tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBecky Lends a Hand

Becky Lends a Hand


Last Sunday afternoon, the weather was beautiful. At about 2 p.m., my wife, Becky, and I, decided to take a stroll through the patch of woods bordering the outskirts of town. It's a beautiful walk, and we take it often.

We've never encountered anything out of the ordinary during our walks, save for the occasional deer or rare bird.

Last week, however, all of that changed.

Parking in the small lot at the entrance of the forest, I turned to Becky and smiled. As usual, she was beautiful. Becky always dresses sexily, even for a walk. It's one of things I love about her.

"Ready babe?" I asked, opening the door.

"Yep," Becky smiled, swinging her tanned legs over the edge of the seat and exiting the car. As her hiking boots struck the ground, she stood, and I couldn't help admiring her breasts for the umpteenth time, swinging braless in the tight, white, button-down shirt she'd chosen for the walk.

I also noticed that she'd left the top few button undone, presumably for comfort, but her cleavage teased nevertheless.

Her cutoffs, hugged her ass indecently...leaving little doubt as to the condition of her tanned cheeks...which peeked ever-so teasingly from underneath them as she walked.

God, my wife makes me hard.

Anyway, we set off hand-in-hand onto the path leading into the trees.

The day was truly gorgeous and clear. The warmth of the afternoon sun enveloped us, and cast shadows from the tall canopy of trees overhead onto the path under our feet.

Becky was lost in the sweet smells of the forest, stopping to admire various wild flowers growing here and there along the path.

My mind was elsewhere of course, hoping to get lucky somewhere along the way, as I watched her bend and stoop...her breasts threatening to burst from their confinement as she moved...at least I hoped so anyway...her gorgeous legs and luscious ass cheeks teased my cock, forcing it out and up...making it strain hard in the front of my shorts as I walked.

There was a bend in the path up ahead that I knew well. Just as we reached it, I was scheming a way to get my wife out of her clothes, when we heard what sounded like someone moaning in pain, some distance to our left.

"What's that?" Becky asked, stopping in front of me. "It sounds like someone's hurt."

Silent, we waited, listening for it again.

Nothing happened.

"Hmm...must have been an animal or something," I shrugged, returning to my scheme.

A moment later, rounding the bend in the path, we heard it again...this time it sounded like a groan.

Stopping, we looked at each other.

There was genuine concern in Becky's beautiful blue eyes. She's such a kind-hearted person...another thing I love about her.

"Babe," she said, shielding her eyes towards the source of the sound, "it sounds like a person, maybe someone's hurt, or needs help."

Turning to me, her face implored.

"We have to go see," she said flatly. "I would feel terrible if someone needed help and we just walked right past."

There went my fantasy.

But she was right.

With softening cock, I stepped off of the path towards the brush about twenty yards away. It seemed that the sound had originated from that area.

Becky followed, beside me, her hiking boots tromping thick indents into the deep grass.

The going off of the main path was a bit rough.

As we neared the brush, it became evident that there was a clearing on the opposite side of it. Before I realized it, my boot snagged on branch, and I tripped, crashing forward into the grass and staining my pant knee.

"Shit!" I uttered in disgust.

"You okay babe?" Becky called behind her, already at the edge of the head-tall brush.

"I'm fine," I said, brushing myself off, "haven't walked in a while I guess..." Glancing at Becky, I saw her peeking through brush.

"OH...MY...GOD..." she said slowly, punctuating each word with disbelief. She sounded stunned.

"What Beck?" I asked, coming up behind her, noticing the way the back off her cut-off rode down, revealing the top of her wonderful ass crack tucked in her pink panties.

"Holy...fuck..." she said again, still sounding stunned, ignoring my question.

"Babe...what?" I asked again, more insistent this time.

Stepping back from the brush, she looked at me in shock. Her eyes widened in disbelief and I thought her jaw would fall off at any moment.

Pointing, she indicated through the brush to the clearing.

Stepping forward, I pulled the brush apart and peered through.

"What the fuck?" I whispered, understanding Becky's state.

Beyond the clump of brush, about fifteen or twenty yards from where we were, stood a man with his back to us.

He was completely, totally, and utterly naked.

"He's fuckin' naked..." I said low, whispering.

"Let me see again," Becky said, shoving me aside.

"God...he's gorgeous!" she exclaimed, peering through the brush again...also in a whisper.

It was true.

Stepping beside her to make my own hole, I looked him over again. I have no interest in guys, but I am secure enough in my own manhood to recognize a good looking man...and this guy was more than good looking.

Bronzed deep by the sun, he had a thick, black mane that fell to his broad shoulders. Although I could only see him from behind...I could tell that he was incredibly muscular. His back rippled with his movements and he flexed his butt cheeks into tight globes, as he rose up on the balls of his feet again and again with his efforts. He looked like some sort of gladiator...grunting and groaning as his right arm moved in front of him.

Suddenly, it dawned on me.

"Uh...Becky..." I elbowed her, "I do believe he's...uhm..."

"He's masturbating," she said excitedly, cutting me off, "he's stroking his cock..."

I went silent, processing it.

Becky spoke again.

"Wow," she said, "I can't believe he's totally naked...jerking his cock right out here where anyone can see him..."

She sounded...awed?

Peering through the brush again, I took stock of the situation. He was indeed totally naked...he was indeed masturbating...but what I thought odd was that there was no sign of his clothes...anywhere.

Where were his clothes? Had he walked naked through the woods to this spot?

"I wonder where his clothes are," I stated, half-wondering aloud.

"Who cares?" My giggled, glued to the sight of him. "He's naked."

"God," she breathed low, "I wish I could see his front."

At that moment, almost as if he'd heard her wish, the naked man turned in a ninety-degree angle, showing us a side profile.

Becky gasped.

The man's front side was as chiseled as his back.

But what really stood out...literally...was his cock.

It was enormous.

Although the exact size of it was difficult to judge from a distance, it had to be foot long...jutting straight out from his body as he stroked it slowly...running his hand from the base up to the swollen, purple head, then pulling it upwards, and repeating the pattern.

The man's eyes were closed, as he masturbated right out in the woods, seemingly lost in what he was doing.

Pursing his lips, he moaned.

It was the same sound that we'd heard earlier.

"Jeezus..." I whispered, turning to Becky "look at that thing...it's fucking huge..."

"Yeah...I know..." she answered, staring straight ahead through brush. She had a hand inside the waistband of her cutoffs, slowly rubbing herself as she watched the naked man stroke his huge cock.

I felt my own cock rise again.

"You like that huh?" I asked, teasing.

"Oh god, that's hot..." she said, never taking her eyes of the guy. "I've always fantasized about a naked man in the woods..."

Moving behind her, I stood with my groin against her ass...pushing my hard-on into her through my shorts.

My wife moaned, and pushed back into me.

Reaching around in front of her, I cupped her huge, hanging tits, running my hands over them through her shirt...pinching both of her nipples between my fingers.

Becky's movements in the front of her cut-offs increased, as she rubbed herself faster, pushing back into me, grinding her ass against my throbbing cock.

"Look at him babe," I said low, still cupping her breasts in front of her, "look at his big, cock...he's stroking it just for you..."

My wife was silent, as she watched and fingered herself.

One at a time, I undid the buttons at the front of her shirt to just above her belly button...and cupped her bare breasts in my hands...lifting them, feeling their weight. Twisting her hardened nipples again between my fingers, I pushed into her backside.

Becky moans grew louder as she masturbated in her cut-offs, and I clamped a hand over her mouth to stifle them.

Leaning in, I tongued the inside of her ear, and whispered, "look babe, it's your fantasy...a totally naked man, stroking himself right out in the open where anyone can see him...he knows you're watching...he knows you're looking at him, fingering yourself..."

Becky bit into my hand over her mouth.

"He doesn't have any clothes with him at all...he'll have to walk home totally nude..." I said, throatily, enflaming her passion further.

"God...yeah," my wife breathed, jamming her hand into herself inside of her cut-offs, "he'll have to...be...naked..."

"That's right babe," I said, pulling her nipples hard, "why don't you go over there and talk to him?"

With that, Becky came hard, clamping her teeth into my hand.

Her knees buckled, and I held her up from behind, pinching and pulling on her swollen nipples as her body shook in front of me with orgasm.

Finally, when her orgasm subsided, she straightened and turned to face me.

Her dark, disheveled hair hung across her gorgeous blue eyes. With her shirt undone, her large, nearly exposed breasts heaved with her efforts to recover her breath. I saw that she'd also managed to unbutton the top button on her cut-offs, revealing the waistband of her pink panties.

Flushed with her recent orgasm, she was beautiful, hot and sexy.

"Let's go say hi," I whispered, glancing through the brush. The man had now sat down on a log, and was furiously stroking his cock with his legs stretched out in front of him.

Becky's eyes searched mine.

"Really?" she asked. Becky isn't good at hiding her emotions, and at that moment, her excitement was all over her face.

"Come on, babe," I chuckled, "before you miss your chance..."

Still, she hesitated a moment.

"But..." she began.

"Don't you want to live out your fantasy?" I said, earnestly.

"Yes I do...I really do," my wife answered. "But what about you?"

"What about me?" I smiled at her. "It's my fantasy to watch you do this...and I'll be right there with you...I'm totally okay with it...I want you to do it."

With the light of understanding crossing her face, she smiled back and reached for the buttons on her shirt.

I stopped her.

"No babe," I said, "there's no time, leave your shirt undone like that...I want to see his reaction." I kissed her lightly on the lips, and gave her a small shove.

With another smile, she turned and walked to the edge of the brush, peering around it with me right behind her.

The man was still sitting on the log, stroking himself hard and fast. I knew it wouldn't be long before he came.

Turning quickly to Becky, I nodded and opened the last few buttons of her shirt. It fell to her sides, revealing most of her heavy breasts and mid-section. The front of her cut-offs were still undone.

With a final, deep breath, my wife looked down at herself and took my hand. We stepped out into the clearing.

My cock was so hard that it actually hurt...but I resisted the urge to touch myself just yet.

The man's eyes were closed, as we crept silently toward him. Stopping a safe distance away, Becky turned her head in my direction and smiled.

I knew that if she had been alone, she would never have had the courage to do this.

I smiled back.

Standing just past the edge of the clearing, she gawked wide-eyed, totally fascinated and engulfed as the nude man sat, beating his cock. His head was back on his shoulders; his eyes were closed in ecstasy...he was totally unaware of our presence.

Slipping a hand inside of her cut-offs, Becky moved her fingers over her mound, teasing herself as we crept slowly towards the man again. Her open shirt played peek-a-boo, momentarily revealing snatches of her huge, bare breasts, before covering them again.

Finally, when we were not more than several feet from him she stopped.

"Hi there," she said sweetly.

At the sound of her voice, the man jerked his up. His eyes flew open and his hand froze mid-way on his cock.

He spun his head wildly, looking in every direction at once, before finally focusing on the hot woman in front of him.

"Don't stop," she smiled.

As his dark, brown eyes darted quickly between us, registering the situation, I smiled and waved politely.

"Hello," I offered.

His thick, muscled pectorals rose and fell quickly indicating his shock and fear at being caught.

"That's so hot," Becky said, throatily, coming to the man's rescue, running a hand over her bare cleavage.

Her other hand was busy in the front of her cut-offs.

Stunned, the man's eyes narrowed on Becky...slowly, his hand unfroze and moved on his iron rod again.

Becky took a step closer.

Standing in front of him, she thrust her hips forward in a lewd gesture at him and jammed her fingers into her horny cunt inside of her panties.

"Fuck yeah, beat that dick...beat off right here..." she said in a half-moan, diddling herself for the man.

I was close to touching myself too now.

The naked man locked his eyes on Becky, devouring her nearly naked tits and luscious thighs. His hand moved over his enormous cock. Up close, it was even bigger than it had appeared to be before.

Thick veins ran the length of it, and it stood straight up in the air, past the level of his belly button. I'd never seen a man so well hung in my life.

He squeezed the shaft slowly, pointing his awesome member at Becky.

"God, that thing's huge," she said, rubbing herself hard.

Running hand under her open shirt, she lifted a heavy breast from it, exposing it to him. Rolling it in her palm she pulled at her hard, pink nipple, before hefting it to her mouth, and licking and sucking on it.

I'd never seen my gorgeous wife act like such a total slut in front of stranger before...but then, as far as I knew, she'd never encountered a hot, naked man, masturbating in the woods before either. She was living a fantasy before my eyes...and I was all for it.

Before I realized it, my own hand was in the front my jeans, feeling along the shaft of my hard cock.

The stranger watched my wife lick and suck her own tit, while she rubbed hard at herself in her cut-offs. His hand flew over his cock, beating it from base to head and back again.

Suddenly, he moaned, long and low.

"Fuck yeah," Becky said, hopelessly engrossed, "cum, you hot man, cum all over yourself..."

Jerking my cock inside of my jeans, I watched my wife tease the naked man to the edge of orgasm.

Unbuttoning her cut-offs all the way, she pushed them down, over her hips, showing him the front of her soaked pantie as her fingers moved in and out of her sopping, hungry pussy.

Her shirt hung away from her body, exposing both of her naked tits to his greedy eyes.

"Oh jeesuz....fuck..." he moaned hard.

With his legs out in front of him, he stiffened them, pointing his toes straight out at Becky.

"I'm gonna...I'm gonna...."

"Yesssss...." Becky interrupted him with a hot hiss, "cum....cum for me...stroke that big cock and cum all over yourself for me...you gorgeous, hot, naked man...do it..."

With that, the man growled, and let loose...shooting thick, hot, white ropes of cum high into the air, pumping his shaft for all he was worth. Over and over again, his cock spasmed, sending his cum juice up, splattering him all over his legs, belly and chest.

"AWWW GOD!" he yelled, loud enough to be heard outside of the clearing, as his body convulsed and jerked, sending him to paradise.

His eyes rolled back in his head, and he nearly fell backwards off of the log.

Becky watched, jamming herself hard.

Suddenly, her legs clamped around her hand and she came...whimpering and moaning. As her legs shook and gave way, she fell to her knees in front of the man. Bucking her hips wildly, she rode her fist, fucking herself fast into orgasm.

Her big, hanging tits swung wildly in front of her as she came. Suddenly, spurts of fluid erupted from her groin, soaking the front of her panties and wetting her inner thighs.

"FUCK...FUCK...FUCK..." she said, over and over, as her orgasm shook her like a rag doll.

As for me, the whole scene was too much, and I came, shooting my load inside of my jeans...rocking back and forth on my heels, as I unloaded...wetting the front of them, and causing my cock to stick to my thigh.

Finally, everyone fell silent as they recovered.

Only the sounds of heavy breathing filled the air around us.

"God that was hot," Becky spoke out at least, still kneeling in front of the naked man, her cut-offs around her hips and both tits out.

As we composed ourselves, the man stood, taking in the scene. Worry began to line his handsome face.

Becky rose to her feet as well. Re-buttoning her shirt, she closed it over her breasts and pulled her cut-offs up, closing them as well.

The man looked embarrassed, and covered his softening cock with his hands.

"Where's your clothes?" Becky offered sweetly, smiling at him.

Glancing at me, he gauged my reaction.

I smiled.

"Well," he began, sounding a bit unsure of himself. "You see, I uhm...I don't have any."

"Really," Becky said enthralled.

"I uh, sometimes like to be naked in the woods," the man said, looking down.

"God that's so hot," my wife chuckled, smiling at him again.

"Really?" It was his turn to say, surprised.

"Oh fuckin' god yes," she said quickly in return, "you're so brave...and...hot." With that, she winked at him and smiled.

"So where's your clothes? Do you just leave your house naked?" I joined the conversation.

"Well, actually, my clothes are in my car," he said, noticing my wife's heavy chest again.

Becky took a step closer to him until she was standing merely inches from his big hands covering his cock.

"My name's Becky, and this is my husband Phil," she said, extending a hand.

Stepping forwards, I extended mine as well.

With one hand, barely covering his genitals, he shook Becky's hand politely, then mine.

"Brad," he said.

As we pulled our hands back, I think we all realized at the same time where they had been and laughed. Becky broke into a chuckle first, followed by Brad, then me.

"So Brad," Becky said after the laughter died down. "How are you going to get back to your car then? Just go totally naked?"

"Well, yes," he replied sounding a bit embarrassed, "I'm afraid I got a bit carried away this time."

Feeling more comfortable in front of us now, he relaxes some, and dropped his hands to his sides. Even soft, his cock hung to his inner thigh.

Becky's eyes gorged on it.

"Why don't you walk with us Brad?" she said, more at me than him.

Taking her cue, I chimed in. "Yeah Brad, that would be nice...is your car in the parking lot?"

Brad nodded.

"Well, it's settled then," Becky beamed at him as we turned to go.

Back on the path, we walked three-abreast, with Becky in the middle, both of us clothed, Brad naked.

Becky couldn't keep her eyes off of him.

To me, he seemed pretty relaxed and comfortable with his nudity in spite of the situation.

"Are you an exhibitionist Brad?" Becky said, smiling at him.

"Well, sort of, I guess," he said. "I mean, I don't really run around naked on the city streets or anything. I mean, I don't flash people, but sometimes, the thought of someone seeing me is hot."

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