tagErotic CouplingsBeauty and the Geek Ch. 11

Beauty and the Geek Ch. 11


PART 1 - Yearnings


Opening his eyes, Brian immediately knew he was in a strange place. Following that realization, he noticed an unfamiliar arm draped across his bare chest. Then a splitting headache dominated his awareness. "Dude..." he moaned, lifting a hand to his forehead.

Only half-asleep, Stacy stirred beside Brian and nuzzled against his chest. "You okay?"

Brian blinked in surprise at the fact that he was in bed with Stacy, and from what he could tell they were both naked. "I think I'm hung over..."

Stacy grinned against him. "Lightweight."

Looking around, Brian came to the conclusion that he was in Stacy's bedroom, her old bedroom at her parent's house (Stacy had been living in an apartment with her best friend Miley for the last nine months). What he wasn't sure of was how he ended up in bed with Stacy, naked, or why she seemed so cool with it. "What happened last night?"

"I threw a party and we got really drunk." Stacy answered sleepily.

Brian tried to remember. "Did we...?"

"Did we what?" Stacy pressed, amused.

"Did we sleep together?" Brian whispered.

Stacy chuckled against Brian's chest, "Well, we're in bed together aren't we?"

"Yeah but, I mean, did we have sex?"

Stacy lifted her head and arched her neck to kiss Brian on his chin. "Of course, dummy."

Brian closed his eyes, hoping the pain in his head would go away. "It fucking figures."

"What is it?" Stacy wondered.

"I finally have sex with you, and I can't remember a thing..."

Stacy laughed. "Too bad, because it was amazing."

Brian groaned, rubbing his forehead.

"What's the last thing you remember?" Stacy asked.

"Um..." Brian searched his memories. "Sitting in the hot tub with you doing shots of tequila. I remember Charlie asking if he could use my car and giving him directions to your apartment."

Resting her chin on Brian's chest, Stacy said. "Yeah, poor Charlie. It was driving him crazy that Miley left to go find Brett."

"You think they'll get back together?" Brian wondered.

"Who knows?" Stacy replied. "But one thing I know for sure is that we're both stuck. Miley took my car to chase after Brett, and Charlie took yours to chase after Miley..."

Brian smirked. "Yeah, I guess neither of us is going anywhere."

Stacy smiled playfully, running her fingers along Brian's bare chest. "So, you want to find out just how amazing it was?"

Brian's eyes widened. "Can I get a couple of aspirin first?"


A car alarm went off down the street, waking Charlie up with a start. He winced at the pain in his neck, caused from the awkward position he slept in. He was parked in Brian's car outside Stacy and Miley's apartment building. Charlie had planned on staking it out until Miley got home, and then confront her, but he must have fallen asleep.

Looking around, he spotted Stacy's SUV parked across the street a few cars down. Miley must have arrived home after he fell asleep. He quickly checked his shock of brown hair in the rear-view mirror before opening the door.

Checking the tenant register Charlie located the correct apartment number, and then lucked out as someone was walking out -- he was able to slip in without having to buzz the door. Climbing one flight of stairs, Charlie meandered down a hallway until he found the correct apartment. He was just about to knock on the door when voices came from the other side.

"Forget it Brett!" Miley's voice was easily recognizable to Charlie.

"C'mon Miley." came a male voice; Charlie assumed it was Brett's. "I said I'm sorry. It just gets frustrating, you know?"

"It's over Brett, okay? We're over. I want you to leave."

"What is it?" Brett demanded loudly. "Is it that dork from last night?"

"It doesn't have anything to do with him, and Charlie's not a dork..."

"You're such a tease Miley, you know you want it. C'mon babe... let's get this over with."

Miley suddenly squealed in anger. "Get off me you asshole!"

Charlie's eyes widened and his entire body was flooded with anger.

Miley screamed again. "Brett! Stop it! Get off...!"

The door could have been made of iron and it wouldn't have stopped Charlie as he threw his shoulder against it with all of his adrenaline-fueled strength. The deadbolt tore the doorframe, splinters of the jamb flying through the air as the door flew open.

Brett was atop Miley on her couch and had her arms pinned down, but he turned in surprise as Charlie burst into the apartment. "What the fu...?" he started to say, but his sentence was stopped short by Charlie tackling him. The two went right over the back of the couch.

"Charlie!?" Miley was completely startled by Charlie's sudden appearance. She quickly got up from the couch to see Charlie on top of Brett and hitting him.

"You son of a bitch!" Charlie yelled, punching his fist repeatedly into Brett's face.

"Charlie!" Miley exclaimed, running around the couch to try and grab Charlie and pull him off. It's not that she was overly concerned for Brett, but Charlie was crazed with anger and she didn't want him to hurt Brett so badly that Charlie would regret it.

"Don't you ever touch her!" Charlie was screaming as Miley grabbed him around the arms and pulled him back, "Don't you ever fucking touch her again!!"

Brett scrambled on the floor, trying to get away from the enraged Charlie. He could taste the salty blood dripping out of his nose, and couldn't figure how such a skinny guy could possess so much strength!

Miley was reminded of how Charlie once beat up their high school's bully, a linebacker named Brock, as she continued to try and hold Charlie back. "Get out of here Brett!" Miley yelled angrily. "It's over between us!"

Brett slowly got up, wiping the back of a hand across his bloody upper lip. He glared at Charlie, who stared right back. Wisely, Brett back towards the door.

Miley didn't let go until Brett was gone, fearful that Charlie would kill him. She took a deep breath and realized she was shaking. Fortunately, most of the tenants in the apartment building were mostly students and away for the summer. She doubted anyone heard the commotion.

Turning to face her, Charlie regarded Miley silently. She looked back to him, her blue eyes shaken but full of unspoken thanks. He took a step forward and Miley stared at Charlie cautiously. He took another step and reached for Miley's arm.

Miley didn't move. "You saved me..."

Charlie wrapped his arms around the pajama-clad Miley, who let the embrace last several long moments, then she looked up into Charlie's eyes. She saw nothing but love looking back at her, and it was all Miley could do to step backwards and not kiss him. She missed the way he looked at her. But Charlie pulled her back towards his body.

"Charlie..." Miley resisted feebly, "We shouldn't."

Then his lips were upon her in a heated kiss. Charlie kissed her the way he used to kiss her, exploring her mouth with his tongue and tasting her lips with his own. She responded and kissed him in return, but kept trying to step back. Charlie moved with her until Miley's shoulders hit the apartment wall, ripping open the buttoned shirt of her pajamas and exposing Miley's breasts.

"Charlie... please..." Miley said, trying to resist him; but it was fruitless. As soon as Charlie started to kiss her again she was unable to deny how badly she wanted him. Both of them began yanking at each others clothes as their mouths hungered against one another.

As soon as they were naked, Charlie stepped back and marveled at Miley's naked body. She was mostly as he remembered, though she seemed more toned and had less baby fat around her tummy and hips, her breasts seemed slightly larger, and she was as tanned as always - her toned body kissed by the sun from head to toe. Seeing her that way, naked and vulnerable, caused Charlie's mind to scream "MINE!!" as though she were his sexual possession; which, for a long time, she was.

Miley stared right back at the naked Charlie. He wasn't as skinny as he used to be, though still quite slender. She smiled fondly at his smooth chest, thankful that he hadn't grown any more body hair. And his penis! Miley stared at Charlie's magnificent manhood as it twitched and grew to its full ten-inch length. How she had missed that thing! She could see the hunger in his eyes, and in the pit of Miley's stomach she felt an aching need to be claimed by the only man she had ever loved.

Charlie started forward and grabbed Miley by her hips, hooking his hands under her thighs and lifting her as he spread her legs. Miley leaned back against the wall and lifted an arm around Charlie's neck, curling her ankles around his backside, and didn't resist his aggressive advance. Their lips met again and Charlie's penis began to poke between Miley's legs. She reached down to guide his head to her vaginal opening, moaning against his mouth as Charlie's girth suddenly invaded and stretched her sex.

"You're mine, Miley." Charlie said, his voice full of desire and confidence. "You have been ever since that day you pushed me into that bathroom."

"I never stopped being yours." Miley affirmed.

"Uhn!" Charlie grunted. "Oh fuck I need you..." He started slamming himself into her violently, and all Miley could do was hold on to Charlie as her shoulders banged against the wall.

Miley thought she was making a mistake, fearing that if she and Charlie got back together that it would get intense between them again, only to have their relationship come to a crashing halt in the fall when he left for school. But she couldn't resist him. It felt so good to have Charlie's arms around her, to have his magnificent cock within her.

Thrusting upwards, Charlie penetrated Miley's sex with nearly his entire ten inches. She gasped at the invasion, having almost forgotten the way his incredible size filled her. "Fuck me..." she whispered meekly.

"Say it." Charlie demanded, biting on her ear lobe.

"Fuck me." Miley grunted.

"Say it!" Charlie repeated.

"Fuck me!" Miley yelled, "Fuck me Charlie!"

Charlie started to grunt at Miley's encouragement, humping his hips into her with strong and fast thrusts. Wrapping both arms around Charlie's neck, Miley clung to him tightly as her entire backside banged against the wall with each thrust. "Uhn! Oh Charlie... oh god! Fuck me baby... fuck my cunt... I've needed your cock so badly..."

"You're so tight." Charlie grunted, humping Miley as fast as he could against the wall. "So fucking good. I missed you Miley... I missed you so much..."

"I know baby... I know... me too." Miley shivered as she felt Charlie penetrate her nearly to the womb. Her orgasm came like a speeding truck and overcame her in a split second, reducing her to a quivering wreck in Charlie's arms. "...cumming..." she gasped. "Oh god! I'm cumming!"

Charlie could feel the fluttering of Miley's vaginal muscles around his shaft. It had been a long time since he'd had sex and wasn't going to last much longer. He winced against the pleasure that was starting to consume him, trying to hold off his own orgasm as long as he could.

Miley saw his face and knew Charlie's explosion was pending. "Charlie stop..." she gasped, her pussy still quivering in pleasure. "Don't Charlie... baby... I'm not on the pill..."

"Oh fuck!" Charlie moaned, lost in their violent sex. "Oh fuck I'm going to cum...!"

"Charlie don't cum in me!" Miley begged, her mouth agape at the sensations of Charlie pumping his cock as deeply as he could. "Please! Baby! You'll make me pregnant!"

"Uhn!" Charlie grunted. "Uhn! Oh shit!" He yanked himself away, letting Miley drop to her feet. His cock twitched in the air and Charlie took himself into hand, his orgasm arriving after just two strokes.

Miley fell to her knees, her legs felt too weak to stand regardless, and accepted Charlie's pleasure. He jerked himself off onto her chest, milking Miley's breasts with shot after shot of semen. "Oh god... that's it baby, cum on me..."

Replacing his hand with her own, Miley continued to jerk Charlie's cock. His orgasm seemed endless as rope after rope of his stringing seed fired out to decorate her skin. By the time it was over, and the last few beads of cum oozed out of Charlie's cock, Miley's chest was a mess of clingy strands.

"Holy fuck. I needed that." Charlie said, breathing heavily.

Miley panted, curled on her knees and weak from Charlie's fucking. "Me too." she admitted. She reached for his penis and coaxed it with her hand, smoothing her fingers along it's still-hard length.

"Miley... I love you. We belong together." Charlie said.

Miley nodded. "I know. I know baby... I'm just... I need some time, okay?"

Charlie's face screwed up in confusion. "Time for what?"

"Please... please Charlie. I'm just confused. I know you love me. I love you too... I do. And I don't want anyone else. But I've got to get my head straight before I jump back into this. I love you more than anything else in the world. But it hurt when you left, okay? I never thought you'd actually leave me until you did, and that hurt so much."

Charlie hugged her, his sticky mess between them. "And I thought you were cool with it. I thought we agreed we could handle the long distance thing? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I did!" Miley said, clinging to him tightly.

"Not until the night before I left..." Charlie complained, "It was a little late by then."

"I know, Charlie. I fucked up." Miley started to cry against Charlie's chest. "I want to be with you, I do. Just let me figure my head out, okay?"

Charlie let out a relenting sigh and finally nodded. "Okay, I get it." He let go of her and looked around for his clothes. "I guess I can give you some time. But Miley, don't wait too long. Summer is short enough as it is."

Miley bit her lip and nodded. That was exactly what she was afraid of.

PART 2 - She's Scared


Sitting in the mall's food court filling out applications wasn't Charlie's idea of a fun Saturday, but he needed to find a job. He'd already been home a week and hadn't applied anywhere, so he decided to grab application forms from a bunch of stores and fill them all out at once. He figured one of them had to be hiring.

He was about halfway through his stack when Charlie heard someone call out his name.

"Hey Charlie!" came Stacy's voice from across the food court.

Charlie smiled and waved. He thought she looked like a sportswear model as Stacy approached in a pair of skimpy running shorts and a sports bra, both blue, with her blond hair tied back in a long pony tail beneath a cute baseball cap.

"Looking good hon." Charlie greeted as Stacy sat down at Charlie's table.

"Thanks." Stacy grinned. "You too. If you learned anything since last year, it was how to shop."

Charlie looked down at his clothes, a trendy short-sleeved button shirt and a pair of designer jeans. "Yeah, I guess. I've come a long way from the high school nerd, huh?"

"We've all come a long way. So what are you up to?" Stacy looked to Charlie's stack of applications.

"Hoping to find a summer job." Charlie answered. "What about you?"

"I was just jogging with Brian actually, then we came over here to look at shoes. He needs a new pair. He's over at the shoe store now trying some on."

"It's so weird that Brian's turned into a fitness freak. I guess we've all changed." Charlie smiled. "So you and him are...?"

Stacy blushed a little. "Yeah, I'm guessing he told you?"

Charlie lifted a shoulder. "He mentioned something about your party and amazing sex."

Stacy laughed. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised he told you. You're best friends and all, just like me and..."

"It's okay." Charlie sensed Stacy's hesitation to mention Miley. "How is she?"

"She misses you." Stacy replied.

Charlie frowned. "She's driving me nuts, you know? She misses me. She loves me. She won't sleep with any other guys, but she won't get back together with me."

"She's scared." Stacy said.

"Scared of what?" Charlie asked.

"Losing you." Stacy answered firmly.

"Then why was she with that jerk Brett?" Charlie sounded annoyed.

"Oh come on Charlie, the only reason she was with him was to make you jealous. You couldn't see that?"

Charlie squinted and shook his head.

"It's true." Stacy said. "I mean, she only started dating him like three weeks before you got back. It's so obvious. She wanted to make you jealous."

"Then why won't she get back together with me?" Charlie wanted to know.

Stacy took a deep breath and considered. "Back in high school, before you two started dating, Miley mostly dated college guys."

"Yeah." Charlie nodded, remembering.

"They saw her as a trophy, you know? As soon as they got anywhere with her, not that she ever went all the way with any of them, they'd go brag to their friends about it. Or they'd just dump her and move on to the next girl at the next party."

"So?" Charlie shrugged.

Stacy frowned. "That gets to a girl, Charlie, the constant rejection. She would call me crying, wondering why every guy she dated treated her so horribly. It got to the point where she wouldn't let herself get close to anyone, out of fear that they'd dump her."

"She's afraid I'm going to dump her?" Charlie couldn't understand it.

"She's afraid you'll move on, yeah." Stacy nodded. "She was a wreck last fall, after you left. She was certain you'd find another girl at Brown that you'd like better than her. She's still afraid that'll happen."

"So, is that why she didn't sleep anyone this last year?" Charlie wondered. "She was afraid of letting anyone in?"

Stacy shook her head. "She still loves you Charlie, she'd never sleep with anyone else until you guys are well and truly over. She chose you, remember? She chose you to lose her virginity too, because she trusted you. You made her feel loved and desired. I'm sure she still feels that way."

Charlie sighed, "Just not enough to get back together with me."

Stacy smiled, sympathetic to Charlie's frustration. She reached over and put a hand on his arm. "You just need to convince her, somehow, that you won't leave her again."

Charlie contemplated that.

"Dude!" came Brian's voice as he approached the pair carrying a box of shoes. "What's up Charlie?"

Charlie suddenly got up. "I gotta go."

"Huh?" Brian looked confused.

Charlie gathered up his applications. "I have to find Miley, I'll see you guys later!"

Brian stared as Charlie dashed off. "That guy is always chasing after Miley. It's like he's a mouse, and she's cheese..."

Stacy giggled.


"Okay Daddy, I'll see you tomorrow for lunch."

Miley set her phone on the coffee table and frowned. Even the prospect of seeing her father, whom she adored, couldn't get Miley's mind off Charlie. She thought she was prepared for this. Miley had been fooling herself for the last several months, into thinking she could handle it when Charlie came back -- whatever his romantic situation would be (even if he had a new girlfriend). But Miley was wrong. As soon as she saw him at Stacy's party all of the feelings Miley had for Charlie came flooding back into her with the power of a tsunami. She loved him; that much she was certain of, but if she got back together with him for the summer she knew Charlie would go away again in three months and all the pain would return.

It wasn't that Miley didn't trust Charlie to stay faithful to her when he was away, or that she couldn't handle a long distance relationship, but four years is a long stretch. It was only a matter of time, to Miley's reasoning, before Charlie found someone else while away at college. No, he wouldn't cheat on her, she was sure of that... he'd call and break up with her first; and that was the kind of pain Miley wanted to avoid.

Sick of thinking about it, Miley picked up the television remote and started flipping through channels. But nothing was on; at least nothing that could take her mind off Charlie. She switched the TV off and picked up a celebrity gossip magazine, but after flipping through several pages Miley realized she had a problem that neither TV nor a magazine could solve... she was horny.

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