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Becky the Bug


As a young girl, Rebecca Sutton was the epitome of a geek; small, skinny, straggly black hair, horn rimmed glasses, braces on her teeth, and to make matters worse, Becky had a fascination with insects that bordered on obsession. While other little girls would scream and run from creepy crawlies, Becky would actively seek them out, storing their images on her PDR, along with detailed descriptions of their behavior. Nothing gave Becky more joy than finding a species new to her, identifying it and cataloging it in her copious journals.

Becky never caught or killed insects. She hated the old displays of dead bugs pinned to cards in the local museum. Becky loved living bugs and gently encouraged them to walk onto her hands, so calmly and fearlessly that she was almost never bitten or stung.

She was frequently stung by the insults and mocking of the other kids in school. They invented all manner of cruel nicknames but the one that stuck was Becky the bug. The bullying didn't deter Becky at all. Although she had few friends over the years, as long as she had her bugs she was never lonely, as they provided an endless source of delight and fascination.

What did change of course was Becky's body. She remained slender and short but developed large, shapely breasts, a source of annoyance to Becky, as they made bug hunting slightly more awkward. Her raven hair grew long and lustrous despite being largely ignored. Her olive complexion was untroubled by acne. The braces on her teeth were gone and the glasses, which she still chose to wear, did nothing to hide her elven beauty.

The bullying also changed into mild teasing. The fact that Becky seemed so unaware of her beauty made her even more attractive. And Becky was not only sexy she was bright, super bright. She excelled in all subjects but in biology she was outstanding and when she won a national science competition, her nickname, Becky the Bug became a title of affection and pride.

However Becky had a dark secret that she shared with no one... a secret which would have destroyed her reputation and her life. Becky was hooked on sex with insects... entomophilia as it's known or formicophilia. As Becky moved into adolescence she slowly became aware that bugs turned her on, more than boys, girls or animals. She had always enjoyed letting bugs of all kinds crawl on her skin but now when they did she experienced tingling sensations of arousal.

A late developer, physically and emotionally, Becky was too shy and uncertain to experiment in any overt sexual way but gradually her confidence and her libidinous curiosity increased. Not long after her eighteenth birthday Becky was on one of her bug hunting expeditions in the woods. It was a hot day and Becky had drunk a lot of water. Confident that there was no one else in the area Becky slipped off her shorts and panties, squatting down for a pee. As she was relieving herself a large black fly landed on her naked thigh. Rather than shooing it away Becky remained still. The fly started walking from the top of her leg to her inner thigh... moving closer to her pussy.

Becky felt her heart beating rapidly with excitement. She eased herself slowly back into a reclining position, opening her legs wider for her small black visitor. The fly took flight and Becky sat back disappointed but a moment later the fly landed on her again. This time much closer to her pussy. Becky could hardly breathe as the insect explored its way steadily up her thigh and on to the outer lips of her pussy.

Never before had Becky experienced arousal like this... sensations of warmth and wetness coming from her pussy. The feeling of the fly exploring her pussy lips was just a tiny prickling but for Becky it was intensely delightful.

Becky reached down carefully and gently pulled her pussy lips apart. The fly took off briefly but landed almost immediately on Becky's pink, glistening pussy. Even better, it was soon joined by another fly and another. Eventually Becky had six or seven large black flies all walking on her most sensitive places... all busily sucking up her moisture.

In later experiments, Becky would use various sweet attractants, like honey or jam, on her nipples and pussy to attract flies, ants, bees or even wasps. In her twenties, as a skilled entomologist, specializing in insect pheromones, Becky could isolate and use specific sexual attractants, causing dragonflies, large moths and other insects to visit her genitals in search of a mate.

But at the beginning of her adventure Becky was still learning the joys of having snails and slugs, sliding over her breasts and shaved pussy... leaving their shining trails of slime. Becky, of course, knew the difference between herbivorous slugs and the carnivorous ones which would actually nibble on her tender flesh. Some extreme formicophiliacs get off on having their genitals bitten or stung but Becky wasn't into pain. Occasionally she would let mosquitoes suck blood from her labia and relish the exquisite torture of having itches she couldn't scratch in public but mosquitoes were mostly eradicated whereas slugs and snails were still in plentiful supply in the family garden.

Becky's first bug induced orgasm came at the age of nineteen in her bedroom. She had found some large slugs and had managed to gently insert them into her vagina. She could see them in her mirror, slowly squeezing their way out of her tight hole. As she watched she was fingering her clit which was slippery and sticky with slug slime. The result was a long, shuddering climax... followed by repeated aftershocks as the last of the slugs squiggled out of her pussy.

Many experiences followed and many orgasms but even Becky had to admit that sex with insects had its limitations. No insect actually desired her sexually or was capable of satisfying her. Using her skills with pheromones she could trick big tarantulas into mating with her but like most formicophilia it was the psychological thrill of having a huge hairy spider crawling on her spread pussy that gave Becky such gratification, not the slight feeling of it depositing tiny packets of sperm.

Becky knew a dog could give her a much better fucking but for some reason that didn't appeal. By her late twenties the gorgeous entomologist had enjoyed sex with several women and men. She had also experimented with snakes and eels but somehow none of these satisfied her. All lacked the visceral thrill of her insect encounters.

A formicophiliac highlight was when an ecology group asked her to pose with bees. They were trying to raise awareness of the need for bee preservation. Having a beautiful and already internationally recognized entomologist pose for them was a publicity godsend. Becky readily agreed. At the first pre-production meeting the director very tactfully broached the subject of what Becky would be willing to wear, or more to the point not to wear.

"It's all symbolism really" he explained "In pictorial language the less you wear the more vulnerable and natural you are... the more you identify with the plight of the bees. And they'll be covering you anyway."

"We thought maybe a small, skin colored bikini" his assistant chimed in. "Or even topless if you were willing."

Becky felt like laughing but she kept her face serious and without betraying the eagerness she felt she asked them "Would you like me to do the shoot nude?"

"Well that would be ideal" The director was clearly overjoyed. "The whole thing will be so much more effective like that. As long as it's OK with you of course. The shots will be so much stronger."

He didn't point out the obvious fact that having a gorgeous, curvaceous young woman posing naked, her body clearly visible until she was completely covered in a mass of insects, would attract a vastly greater audience, including thousands who didn't give a damn about the bees.

Just over a week later Becky emerged from the make up trailer wearing nothing but a toweling robe. Quite a crowd were gathered - the apiarist and his three assistants, the datographer and his assistants, the director and his assistant, the make up lady, people from the ecology group, reporters, various hangers on - altogether around 30 people.

Made up, placed in position, the camera crews all set, Becky slipped off her robe and stood there in the sunshine completely naked. Becky knew she had nice body, fit, tanned and shapely. She was a little embarrassed that her pussy was completely bald. Becky had taken to shaving off all her pubic hair many years before. Having a bare pussy made movement so much easier for worms, slugs and other small friends. Becky had been assured that the images would be very discreet and not show her pussy. No freelance recording devices were allowed on set, but Becky was pretty sure that there would be plenty of explicit outtakes stored in someones private files.

The apiarist approached with a small leather cage which contained a queen bee. He carefully attached it with a cord around Becky's waist. Becky had to smile. He was a cute, older man, so into his bees he seemed quite unaffected by a lovely naked female, inches from his face.

With the cage attached the bees were released... thousands of them! Tracking the pheromones from their queen the bees swarmed around Becky, more and more of the landing on her naked skin. For most people this would have been a time of terror but for Becky it was ecstasy. She tried to keep calm and hoped the flushing in her cheeks would be taken as a sign of nervousness not arousal.

Within minutes hundreds of bees were clumping around the queen cage and hundreds more were walking all over Becky's body. Occasionally the apiarist would squirt a little smoke to keep the bees off her eyes but they were now clustering in her hair , around her neck, covering her thoroughly erect nipples. Becky was grateful for the ear plugs (beeswax). Bees in her ears would have been a bit much even for Becky.

The mass of bees around her middle was expanding all the time. Becky's groin was now inches deep in bees and the swarm had built upwards as well to cover her large breasts. Becky lost track of time. The bees were remarkably heavy and hot. The feeling of thousands of tiny feet moving over her skin... including her breasts and her pussy was almost overwhelming. Becky had to concentrate hard not to climax. Thankfully. before it all became too much to endure, the shoot was over. Lots of smoke and expert work from the apiarists gradually carved off masses of bees and once the the queen was removed, the swarm quite quickly dispersed.

The campaign was a huge success. Within days Dr Becky and the Bees had been viewed millions of times around the world and in the colonies. Becky was now a minor celebrity and was in great demand for interviews and endorsements. Some of her colleagues disapproved. They saw it as a cheap, publicity grabbing stunt not suitable for a serious scientist. Others were more generous. If Becky's exposure could help worthwhile causes... great! And it was certainly the first time entomology had ever been seen as sexy, which was kind of nice.

This caused some controversy when Becky was chosen for the Amazonia expedition. Amazonia had been discovered two years earlier. New planets were being listed all the time but most were lifeless rocks. Amazonia was special in two ways. It had an earth type atmosphere, which was extremely rare and abundant flora and fauna which was even more unusual. The planet was largely covered by ocean and most of the land was covered by lush vegetation, hence its name, a tribute to the largely destroyed Amazonian jungle.

Another remarkable feature of the planet was that all the land creatures were insects, no mammals or reptiles, just a bewildering variety of arthropods. When advanced teams had established there was no apparent danger, a team of the top entomologists was chosen to study the wildlife at depth.

Becky felt enormously excited and privileged. She was the youngest on the team by at least 10 years. Her academic qualifications were impeccable, her research and publications outstanding but still she was viewed as very much a junior in the field. However some of her seniors were decidedly too old or unfit, others were not prepared to commit themselves to an 18 month expedition and the dangers of interstellar travel. Becky on the other hand was fit, unattached, brilliant and her high profile tipped the balance further in her favor. Again Becky silently blessed the bees.

The trip to Amazonia took 3 months and the vast majority of that time was spent travelling to and from the jump points. The actual jump was virtually instantaneous. Becky used most of the time to study the data that had been collected so far. As you would have expected with a complete lack of competition, insects had expanded to fill every niche in the eco system except that of predator. There was no evidence of predation on Amazonia which even on this amazing planet was extraordinary. There was a great deal of symbiosis and numerous examples of species feeding from other species, like the honeypot ants on earth, but no examples of insects eating other live insects.

By the time the three month journey was drawing to an end Becky was almost beside herself with curiosity and if truth were told, the desire to sexually experiment with some of these otherworld marvels. Her heart was pounding as she stepped out of the lander and on to the surface of Amazonia. She took some deep breaths to steady herself. The air was somehow alive. It almost sparkled in her lungs and made the air of the ship seem stale and overused.

Although this was one of the most exciting moments of her life, Becky felt a great sense of calm come over her. This is where she was meant to be. Somehow she had come home.

The next 10 months passed in a blur of intensive but infinitely satisfying work. No one could doubt Becky's fanatical devotion to her science. She was up first every morning and usually last to go to bed but found the study energizing, exhilarating not exhausting.

The team of 24 scientists was broken up in six groups so they could cover more territory. Aware that they had only 2 months left and still most of the planet to explore they split again into pairs. Becky was paired up with a studious, middle aged German entomological wunderfrau and together they pushed further into heart of Amazonia's largest land mass. Steffi was friendly enough, but quiet and in fact preferred pure research to field study. This suited Becky well. Everyday she would explore and gather data which Steffi would meticulously analyze.

For Becky it was a dream... like her childhood hunts but on such a different scale and every day discovering new species never seen by humans before. But although the work and the results were both exciting and deeply satisfying Becky still felt that somehow she was missing something.

She tried to explain the feeling to Steffi but for the German scientist the astonishing amounts of hard data being collected were much more important than vague feelings.

But the feeling wouldn't leave Becky alone, the feeling that she was on the verge of discovering something huge that hadn't happened yet and time was running out. Becky would happily have stayed another year or more but the window for the jump home was precise and unalterable. In desperation Becky put her proposal to her thoroughly preoccupied colleague.



"Tomorrow I want to head out further. Take some portable gear and press forward for a few days."

"You can't do that. It's against regulations."

"I know.. but Steff... I've been going out on my own every day anyway... and in all the time we've been here we haven't found anything remotely dangerous. You know I can handle myself. And we only have a few days left."


"And think of how much more work you'll get through if I'm not around to bug you, except when I regularly check in of course."

"Well... it does seem safe...and a lander could reach you in an hour or two..."

More discussion followed but Becky knew she'd won and so the next morning, with a light pack and a lighter heart, Becky headed into the jungle alone. For the first day she walked rapidly crossing the area that she had explored laboriously before. Before going to sleep in her nano tent that night she reflected on the extremity of her situation.

"Here I am..." a very tired Becky thought..."On another planet, thousands of light years from home. I'm about 30 miles from Steff and she's the only other human being within 200 miles. I couldn't be more alone... but you know what... I'm loving it!" And with that smiling thought Becky fell soundly asleep to the lullaby of unknown insects.

Most days in this region were hot but the next day was hotter than most. The lush jungle felt tired, humid and sticky. Becky worked her way up an inviting little stream. This was new territory and all her senses were focused on finding new bugs. A couple of hours and several discoveries later Becky came to a waterfall. It was postcard picturesque, tumbling over moss and fern covered rocks but Becky hardly noticed it at all.

Above the pool were dragonflies or at least a species very similar. But these were huge with a wing span of nearly 7 feet and such wings, shimmering, sparkling, throwing off all the colors of the rainbow. One of the dragons swooped down towards Becky and hovered, only a foot from her face. The wind from its wings sent Becky's black hair streaming and its huge, multi-faceted eyes appeared to be studying her.

Fearless as always Becky held out her hand but with a deep drone the dragonfly swooped up and was gone in a flash of color. Becky sighed. Such a brief encounter with the most magnificent insect she had ever seen. There were much bigger bugs on Amazonia. She knew on the plains to the north there were grazing beetle like creatures the size of small houses but this was the biggest and most beautiful Becky had seen with her own eyes.

She recorded her observations and carried on. Just above the waterfall there was a pool, large enough for swimming and impossible to resist. Becky quickly stripped off her sweaty clothing. She was only wearing shorts, panties and a t shirt, plus her hiking boots. The water was glorious... clear and cool on her naked skin. As she swam there was a short, heavy rainstorm, typical of this region. Becky stood in the pool, eyes closed, face lifted to the rain, unaware that she looked like a jungle goddess.

Minutes later the sun came out. The jungle steamed, refreshed and Becky likewise felt revitalized. She sat back on a large, moss covered rock and let the sun dry her body. She had no wish to put on her clingy clothing.

As she lay there, spread out naked on the rock, Becky had the distinct feeling she was being watched. She sat up and looked around. A few meters away an insect had emerged from the undergrowth and what an insect! It looked like a cross between an ant and a praying mantis. If it had wings they were tightly folded but its body was bigger than the dragonfly, over eight feet long. It was a rich iridescent blue on its back, paling to an eggshell blue under its abdomen.

The antis (Becky immediately chose that name) crossed the small clearing and approached her. Becky didn't move. She didn't want to do anything to scare the antis away but this large creature was curious, not in the least scared. The antis towered over her. It was about the height and mass of a race horse but its streamlined body was much longer and narrower. Bending down the antis began to explore Becky with its antennae which were long and feathery. As they brushed gently across Becky's face she had to smile. One - because it felt very pleasant in a ticklish way and two - because after all those years of wanting to touch bugs, here finally was a bug that wanted to touch her.

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