tagBDSMBecky and Sam: The Beginning

Becky and Sam: The Beginning

byChristina Samuels©

When Becky found out about (and read) my account of her and Sam's erotic adventure, she asked me if I would be interested in writing about the events which lead up to her starring role. Since one of my greatest turn-ons is listening to my girlfriends tell me all the delicious details of their sensual exploits, I immediately agreed. I hope the following turns you on as much as it did me and my dear husband, Aaron.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Okay Becky." Sam said, "Strip."

The flatness of his tone sent a chill down her spine. "Now!"

Becky seductively wet her lips and smiled. Casually she opened the buttons of her dark-blue, silk blouse; then pulled it back to expose the powder blue lace bra that supported and accentuated her full breasts.

His face: expressionless, Sam nodded his approval. "Leave the blouse on. Take off your skirt."

With the same casualness as before, Becky opened the button on her white, pencil-skirt, then tugged down the zipper. With a little encouragement, it slid down her long legs and puddled on the floor.

"Panties next."

Becky hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her high-cut, lace bikinis and guided them over her rounded hips, and downward.

Sam rose from his chair and approached her. He opened the front closure of her bra and slid his hands inside: freeing her breasts. With his thumbs, he traced the crowns of her areolas. His touch was light; almost featherlike.

"You can still back out." he said.

"I know."

"Do you want to?"

Becky shook her head. "If you'd have lost that last hand instead of me . . . No."

"Then kneel down. I think you know what to do next."

Becky squatted, then dropped to her knees. Sam unzipped his pants and allowed his long, thick cock to fall free. Becky extended her tongue and licked the tiny drop of pre-cum from the tip. She looked up and smiled, then dragged her tongue along his full length. His cock began to grow hard. Becky took him in her mouth and began to suck.

"Ooo. Yeah! That's it Beck. Suck me. Suck my cock."

Slowly, she began to bob up and down along his shaft. Her tongue swirled over him. Her teeth raked the sensitive skin. It was a game she knew well. One where the rules were constantly changing, as his cock grew to its full, ten inch length. One that she played to win.

Sam placed his hands on Becky's shoulders to steady himself. She released his cock from her mouth and began to lick and suck his balls. Her technique was well rehearsed. She knew every sensitive spot, and just how much licking and sucking they could take. With wild abandon, she battered him with her tongue.

"Ohhhhh. Yeah!"

His breathing was growing ragged. Becky dragged her tongue along his shaft. Using only the tip, she followed the base of the crown. Another drop of pre-cum seeped from his cock. As before, she licked it clean.

"Yeah. Yeah! That's it. Oh yeah!" he groaned.

Becky knew he was nearing the edge. She knew how to keep him there. She also knew that the price of her tease could be paid back double, when the power to deny her orgasm was his. It was a price she did not wish to pay.

Instinctively, she took him in her mouth and began bobbing up and down rapidly. Her lips encircled his shaft. Her tongue swirled over him.

"Oh Beck. Suck me. Suck my cock! That's it. That's the way!"

With each bob, she took him deeper down her throat. She had becum a woman possessed. Her desire to please was overpowering. The whole of her attention was focused on his cock.

"Mmm. Yeah. Mmm. Yeah!"

She released his cock from her mouth. It glistened from her loving attention. She looked into his eyes; smiled; then opened her mouth: inviting him back in. He accepted, and slid his cock past her waiting lips. She encircled him once more, as he began to fuck her mouth. She knew he could not last much longer, and prepared to swallow all he had to offer.

To her surprise, just as his cock began to spasm, he pulled from her. The first spray of cum glanced her cheek and painted her hair. The second streamed across her forehead. The third, across her other cheek. The fourth painted more of her hair. The fifth, clung to her eyebrows; and trickled down.

He was all but spent.

With a mischievous grin, she reached out, wrapped her slender fingers around his cock and gently milked the last of his cum onto her waiting tongue.

She swallowed.

"Stand up and take off your blouse and bra." he said, "But keep your high-heels on."

Becky stood, and reached to wipe away the still-warm remnants of his release. He grabbed her wrist. "What do you think you're doing?" he questioned.

She froze. "I . . . was . . . just . . ."

"No no. Leave it. I like the way you look with my cum on your face." Sam said, "Now. Your blouse? Your bra?"

Becky hesitated a moment, then took off her remaining clothing.

She stood, motionless.

He studied her. Smiled. He liked what he saw. Although there was no denying, that at five foot six, just under one hundred ninety pounds, fifty-something-year-old Becky was overweight; but to Sam, she was still a very sexy woman. He loved the way her large, nicely rounded breasts swayed when he took her from behind. How easily her silver dollar-sized areolas responded to his touch. How quickly her nipples could grow long and thick. He was enthralled by the stark contrast between her clean shaven pussy lips and the thick patch of womanly curls that covered her mound and echoed the golden color of her hair. And her legs: testament to her efforts in shedding the pounds.

"I think I liked it better when your pussy was completely naked." he said, "I should do something about that. But not today. Now. Shall we get started?"

She nodded.

He smiled, a lecherous smile, then ushered her down the hallway and into their bedroom.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"For the rest of the afternoon, your body belongs to me." Sam said, "It is mine to do with as I like. To tease. To please. You will have no say about what happens. And as we agreed, you will be tied to my liking the entire time. So. Are you ready?"


"You're sure?"

"I'm sure."

With a slight gesture of his hand, Sam guided his love beneath the hand hewn beam that divided the room. She stood, perfectly still, trying desperately to hide her uneasiness. With a twinge of quiet apprehension, she watched as he opened the small duffle bag that lay on the bed and took out a rather long length of soft, cotton rope.

"Hold out your hands." he said, "Cross your wrists."

Mindlessly, Becky did as she had been told. With skill and precision, Sam wrapped one end of the rope in a figure-eight, over and around her wrists; binding them gently, yet securely together.

"Too tight?" he asked.


Sam gathered the free end, then tossed it up and over the beam. Caught it. Pulled: drawing her hands overhead. In one, quick motion, he secured it to the corner post of the bed.

"Spread your feet. A little more than shoulder width." he said.

Cautiously, Becky shifted her weight from side to side, widening her stance.

"A little further. Further still. Perfect!"

She watched as he rummaged through the duffle bag and took out a pair of ankle cuffs.

"What are those for?"

Sam smiled, then fastened the first cuff around her right ankle. "You'll see." he said, then fastened the second, around her left.

Becky grew nervous. Sam reached under the bed and retrieved the spreader bar he had hidden there earlier, and hooked it between the cuffs. He stood, then added tension to the rope until her stiletto-like heels lifted from the floor. He eased back until they once more touched, then retied the rope.

A not-so-gentle slap to her vulnerable ass caused Becky to loose her balance. The rope caught her. She steadied herself. Again, Sam rummaged through the bag. This time he took out a silk scarf. He grasped opposite corners, and fashioned a blindfold. He placed it over her eyes, then knotted the free ends.

"Becky?" he whispered softly, "Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?"

"Not in the last five minutes."

Sam stepped behind her and ran his fingers lightly over her breasts. She jumped at the unanticipated touch. He kissed, then licked her sensitive underarm . Once more she jumped.

"You're mine." he whispered, "To tease. To please."

Another slap to her butt. Another. Her flesh quivered with each blow. A pale pink blush began to grow. Sam reached around with his left hand and caressed her plump middle. As before, she reacted to the unanticipated touch. His left hand drifted downward to her mons. He rubbed. She tried to escape the gentle pressure. To no avail. He grasped a tuft of her womanly curls and tugged.

"Mmmuuuum." she moaned.

His right hand roughly explored her breasts. He squeezed, kneaded her flesh. His thumb and fore-finger entrapped her left nipple. He rolled the thickening bud. A hot kiss burned her throat.

All contact ceased.


A moment. Two. Three passed. "Sam?!" His arms encircled her from behind. His thickening cock pressed into the cleft between her butt-cheeks. He held her tight. His naked body pressed against hers. Slowly, he began to masturbate against her ass. Gentle nibbles on her left ear. His tongue traced the curve of her jaw. "Would you like me to fuck your pussy?" he whispered softly.

"Yes. Please." she choked-out.

Another kiss on her throat. "Not yet."

A final thrust against her ass. Then; as before; all contact ceased.

She listened. The faint hum of a vibrator caught her attention. A hot breath on her pussy. The tip of the vibrator traced her outer lips. She braced for what was to cum. Two fingers penetrated her. Held her open. Almost imperceptibly, the vibrator circled her clit.


A kiss to her pussy brought an intense orgasm. She shuddered. Craved more.

Sam's talented tongue began a gentle assault on her ultra-sensitive clit. It was almost more than she could stand. As she, did he; he knew her well, and instantly backed off.

Once more, the vibrator traced her pussy lips. It danced across her mons.

His probing tongue slid back the hood of her clit. "Uggghhh!"

Her body was soaked with sweat. Her calves were burning. Her arms ached. A hungry tongue lapped her inner walls. She needed more. Instead, yet again, all contact ceased.

She waited. Listened. The only sound she could here was the pounding of her own heart.


A stinging blow to her vulnerable butt brought her back to the moment.




Another and another. Her fleshy cheeks quivered with each blow. They grew warm.


And another.

And another. Warmer still.


Becky could feel her cum trailing down her inner thighs. She wanted nothing more than to feel Sam's cock slipping in and out of her pussy.

Something cold touched her, 'backdoor'. She drew a quick breath as the tip of a butt plug pressed against her opening. An even quicker breath as it rapidly filled her completely.

Once more, she was absent his touch.

"Sam? Sam?!"

A featherlike touch traced the crown of her areola. She jumped. The touch was withdrawn.

Another sharp slap to her ass.


And another.

The blindfold was removed. Her eyes struggled to adjust to the light. When they did, she could feel her face flush with embarrassment, as Sam picked up the video camera and began filming.

She closed her eyes tightly; remembering the dried cum that clung to her hair and face. She opened them. Smiled weakly. Raised her eyebrows. Her tired satisfaction showed through.

"Beck; you sure are beautiful." Sam said.

"Thank you." she said softly.

He widened the shot: taking-in her predicament. Involuntarily, she tried to bring her feet together. The spreader bar prevented her. She tried to lower her arms.

"Absolutely beautiful . . ."

A sudden sense of nakedness enveloped her. Modesty?

"How's that pretty ass of yours doing?" Sam asked.

"A little warm."

"Still? Mind if I give those rosy cheeks a close-up?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Not really."

Sam circled her, then focused on her crimson butt. He zoomed in on the thick butt-plug that filled her stretched hole. Down to the rivulets of cum trailing from her pussy.

He turned off the camera and set it on the dresser. He knelt in front of her and released the ankle cuffs. On wobbly legs, she walked her legs together. They ached. She teetered on her high-heeled sandals.

Sam stepped in front of her and took her in his arms.

He kissed her deeply.

Using one arm to steady her, he reached up and untied her wrists. Like the dead weights they were, her arms dropped to her sides. "I'm going to fuck you now." he whispered.

Becky struggled to wrap her arms around him. "I was hoping you would." she said.

"Lay down. On your back." he whispered.

Expending the last of her energy, with Sam's assistance, Becky laid down on the bed and moved to its center. She lay passive, as he took hold of her ankles, then moved her legs up, and apart. The stretching was uncomfortable; but she did not protest.

He knelt before her, and entered her quickly and easily. Leaned forward. The tightness and soreness in her legs grew. He spread her even more. She tried to bend her knees: but lacked the strength.

He withdrew all but the head of his cock; then forcefully drove-in his full length.

"Ahhh!" she cried.

Once more he withdrew all but the head of his cock then forcefully drove-in.


Filled with lust: he began to take her hard and fast.

With each thrust, her breasts bounced wildly. The intense stretching of her legs and hips somehow enhanced the wanton desires building deep in her pussy. She was tired. Every part of her body ached from the pleasures she'd received. Orgasm after orgasm drained her just that much more. Filled her, like never before.

She tried to raise her arms to pull him close, but lacked the strength.

A final thrust: buried deep. She could feel his cock spasm inside her. She closed her eyes and reveled in the moment. The air was filled with the intoxicating scent of their passion.

He released her from his grip. Her legs flopped like a rag doll's. He rolled her on her side and removed the butt plug. She was exhausted, but wanted more. Unfortunately, sleep beckoned. He cuddled her as she drifted off. The next round would simply have to wait.

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