tagBDSMBecause That's What Good Girls Do

Because That's What Good Girls Do


Katie was a young girl with a strange fetish. She loved to be a slave and have her man be a master. Although many people had such a fetish, she liked being a slave to a large degree. She looked since she was eighteen and right out of foster care, having grown up with no known family, on websites for slaves needing masters or masters needing slaves. Two years of trying out at least a dozen men, none of them satisfied her enough. That was until she met Jake.

Jake was the one to contact her. Something about her bright red locks of straight hair down to her waist and dazzling green eyes stunned him. He couldn't help but to become hard as he looked over her pictures. Most she was in normal attire but some she wore sexy lingerie which showed off her well-toned legs and curvy yet slender bodice. She was a prize worth having and Jake knew he needed her.

They went out a couple of times as a normal date to discuss things. Once it was out to a fancy restaurant, Jake's treat, and then the next time was a picnic at night in the park. That was when they discussed their desires at last. Katie liked everything he had to say and they agreed. Katie signed an agreement that night stating that she was willingly going to live in his home and obey his commands, as long as she did not become terribly injured or killed that was.

The next night, Katie moved in. Immediately she was forced to strip down to nothing in the main room as soon as the door was shut and locked up tight. Jake tossed her a black thong, a lacey black bra and some black high heels.

"Get dressed slut. We'll go over the rules and routine." Jake demanded.

Katie did as she was told without a word. She put on the clothes and smiled flirtatiously at the handsome man, standing at six feet even with a muscled body, tan skin; tattoos covered his arms and legs. He wore Dickie's black shorts and a light blue T-shirt that made his blue eyes stand out even more.

Jake grabbed a leash and collar off the wall and approached. He clipped the collar on and tugged the leash. Katie knew instantly that she was to follow like a good girl. Her heels clicked on the ground as Jake held the leash tight, forcing Katie to be very close to him as they walked through the house. At the bedroom he stopped and pointed. "You are expected to please me every night before bed."

He yanked the leash and continued. They stopped outside of another room with nothing more than a mattress on the floor, a large mirror on a desk covered in makeup, lotions and brushes. "You're expected to stay looking good at all times. You'll sleep there, chained to the bed."

Another yank and more walking. The tour went on for about an hour in the large house. Rules were listed as was the routine of things. Katie was not allowed to speak once, merely nod her head that she understood.



Jake arrived at home from work. He instantly went to Katie's room and unlocked it, swinging open the door. She awoke with a fright, jumping up and gasping but relaxing once she noticed it was just her master. Her happiness faded away as soon as she saw the anger in his eyes.

"M-master?" She whimpered, looking up at him in fear. Her ankle hurt slightly from the chain attached from her ankle to the ground.

He leaned over and undid the lock, freeing her ankle. Immediately Katie began to rub the spot but only for a second. As Jake hovered over her she scrambled to her feet and ran to the mirror where she quickly got ready. She had been nude while sleeping and was now dressing into the thong and bra provided on the shelf. Today it was blood red.

Once Katie was standing in front of Jake, tall and proper as she was told, he grabbed her arm and yanked her to the ground. Katie knew what to do. She quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his black work pants and tugged them to the ground. His cock was hard and ready for her already. She leaned forward, opening her mouth and allowing his thick eight inch dick to slide its way into his maw and down her throat. She choked a little at first but regained composure and began to bob her head back and forth, her lips tight on his shaft. One hand moved to his balls as she massaged them. The other scratched at his thigh. Her teeth gently went over his shaft every now and then as she sucked. This caused Jake to groan happily. But still, her master was not having a good day thanks to issues at work.

This was not getting his anger out one bit and so he shoved her off of him. Katie tumbled back onto her ass. The concrete floor was cold and it hurt. With a confused and surprised look she got to her feet. "Master?" She inquired.

"This way." He demanded and turned, walking away and expecting the young woman to follow - as she did. They went down the hallway and he opened the door that led to the room in the basement. It was called the dungeon. Inside there was a wall covered in toys, another in whips and chains and things of that nature. There were oils, lotions, lubes and candles for hot wax. Throughout the room were contraptions. Some for lying on, others for standing on, and so on and so forth.

The room was dim lit with red lights. Everything had a red glow to it but somehow it added to the sexy feel for Katie and for Jake as well.

Inside he shut and locked the door before grabbing Katie by the arm. He tossed the girl towards a contraption she had yet to use. Without a word she allowed him to place her into it. She was leaning on one part with her stomach. Her arms were yanked behind her and tied behind her back. They were tied tightly and it hurt but Katie dared not to complain. Especially since she had never seen him in such a terrible mood.

Next her legs were spread apart. They were tied to opposite posts so that she was resting on a cushioned platform, her tits hanging over as to be viewable and not squished, her arms tied down in front of her and her legs parted so that her ass and pussy were in clear view. Her stomach was then strapped to the cushion she rested on. Glancing back she watched Jake undress. His cock remained hard and he stroked it casually as he stared at her tight pink pussy.

Stepping forward he sneered, ready to be pleased and knowing the shock Katie would go through once she realized how this man liked to get out his anger. The very thought of her surprise turned him on even more as Jake rubbed the smooth head of his cock over her pussy lips. She became wet quickly and moaned as he rubbed her lips, flicking her clit on occasion as well which caused her to jump slightly in pleasure.

Soon he was sliding himself into her one inch at a time. Katie groaned as she felt his cock stretching her pussy open. Jake gasped slightly, feeling her cunt squeezing around his shaft. Once all eight inches were inside he began to rock back and forth. Her tits bounced against the platform that her upper body rested on. Jake started slow but quickly became rough. She felt her pussy go from pink to red as he began to beat away. Juice dripped down her inner thighs and Katie screamed in pleasure as he shoved his cock deep into her pussy. Her eyes closed, jaw dropped, and she panted as she felt him thrusting in and out of her.

Jake's right hand held her hip, although her body was going nowhere as it was tied down. His other hand was used to rub her clit, causing Katie to squeal even more. He got his fingers nice and moist with her juices and began to rub them on her asshole. Katie had stated no anal in the beginning, other than fingers. A single finger was not a problem but a dildo or a cock was out of the question. She was not worried one bit and when his index slid into her tight back door she moaned. Jake's cock could be felt sliding back and forth inside of her cunt as he fingered her asshole. He moved his finger in and out slowly, watching with a grin.

After five minutes of beating her pretty little pussy red, Jake pulled his cock out. He was quick to reposition it just outside of her asshole. Katie felt the head of his cock near her virgin back door and shook her head.

"No! No Jake!" She yelled in anger, shifting her weight back and forth but it did no good. She was tied down tight and the contraption was attached to the ground. "Stop!"

Jake laughed and moved away from her body. Katie was worried though as she watched him go to the wall. She panted and watched in fear as he grabbed a gag ball. Her head shook and her mouth shut tightly. He grabbed her jaw and forced it apart, shoving the ball inside and although it was a struggle with her shaking her head all over the place, he managed to tie it behind her head. Katie screamed into the ball as he moved away, sneering and soon laughing.

His cock bulged and pulsed as he thought of the pleasure he was about to have. He leaned forward and slapped her face hard. A pink hand print instantly showed on her pale features.

"My name is master, bitch. Remember that!" He said through gritted teeth.

Stepping away he went behind her again. By this point Katie was trembling and tears formed in her eyes. She felt the head of his cock against her back door once more. He rubbed his cock up and down on the tight light brown hole. With no warning at all he began to shove it inside. Her ass hole instantly hurt and Katie screamed. A single tear dropped to the concrete floor as she felt her anal passage opening up and unhappily allowing the thick cock to enter.

Jake was jaw dropped in pleasure as he felt his dick sliding deep into her ass. Once inside he panted a little and sneers, looking down at the beautiful sight of her asshole eating up his large cock. Katie was trembling still and this pleased him more. Glancing at her face to watch the tears fall for a moment he soon looked back at her bubbly round ass and gripped his hips hard. Soon he was thrusting. His cock sliding in and out of that tight back hole. Katie screamed and groaned in pain as she felt her body is violated.

Tears kept on falling as Jake rocked back and forth. His cock forced her asshole wide open. The pain was unimaginable. Not once was he gentle as he thrusted inside of the slender girl. He knew it would not be long until he came.

Five minutes felt like an hour for Katie as she was tied down and violated through her asshole. She hadn't stopped screaming the entire time as he thrusted into her. Five minutes was all that the man could last though. Her warm and damp anal passage squeezing around his dick was far too enjoyable and his load shot deep up inside of her. He thrusted harder than ever for his last thrust, forcing his cum deeper into her and he held himself there. His hands squeezed her hips so hard they became red.

Once his load had shot completely he pulled away. His hands released her body and he admired the bruises on her sides. His cock slid out of her asshole which immediately began to drip cum.

Jake gave her a swift pat on the ass, causing her to squeal in pain and surprise.

"I'll be back in an hour, slave. You stay right there." He said with a terrible sneer and turned for the stairs. He switched the light off and slammed the door shut, leaving Katie inside the cold and pitch black room all alone.

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