tagBDSMBecca's Slaves at USC Pt. 02

Becca's Slaves at USC Pt. 02


Becca was feeling very hot in her sexy maid costume. It was Halloween, and Halloween was her favorite day of the year, even more so than her birthday. She always liked the idea of transforming your body into a character, and on top of that, she loved to see how creative she could get with how skimpy her costume was. And today was no exception. It wasn't enough to just buy a maid costume on Amazon. No, no. If Becca had one redeeming characteristic, it was that she was an expert seamstress. She took great pride in crafting the costume herself from raw materials. She was a perfectionist and she wanted her outfit not just to send a message, but for that message to be screaming. She made it loud and clear that she in a whole other dimension of hotness compared to the girls around her. And that was what separated her from the average girl: the perfectionist in her. And in Becca's mind, she was perfect.

By this time, she had not just the students, but now the faculty, including the principal under her command. That's right. The principal of USC had worn a cockcage around his dick and Becca held the key to it in her bedroom. Needless to say, she had straight A's. Pretty much every male that encountered her was either directly or indirectly her slave.

Becca was feeling pretty good that morning in October. It was warm but not but not hot, and she loved to see all the students in costumes as she walked through the campus. She smiled dreamily at everyone she made eye contact with, men and women.

As she walked by a group of male students, one of them fell to his knees and kissed her polished, black heels. Becca was used to this kind of attention and continued walking after patting the boy on the head like a puppy dog. Many boys had written her love letters. Other boys had offered her gifts. She was so used to all the attention that she barely noticed it. On the campus, she had the nickname "Goddess of USC," which was rumored to have been coined by a boy in the marching band.

After all, Becca was a hot, blonde, cheerleader. She had a perfect body. She was not just popular, she was worshipped.

But she let it all get to her head. She had developed the biggest ego (if an ego could be measured by science) on the planet.

It was almost nine in the morning when the helicopter landed.

It was a dull black color and it made quite a ruckus. The wind blew Becca's hair around and she didn't like that. So already this helicopter pissed her off.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded, screaming at the vehicle. She had developed a boldness that was unparalleled by this point in her life. She figured she could easily just seduce whoever stepped out of it.

A man in a black leather jacket emerged. He looked like an action figure he was so ripped.

"Becca," he stated, in a baritone voice.

"Do I know you?" she asked, trying to pull strands of hair out of face.

"Not yet. But you will." He came forward. Becca took a step back. It was probably the first step back she'd ever taken in her entire life.

She dropped her cell phone and it landed with an awful sound, and Becca shrieked.

The man gave her a slight grin.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" she stammered.

"Name's Jake. You've got quite a good thing going on here, Becca."

"What do you mean?"

He grinned. "You kidding me? Everyone knows who you are. You know you're an urban legend. You're famous, Becca."

"I'm not famous, I'm just a really awesome girl," she insisted.

He laughed. "Boys," he snapped his fingers. "Tie her up."

Two men burst out of the helicopter with ropes and an assortment of metal cuffs hanging from their belts.

Becca froze. She stood there like a statue in her hot maid outfit. The men quickly encircled her in ropes like they'd practiced it a thousand times. Onlookers did nothing but watch.

Becca could feel her power being drained from her. Tears fell down her cheeks as she caught a glimpse of the collar that was clasped around her neck. It had the word "slave" written in black letters on the front. The other man clasped leg irons around her white stockinged ankles. To cap it all off, a red ballgag was forced into her mouth. Becca could do nothing but whimper and give onlookers a pleading look.

"Mrrrmmmphhh!" Becca groaned, her delicate eyes on Jake. Jake stood with his arms crossed until the men were finished. As soon as she was completely restrained, standing helplessly with her hands tied behind her back and looking utterly dominated, Jake took a step forward. One of the men handed him a heavy chain that he pulled from off his belt. Jake took it and got right up in Becca's face. The chain made a dull clanking sound that gave Becca goosebumps.

Becca kept her eyes locked to his. It was the only thing she had control over. Maybe if I seduce him, she thought. I can still get out of this. Her mind was racing and her heart was pounding. She immediately wished she'd worn a different, less revealing outfit.

By this time a crowd of students had begun to amass, some of which had started filming the scene on their iPhones. Many of the boys had a very giddy face, she noticed. Some of the professors were actually pleasantly smiling like they were on some sort of opiate. The atmosphere seemed blissful to everyone else but nightmarish for her. After all, this was not the sort of thing a girl wants posted on Instagram. Needless to say, she sobbing relentlessly.

Jake pressed his body up against her and put his arms around her. She practically melted into a puddle at the feeling of his chest. He gave her a light kiss on the forehead and then clasped a chain around her neck.

He pointed his finger to the ground and Becca's eyes followed it. He was pointing to her phone.

"You're not going to need that where we're going," he said. Becca didn't understand. Was he FBI? Why was no one helping her or doing anything?" She gave one of the professors an angry look.

Help me!

"Mrrrrppphh!" she made a sound that meant "this isn't fair, you can't treat me this way," but words were now a thing of the past for Becca. She was Jake's sexual plaything now.

Jake turned and tugged on her leash. Becca was forced to follow, hobbling along awkwardly. Her heels didn't make things any easier.

Jake turned, placed a finger on her soaking, silk, white, panties, and she practically fainted. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. She was a hot girl. She was used to being worshipped, not led around on a leash like livestock. And this was not the way you treat a hot girl in a sexy maid outfit.

As she was taken into the helicopter, tugged up the stairs by her neck, she nearly lost her balance and fell. Once inside, Jake turned to her and commanded, "on your knees, slavegirl."

Becca obeyed by sheer instinct and not on her own free will.

Jake unzipped his pants and a massive quivering boner flew out. Her pupils dilated. It was big. There was no denying it. For a moment she nearly forgot she was in a fight for her freedom and became entranced by it.

"You want to suck it, don't you." It was half a question, half a command.

Becca didn't nod but didn't shake her head either. She just stared up at him with cute puppy dog eyes that sparkled like the Milky Way.

"Eeeeii," she whimpered. She wasn't sure if she meant yes or no by it.

Just then a tanned, sexy asian girl came into the room. Becca immediately recognized that the girl was at least ten times hotter than she was. That straight, jet black hair. Those perfect calves. She wore nothing but pink lingerie and Becca knew she was no match.

"You're going to learn obedience, slavegirl." Jake said to Becca.

Jake grabbed the chain and secured it to an O ring on the floor, forcing Becca into an extremely uncomfortable position where she had to balance on her knees with her face down and her ass in the air, all the while the helicopter jostled around and she had no idea where they were going or who this man Jake was.

Jake grabbed the asian girl, ripped her panties off with a quick flick of the wrist, and proceeded to plow into her. The girl moaned like she had lived on a deserted island the last ten years and hadn't had much more than a banana to pleasure herself with during all that time.

Becca was forced to listen but she closed her eyes. This made balancing difficult, so every now and then she opened them and caught a glimpse of fluids dripping out of this girl's vagina, her eyes rolling back like he was performing an exorcism on her.

This was not how she wanted to spend her Halloween.

Her only hope was that once they got to wherever they were going, Becca could try to seduce this man. But something inside her was enjoying what was happening.

The thought crossed her mind: What if I never get free? What if this is my life now? What if I spend the rest of my life as a sexual prisoner to be teased and played by this man?

If Becca the Goddess of USC only knew that her life would take a complete 180, she might have been more grateful to all the attention she got before. Now she wasn't even Becca the Slavegirl. She was just slavegirl.

Fluids had poured all down her legs, and stockings were ripped and ruined. Her pussy was throbbing and yearning to be touched. She wasn't sure how much of this sexual torture she could take.

Gone were Becca's fans. Gone were her parents. Gone were her straight A's. Gone were her cheerleading, her volleyball, and her wardrobe of almost 500 dresses. Gone were her responsibilities. She had nothing left but her vagina, her body, and her mind. And Jake owned all three now.

While the hot asian girl climaxed, Becca rubbed her dripping wet legs together in frustration and moaned. . .


Stay tuned for Part 3. Guys, you know I love writing these stories and I know you secretly enjoy them too. I love you, you beautiful, loving reader! I do this for you. Just know I love both men and women very much and this story and all my stories are intended to create a fantasy world that is not possible to experience in our world.

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