tagErotic CouplingsBeauty and the Geek Ch. 16

Beauty and the Geek Ch. 16


PART 1 – One of a Kind


Miley sat on the edge of her bed wearing nothing but a black tee shirt depicting the Incredible Hulk. The shirt was Charlie's, so it was overly large on her and fell down just past her butt. Miley liked sleeping in Charlie's shirts.

Charlie was already in the bed watching Miley rub lotion onto her sexy legs. "Your skin is so smooth," he commented, lying on his side with his head propped up on a bent elbow.

Miley smiled at the compliment, "It ought to be, I do this at least twice a day." Squeezing more lotion out, she lifted a leg and hooked her heel on the edge of the bed.

"You're so tan too. Look at me; I'm white as a ghost. I work too much."

Miley rubbed the lotion into her shapely ankle. "You should go to the tanning salon at the mall. You could do it on your lunch break, just use my account."

"I can pay for my own tanning." Charlie hated it when Miley paid for everything. She was always paying when they went out on dates and often bought him new clothes. Charlie had to save as much as he could for college; his parents weren't nearly as wealthy as Miley's father, who provided her with everything. She didn't even have a job.

"I know you can." Miley looked to Charlie over her shoulder. "But we're engaged, what's mine is yours."

"Your father's, you mean."

"Don't be jealous." Miley turned her attention back to her legs. "Daddy and I have a deal. He pays the bills, I get straight-As. I worked really hard last year to get good grades, Charlie."

"I'm sorry." Charlie lay back on the bed. "I just wish I made more money."

"You will, baby. We're gonna go to Miami and you're going to get a big fat contract to make your comic."

Charlie laughed, "Comic book writers don't make that much money, at least, not when they're starting out."

"That's okay. I'm going to become a rich and famous fashion designer, so I can be your sugar mama."

Charlie snorted, "But you're a business major."

"Right," Miley nodded. "I already know fashion; I only need to learn the business part."

"And if that doesn't work out you have a promising future as a phone sex operator."

"Charlie!" Miley burst into giggles as Charlie began tickling her sides. Abandoning her legs, she squirmed and flopped into bed beside him. "I only talk dirty for you."

Charlie lifted the covers so Miley could slip into bed next to him. "And you do it so well."

"I had a great day today." Miley stretched her body out against Charlie's and slipped an arm about his bare torso. "I loved meeting your family."

"The day's not over yet," Charlie reminded. "Technically, you're still my slave for two more hours."

Miley kissed his hairless chest, "Mmm. I guess you better make the most of it."

"You'd do anything I wanted?"

"Of course," Miley assured him, moving to kiss Charlie's shoulder. Then she whispered in his ear, "I'd even let you fuck me in the ass again."

Charlie exhaled at Miley's sexy tone, suddenly very aroused.

"Is that what you want?" Miley teased, nibbling on Charlie's earlobe. She began to slide her silky smooth leg against Charlie's thigh. "Do you like the thought of sticking that humungous thing between your legs up my butt?"

"Yes," was Charlie's whispered reply.

Miley grinned having already known Charlie's answer. "Okay, but you have to wait here while I go clean myself out."

Charlie's brows narrowed as Miley crawled out of bed, "What do you mean?"

"I can't have you sticking your thing inside a dirty butt hole," Miley replied casually.

"What are you going to do?" Charlie wondered.

"I figured we'd be trying this again some day, I have an enema in the bathroom."

"No shit? Do you want me to help?" Charlie sounded curious.

"No, ew!" Miley shook her head, "It's gross. Just wait here; I'll only be a couple of minutes."

Charlie watched as Miley disappeared into the hallway towards her bathroom. Her casual demeanor regarding all things sexual continually amazed him. How many girls think to have an enema around in case their boyfriend's wanted to have anal sex? Not many, Charlie knew.

As he lay in bed waiting, Charlie thought back to some of the sexual escapades he and Miley had gotten into since hooking up. They'd had sex in a parked car, limousine, department store changing room, even a sandy beach. More often than not, Miley was the aggressor in each instance. She was the most sexual creature Charlie could imagine, and he loved everything about her.

When Miley returned she was naked, and a shiver emanated from her enticing body. "Oh my god that felt so freaky."

Charlie laughed as she moved to the bedside stand, "You're amazing, you know that?"

Miley retrieved a bottle of lube from the drawer. "I know," she replied with a wink. "But I'm curious why you think so?"

"Our sex life. You're so cavalier about things most other girls would be embarrassed about."

"What's to be embarrassed about?" Miley crawled back onto the bed and peeled the covers off Charlie. "I love our kinky sex life, and orgasms are awesome."

"They are awesome." Charlie agreed.

Kneeling beside Charlie, with her legs curled beneath her, Miley cupped a palm and squirted some lube out. "I'm going to get your dick really hard and slick before you stick it in me."

Charlie swallowed as Miley's hand gripped his soft member, "Okay."

"Are you going to cum inside me?" Miley started to rub the lubricant over Charlie's length, which was starting to stir and thicken. "Or are you going to pull out and shoot it on my body?"

"Um..." Charlie was quickly growing aroused, both by Miley's attentive hand as well as her words. "To be honest I hadn't really thought about it."

"If you cum inside me don't be too deep, otherwise I'll never get your goo out and you'll be leaking out of me all night."

"And if I pull out?" Charlie wondered.

"Try not to get it into my hair? I just washed it."

Charlie chuckled, "Anything else I should be worried about?"

Miley grinned back at him, "Yeah, try not to split me in half with this gigantic cock of yours."

"I'll see what I can do," Charlie replied.

Miley squeezed out a long bead of lube along Charlie's soft underside and then began to spread it all over his erection. Soon, her whole arm was pumping as she masturbated him. "Will you spank me, too? That always makes me feel slutty. Like I'm nothing but your naughty fuck-piece. It turns me on."

"Miley..." Charlie murmured.

Miley continued to stroke him, "And grab my tits. God Charlie, that's so hot when you're fucking me doggy style and you reach around to squeeze my tits."

"Miley...!" Charlie grunted more urgently.

Slick sounds echoed through Miley's bedroom as she worked Charlie's shaft; she had it slimy with a thorough coating of the lubricant, "Yeah?"

Charlie's voice was dripping with arousal, "You're going to make me cum."

"Oh!" Miley giggled and immediately stopped. "Sorry. I guess you're ready." She hopped up off the bed for a moment to clean her hands off with a towel. Returning, Miley got onto all fours and wiggled her naked bottom enticingly.

Charlie rose to kneel behind her, spreading Miley's as cheeks and revealing her puckered hole. Taking his cock in hand, he aimed the head of it and began to press forward.

"Easy baby," Miley warned over her shoulder.

Charlie nodded, slowly increasing the pressure until his cock head popped past Miley's anal ring.

"Oh fuck," Miley winced, spreading her legs to accommodate him.

The hard part was over and Charlie groaned at the tightness that suddenly surrounded him. The lubricant made it easy for him to slide a significant portion of his length into Miley's ass.

"God damn, Charlie. You're so fucking big." Miley's breath became labored as she felt the massive intrusion suddenly filling her passage.

"It feels really good, you're so tight." Charlie pulled back with his hips, sliding his cock out until the ridge of his head caught against the rim of Miley's entrance. Then he slowly slid the bulk of his length back into her.

"Oh my god!" Miley gasped, planting her hands on the bed front of her for support. "Do that again," she begged.

Charlie repeated the motion, working his cock even deeper.

A muffled sound escaped Miley's throat as she felt Charlie's cock reach unprecedented depths.

Charlie increased his pace, sliding his cock in and out while developing a steady rhythm.

Miley let out a sharp gasping moan every time she felt Charlie's cock plunge back into her. "Oh baby, you're fucking my ass so good."

Charlie slapped his palm against Miley's ass cheek.


He did it again, harder than before.

"Oh! Oh god Charlie, spank me. Make me feel dirty." Miley laid the side of her face against the bed but kept her butt held high. Reaching between her legs, she started masturbating.

Charlie swatted her ass several times with sharp slaps of his palm.

"Uh!" Miley gasped with each strike. "That's it, spank your naughty girl. I'm such a filthy slut for letting you fuck me in the ass."

Charlie spanked her several more times until Miley's ass turned pink. Then he kneaded his hands into the flesh of her butt cheeks, squeezing and groping. His hips humped into her with force, the lubrication making everything slide within Miley smoothly. "This is so hot, babe. Oh fuck, your ass feels good!"

With her bottom stuck up into the air, her ass filled with cock, and her fingers dancing against her clit, Miley soon became a quivering mess. She moaned loudly as a swift and unexpected orgasm flooded her entire body with a warm tingling sensation that intensified the friction she experienced from Charlie's fucking. When she felt Charlie's hands grip her boobs it was like an electric charge flowed between them and her clitoris.

Charlie rutted against Miley's backside like a humping animal, grunting loudly as he pulled and squeezed her little breasts. He felt her nipples stiffen against his palms until they were like little buttons of stone.

Miley was gasping in delight as her orgasm continued like a steady electrical charge, "You big fucking bastard... oh my god, Charlie, this is so dirty... am I taking your cock like a good little slut should?"

Charlie was I issuing sharp exhalations with every thrust. "Y-yes."

"Am I taking it all?" Miley looked over her shoulder with glazed eyes. "Do I have your whole cock in me?"

"A-almost," Charlie gasped, staving back his orgasm.

"I want it all," Miley begged with urgency. "Go deeper... I need your whole length..."

Charlie slowed his next thrust, pushing with his hips so that his shaft disappeared within Miley.

"OH FUCK!" Miley screamed, "Oh my god... Charlie, you're so deep...!"

"I'm gonna cum." Charlie announced, feeling Miley's asshole clench around his erection. "Miley, oh fuck, baby I'm going to cum...!"

"Charlie, no! Not so deep!" Miley warned.

But it was too late. Charlie shuddered and his cock heaved against the immaculate tightness of Miley's surrounding passage. He would have pulled out had there been more time but his orgasm arrived faster than he could anticipate, so he simply bucked his hips against Miley's ass and deposited his sperm deeply within her.

Miley could feel the warm sticky mess erupt within her. "Oh fuck...! Cum for me baby, oh my god I can feel it."

The two teens became as still as statues, Charlie bent over the kneeling Miley, as soon as his orgasm subsided. Their heated breath was the only sound in the room until Miley finally giggled softly, "You were so deep, I'm going to be shitting out your little babies for a week."

Charlie slid his cock back, causing Miley to shiver, until his head popped out and free. "I'm sorry, that felt so good I couldn't help myself."

"It's okay," Miley replied, rolling to her side and looking up at Charlie with warm blue eyes. "It was totally worth it to get my ass properly fucked."

Charlie grinned and shook his head in disbelief. "You're one of a kind, you know that?"

PART 2 - Monday


"Who are you texting?" Stacy asked, watching Brian's blur-like thumbs work over the slide-out keypad of his phone.

"Sam," Brian replied distractedly. The young couple was seated at an outdoor table at a bistro near where Brian worked waiting for their lunch. The two often met up during Brian's lunch break, though usually it was at Stacy's house to make love while her parents were away at work.

"Who's Sam?" Stacy wanted to know.

"The submissions editor for Pow! Comics, I'm setting up a meeting for Friday in Miami."

"Oh yeah," Stacy recalled. "Miley told me about that, she was all excited about going with you guys."

Brian glanced up from his phone, sensing a little jealousy in Stacy's voice. "Do you want to come with? We're making a weekend out of it and it'd be awesome to have you there."

Stacy sighed, "I can't. I have a doctor's appointment on Friday. I was actually hoping you'd be there, they're doing an ultrasound."

Brian looked guilty, "Couldn't you re-schedule?"

Stacy shook her head, "It's fine. You guys are going to be in Miami for the weekend... you'll want to party. I'd just slow you down."

Brian frowned, "You know, you don't have to put your whole life on hold for this baby."

"Yes I do," Stacy countered, "And I'm not putting anything on hold, my life is changing. I'm a mother now, and I will be for the rest of my life."

"Does that mean you have to stop having fun and hanging out with your friends? You wouldn't slow us down, Stace. Miley and Charlie would want you to come."

"Miley and Charlie live in a fantasy land." Stacy reached for her glass of water, "Especially Miley; she doesn't have to worry about things like money or doctor appointments. Her primary concern is how often she's getting laid by her perfect boyfriend."

Brian squinted at the irritation in Stacy's voice, wondering where her words were coming from. "How can you say that? Miley is your best friend, she loves you."

"I know, I'm just...." Stacy closed her eyes and let out a heavy breath. "I don't want to talk about it anymore, okay?"

Brian wisely kept his mouth shut as a waiter delivered their lunch. He silently hoped Stacy was merely being hormonal due to the pregnancy.


Charlie exhaled loudly as he drove, glad to be off work. He hated Mondays, as it was the furthest point from his next day off. At least he had convinced Chip and Theo, his fellow co-workers, to cover for him on Friday and Saturday so that he could make the trip to Miami.

As Charlie pulled into his parent's driveway there was a car there he didn't recognize. His parents didn't get home from their jobs until later, and no one was near the car or outside the house. Charlie wondered whose car it could be? After parking his own vehicle and climbing the front steps, Charlie found the house door unlocked and began to get nervous. His parents hadn't mentioned any inbound company.

"Hello," Charlie called, stepping into the house foyer. "Who's here?"

That's when a familiar face appeared from the kitchen, "Hey little brother."

"Edward!" Charlie grinned. He quickly moved towards his sibling and the two clasped in a manly embrace. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Charlie hadn't seen Edward, his older brother by a year, since the summer before he left for Brown. Edward went to school at the University of Georgia and had decided to stay there for the summer after finding a good job. He looked great, Charlie thought, as usual. Edward had always been the athletic one of the two, a high school athlete.

"I took some time off work and thought I'd come home to check up on you," Edward replied.

"That's awesome," Charlie grinned. "It's great to see you, man. But how come you didn't call and let me know? Do mom and dad know?"

Edward shook his head, "I wanted to surprise them, I just got in this morning but the house was already empty. Are you a working man now?"

"Uh, yeah," Charlie answered. "I work at the mall, in a comic book store."

Edward laughed, "You're such a geek."

Charlie grinned. He didn't take insult at Edward's comment, because he knew it was just good-natured ribbing. Edward had been one of the popular crowds back in their school days, but he had always stuck up for Charlie when other kids were picking on him.

"How long are you in town for?" Charlie wondered.

"Only a week."

"That's great; I can't wait to catch up."

The brothers meandered into the kitchen. Edward had already raided the fridge and was working on a sandwich, and Charlie hunted for a soda.

"So what's new?" Edward inquired. "Mom told me you got engaged?"

"Yeah," Charlie grinned happily. "Miley and I haven't set a date or anything yet, but we got engaged this summer."

"Unbelievable," Edward acted shocked. "Miley fucking Andrews. The hottest girl in our high school, and my nerdy little brother landed her. Congratulations man."

Charlie sat down at the kitchen table with Edward, snapping open a can of cola, "Thanks."

"You know, even though she was a grade below us, all the guys in my class had a crush on Miley Andrews. My old buddies are never going to believe you two are engaged."

Charlie replied, "Sometimes I can hardly believe it myself."

"I'd love to see her," Edward said. "She hasn't ballooned up or anything has she?"

Charlie laughed at his brother's bluntness, a trait Edward had since they were young. "No, she's still the same size. She and I were going to meet tonight for pizza if you want to come?"

"I can't wait," Edward smiled.


Miley parked her BWM and shut off the key. Flopping the sun visor down, she checked her make-up and hair in the little mirror located there. Even though she was only meeting Charlie at the local arcade/pizza joint, which was an extremely casual place, Miley wanted to look beautiful for him.

Her make-up and curls looked in order, so Miley snatched up her dainty purse and trotted through the parking lot towards the arcade. There were several teenage boys loitering around and Miley turned all of their heads wearing a skimpy tank-top, summer short-shorts, and clicky heels. Miley paid them no heed; she didn't dress sexy for other boys anymore, she dressed sexy for her man.

"Damn," Edward said as Miley came through the door. He and Charlie had arrived early and had already claimed a booth table.

Miley didn't recognize Edward at first, approaching their table, as she hadn't seen Charlie's older brother since her junior year. "Charlie...?" she wondered aloud.

"Hey hon," Charlie greeted. "You remember my brother, right?"

"Oh my god!" Miley beamed, sliding into the booth next to Charlie and across from his brother. "Edward? I haven't seen you in like two years."

"Miley Andrews," Edward smiled. "You look even more beautiful than you did in high school."

Miley bit her lower lip and blushed, "You're home from school?"

"Just visiting for a week, thought I'd come make sure Charlie here was doing okay. But from the looks of things he's doing just fine."

"You're such a flirt, oh my god," Miley smiled.

"Unfortunately my charm never worked on you," Edward teased.

"Whatever." Miley rolled her eyes, "It certainly worked on all the other girls in school. I just didn't want to be another one of your conquests."

Charlie quietly listened to the easy banter between his two companions and was reminded that they both had been members of their high school's popular elite, a group he had never known. It wasn't that Charlie was bothered by it, but ever since graduation it had sometimes become easy to forget that he had been an outcast for most of his life.

"Are you still hanging out with Stacy?" Edward wanted to know.

"Of course," Miley answered. "We're still best friends."

"You should have invited her along. If I remember, she was almost as foxy as you."

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