tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBeauty and the Bus!

Beauty and the Bus!


It was a long bus ride to Virginia. I was a freshman in college, no car, minimal expenses. This is 1982 and I had to take a bus from Pittsburgh, PA to Richmond, VA to visit a high school friend. I decided to take a night bus after classes on Thursday so I could arrive late night and have a long weekend. The bus initially was not crowded as people came and went along the route. But in Winchester, VA, is where I noticed her.

She must have been sitting in the front of the bus because she suddenly stood up from her seat and decided to sit near the back. Her hair was longer, a brunette and she had on a white blouse with a blue sweater on top. Her black cotton skirt was over her knees, and not tight. She never even saw me looking. I guessed her age to be older than me, probably twenty-two. Regardless, it was nice to see someone my age on this bus! She sat not directly across from me, but one row up on the opposite side of the bus. I could see the side of her face but not much more. What I had seen had been enough to make me smile and have me reach down quickly to adjust myself.

I had been reading some fiction novel since Pittsburgh and I was exhausted. It had been a long week which felt that much longer on a bus ride.I closed my eyes for just a moment, only to awaken two hours later.

I looked around and everyone seemed asleep on the bus, although there really weren't many passengers left. I glanced over at my Winchester Beauty. She seemed fast asleep. Knowing I was somewhat private in my location, I decided to take a chance.

I've always loved sex in public and in illicit situations. Why not pleasure myself? I had never done anything like this on a bus and plus, everyone was asleep. Certainly the bus on the road was loud enough to drown out any potential noises.

I unbuttoned the top button of my jeans and slowly slid down the zipper.I placed my hand on the fabric over my soft cock and looked over at Beauty. I saw her lips, her soft skin. I imagined her on me, over me, enjoying me. I felt my cock grow instantly. I rubbed gently and rhythmically as I closed my eyes thinking of her mouth going down on me, taking me in as I held her hair back to watch her. The palm of my hand stroked the length of my hardness—this was not pulling and yanking. It was meticulous, methodical and enjoyable. I could feel every vein, blood coursing through rapidly as my heart rate increased. Opening my eyes one last time to make sure I was quiet enough and that no one was awake, I decided to go for it. I closed my eyes and reached my hand down deeper—feeling my balls swell, the base of my cock pulsing at my touch. I then began to grab my member harder as I was lost in the imaginative moment of Beauty hungry for my cum to shoot in her mouth. I could feel the cum rising, tension mounting and I began to think about the mess that was about to happen.

And then, I heard a noise.

I opened my eyes and I saw her. Beauty. Looking at me. Her mouth was open, one eyebrow was raised and she was....smiling. She couldn't see everything I was doing, but she knew what I was doing. I was so embarrassed, my face turned red. She whispered, "Hey" and I gazed into her soft brown eyes. She placed her finger over her lips to motion for me to stay quiet. She then moved to the seats across the aisle from me and moved her hand in a circular motion like a film director.

She wanted me to continue!

I looked over at her and slid my hand down once again. She smiled at me, and slid her hand underneath her sweater. We just looked into each other's eyes while touching ourselves. Our heads against the headrests, I saw her hand go inside her skirt and I felt my cock get rock hard. So hard that it would twitch on it's own...craving to be pressed, squeezed. I watched her eyes close as she bit her lower lip. I saw the strain on her face as she pleasured herself. She watched me expose the full length of myself as I squeezed harder as she mouthed the words, "cum for me." It's all I needed to take me over the top. I tried to remain quiet as I felt an incredible sensation over my body in addition to feeling my warm liquid on my body. I looked at her and watched her writhe in passion and her explosion took over. She placed her arm over her mouth to conceal any possible revealing whimper. Both of us short of breath, I smiled as she placed her fingers in her mouth and licked. She let out a deep sigh and mouthed the words, "Thank you."

And that was it. She moved back to her seat and fell asleep peacefully.

I never did get Beauty's name, but I've never forgotten her face or that bus ride. I would never, ever recommend taking a bus anywhere but for that one night, there is no where else I would have rather been.

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