tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBecky Gets It Ch. 02

Becky Gets It Ch. 02


Professor Wilson finally got fed up with the constant texting and attitude from Becky, an attractive coed in his Economics class, and took her phone away. While waiting for her to show up during his office hours, he had a delicious daydream about punishing her. She arrived and interrupted his reverie...



("Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?"—Robert Browning)

"Well, Becky, since you are here, I thought we would take this opportunity to converse about your performance at the college. I took the liberty of pulling your progress report, and it appears this is not the only course you are having trouble staying focused in."

"I know, professor," she leaned forward to rest her elbows on her knees, causing her blouse to open and provide a more than modest view of those firm breasts, held back by the smallest of demi-bras.

"It's just that it is so hard, trying to get everything done. I do show up to class and get my assignments done. I am sure there is more I could be doing to improve my grade."

This last was stated as she peered through her deep black eyelashes, lower lip caught between her teeth, and her hand just happening to catch the edge of her shirt as she lifted it to push her shoulder length hair back behind her ear; providing even more access to the magnificent view within. Oh, this is definitely going to be an enjoyable day!

"I'm sure if we put our...uh...heads together, we could come up with some way to improve your grade."

"Oh, thank you, professor," she smiled. "Do you have any ideas?"

She leaned back in the chair, exposing her midriff once more, and in the process slid forward causing her barely there skirt to slide up her amazingly shaped thighs and exposing a tiny pink G-string that matched the color of her bra.

"Well, I might, but let's hear what you might do... err, have in mind."

"I was thinking that I could maybe come here after your office hours once a week and get some private...tutoring."

Her hand somehow made it down to her lap and rested perched just above the edge of her miniskirt as she was saying this, her fingers running lightly along the edge as if to emphasize the view that was no longer hidden by the skimpy article.

"I am sure I would gobble up anything that you were willing to share with me." She smiled that Cheshire grin, displaying those perfect teeth and ran her tongue along the top row and her upper lip, exposing the base of her tongue stud.

"Well now."

The professor stood up and approached the nymphet on the other side of the desk. Becky immediately leaned forward in anticipation. She licked her lips as he approached and peered coquettishly up at him. The next few moments reeled forward in his mind...


She reached for his belt when he got near, deftly sliding it open and releasing his pants in two quick movements. The beautiful coed leaned forward and lightly caressed his bulge through his underwear gently teasing him and bringing him to full hardness. As the space became constricted, she freed his organ from its cloth imprisonment and with both hands encircled the shaft, rubbing the engorged head with her thumbs.

Lightly stroking with one hand while with the other she undid the final two buttons of her blouse, she finally gave him a full view of that barely adequate bra. He reached forward and with one hand deftly undid the front clasp. Becky removed her hand only briefly as he reached forward to slide the garments over her shoulders to lie on the chair.

Before they even settled, the nymphet hungrily gulped down his entire shaft in one quick movement, opening her throat to allow him to slide all the way into her mouth and throat. She then quickly released it and proceeded to lick her way up the shaft, while lightly running her nails across his scrotum. Like a starving girl given an ice cream cone in the middle of a heat wave, she continued with her ministrations for a few moments alternating between licks along the shaft, to teasing the head with her tongue ring, and swallowing his entire cock down her open throat. While she was occupied with this, Wilson made use of the available access to those perfect, firm breasts defying gravity as they heaved with every intake of breath.

Within a couple minutes of this treatment, he knew there was no holding back. He grabbed the back of her head as she was deep throating him and pulled her close as he pushed deep into her face, burying the head at the back of her throat. He was rewarded with a slight grunt and the intense pleasure of her tongue ring moving along the underside of his shaft buried in the soft confines of her mouth, while her tonsils firmly grasped the head of his twitching cock. With a deep grunt, he released his first salvo down her throat and let go of her hair.

She rewarded him by reaching forward and milking him for every drop she could get. The next few shots landed on her breasts as she repositioned herself before him. She caught the rest in her mouth and then proceeded to give his slowly deflating shaft a tongue bath, getting every last drop. As he slowly stepped back, he was once more rewarded, this time with the view of her slowly scraping the gobs of his ejaculate from her breasts with her fingers and licking them clean!

Temporarily sated, it was his turn to sample the wares placed before him. As she finished licking her fingers clean, he moved forward to expose the luscious flower barely hidden by the scant fabric of her G-string and miniskirt. He wasted no time pushing her miniskirt to circle her hips and moved to slide down the cloth wrapping surrounding the lotus of his desire.

As he bent closer, he noticed she had soaked through her panties and her musky scent filled his nostrils. He lightly played with her through the rough, wet fabric as a slight moan escaped her lips. It was a simple matter to pull that tiny thong over her gorgeous legs and allowing it to drop to the floor.

All barriers removed, he dove into the luscious feast before him. Lightly running his tongue along her outer labia, he teased with light flicks towards the juncture at the top of her vulva. Slowly inserting first one and then a second finger into her moist, tight and inviting pussy, he lightly stroked in and out while flicking her pearlescent clitoris with his tongue.

As aroused as she was after servicing him, it didn't take long before she was quivering in her seat, grabbing the back of his head and burying his jaw against her now spasming twat. With a last guttural moan, Becky bathed her professor's face with a slight gush of release. Hungrily lapping her nectar, he quickly sent her into a body shaking orgasm that left her panting before him as he slowly lowered her spent body to the floor.


When he actually reached her, events did not play out as he had seen in his mind's eye. She did not immediately lean forward, although she did have a look of hunger and arousal in her eyes. He bent down lowering his face to hers. Looking her directly in the eye, he said, "Miss Thrice, do you think..."

"Yes, professor," she blinked at him, licking her lip in anticipation.

"Do you think you could...?"

"Anything professor!" she breathed huskily.

"Do you think you could study?"


This startled retort was all the proof that he needed. This little tramp was going to try to bribe him into letting her pass by offering her body to him, and she thought he would easily go along with it. Admittedly, it was a very nice body. He had no small amount of curiosity about how much and what she would be willing to do. Teaching as long as he had, there was no shortage of stories around campus of professors that did just that for other pretty little things. However, the desire to teach this girl a lesson far outweighed the base impulses of his libido.

"Miss Thrice, I cannot believe you came in here actually thinking that I would be dumb enough to consent to some sort of sexual favor in exchange for modifying your grade. That sort of behavior would almost certainly result in my losing my job if anyone were to discover the indiscretion."

"Oh no, professor, that would never happen. It could hurt you, but I could be expelled just as easily. I don't know what I meant. I just thought of it while I was walking to your office. You know about all the stories that are out there..."

The girl was actually beginning to tear up. It was now obvious that as she said she had not fully thought it through and had hoped somehow that he would be horny enough to just take her up on her offer. As he watched her and realized the shortsightedness of her thinking, a plan began to form. He just needed to get her a little more scared and then offer her a tempting solution. Resting his hand on her shoulder, he squeezed gently to bring her focus back to him.

"Becky, it is just that serious. I could have you put before the ethics committee based on that confession you just made."

Her eyes grew wide as the implications of that statement sunk fully into her brain. The ethics committee may not expel her, but there would certainly be a public write up in the school paper and some form of censure or grade point modification. He knew her parents were part of the "elite" in the small town that Becky was from and the notice itself, let alone disclosure of the transgression, would be enough to shame them for years. Watching her sit and tremble slightly, he could tell these were the exact thoughts that were running through her mind. If she wished to continue with the cash flow from her parents, she would have to avoid that at all costs.

"Oh, Professor Wilson, please don't do that. What can I do to avoid that? It would be devastating to my parents," she sobbed.

"Well, Becky, as I asked a moment ago, are you willing to study? I am still concerned about your academic progress and, after all, I am a teacher. I think I have a way we can work to bring focus to your life and enable you to improve those grades of yours."

"You mean you won't turn me in to the ethics council?" Her look was now slightly pleading and hopeful.

"As long as I feel you are making satisfactory progress in the training plan I will devise for you, I see no need for that unfortunate business to commence," he smiled gently.

"Oh thank you, thank you professor! I will work extra hard to make sure I improve my grade in your class."

"I am sure you will, Becky, but I think we can expand the focus beyond just my class. I think I have an idea we can use to help you in all areas of your future here at school and beyond. You mentioned coming in for extra lessons during office hours. Admittedly I think you had more, shall we say *naughty* intentions, but the idea still has merit."

"So, you're saying you will tutor me one-on-one?" she asked tentatively.

"I will offer my services to train you. I think we will start with your first lesson right now. We have been talking for a little while now. Do you recall the reason you are here?"

"I came to get my cell phone back," she stated matter-of-fact.

"You are partially correct. You came to get your phone back but also to be disciplined for disturbing class. The first lesson you need to learn is that there are consequences for your actions. Some are positive, some are negative," he gently lectured while resting a hand on her shoulder to make sure she was focusing on his voice. "We just need to determine the severity of the punishment to ensure the lesson is learned."

She looked up at him, vulnerable and unsure, but with a glint of determination and challenge as she was continuing to regain her composure. "I really don't think it was that serious of an issue, professor."

"Becky, if we were talking only about the phone you would probably be correct. The loss of contact for the last several hours would probably have sufficed. However, you compounded the issue and hence increased the need for discipline with your efforts to try to seduce me."

"But, professor, you just told me you wouldn't report me to the ethics committee if I agreed to your training plan, which I just did. I don't understand what you mean by punishment."

"Miss Thrice," he smiled. "I am referring to one of the tried and true methods of punishment in academia, corporal punishment. You are too young to remember, but in the past it was used quite often for any manner of transgressions in educational institutions."

Her eyes widened as the idea of what that might mean started to dawn on her. "Are you talking about a spanking? Is that even legal?"

He smiled warmly. "Of course it is legal. Two consenting adults can do quite a lot that would be against the rules if done in a classroom setting. And technically it is probably more likely to be a paddling than a spanking."

A contemplative look came across her features as she subtly shifted in her seat, perhaps imagining what that would feel like on her bottom. She cast her eyes around the room perhaps looking for the instrument that would be used for her punishment.

"What do you mean by 'more likely'?"

"I am feeling generous this afternoon since you obviously regret your earlier efforts, so I am willing to allow you some choice in the manner and duration of your punishment. I will give you options regarding implement and position, either of which may increase or decrease the duration. Spankings are administered with the hand, whereas a paddling involves the use of some sort of object. For example, a paddle, as the name implies. " He could not help stringing the explanation along teasing the girl and building the suspense in her mind.

"So, let me get this straight. You are going to spank, err, paddle me with something, but I get to choose what you use? And this could affect how long it takes?"

"Yes and no. You may choose the object from a selection I give you, and then your choice will impact the number of strikes I give you, not necessarily how long it takes to deliver them." He was really starting to enjoy this, and it seemed from her questions she was definitely opening up to the idea. She just needed a little more not-so-subtle reminding of what was at stake. "Of course if you decide not to go through with it, I could always remove myself from the situation completely and allow the committee to evaluate your behavior."

The mention of the committee had the desired effect as her eyes shot wide open in fear once more at the reminder of who held all the power in their arrangement. She looked thoughtful for a minute, although the result was never really in doubt, and came to a decision.

"Alright, professor, but..."

"Yes, Miss Thrice?"

She squirmed a little uncomfortably in her seat. "I know this is a punishment and everything, but I need to know that it won't really hurt me. I mean, I do have my fitness classes and will be seeing my friends this weekend, and I really don't want them to find out about this. Will there be marks that I have to try to explain?"

"Becky, you are correct. It is a punishment, but I understand your desire for privacy in this matter. It is why I offered this as a possible solution. I promise you I will only be striking your buttocks and thighs and while it should sting sufficiently to remind you of your transgressions, any marks should fade by tomorrow and if any do remain they will be simple bruises that could easily be explained or covered with makeup if you so desire."

The explanation seemed to satisfy her as she visibly relaxed in the chair. Knowing she really had no choice if she wanted to maintain her support from her parents, the knowledge that her punishment would not become public either had to be relieving. As the professor watched, her shoulders relaxed and her posture became more one of interest than fear. Fully accepting her situation, the coed now seemed to fully realize what was about to happen to her.

"Okay, professor," she ran her tongue across her bottom lip nervously. A brief, hesitant smile and then she said, "I think I am ready to hear the options you have for me."

"Keep in mind these, as well as the chosen position, will affect the number of strikes you receive. Therefore, I will list them for you in descending order. The first, and therefore having the most strikes, is a traditional spanking with my hand. Your second option is a common ruler, a favorite in parochial schools. Next is a belt, folded over like you might have felt when you were a child getting a paddling from your father. Finally, if you look over at the wall next to my desk, you will see a traditional paddle. That one happens to be eighteen inches long from its tip to the bottom of the handle with twelve inches of striking length, and it is six inches wide. It is made from maple wood and is three-quarters of an inch thick. The handle is leather wrapped to prevent slippage during use."

As he recited the list, he watched Becky closely. While speaking of the increasingly powerful instruments, he was aware of her subtle shifts in body language. During the litany, Becky lightly bit her lip and leaned forward ever so slightly in greater interest to his words. The mention of the ruler brought a slight clenching of the hands, which rested on the tops of her thighs as she listened intently. Her ankles were crossed with her knees ever so slightly spread. At the mention of the belt, her mouth opened in a tiny "o" and her long shapely legs moved to close as she lifted her right leg over the left to sit with legs crossed at the knee. She rocked back slightly as her eyes found the paddle, and he could see her breaths quicken and her thighs ever so slightly begin moving against each other as her hands moved to her lap resting right at the juncture of her legs.

"Are you sure that wouldn't leave any marks? It looks so big and hard and...oh, I don't know."

As she was talking her hands unconsciously clenched and pressed into her lap applying pressure to her mons through her skirt as her legs continued their minute sawing against each other.

He smiled as he explained, "Miss Thrice, in the hands of someone who doesn't know what they are doing, I can almost guarantee a mishap resulting in severe bruising at the least. I assure you I have mastered its use and will be able to control it to inflict exactly the amount of force I want it to and to ensure it will punish, but not damage you in any way."

"And if I choose it, it will have the lowest number of spanks?"

"Yes, since it causes the most intense stimulation with each strike, it will be the implement that will require the fewest to measure out your punishment properly." He made sure to meet her eyes as he was saying this to emphasize the weight behind his words. "In addition I will allow you to choose your position to receive the strikes. There are three that are acceptable for any of the implements and a fourth that I will allow if you choose an actual bare hand spanking. As I did with the implements, in order of descending duration, your choices are thus. You may choose to place yourself prone over the arm of my sofa. Your second option is standing at the wall in the police 'pat down' position with your hands on the wall above your head and your feet spread shoulder width apart. The third position is the down position. In this position you are on your knees with your buttocks raised, your forearms on the floor with your hands touching making a diamond or triangle with your thumbs and forefingers and your head resting on the backs of your hands."

"Those don't sound too bad, professor, but what is the fourth position, the one that is only for the bare hand spanking?"

He smiled.

"Why the traditional across the lap spanking position, of course!"

"You mean I would lie across your lap?" She asked wide-eyed. It was hard to tell if it was from excitement or surprise, but it seemed her hands were now moving in time with the seesawing of her legs.

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