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Because I'm Better Than You!


My name is Sly Brownstone. A tall, good-looking young black man who's currently a student at Lively Stones College. It's a somewhat underrated, little-known four-year private college in my home state of Massachusetts. It's also the setting of most of my adventures. As you will discover, I am an unapologetic adventurer. It's easy to do whatever you want when you've got no conscience whatsoever. Some people would call me a sociopath. I call myself a free spirit. Oh, and mundane folks shouldn't get in my way. It might be hazardous to their health. Peace. With that being said, enjoy the story.

Lively Stones College is located in the town of Plymouth. The school has about seventeen thousand students and it's evenly divided between male and female students. That's cool, especially in an age where men are becoming minorities on the college or university campus. I play Rugby for Lively Stones College and dare I say, it's got one of the best athletic programs in the country. I mean, we offer more sports than any other college in the state of Massachusetts.

Many people call us a jock factory and guess what? We're proud of it. Sports are important to the modern college man and at Lively Stones College, we understand that.

Lively Stones College Department of Athletics currently sponsors Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Golf, Archery, Volleyball, Fencing, Basketball, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Water Polo, Ice Hockey, Cycling, Gymnastics, Swimming, Crew, Rowing, Sailing, Soccer, Wrestling, Tennis, Squash, Football, Rifle, Pistol, Rugby, Nordic Skiing, Track and Bowling. They also offer Women's Intercollegiate Softball, Cycling, Archery, Basketball, Sailing, Soccer, Rowing, Golf, Fencing, Volleyball, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Field Hockey, Wrestling, Crew, Tennis, Rugby, Nordic Skiing, Rifle, Track, Bowling, Squash, Water Polo and Ultimate Frisbee. For club sports, they offer Men's Boxing, Sumo Wrestling, Karate, Judo, Ultimate Frisbee and Badminton along with Women's Boxing, Karate, Judo, Sumo Wrestling, Badminton and Pistol. The Equestrian club is coed. All of these sports teams compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division One. The NCAA named us an athletic powerhouse unrivaled by any other school in the country.

This is the school that I attend as you can probably tell, I am damn proud of it. I support all of my fellow athletes. Oh, yeah. Even though I am a Rugby man, I attend all of the Football games when I can. I also support the Men's basketball team and the Women's Basketball team. I even cheer on the Baseball and Softball teams. All Lively Stones College sportsmen and sportswomen have my full and unconditional support. Oh, and I forgot to tell you. Our sports teams are known as the Raging Lions and the Lady Lions. We've been taking the New England sports scene by storm. Just ask some of the Ivy Leaguers we sent packing with bruises on their bodies and tears in their eyes. Playing sports for Lively Stones College is both an honor and a privilege. That's why we get nothing but the best athletes out there on our sports teams.

Anyway, the story that I'm about to tell you involves me and some of my fellow students. Stuart Jefferson is my roommate and a rather handsome stud. Six feet three inches tall, lean and muscular. He had dark brown skin and curly black hair. His eyes were honey-colored. He was a running back on the football team. A great guy and a good student, too. We sometimes hung out together. I must say that I enjoyed the young man's company. How could I not? He was intelligent, charming and kind. A greater conversationalist couldn't be found anywhere. He was all that and then some. If the perfect man exists, then most likely he looks like Stuart. No lie.

At this point, you might start to think that I have a slight crush or something on Stuart. I don't. I simply envy the stud. I mean, he has the perfect life. He's originally from Virginia and attended Blacksburg Metropolitan Academy. I checked out their website, wanting to know more about the mysterious ebony stud's origins. Blacksburg Metropolitan Academy was an all-male private school located in the city of the same name. A centuries-old institution with a strong tradition of military education. Oh, and the sportsman in me felt envious when I saw their athletics website. Blacksburg Metropolitan Academy was a high school and they had more sports than most colleges these days. They had Football, Baseball, Gymnastics, Basketball, Cross Country, Wrestling, Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Archery, Cycling, Track, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Rifle, Rowing and even an all-male Equestrian Club. Stuart attended the Academy for all four years of high school and he was the valedictorian of their school. At Lively Stones College, he was the President of the Freshman Class. The man simply excels at whatever he does.

To add insult to injury, he came from an amazing family. While I was growing up under the oppressive thumb of an emotionally abusive aunt, Stuart was being raised by the most wonderful parents on God's green Earth. His father Lucas Jefferson is the Junior Senator of the Virginia State Senate.

The first black senator the state of Virginia had seen in a long time. The man is practically worshiped by the black community of Virginia. They see in him echoes of past civil rights leaders. I dare say Senator Lucas Jefferson is the Matinee Idol of the Virginia State Senate. Oh, and he's a Republican to boot.

Stuart's mother Alexandra James Jefferson is the President of Blacksburg Community College. I checked out the Blacksburg Community College website. Mrs. Jefferson is an attractive black woman in her late forties. She's the first black and female president of the college. Previously, she served as the Director of the Athletics Department, where again she was the first minority and female director. Under her direction, Blacksburg Community College enhanced its athletics program. When she came along, they offered Men's Baseball, Basketball and Soccer along with Women's Softball, Basketball and Soccer. She added Men's Cross Country, Swimming, Volleyball, Football and Wrestling along with Women's Cross Country, Tennis, Rugby, Volleyball, Golf and Swimming. Not bad for an National Junior College Athletic Association sports program. His brother Lawrence Jefferson was a police officer with the Blacksburg Police Department. His sister Annabelle Jefferson was a psychology major at Virginia Tech. Yeah, Stuart Jefferson came from a prominent black family filled with overachievers. The guy had everything. It's so unreal!

Stuart is immensely popular on campus, both because he's a football stud and class president. The thing is that he's not like your average college super jock. Especially those guys and gals who play Division One sports at major colleges or universities. He's thoroughly likeable because he's actually a good guy. He's not one of those fake people you see everyday. He's genuinely smart, caring and actually friendly. You never catch him swearing or getting mad at somebody. He's even-tempered and cool. And the fact that he's absolutely gorgeous only makes him more irresistible to everyone who knows him. I forgot to tell you that he's a woman magnet.

I have yet to meet the Lively Stones woman who doesn't find him attractive.

A man like Stuart Jefferson, college football player and freshman class president, definitely has his pick of women.

He's not like all the other super jocks out there whom you read about. Yeah, college sportsmen and sportswomen getting drunk, embarassing themselves at parties or participating in illicit behavior involving sex, drugs, petty crime or the harassment of others. Stuart Jefferson attends church every Sunday. I know this because sometimes I follow him around. I always suspect he might be going to a bar, club or liquor store. He doesn't. He's a church-going lad. The kind any father or mother would be glad to introduce their daughter to. Honestly, the guy is so perfect he makes me want to puke. Wait until you meet his girlfriend. Then you're really going to start hating the bozo.

I was present when Stuart Jefferson met Katherine Samson of the Women's Swimming team. Hell, I was the one who introduced them. I met Katherine in my Sociology class. She's a tall, lean and athletic young woman with caramel-colored skin, long curly hair and pale green eyes. She's half African-American and half Irish. A gorgeous biracial gal who was the only non-caucasian member of the Women's Swimming team. Looking back, I should have known that they would be into each other. Katherine Samson and Stuart Jefferson had a lot in common.

They were both gorgeous college athletes. Also, they were the most popular students on campus. She too came from what they call pedigree. Her father Anthony Samson was the Senior Partner of the law firm of Samson, Anderson & Smith. They're a very powerful law firm down in Boston. Katherine's mother, Eleanor Smith Samson was the CEO of the International Association of Black Women in Criminal Law. Katherine Samson was the president of the Lively Stones College Minorities in Technology club. All the school's black engineering and computing students, both male and female, belonged to that club. When they met, the attraction between those two was almost palpable. Oh, brother. What had I done? I introduced the girl I liked to the man who would definitely steal her from me. I know, sometimes I amaze myself.

Anyway, when we got back to the dorm from class, Stuart started pestering me with questions about Katherine. Who was she? What was she into? Did she have a boyfriend? I knew for a fact that she didn't have a boyfriend. Mainly because I befriended her back in September in the hopes of becoming her man. You had to see, folks. Tall and pretty. Perfect face. Perfect chest. Perfect booty. Perfect everything. Better-looking than most supermodels. Any man would be happy to have her in his life. I wanted her so badly I could taste it. And then Stuart became interested in her. It was the beginning of the end for me. Stuart always had this beatific look in his eyes when he talked about Katherine. Oh, brother. I tried to keep them apart, but the universe seemed to be working against me. In our sociology class, Katherine began questioning me about Stuart, my so-called roommate and best friend. Who was he? What was he into? Did he have a girlfriend? I tried to keep them apart, but soon Stuart was showing up to Katherine's classes and vice versa. They began talking on the phone and then dated. And I was the proverbial third wheel. Isn't that great?

Stuart Jefferson and Katherine Samson began dating. Soon, they were falling in love. And I was the proverbial best friend to them both. The man who never gets any. I took it in stride. I was a good-looking young black man, a good student and a great athlete. I was also vice president of my fraternity. I had my pick of females. But Katherine was the only one that I wanted. I hated seeing them together. Mainly because they looked so perfect. Completely and utterly flawless. It was almost as if their bodies were designed by the gods themselves. How thoroughly horrible!

Katherine Samson stood six feet tall. A bit too tall for most men's taste, whether they like to admit it or not, but definitely not too tall for Stuart, the tall and handsome, prototypical strong black man. They were so happy together. And the entire campus loved them. Katherine and I attended Stuart's football games. All of them. She was always cheering him on. He was always dragging me to her swim team meets. Listen to me for a second. I do not follow college swimming. I don't care if it's men's swimming or women's swimming. It's a boring sport. I also think women's field hockey and men's and women's lacrosse along with men's and women's golf are the most boring sports on the planet. So, when Stuart made me attend them either because his new lady liked them or played them, I was frustrated. I had a well-concealed yet strong dislike for Stuart ever since he stole Katherine Samson from me. But ever since he forced me to attend her swim meets, I began to hate him. Seriously, I wanted the man dead. To add new insult to previous injury, neither Stuart nor Katherine found it a priority to attend my Rugby games. Isn't that sweet?

Some of you might consider me a bad guy for hating the two people I called my close friends. But obviously you've never had your life ruined because of them. When the school faced a major budget cut, the men's rugby team along with the women's golf team were slated for termination. Very few people showed up for women's golf and men's rugby matches. The athletic director decided to cut them and focus their funds on core sports. Only a massive fundraiser allowed us to keep our team, albeit at the club level. We were no longer a varsity college rugby team. That just sucks. Not being a varsity sports team means we get little to no help from the athletics department. We also get almost no funding.

When the school bounced back financially, funding was given to boost the football team from Division One status to Division One A status. The women's swimming team also got a financial boost, as did the overall athletic department. Except for men's rugby. I was pissed. Stuart and Katherine didn't care. I felt like crying when I saw that my team was in danger of being cut. I loved rugby. It's tougher than football if you ask me. No need for stupid helmets or pads. Real men don't need them. Of course, collegiate America didn't care. And neither did Stuart and James. They didn't even participate in the fundraiser which helped keep the men's rugby team at the club sports level. Now you know why I hate them.

It's official. And I can say it now. I hate Stuart Jefferson and Katherine Samson. I hate the fact that they both come from rich, popular and famous families. I hated the fact that when their parents came to visit, they were so elated and I had to make an excuse to explain why I was alone.

I was always alone. The only thing I had going on for me was academics. I played rugby and loved it but if my grades slipped, I'd be thrown out of Lively Stones College. I focused on my schoolwork, and began distancing myself from Katherine and Stuart. Let them be so happy together if that's what they want. I hope they crash and burn in their respective stylish Hummers. Someday, I will have my revenge on them. They're going to pay. No one should have it so easy in life. It makes the rest of us look bad. I didn't have anything handed to me on a silver platter. They did.

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. They were. I worked hard for what I got in life. They didn't. Everything was simply handed to them. I swear this before all the stars in heaven, someday I will be the cause of their downfall.

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by Anonymous04/17/18

Hateful drivel. No more, no less.

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