tagFirst TimeBecky's Birthday Surprise Request

Becky's Birthday Surprise Request


Author's note:

I was always a jealous man when I considered the other men that had gone before me. Then one day I shared the woman I love with another man. This story is fiction, inspired by that wonderful moment when he first slid inside her and opened my eyes. If the same fantasy doesn't work for you, no worries! Slip inside the head of the lucky stud I shared her with or the confident female lead, and join me on the journey. This is an alternate ending to my First Rites series, replacing chapter 3. But the story can stand on its own with its brief recap, so please stay here and read! I've changed enough of the plot where you'll like this one if you liked the original. Please indulge me with feedback. I am always trying to improve, and your comments mean a lot to me.


I would have given Rebecca Venkatesan just about anything she wanted on her 24th birthday. If she wanted to be alone or spend her birthday on a real date with someone else, I would have selflessly obliged. But she asked to be welcomed at my place with a nice dinner and my company. It had been over a year since I met her and became first her personal trainer, then her life coach. We put our growing feelings for each other on hold while I coached her though weight loss and personal growth. I also coached her dating life and had to watch from the sidelines as she went out with one man after another and grew in her sexuality. That was going to end tonight.

Nervous energy built up in me all day. This was the night. I knew she was in love, so I wasn't worried about being rejected. She had been asking for it, so I was finally going to fuck her. No problem, I was good at that. I was a bit of a player and had sex with beautiful women all the time. But I had never reciprocated love before. As soon as my dick slid inside her, my soul would be left bare, and there would be no turning back. That scared the hell out of me.

She arrived early, coming straight from a workout. She knew I would like that more than her spending hours with make-up and choosing a nice outfit. I got aroused as soon as she walked in the door and took off her thin coat. She filled out her tight booty shorts and sports bra nicely. Her nipples poked through the sweaty bra, and her toned midsection was gleaming. Her ripped physique conformed well to the tight shorts, with her well-defined pubic bone showing, tucked between a flat belly and her muscular quads. And, of course, there was the often-present camel toe formed by her puffy outer lips. The guys must love her at Crossfit. Becky dressed conservatively even as her figure improved. She was mixed race, and this was the influence of her Indian culture. I though it made her more attractive and classy. The exception was while working out. That was the one time she felt free to slut-up her outfit. "You're early," I said.

"I missed you, and it's my birthday. Problems?"

"No, I'm glad you're here. You're the queen of the camel toe, you know. I love your workout clothes."

Becky grinned and took off the sports bra. Her large tits plopped out and descended, the breast tissue sagging with big, pierced nipples pointing south. They were so flawed, and yet so perfect to me. "Happy to see me then?" She asked as she put her hand on my crotch briefly before walking past me. I was stripped down to my boxer briefs, which I felt was adequate attire given her early arrival and the fact that she loved seeing me naked. "It helps that I'm not the only girl there wearing these shorts. I love how sexy I feel, that's for sure. But you're not supposed to wear panties with them, and sometimes the toe is unavoidable."

"Well, I like them," I said.

"Of course you do. Let me get cleaned up, then I have a big surprise for you later," she said.

You and me both, my love.

I worked on dinner while she showered, then I peered into the bathroom and admired her naked body before meeting her smile in the mirror. She was blow-drying her hair. This appliance was the only thing I let her leave at my place while coaching her, and I never let her sleep over. But these boundaries were about to come to an end. "Is that definition I see in your abs coming through now? You've come so far," I said.

"Favorable lighting," she said. But that wasn't it. The formerly obese and unemployed woman had really cut her body fat down while building a fit physique under my care. She was healthy, with tons of energy, a regular menstrual cycle, and no prescription or recreational drug use. She was instagram-follower worthy now. Her butt had the filled-out, muscular look the fitness models sought. It was so perfect, I suspected some people accused her of getting butt implants. At 6'1", she was exotic and tall. Her confidence showed through in her smile, gorgeous even without a trace of makeup. She was a new person. I could hear her phone notifications going off in the other room. Every guy she went out with pursued her like crazy now. Men at her work, married or not and including members of senior management, were all trying to get down her pants. She looked like she spent all day in the gym, but she was also a successful professional with other interests and a great heart. It was time to close the deal. I'd finally found the love of my life, but I'd coached her until she was out of my league!

Then I saw the surprise. "Oh! I love the new look," I said and reached around to rub her bare pubic bone. Becky's patented thick, black bush was gone. She was completely bare. It was probably her first attempt at anything more than shaving a bikini line, and she had done a great job. There was no stubble or razor burn. I actually enjoyed the thick hair on her since most women I bedded those days were shaved. But I had to admit she looked even better like this. I couldn't wait to kiss those bare lips.

"Well I hope you like it. I did it for you. I'll grow it back if you prefer, but it feels great."

"I love it. Your outside has caught up with the inside. You are a beautiful woman all the way through. I am so lucky to know you."

She smiled and offered no objections. She had the confidence to believe that now. I was laying it on thick, but it was from the heart. "It's all due to your influence," she said. I handed her the birthday card and motioned for her to read it. "Dear Becky," she read, "I hereby resign as your life coach. You've met your goals, and I'm madly in love with you. I will remain dedicated to your success and happiness, but as your partner in life, if you'll have me."

She was already tearing up. It was about time I told her what she already knew and had hinted to me many times. I reached around her waist to pull her close. Her bare butt crack pressed against my boxer briefs. "It might take me a while to get out of coaching mode," I said.

"Don't ever change," she said through sniffles. "I thought about it last night. I sensed you were ready. We already have a great relationship. Call me old-fashioned, but I trust you completely with all that I have. You are the man in my life, the head of household. I know that whatever you do will always be to lift me up, because you do love me. You showed it to me so many times before you actually said the words."

"I do love you," I replied.

"I'm so happy. I cherish every day since I've met you. I've waited so long for you to say you love me. But you don't do relationships, remember? You're a player. Monogamy isn't your thing."

We had never discussed my history of indulging in casual sex. But she had to have known, and that confirmed it. She needed reassurance. As her life coach, my personal life wasn't her business. Until now. "That was before I met you," I said. "You're an amazing woman, and you changed me."

"You know, if you keep talking like that, you're going to get some. The kind of something you haven't had from me before." She grinned big at me in the mirror and gave a subtle wiggle to her tush, feeling for my penis and triggering a swell. Her plump butt alternated between a soft, pillowy cushion and rock-hard muscles as she clenched and relaxed.

"Tonight is about you, birthday girl. What do you want?" My hands cupped her breasts gently.

"Mmmm. Your complete love and adoration. But that's not all. I have physical needs that must be met." Her crotch pressed harder against me, and I was at half mast and rising. "Make me a proper woman. I don't mean one of my other orifices that you thoroughly plundered already." I laughed, adoring her blunt humor as always. I turned her head to the side so I could kiss her from behind. Her tongue quickly found its way into my mouth as she deepened the kiss. I held her for a few minutes and just kissed her, knowing that if she wasn't wet before, this would definitely do the job. Becky responded to a simple kiss on the lips better than any woman I'd known.

"Take me now," she said, bending at the waist. "You're ready, and I'm already soaked after that speech you gave. I've wanted it to be you for a long time. I remember the first time I saw you naked. You're very intimidating down there. But I'm not scared anymore. I'm ready."

"Say it again, with the accent," I said.

She said a few sentences in Hindi, then said in English with a thick Indian accent, "Please. Fuck me." She reached back and pulled her left butt cheek to the side for me to open her crack.

I brought the tip to her lips, but I didn't press in. "Holy shit, that's hot. Maybe it's time," I said. "But not on impulse, in the bathroom. I'm going to tease you for a couple hours and draw this out. Let's take our time." Becky's posterior was perfect. Standing doggie pose really brought out her leg definition in addition to her toned ass. She had the right kind of thigh gap: not from not starvation, rather from building muscle and spreading her legs to show space under a chiseled butt. Then she leaned down lower, reaching behind her knees to pull herself all the way until she had her head against her thighs. She had been working on flexibility and was showing off. Her ass looked gorgeous, and the definition in her thigh muscles really showed in this position. Not to mention her bare pussy and anus were on full display for me in the bright bathroom lights. "I'm very impressed. You've been working hard."

"And yet, still you make me wait." She stood back up, gave me an adorable pout, then aimed the blow dryer at her crotch and pulled the trigger. But there was no bush to dry this time. "Whoah. I'm way more sensitive without the pubic hair. Whatever, I probably should have a stiff drink before you try to stuff that monstrous cock in me anyway," she said abruptly, turning and leaving the bathroom. "Just don't ejaculate in my hair," she teased. I followed her back into the den, where she was putting on skimpy panties and some kind of new silk robe that barely reached mid-thigh and let her nipples poke through nicely. "It's my birthday, and I don't expect to need a full change of clothes, get it?"

"Yes, dear. But, you should know that Tanner is coming over for a little bit," I said. "You're early. I was going to have one beer with him and send him on his way. He called, something about his girl dumping him or something. I hope that's okay. He doesn't have to stay long."

"That's too bad, I liked her. I don't mind company, as long as it's all about me, since it's my birthday and all. As long as I get some time with just you later."

This is one of hundreds of reasons why I loved this woman. Tanner had been my friend since elementary school. He was a true friend, sticking up for me when I was just about the only minority kid in our school, putting his white ass on the line for me many times. She liked Tanner because my slightly crass, immature friend was important to me. She wasn't faking it, and I knew I could let him come over without catching tons of emotional shit for it later. But she still had the confidence to insist on what she wanted. She also dropped a subtle hint that she wouldn't mind another suitor to admire her for a while. It helped that she had already seen him naked in her first of any kind of group activity. I knew she wouldn't change out of her sexy lingerie for him. "Do you think maybe he's someone you'd like to...?" I stopped, feeling silly asking that after asking her to be my girlfriend. I just wanted to hear her talk about sex.

"Fuck?" she asked, reading my mind. "A threesome with another guy on my birthday. And on our first night together? Wow, you're going to make a great boyfriend."

"I don't know why I said that. But I'm not the boss of you anymore, and it's your day. What do you want?"

"Well I loved going down on him. It was significantly hotter for me because I was performing in front of you. He's cute, appreciative, and I'm comfortable with him since we already did oral. I'd probably let him fuck me. But you have to want it too and give me a little nudge in that direction."

The word "fuck" had become generic to us.

She clarified it for me. "I'm not anal-ready tonight, you know. Your options are limited. Can he put it anywhere?"

"Ooh, that does raise the stakes a bit," I said. "Who gets first rites?"

"Exactly," Becky said. "Who gets to pop me?" She pressed herself against me, from the front this time. Her teases always worked best when she was in my personal space.

"I don't think he's worthy of the honor," I said. Becky was still a "virgin" in only the most technical sense. She stayed a virgin through college mostly due to her ample size limiting the amount of men trying to fuck her. I'd insisted she remain celibate for the first part of our life-coaching to remove any distractions from more important objectives like a career and weight loss. But her dating life took off as she slimmed down, and I taught her kissing and oral sex, which she did frequently. She even dabbled in anal sex. But she continued to refuse vaginal intercourse even after I removed it as a restriction for my coaching and recommended she try it. The end result was a very confident, sexually experienced, even kinky woman in her twenties that was a virgin in name only.

She shrugged. "It's just sex. I seem to remember he's pretty large down there. Not huge like you, though. I've seen a lot of men naked now, and you still have the biggest one I've seen. Maybe he's good starter dick." She brought my hand to the front of her thin panties. "He'll hurt me. You know how tight I am. But I'll do it for you. Then when we make love and you're finally inside me, it will fit easier, and I can just focus on pleasing you."

I loved this banter with Becky. As her life coach, I was inside her head and knew her better than anyone already. After she first wrapped her lips around my cock, from then onward, no topic was off-limits, and she had a better sense of humor than anyone I knew. I'd heard some variation of this tease several times now, and it almost made me ejaculate on the spot. But now the tease was more serious. Becky was learning she had an exhibitionist side after Tanner's last visit with his ex-girlfriend. Her talk had made me fully hard. She reached for my cock, but I pushed her hand away.

"Don't. I'll come. God you're good at that," I said.

Becky grinned and leaned in for another kiss. They were short pecks while she thought of what to say next to keep me aroused. "So no more journaling?" she asked. "Since it's just going to be you. I'd love it if you were the only man in my life now."

I smiled at that reminder that I was now in a relationship with the woman I loved, and I would not have to read about other men benefiting from her talents. She briefed me in great detail after all her dates for lessons-learned and kept a detailed journal. But we both knew her escapades didn't just make me jealous, they also turned me on. It had become impossible to hide the extent of my kinky personality, and it was even rubbing off on her. "I guess not. So what was the final total? How many different men have slid a dick between your filthy lips?"

Becky kissed me a few more times before answering. Her non-existent libido had grown exponentially as her health improved through my coaching. She developed a prolific masturbation habit to go along with her budding dating life after I helped her find her orgasm. After I coached her through her first blow job on my own cock, she took a liking to it and was quite generous with her skills during the last six months leading up to this night. She asked for feedback, so every time she satisfied someone new, she learned and got better. She went out with a lot of men, because while I coached her, the intent of dating was to learn, not get in a relationship. She often performed oral on first or second dates and racked up her number fast.

"Hmm, I think... maybe about 26?" She paused, then added, "Oops, I forgot to add you, so 27."

I laughed. "And how many different men have ejaculated in this talented mouth?" I knew all the sordid details and the totals since I read her journal, but it was awesome to hear her tease me with it.

Becky deepened the next kiss for a few seconds before answering. "All twenty seven," she said.

She sucked my tongue for a second before releasing it, making me think of all the satisfied men that had shot a load down her throat. This statistic should probably be a turn-off, yet my dick jerked and hardened at the thought. How could I both be so turned on by her innocence, yet so aroused when it was corrupted by someone else? I cleared my throat and said, "About that. Seriously though, Tanner's feeling kind of low. It's up to you of course, but if you want to fellate him, I know he'd really appreciate it. Nobody is better at that than you. As long as he's respectful, I'm cool with it." I paused while she nodded. "You know I just like the tease, and I was joking about you having sex with him, right?" I said.

"No you weren't, you perv," she said, kissing me one more time as she walked past me to the kitchen. "Let's eat. I'm starving."

We ate a romantic, light dinner with two glasses of wine each as the sun set. I stayed in my boxer briefs with her in her lingerie. We talked about all sorts of things and never struggled to have good conversation. We knew each other so well now and had so many common interests, it was effortless, and no topic was off-limits. The outdoor hot tub was next on the agenda. It was a cold autumn night, but the ten-second walk to the hot tub would feel great.

When Becky excused herself after dinner, Tanner arrived. He was presentable, with decent clothes and a recent shower. He didn't seem too upset about his breakup or even notice that I answered the door in my underwear. I laid down the ground rules. "Becky is here, and it's her birthday. We were about to hit the hot tub. Why don't we go ahead and go out there, and she'll be along. We'll make you feel better, bro, but tonight is about her, okay? When I sense she's ready to be alone with me, well, you know."

"Of course." Tanner was never shy, and his clothes came off fast. I glanced at his cock a little too long. I wasn't into looking at guys, nor was I intimidated at all by him. He was much shorter than me. His cock was bigger than average, but I still had him by a good amount. But there was something different tonight that gave me pause. He was flaccid, but he seemed swollen already and was showing a good hang. He just seemed potent and masculine, quite unlike his normal demeanor.

My spa was cozy, but big enough so two straight men could be naked and only accidentally brush feet. I loved my new house and its five acres. I left most of the surrounding trees in place for privacy. We were clothing-optional in my backyard even in daylight now that the Pokemon Go craze had died down and random people weren't walking around the rear of my property. Tanner and I discussed his situation for a few minutes until Becky sauntered out, covered in a bath towel and carrying a new, opened bottle of wine. She casually removed her towel and laid it on the hook by the tub, and Tanner gazed upon her nude body for the first time.

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