tagBDSMBecky's Big Decision

Becky's Big Decision


Further adventures with Becky: Becky's big decision

A quick recap:

I had found a way that I could hypnosis a girl in work by the name of Becky to be my secret sex slave without her know it. I had some good sex with her and did a bit of BDSM while the only thing that she remember was having a good time going for walks or enjoying the sun in the garden. Whilst I had films & pics of her naked with pegs on her nipples and her sucking me off.

We both work in an office a few desks down from each other I do the tech support for the area and she processes orders for our clients and as it was Friday the topic was every bodies weekend plans, most were going to beer gardens or having BBQ's as the weather was meant to be good or just going out somewhere with the family.

I on the other hand, was going to do my normal Saturday things, which I do not mind saying was doing my shopping and other house hold stuff. Then it would be porn, alcohol, pizza and a good action DVD. I also would look at the films I made of Becky as I had a few now.

By midday all chores were done and the lager, vodka and coke were chilled and I was enjoying my 1st lager in the garden on the sun lounger with a bit of background music on. After my third lager I switched to vodka and coke and was more than a little relaxed to the point of falling asleep. My phone bleeped and it was a message from Becky asking what my postcode was? Strange I thought but I text it back to her and did not think anything of it and dozed. Later on I was woken from my snooze by a knock on my door. It was Becky and she had a small bag with her.

Becky came straight in and asked for a lager. I gave her one from the fridge and then I asked "What's up?"

"I want to talk to someone about something but I need a few drinks first if that's ok?"

"Sure" I replied and I got another chair for her to sit out in the sun with me. The first lager I gave her was gone and she went and got another one from the fridge. As I felt I did not have to put up with this I just said "Becky cotton."

Becky went straight into to her hypnotic state.

"What's the first thing you have to do when you are in my house Becky?"

"I have to strip to be inspected sir" she replied.

"So" I said.

Becky looked down at herself and started to remove her clothes quickly before standing with her legs a few feet apart and her arms out wide. This was better I thought.

Her tits are like magnets to my hands and I played with them for a bit sucking and squeezing the nipples till Becky started to moan. I noticed that her landing strip on her fanny was gone and asked her about it.

"My boyfriend shaved it off last night" was her reply.

I just nodded and pushed a fingers in side her, moving them back and forth. I did not want her to cum just yet.

"Why did he shave it for you, did you ask or was it a sex game that you were playing?"

"We were role playing and he was a doctor and I was a patient who had to be shaved from the neck down for a minor illness."

"What sort of illness?"

"We called it sexalot, once he shaved me, he played with my fanny for a bit before licking me till I came twice, but the illness came then, I pushed him away and forced myself on top of him while he put up a bit of resistance till I had his cock inside of me and I rode him till he came inside me, Then it was different positions till we both had cum again."

"Cum for me now!"

With that Becky came, but although she was shaking she did stay in her position.

I told Becky to put her clothes on although I had one feel of her tits before I put them in her bra for her. "When I say the words Becky you will ask for a vodka and coke, and if you can go topless again."

I went to the kitchen and said loudly "Becky cotton."

"Can I have a large vodka & coke, are your neighbours in as well as I would like to go topless again if that's ok?"

"Have a look" I said.

Becky had a look to check and the top came off and her tits were on display for me but I had to keep my hands to myself for now.

I gave her some sun cream to use and there is nothing like a woman rubbing sun cream on her tits to give a red blooded male a hard on. Becky could see it as well but she just smiled.

"Right what do you want to talk to someone about?"

"You have to say you will not tell anyone."

"Becky I just watched you rub sun cream on your tits while you are topless in my garden what do you think?" as I took another drink.

Becky drank her drink asked for another one and said "Can we agree that whatever happens or is said in your house, stays in your house and goes no further?"

"Agreed" I replied.

"Good" said Becky.

"Well for the last few months my boyfriends' and my sex life has become a bit boring, so we agreed to spice it up a bit and started to do role plays and requests and it's got better for both of us but last night he asked if we could have a more open relationship and either become swingers or have sex with other people individually. He told me he that he loved me and wanted us to stay together, and he always wanted to come home to me. He just wanted a bit more suddenly."

I went and got two very large drinks for us before I came up with an answer to that.

"My first question Becky is have you ever felt the same, just wanting to have sex with someone else who is not your boyfriend?"

"These last few months, yes I have been looking a fellas wondering what they are like in bed, but that has only been since our sex rut."

"Do you or you and your boyfriend ever watch porn films together?"

"We have watched one or two but just to get us going type thing."

We were now both a bit drunk and I had to ask about the bag to confirm my suspicions.

"What's the bag for?"

"Can I spend the night here as he's gone out with a few of his mates and I need time to decide, he does know I am here and he knows I'm safe?"


I had to ask the other big question "Do you want to watch some porn now to see what swingers do?"

After what felt like a while Becky said "Yes."

I put the laptop on the table in the living room with two chairs by it as I wanted to see her reaction to the video's that were there.

Becky could see all the sites I look at from the drop down and just smiled again.

"I'm a single red blooded male so yes I watch porn" I said. More to make a point than anything.

Just so she had more control I let Becky decide what she wanted to see, she clicked on amateur swingers which had a few clips on and scrolled down.

"Stop scrolling and watch one" I said.

Becky clicked on one with two couples which started off with them having a meal and drinking before going to lounge area and removing their clothes. I noticed Becky's nipples were getting hard, I could not stop myself.

"Becky Cotton."

"Keep watching the video" I said

I reached over started to suck on a nipple while she watched. Becky's nipple was hard any way so I just sucked it for a while then reached over for the one and played with that as well.

"I want you to tell me how your body feels now."

"My nipples are hard sir and I can feel my fanny getting wet" Becky replied.

"Remove the rest of your clothes then sit back down with your legs open as wide as you need to play with yourself and watch some more videos."

Becky did just that.

While she watch Becky played with herself.

"Push a third finger in as well and do not forget you cannot cum without permission."

"Can I cum now sir?"

"Not until you have sucked my cock so get down on your knees and swallow my cum. Cum before me and you will be punished understand?"


Becky got off her chair and started to suck my cock slowly at first till I reminded her that she could not cum till I had, with that her head moved faster up and down while her fingers moved slower till with my hands on each side of her head to keep her there I shot my load in to her mouth.

"You may cum now."

As she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth, she shook as she came, I told her she could swallow and she gulped down the contents of her mouth with a smile.

We watched a few more videos while she gentle played with herself without coming although she did ask twice but I said no.

I instructed her to put her bottom clothes on as she was topless when we started.

"When I say the words Becky you will find that your nipples are hard and you will want to play with them to keep them like that but you will ask me each time, remember they have to stay hard and you will stay aroused which will cause your fanny to leak juices as well but it will not bother you that you are in my house in fact it will only increase your arousal but not to the extent that you will want to cum but you will be close. You will remember watching a few of the videos and explain what you thought would happen, ask for more drinks and carry on."

"Becky cotton."

"Well they were not bad, I just thought that swingers met up fucked and went home again, it was good to see that they met for a meal to see if they both liked each other, it was not like I thought it would be at all. Do you mind if I you know?"

"You know, what?" I replied all innocently

"You know what I mean"

"No, what do you mean?"

"What happens and is said in this house stays in this house you said."

"Yes, that's what I said."

"Can I play with my nipples to keep them hard?"

I paused for a bit just for the sake of it to see what would happen.

"Sure but I am a male and it will make me hard you do understand that, you also have to ask when you do."

"Ok." she replied and her hands went to each nipple and started to lightly pinch and twist them.

I had all night this time so I had to pace myself. I went to get some more drinks with a bit of a spring in my step.

We kept drinking and talking about what Becky had said, I could not answer that many questions but I could I guess give a male point of view, which Becky was a bit frosty about but she wanted to know so I told her.

The sun started to go down and I wanted more of my kind of fun, so "Becky cotton."

Becky went straight into her slave mode.

"While I put the stuff away go in take your clothes off and get us both drinks, when I come in you will ask if you can sit on my cock as your fanny needs a cock desperately and you will open your fanny lips to show me your juices to prove what you want"

I put the chairs away and casually brought in the radio and there was Becky in the middle of the living room her legs spread her fingers holding her fanny to show her juices and she asked "Can I sit on your cock, my fanny needs cock look?"


I walked around her and felt her ass cheeks, reached round and grabbed her tits and played with the nipples. I sat down on the chair and said "Now."

Becky rushed over and guided my cock into her fanny with a moan and started to move against me, rushing to make us both cum as I knew she had been holding back waiting for permission to cum.

Her body went rigid as I was sucking on her tits and she came, I had not given her permission yet. As she recovered I held her face in my hand and asked "What just happened?"

"I came sir."

"Did I give you permission to cum?"

"No sir."

"So what happens when you cum without permission?"

"I have to be punished sir."

She got off me and just stood there. She knew what some of the punishment was and I told her to "Go and get the pegs."

She walked to get them with her head bowed. When she bought them back I told her "You have to make your nipples harder and then put the pegs on yourself if you make a noise you will receive more punishment and you have to the count of ten for each nipple to have a peg on it which starts now."

Becky started to play with left her nipple hurriedly pinching it and rolling it till I was on 7 she held the clip over the nipple and let go. Becky let out a small moan which I would deal with later but straight away I started to count again.

The same with the right nipple but it was 9 before she let the clip go this time a squeal.

I flicked the pegs which made Becky jump a bit.

"Because you moaned and squealed you will be spanked 10 times with the palm of my hand if you make a noise I will add 5."

I led Becky over to the stairs and told her to lean over till she was stretched from the bottom stair to the 6 stair. Her tits were hanging down and I flicked the pegs "Count the spanks" I instructed.


"1 sorry I made a noise sir."

Not what I expected but.


"2 sorry I made a noise sir."

All the way to 10, I could see the tears in Becky's eyes, I flicked the pegs again just for good measure.

What a good position I thought, I grabbed a condom and took her from behind, "You may make a bit of noise and cum" I told her.

In that position all Becky could do was push back a bit as I grabbed her thighs and pushed hard.

She came and if I had not been holding her thighs she would have collapsed on the stairs and taken me with her.

We stood up and I told her to remove the pegs and she would be back in position if she made a noise. I told her that I would suck her nipples to help the blood back into them. I sucked each of her nipples and put my fingers in or for good measure moving them slowly back and forth, till I thought her body was getting too worked up again.

I instructed her to put her clothes on her bottom half as she was topless when we started this only 35 mins ago.

"When I say the word Becky you will only remember talking about the decision you have to make asking if you go topless and having to ask permission to play with your nipples to keep them hard. You will ask permission again to play with your nipple as well as another strong drink."

"Becky Cotton."

I walked out into the kitchen and waited.

"Do you mind if I play again, can I have another strong drink as well" Becky said.

I walked back in with two strong drinks and said "Of course you can and here is your drink."

Becky's hand went straight to her nipple and started to play with her right nipple then then the other one. I was as much as I could do not to join in and play as well but I knew that would spoil everything.

"Why don't you come up with some sort of agreement that you and your boyfriend have to sign and agree to before you do anything either of you might regret."

I could not take my eyes of Becky as she played with her nipples and she noticed smiled but carried on and then just asked "do you want to play with them?"

"What?" I said

"You are a straight male you watch porn and I am playing with my tits in front of you, do you want to play with my tits?"

We were both a bit drunk by now but I still said from the part of me that made a little bit of sense "Can I?"

"As long as you still agree that what happens in this house stays in this house."

"Of course it does I said so didn't I!"

"OK" she replied.

I reached out and took a nipple between my fingers and just rolled it making it what felt a little harder to how I am normal able to.

Becky moaned a bit but just let me carry on.

"What do you mean by an agreement?" Becky said as I just played with her nipples not really focusing on what she was saying.

"What agreement do you mean?" she said a bit louder.

In my current state between being a bit drunk and lot drunk I still was able to say "Becky cotton."

Becky went straight in to her trance like state.

"Becky I want you to crawl around the room and every 2 steps I want you to ask me to fuck you, you will use the most degrading words you can think of and each time ending in please master, do you understand?"

"Yes master."

Becky got down on her hands and knees her tits swinging nicely below her and started

"Please will you fuck me, my pussy is wet and I really need your cock to fill me up please master."

"Please will you suck my tits as I crawl around the room and then let me sit on your cock so it's in my fanny please master."

"I need to cum badly master please fill my hole with your cock I need to cum, please master."

A condom was got very quickly as she went around the room. I got behind her and with all the force I could muster I pushed my cock up her fanny from behind Becky let out a moan but there was no foreplay just a straight up fuck I pumped in to her and Becky lowered her head and I got a little bit deeper.

Through gritted teeth Becky said "Can I cum sir?"

"Yes" I replied.

Becky came and fell forward on the floor with me still in her, with the smile of content on her face she lay there.

I took the condom off and gave it to her, she drank it down without a thought. I told her to put her knickers and jeans back on.

"When I say the word Becky all you will remember is telling me I can play with your tits, and that you want to write and agreement so your boyfriend and your self can try being swingers, you will insist that I play with your tits while I right the agreement, but you will not tell your boyfriend that's what you did."

"Becky cotton"

"OK so please carry on playing with my tits I can see your cock is hard but we can deal with that later, how do we go about writing an agreement?"

"Ok you have to keep it simple but effective, to many rules will make it too hard for both of you to enjoy it if you decide to try and be swingers, do not forget this the first time for both of you so you need to make sure you both agree."

  1. Both have to agree on which swinger site you are going to sign up for. (There will probably be a fee)

  2. Both have to agree on a couples they would like to meet to see if you both like the other couple.

  3. Neither of you can continually say no.

  4. Both need to agree whether in your house, their house or a hotel.

  5. The swing must take place in the same room so you can still see each other. (otherwise it would not be swinging)

  6. Register on the site for at least 3 months and swing at least once a month.

  7. Condom to be use at all times.

I could see Becky reading it and thinking about it while I just rolled her left nipple between my fingers.

"That looks ok I guess but I'm not sure about the 3 month thing or the once a month thing really, but we shall see."

I ordered a meal from the local Chinese as I was hungry and so was Becky. We sat and chatted, then ate the meal and drank a bit more. Becky's tits were still out, although I admit I was getting a bit tired now as I was a bit drunk and full, I could not resist a bit more playtime for me.

"Becky cotton."

"Becky we have had enough food, you will ask if you can have a shower to wash off the sun cream, you will not notice the camera filming or the door open to the bathroom, which will stop the camera steaming up, or me watching you, you will enjoy the nice hot water washing over you and you will start to play with yourself, you will play with your nipples and push 2 fingers inside you but you will not able to cum, you will remember you are in my house and try to control yourself. You will be unable to. More than anything you will want a cock in you to make you cum."

"Becky cotton."

"Can I have a shower to wash all the sun cream off?" Becky said.

"Sure while you are doing that I will make up the spare bed and put the hairdryer in there for you to use, it's old mind so it may take a while for it to dry your hair."

Becky got in the shower and I quickly made up the bed and got the dryer before going to the bathroom standing at the front of the bath watching Becky shower was good she could not see me and she washed her body stopping at her tits and fanny before finally starting to play with herself, something that turns me on no matter what state I'm in. I watch her trying hard to cum pinching her own nipples and moving her fingers in and out of her fanny but she just could not cum. After about 5 mins I said the best words every. "Becky cotton."

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