tagErotic CouplingsBeauty and the Geek Ch. 24

Beauty and the Geek Ch. 24


PART 1 – One Simple Text


"You have no idea what you're talking about," Brian informed Charlie in a superior tone, "absolutely none."

Charlie finished pouring his second cup of coffee, standing in the kitchen of his and Miley's apartment. Brian sat in the dining area, at a desk set up just for him and his drawing efforts. The area had been converted into a space where he and Charlie could work on their comic book. The boys had removed the small dining table, much to Miley's chagrin, and set up a pair of workstations with laptops and other essentials; it was where they collaborated every day to work on their 'Captain Darkness' comic book.

"I think it's a subjective thing, don't you?" Charlie blew at the steam rising off his coffee cup, "It's really a matter of opinion."

"No!" Brian lifted his hands, exasperated. "This is a documented point of fact."

Charlie chuckled as he set the cup of coffee down next to his laptop, "Whatever."

Brian offered a doubting glare, "You seriously think the chick from 'Twilight' is hotter than the chick from 'the Vampire Diaries'?"

"Yeah," Charlie powered up his computer. "I think Bella is totally sexy."

"You're fucking nuts," Brian decided, returning to his drawing board. "Next you're going to tell me that you'd rather 'do' She-Hulk over Wonder Woman."

"In a heartbeat," Charlie replied as he sat and typed in his PC's password.

Brian scowled, "Now you're just fucking with me."

Charlie shook his head, "No, man. Wonder Woman is a prude; I bet she's totally dull in bed, if she's not a virgin. But She-Hulk seems like she knows her way around the sheets. Remember when she was sleeping with Hercules?"

Brian's expression softened as he considered, "You know... you might actually be right on that one."

"DC characters are all prudes," Charlie added, lifting his coffee for a brief sip.

"That used to be true," Brian countered, "during the 'Superfriends' era when everyone had a dog with a cape, but not anymore."

"It's still true," Charlie stated flatly.

"Come on, what about Batman? Are you saying Batman's a prude?"

"He's the worst of them," Charlie answered. "When is the last time you heard Batman say: 'I need to get laid'?"

Brian stopped drawing and laughed loudly.

"Meanwhile, Marvel characters are always chasing tail. I mean, look at Spider-Man. Peter Parker is almost defined by his love life. I can totally relate to that."

Brian was still laughing, "Yeah, Stan Lee is a dirty old man."

Charlie laughed and joined Brian's mirth, "Speaking of love lives..."

Brian lifted a wagging hand, warding Charlie away from the topic, "Don't even start, dude."

"Is Sam still giving you the freezer treatment?"

"It's more like an arctic winter," Brian sighed. "Haley, too."

"Things will turn around for you," Charlie assured his best friend. "You never know when the perfect girl could smack right into you."

Brian sighed, "What if she already did and I fucked it up?"


"So what's up with you and Chip?" Miley bothered Stacy as the two of them walked through campus.

"I've told you," Stacy sighed, "a million times. Nothing is going on; there wasn't any spark between us. I haven't seen Chip in weeks."

"What about Adrian, have you seen him?"

"He went back to school in Alabama," Stacy replied dryly, pushing a tendril of blonde hair behind an ear.

Miley started, "Well, what about –"

Stacy paused and stomped her foot on the cement walk, "I'm not seeing anyone! Okay, Miley? So stop asking."

"Okay! Jeez, you don't need to rip my head off."

Stacy growled and resumed walking. She didn't mean to be so short with her best friend, but it was irritating the way Miley constantly stuck her nose into Stacy's love life. There really wasn't anyone she was interested in, not that she had been looking. It seemed to her that every time she even looked at a guy she mentally compared him to Charlie, as though she were seeking someone like him, but no one ever measured up. She often thought of Charlie and the brief kiss they shared, even though she knew there was no future in that line of thinking. Charlie loved Miley, and not even a natural disaster could pull him away from her. It made Stacy feel terribly guilty.

After walking for a few moments in uncomfortable silence Stacy stopped again, "I'm sorry."

Miley dismissed the moment casually, "Don't worry about it. We all get crabby."

"That's not what I'm apologizing for," Stacy replied nervously.

Miley gave her friend an inquisitive look.

"I've been feeling really guilty lately, and I can't take it anymore. I need to get something off my chest."

Miley started to look worried, "You didn't kiss Charlie again, did you?"

Stacy chewed her lip worriedly.

Miley's eyes widened, "You did?"

""No!" Stacy quickly answered. "Of course not. But..."

Miley let her book bag fall to the ground so she could place balled fists on her skirt-clad hips, "What is it?"

Stacy finally just blurted it out, "I think I have a crush on Charlie."

Miley blinked.

Stacy stared at Miley, afraid of the impending storm she assumed would ensue from the oft-explosive Miley.

But Miley remained calm, "You're just figuring this out now?"

Stacy looked confused, "What? Wait... you already knew?"

Miley let out half of a laugh, "Stace, you've had a crush on him since high school. I've always known that."

"I have?" Stacy's expression twisted.

Miley nodded, "Ever since you and I jerked him off in that hotel room after prom."

Stacy blushed at Miley's frank description. Miley never minced words when it came to sex.

"It's not a big deal," Miley continued. "I've always known you were at least a little sweet on him. What girl wouldn't be? He's a fantastic guy. Even Haley, of all people, looks at him with those girlish little doe-eyes." Miley shrugged, "I used to get jealous, but I've gotten used to it."

Stacy wasn't expecting Miley's reasonable response, "I can't believe how calm you're being about this."

Miley waved her hand, "What's to get upset about? You're not actually in love with Charlie; not really."

"I'm not?" Stacy's face continued to contort in weird ways.

"You're just in love with the idea of him," Miley informed her. "You see how happy he makes me, and you want that for yourself. I mean, it doesn't hurt that he has, like, a ginormous cock, too. What girl wouldn't want that between her legs?"

Stacy couldn't help blurting out into giggles, covering her mouth with a pink-manicured hand.

Miley grinned and then continued, "Isn't that why you dated Brian? Because you hoped some of Charlie's sweet side had rubbed off on him?"

Stacy searched her memories, recalling when she and Brian were together months prior. "I don't think I put that much thought into it. We were pretty drunk the first time we hooked up."

Miley rolled her eyes, "Listen hon, the right guy is going to come along. One day you'll be walking along and then - POW! You'll smack right into love."

Stacy sighed, "You're totally right, as usual."

Miley smirked and picked her bag back up, "Remember back in high school, when you were always the right one?"

"I miss those days," Stacy answered with a sigh. "Come on, we're late for class."


During their lecture course, Stacy completely tuned the professor out. Miley sat next to her, occasionally scribbling notes, and Stacy thought she should be doing the same thing; except her mind was elsewhere. Miley had been right, Stacy decided. She wasn't in love with Charlie, she was in love with the way he treated Miley. She was jealous of what Miley had in Charlie; Stacy wanted that for herself. She thought of Brian suddenly, which brought a smile to her lips. What if Brian had been the one? It's true that they hadn't worked out the first time, but there were a lot of complications working against them, like an unplanned pregnancy. Had Stacy placed too many unfair expectations on Brian? Had she wanted him to be Charlie?

Stacy frowned as she silently questioned herself. That was it, she realized - she had expected Brian to be someone he wasn't. Stacy had been expecting perfection from Brian, the storybook romance, but no relationship is perfect. Not even Charlie and Miley's. Stacy thought about all the drama and angst Charlie and Miley had to overcome to get to where they were. They even broke up for the entirety of their freshman year of college! But they got past it all and were happier than they'd ever been.

Of course, Brian hadn't been on very good behavior since then. He had been dating one girl and sleeping with another. Not that Stacy really cared; she didn't give a whit about that Samantha girl, and Stacy was certain Haley was a world-class slut. It's not as though Brian ever cheated on Stacy, even though she accused him of doing so when he went to Miami with Charlie and Miley.

"Fuck it," Stacy whispered.

Miley was distracted from her note-taking and glanced aside at Stacy, "Huh?"

Stacy reached into her purse, "I'm texting Brian."

"What are you going to text him about?" Miley asked quietly.

"I'm going to see what he's doing on Friday night."

Miley's eyes bugged out in surprise. "You want to go out on a date with Brian?" she hissed, trying not to be overheard by the other students around them.

"Yes," Stacy answered confidently. Her thumbs worked the buttons of her cell phone as she typed out a message.

Miley pressed, "I thought you two were over?"

"We are... or we were. So what? A year ago I thought you and Charlie were over." Stacy hit 'send' and then turned a hopeful look on Miley, "But it's never too late, right?"

"What about Sam?" Miley looked concerned, "And Haley?"

"What about them?" Stacy countered, "Obviously Brian isn't too attached to either if he can't decide between them. Besides, I'm way hotter than Sam and Haley is practically a lesbian."

Miley couldn't help but snort out a giggle, "God, Stace. You and Brian... you've had way more drama than even Charlie and me."

"I know," Stacy agreed. "I've been thinking about it all morning.


Brian felt his phone buzz and dug it out of his pocket. His eyes widened after reading the text, "Dude, you're never going to believe this."

Charlie stopped typing and glanced over his shoulder, "What is it?"

"Stacy's asking me if I'm free Friday night."

Charlie squinted, "You mean for a date?"

"Yeah," Brian was still staring at the face of his phone. "I guess so."

Charlie turned his desk chair to face Brian, "She wants to get back together with you?"

Brian could only shrug, "How am I supposed to know? She's just asking me if I want to go out."

Charlie looked baffled. He thought it was over between Brian and Stacy, "What if she does?"

Brian looked at his best friend, "What do you mean?"

"I mean if she wants to get back together with you, would you want to get back together with her?"

Brian looked dumbfounded at Charlie's very valid question, "I don't know. After we broke up I figured that was it, so I've never given it much thought."

"She was going through a lot back then," Charlie reasoned. "You both were, what with her pregnancy and all. Maybe now that life is more back to normal, she realizes she misses you."

"You really think so?" Brian sounded intrigued.

"I don't know," Charlie admitted. "I'm just speculating."

Brian began typing out a reply on his phone.

"What are you going to tell her?"

"I am telling her I'm definitely free," Brian answered.

Charlie could only smile.

PART 2 – On Me or In Me


Miley hurried into the apartment after school, dropping her book satchel by the door. "Charlie!?" she called, "Baby? Are you home?"

Charlie's voice carried from the hallway, "I'm in the bathroom."

Miley kicked off her heels and trotted Charlie's way, her tight skirt not allowing for long strides. "You're never going to guess what happened... it's unbelievable!"

She found Charlie standing at the toilet relieving himself, his jeans pushed down his thighs. The couple had long ago grown comfortable with one another's presence and no longer bothered shutting the bathroom door. He grinned knowingly at Miley, "You mean Stacy and Brian?"

Miley got a deflated look, "You already know?"

"Of course," Charlie zipped up and flushed. "Brian was here all day. He just left about twenty minutes ago."

"I couldn't believe it," Miley professed. "Stace and I were sitting in our Ethics class when al l the sudden she whipped out her phone and told me she wanted to get back together with Brian. I thought she had lost it!"

"I was just as shocked," Charlie agreed.

Miley pumped Charlie for information, "What did Brian say to you?"

Charlie flipped the bathroom light off and wandered towards the kitchen, "Not much."

Miley followed him as though they were attached by an invisible cord, "He didn't say anything?"

Opening the fridge and peering inside, Charlie answered, "Not really."

Miley issued a frustrated growl. Why did boys have to be so evasive when it came to their feelings? "Well, he must have said something! How did he seem? Was he excited?"

Charlie found a can of soda that looked tasty and snapped it open, "It's hard to say. I think so."

"You THINK so?" Miley looked fit to burst, "You two are best friends. You sit here all day together! Don't you ever talk?!?"

"Yeah, we talked all day," Charlie answered before taking a swallow. "Are you hungry? I know it's a little early for supper, but –"

"Charlie!" Miley snapped. "Stop thinking about food. Tell me what were you guys talking about, if not about Stacy?"

Charlie answered honestly, "We were arguing about who is hotter between Bella and Elena."

"You mean the girl from The Vampire Diaries?"

Charlie nodded.

"Oh my god," Miley was momentarily distracted. "It's totally Elena, it's not even close."

"Really? Because I think Bella -"

"You just like Kristen Stewart's ass."

Charlie got a stupid grin.

"You and Brian are unbelievable, you know that? Stacy and I have been talking about this all afternoon. Meanwhile, you and Brian are here wondering which vampire-chick you'd rather fuck. I swear I'll never fully understand boys."

Miley wandered, exasperated, towards the bedroom. Charlie trailed after her as though the invisible cord were still intact.

"So what's up, anyway?" Charlie watched as Miley peeled her top off. "Does Stacy want to get back together with Brian?"

"She wants to try," Miley said, pushing the skirt down her legs. "At first I thought she was just being lonely, but the more we talked the more I got the sense that she thinks it could work between Brian and her."

Charlie stared at Miley's body, which was now only concealed by a lacy bra and panty set.

Miley continued, "She said she had been placing unrealistic expectations on..."

Charlie lifted his brows, waiting for Miley to continue.

But Miley could only smirk, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Like what?"

"Like you're a horny sixteen year-old," Miley clarified, "who has just seen a naked girl for the first time."

Charlie's cheeks flushed, "Because you look so sexy."

Miley beamed proudly, "I love it when you look at me that way." She turned around and shook her hips, displaying her trim heart-shaped bottom. The black lacy panties Miley was wearing formed a 'V' shape over her smooth tanned skin.

Charlie swallowed.

"Do you want to jerk off on my ass?" Miley asked in a tone filled with honey.

Charlie blinked, "What?"

Miley cast a seductive glance over her shoulder, "You think my ass is sexy, don't you?"

"Is that a trick question?"

Miley giggled, "Show me."

"You want me to jerk off on you?"

"Yeah," Miley nodded, biting her lip cutely. "Show me how sexy you think I am, Charlie. Show me how much my body turns you on."

Charlie seemed hesitant at first, but when Miley bent over the bed and offered her bottom he quickly began fumbling with his pants.

"That's it, baby," Miley cooed, tossing her dark curls to the side. "Pull that big cock of yours out and show me how hard my body makes you."

Moving behind Miley, Charlie looked down at her butt. The material of her underwear was riding up between her cheeks in the most arousing way.

Peering over her shoulder, Miley watched as Charlie pushed his pants down and off. His penis was already growing erect, bobbing and thickening in the air before him. She marveled at its size and felt her sex dampening at the thought of his ten inches intruding upon her. But she wanted to tease him some more, "I want to feel your hot cum on my skin."

Taking himself in hand, Charlie began to slowly stroke the length of his cock.

"I want to feel your arousal when it lands on me, Charlie. I want you to stare at my sexy ass and make a big mess all over it, that way I'll know how much it turns you on."

Charlie groaned as Miley wiggled her bottom at him. He began to reach forward with his free hand, wanting to touch and squeeze one of Miley's ass cheeks.

But she stopped him, "No, baby. No touching. Just look."

Charlie began to complain, "But Miley, I –"

"I know," Miley smirked teasingly. "You want to dig your fingers into my flesh and squeeze my butt like you do when we fuck, but no touching. Just jerk off onto me. Look at me like I'm one of those sexy girls on the internet or a glossy magazine and fantasize about sticking your cock into me."

"You're way hotter than any porno girl," Charlie assured her as his hand sped up its stroking motion.

Miley licked her lips and smiled at the compliment, her torso draped over the bed. She pushed up with her legs and propped her ass up higher, "I can see it in your eyes."

Charlie's breathing was growing more rapid as he stared at Miley and rapidly stroked his cock, "S-see what?"

"The arousal," Miley whispered. "You can feel it, can't you? All that cum inside your balls is starting to boil and churn. Pretty soon you'll feel that heat at the base of your cock as it starts to rise..."

"Oh god," Charlie groaned.

"Your fist will grip yourself so tight, and you'll be jerking off so fast. Your cock will thicken in your hand and silky pre-cum will start flowing from its tip."

Charlie tried to clench his eyes shut, but he couldn't tear his gaze away from Miley. The firm roundness of her ass was too enticing; the small of her back was too arousing; everything about her fueled his masturbating hand into a blur.

"You'll want to fight it," Miley continued. "You'll try so hard to fight back your orgasm, but you can't. You can't fight it, Charlie. Your cum is going to rise up that big cock of yours like a volcano struggling to erupt. You'll gasp and see stars right before your steaming goo decorates my ass in a big sloppy mess. You'll hump your fist franticly, pumping every drop out until you've emptied your love all over me."

"Miley!" Charlie screamed, overcome by her dirty talk. He felt his knees go weak as an orgasm boiled over. The creamy semen flew from the swollen head of his cock in sloppy strands. The ropes landed across Miley's butt, staining both her skin as well as the thin material of her panties.

"Oh baby!" Miley encouraged. "Come all over me! Oh, god, it's so warm. I can feel it on my skin..."

Charlie continued to pump on his cock until the last of his pleasure had left his body. A white sticky mess covered Miley's ass, and much of it began to slide and puddle at the crevice formed by the small of her back.

"Is it all over?" Miley strained to peer over her shoulder but couldn't quite see. "It feels like you coated me pretty good."

Charlie nodded breathlessly, recovering from his intense orgasm, "I think I ruined your panties."

Miley smiled, "Don't worry, they'll wash out. Besides, it was worth it. I like stinking of your sex."

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