tagBDSMBecause I Love You

Because I Love You


His eyes were as wide as he knew his anus would be soon. Charles Hampshire was wearing his very own ruffle-butt panties, socking , high heeled shoes with a lovely little bra his wife had been given for her birthday, and a long brown wig perfectly fitted to stay on tight.

He was suspended over his living room floor by his ankles, neck, wrists, and his nipples which were now pierced. Under the panties were these cock-hiding feminizing jock-strap thing his wife got from a catalog, or so she had told him, and the worst thing was Charles was encircled by a roomful of horny men.

His wife Helen was serving drinks full of the cock stimulants that he himself used in abundance when he would have her all trussed up like this. Helen introduced her bound husband as a friend that she had found and that Charlene was more then willing to do everyone in the room that is, of course, only in her ass.

"Charlene is saving her virginity. Helen had drugged him that was no question, but how had she gotten him dressed like this and pierced his nipples all by herself?

"Now time for the show to begin", Helen yelled as the crowd went silent, "For her first trick, I'm going to shove this huge dildo up her ass until she cries." Loud cheers went up as she pulled out this 14 inch dildo and then held up a finger for silence, "Without the aid of lube."

The guys laughed at the joke but Charles didn't find it funny at all. He felt the fake cock touch the rim of his anus.

"May I have a volunteer from the lovely crowd to help me shove this in in one clean shove?" Hands went up but a large black man jumped up and grabbed the cock, before anyone could say anything he rammed it hard up Charlene's ass. A muffled shriek of rage and agony came through the ball gag he always used on her overpowered only by the cheers that went up over his violated ass.

A quick adjustment of the ropes and Charles was now facing the floor, he like to whip Helen bloody like this best because she hated it. "I think this slut deserves a good ass-whipping for being such a slutty tramp."

The large weighted paddle was softy touched to his ass, the same one he loved that she had begged him to stop using, which he never did.

"One, two, THREE!" The paddle came down hard onto his cock-filled ass causing him to scream.

"Oh, the poor baby screamed. Again, one, two, THREE!" Again and again the paddles slammed the fake cock harder into his red, bloody, and agony-ridden ass as tears fell from his eyes and screams emitted from the ball gag. She paddled him, until the rubber dong fell out of his ass before saying,

"Everyone line up and prepare to fuck that ripen ass, and make sure you get on your best face cause Charlene is on web television."

Helen held the cam up to watch the first guy come up to the blood-red ass of her husband, giggling like a maniac. He cursed her but she only came up to his ear and said "Don't worry baby, you will love it. I'm only doing this because I love you." The hard-cocked man reach for lube but Helen stopped him, "It's only here for show, she won't need it,"

His words from start to finish, he always told her that it was because he loved her.

The man behind him rubbed his cock on Charlene's ass before slamming it in. He was over 12 inches with a huge cock head, he fuck that ass hard and deep. Tears leaked under muffled sobs as the man behind him fuck. Helen put the cam on the desk and got up behind the guy. She forced him in deeper and harder before placing herself on the couch in front of Charlene and began fucking anyone who would do her.

Her ass, cunt and mouth were stuffed with cock as Her sissy looking hubby watched with a cock up his ass. She was fucked all the way to another room with shrieks of pleasure emitting from the room.

The men screwing his ass finally came in a rush of hot semen that wet down his gaping hole. Them another guy stepped up and was about to start when his buddy said,

"Lets fuck that cum drenched hole together. Another slight adjustment and Charlene was in the perfect position to have two fat cocks slide in. The hot agony shot through him before he emitted another muffle cry.

"Poor girl, she shouldn't have to scream like that, hey Brian, fill her mouth and let's fuck this hot piece." The gag was removed but before anything could be said Charlene's mouth was choking on cock. Brain grabbed her throat and started sawing his cock as deep as it would go with on cock under her and on cock slamming from the front.

Charlene puked from the mouth fucking but the guy only used it as a lube as he fucked her deeper.

Her ass was throbbing with pain as one guy grabbed her nipple rings and pulled hard. Everyone was moving at a different pace and then the big cock was brought out once again by some other guy and forced in with the other two.

Faster and faster they slammed deeper and deeper before they shot huge wads of cum in her mouth and ass.

"Alright old man, your turn." Charlene looked up to see her dad standing naked in front of him.

"Helen always finds me the hottest bitches to fuck", He said with a smile, "When I'm not doing her anyways." and everyone laughed.

His own father's cock drove into his gaping fuck-hole as another cock was shoved into his mouth before the shock could wear off. His father's cock drove in hard and before Charlene knew it, he was being fuck by dear old dad.

That cock hit that ass with a vicious slap turning his already red ass purple, then Helen showed up, dripping cum out of her cunt and ass, she moved the guy fucking her husbands mouth and put her soaked cunt on Charlene's face.

"Eat it bitch." When nothing was done she brought her hand down on the covered-up cock causing him to squirm, "I said eat my cum-soaked cunt you fucking whore." Still nothing, he wasn't going to suffer her cunt after this.

"Oh, you want to lay it that way. Alright, but after that you will eat my cunt or it'll get worse."

She pushed dad out of the way and pulled a 16 inch strap-on out from under the couch as the gag was put back on.

"Turn her around I want to fuck and torture that ass." the hard cock was slammed up his/her ass, it's girth was unbelievable and it took Charlene to a whole new world of pain.

Helen handed a whip to another guy and told him to whip this whore as she banged that ass. Charlene's father came up behind her and started fucking her sloppy cunt forcing the rubber cock to fuck harder.

The whip came down on Charlene's back leaving angry red lines, agony on agony as the ripping pain and the throbbing ass joined with the raging pain of the hard, deep ass-fucking paired with the guy pulling the gag out of the way and using the nipple rings to face-fuck deep that made Charlene lose Charles completely.

Suddenly, it all felt so good. She started sucking that cock down her throat as she pushed the rubber cock deeper humping up against it and wriggling, trying to get off on it. She knew her ass was now a sloppy cunt for use.

The lashing felt surreal and she begged for more. Helen, bless her heart, began to spank and claw that sweet ripe red ass with her long finger nails before dad came hard inside Helen causing Helen to cum. She shrieked and moaned with pleasure.

The man Face humping Charlene's mouth squirted cum deep inside her throat and before Charlene knew it, it was just Helen and herself.

"My my my, what a good little whore you were, did you like it fuck slut?" Quick nods of the head and desperation greeted the question so Helen removed the gag, "What should I do now?"

"Fuck me again, I want to be your fuck slut again, please."

"Please what fuck slut?"

"Please Mistress Helen, fuck fuck sluts ass again."

"Yes dear"

The cock penetrated deeply into Charlene's ass again slowly, letting her relish each and every inch before slamming and ramming her huge cock into her new fuck toy. "I'm so proud Charles I want to make you mine."

"Please Mistress"

"Good fuck slut, now get read cause this is going to hurt so good." She shoved in the rubber dong and went to the fireplace for the hot brand fuck slut hadn't seen prior to now. Fuck slut tried to fuck the dong but couldn't seem to get it in anymore than it was.

White-hot metal met tender-red flesh as it burned to word FUCK SLUT deeply into his ass. Fuck slut roared with agony but Mistress wasn't done yet.

A needle pierced his balls and she put a ring into the hole the slowly but methodically she pierced him all the way up to the head of his cock. "This shit cost me a fortune so you had better love it slut. Now beg me to fuck your cheap ass again." She moved to the front of fuck slut as she spoke.

"Please fuck my cheap hole Mistress."

"No", Fuck slut begged and whined only to be silenced by Mistress Helen's hand. "Shut up." His wife moved the large chair in front of his face and sat in it, legs spread wide. "Eat your dads cock juice outta my sloppy cum-drenched fuck hole fuck slut."

This time, he didn't need a second time around. Ass purple-red, cock bloody and pierced, back blood-soaked and welted, with a fully violated anus. fuck slut sucked the cum out of his Mistresses cunt.

"Yes, eat all those other guy's cum you whore, eat it all I want my cunt good and clean you fucking slut or I will beat the living daylights out of your ass." With only his tongue and mouth fuck slut lapped, slurped, and inhaled cum out of Mistress Helen's cunt.

"Good fuck slut, looks great, now I will fuck your branded ass until you cum."

Fuck slut was fucked hard and Mistress ever shoved the other dong up his ass until the hot cum erupted and stung his new piercings. But Mistress left him up in the ropes for the rest of the night, just to make sure.

Just before she went to bed, she gave fuck slut a special treat. She pissed all over him, and he loved her so much for it. Just before the lights went off for the night Helen popped her head in and said, "Why am I doing this fuck slut?"

"Because you love me Mistress."

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Next morning she got up and went to see her fuck/slut husband. He wasn’t moving so she slapped his ass with the paddle. He didn’t respond. At this she looked concerned and got him down and on the floormore...

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