tagBDSMBecca the Punisher Pt. 01

Becca the Punisher Pt. 01


Becca was a college student in her mid-20s at a major university. She was a 5'4 Asian girl with a toned body, feminine curves, and boobs to kill for. For many years, she had become a practiced martial artist, able to defend herself from the many guys who would try to get out of hand with her.

Becca was constantly tired of the constant harassment she would hear about occurring on campus. The male population consisted mostly of entitled fraternity brothers, and the allegations of sexual assault, misogyny, and general disrespect for the women on campus had reached unacceptable levels. Becca's friends constantly complained to her of being groped, of malicious and sexist pranks, and generally of the entitled attitude of male supremacy on campus. Many of her friends had even been sexually assaulted.

Eventually, this gave Becca an idea. She posted an anonymous ad on CraigsList. "Female Vigilante for hire." Advertising her 'services', Becca promised to mete out justice to the males of the college in need of it. The punishment could range from a simple beatdown, to blackmail, to abject humiliation. For good measure she would always throw in her own little plan to make sure the boys would stay in line after their punishment, not cause too much trouble with the campus police, and not dare have the guts to try to retaliate.

Becca remembered back to her first assignment... A young, freshman girl on campus named Sarah had reported being humiliated and used by two jocks in a frathouse, Josh and Robert. Both were in good shape, handsome guys, and best buds. But they would constantly talk about how many pussies they'd been able to have. They had gone on a panty raid of the female dorms and stolen the panties of several girls. When Sarah had confronted them, they had laughed at her and called her a bitch. Then, Robert had grabbed Sarah and stripped her shirt off. She tried to scream but the men had made fun of her breasts, grabbed them, and generally acted like jerks before leaving her crying. Sarah felt lucky that it hadn't escalated beyond that, but promised big payment in response to Becca's ad.

Becca was nervous, but confident as she approached the frathouse where the two boys lived. It was late on a weeknight, with no one around. She wore a heavy coat that concealed knee-high high-heeled leather boots, a tight corset top, fishnet stockings, and tight vinyl hotpants. Her face was adorned with a fashionable mask that covered her eyes and much of her upper face. Peeking inside the bag she carried with her, she double-checked to see what she had for the job. A pair of scissors, rope, duct tape, handcuffs, padlocks, a camera, and various other BDSM equipment she had purchased for the occasion rested snugly.

When she knocked on the door, the two boys looked at her for a moment, confused by her mask but impressed by what they could see beneath her coat. "Hey boys, it's cold out. Can I come in?" she asked with a sweet smile. She then pushed her way in as Robert and Josh looked at each other, thinking they were about to get lucky.

"Look, bitch, I don't know why you're wearing that mask, but I think you'd better show us a little more," Robert said in a demanding tone. He was wearing a casual t-shirt, belt, and jeans. Josh for his part had just come back from the gym and was wearing his muscle shirt and shorts.

"I don't think so," Becca replied confidently, setting her bag down, removing her coat, and placing her hands on her hips. "You see, you've been very bad boys, and I'm here to punish you. You can start by taking off your pants."

Robert and Josh looked at each other in shock, enraged that this mere girl would dare order them around. "You BITCH!" Josh yelled, coming towards Becca to grab her and get her under control.

Becca effortlessly dodged his attack and kneed him in his abdomen. She continued to punch him right in the jaw. "Submit to me or I will make you suffer even more," she whispered softly in his ear as he crunched down and whimpered. Josh still wanted to grab her, but she quickly backhand-slapped his dick and he fell to the floor. Robert decided to attack her while her back was turned to him, but Becca could hear him right behind her and she slightly turned and swung her strong leg backwards into a light jump, producing a roundhouse kick. She scrapped the heel of her stilettos across his chest, making him bleed lightly.

"You crazy bitch!" Robert yelled as he rushed towards her and began choking her. She brought her forearms together between her full and supple breasts, pushing through his strong forearm. She broke his chokehold and proceeded to punch him in the face. With a bloody nose Robert fell to his knees.

"From this point forward, you will address me by 'ma'am'," Becca ordered. She smiled and tossed a pair of solid heavy handcuffs to both Josh and Robert. "Don't make me repeat myself. Take off your pants and handcuff yourself."

Not only did the men comply with her demands, but they were downright intrigued by her authority. Becca instructed the men to sit back to back, each on a dining room chair of their own. They had never felt such a superior presence by a woman, and became fully erect as a result. "Now boys," her voice seductive yet in charge, "I'm here to teach you boys a lesson. A lesson you boys have never been taught." She lightly licked her lips and slipped cock rings on both Josh and Robert. These were no ordinary cock rings; in fact they would send a shocking sensation to the victim's penis, controlled by a touch of a button through the remote she held.

Josh lifted his head and questioned her, "I seriously think this is hot but you're bat shit crazy!" With that remark she leaned in to kiss his jawbone and pressed the button to shock his dick. His screams were a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Becca was quite satisfied at how well the events had turned out. Robert felt a bit jealous that he hadn't received any attention from her yet and started to act out. "You're just some whore one of our brothers hired to torment us as a prank, is that it?" he questioned her abruptly.

As attentive as Becca was, she pulled out a wooden ruler from one of the math textbooks sitting on the kitchen counter. "Lesson one, do not label a woman with a derogatory term," she said. With a smile written across her face, she slapped the wooden ruler across his hard cock.

Robert screamed in agony but despite the pain he erotically enjoyed her attention and his punishment. "I apologize, madam," he croaked. Becca wandered through the fraternity house and looked for anything incriminating while leaving the men wanting to cum inside of her.

Becca returned with an armful of panties they had raided. She walked directly to each of the men and stuff a couple of panties in each of their mouths. Becca sat on Josh's lap and started to kiss his neck. Josh groaned in pleasure as she created hickies across his neck. Suddenly she slapped him across his face. "Lesson two," Becca bit her lips softly and continued, "Treat women with respect." She slapped Josh one more time before she walked over to Robert.

Robert was basically panting as Becca pulled her breasts out of the leather corset and pressed them against Robert's face. Robert wanted to suck on her soft and beautiful breasts, but the panties in his mouth were keeping him from fulfilling his fantasy. Robert let out an agonizing groan as Becca sat on his lap and traced her lips across his neck. Deviously enough, she pressed the shock button for both Josh's and Robert's cock rings. She slapped Robert across his face as well and sucked roughly on his neck to create hicky marks across his neck. "Bad boy," she teased, and with a flick of her finger she flicked his cock, making Robert shed a tear from his eye.

"Yes ma'am," he whimpered softly. With both males at their weakest point, Becca pulled out her camera and snapped photos of her victims.

"If you dare to even bring this up with the real authorities, I will post this on every social media site I can find," she threatened them as she reached for her items and wrapped her jacket around herself. Becca walked away from them, leaving them hard as a rock for their brothers to find them naked and abused.

As much as their brothers interrogated both Josh and Robert, the men would only claim it was a sexual fantasy both of them had desired and that no criminal intent was involved. The brothers ended up calling campus police to use a lock cutting tool to free them from the handcuffs. From that day forward, the two treated every woman they met with respect, but expected their girlfriends to be dominating during sex.

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