" She sighed. "I'm happy." She whispered into his ear.

The beast kissed her and licked up her tears.

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