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Becky's Seduction


If you don't like "romantic" eroticism, don't bother reading this. If you do, I'd love to see your comments and get your feedback and votes, since it's contest time.

A great song to go along with this is Pat Benetar, "We Belong". There's a good video available online. And Pat looks a lot like Becky!



I've been so nervous all day I've been shaking. I had to spend about an hour doing some real work, something the boss needed today, to be sent out before the weekend. The rest of the time I've been faking it. Most of the day I've either been stealing glances at Rob, or just shutting my eyes, thinking. A couple of times he noticed, but I smiled, as though it were just an accident. I doubt he believes that, but it's nothing new.

We've been flirting for months, ever since he came to my department. At first it was just a smile, some idle chatter. We just got along good. Little by little though, it's elevated, nothing too overt, but we have both found ways to spend a little more time together in the office. He comes over and asks advice on his projects, and we end up chatting about almost anything. There was a task force a while ago, and I volunteered for it right after he did. Always five or six people in the meetings, but we were usually the first in and the last out. And he would make a point of getting the chair next to me, every time. Of course, we always go to lunch together. I don't know when I realized it was more than just office comradery, but it's been a while now.

But lately, things have changed. I find he's the first thing I look for when I get in the office. I feel let down if he's not here, even if I know he's in a meeting or something. And if one of us goes for coffee, we always come back with two, it's automatic. Of course, I've caught him looking at my breasts lots of times, even down my shirt, but all the guys do that. But when Rob does it I pretend not to notice for a minute, giving him a good look, then smile just a little and turn a bit, never interrupting our conversation and not really blocking his view.

And there are other things. The touches. It was only a month or so ago when one day, he touched my shoulder when he made a point. He didn't really have to, he just did it. It was so sudden I jumped, and he moved his hand. But I was burning for minutes after, both my shoulder and my face. And even that night, I still thought about it. Thank God, I didn't scare him off. The next day he did it again, it wasn't an accident. But that time I was ready. I didn't jump, just slowly turned my face to him and smiled. And he smiled back. Ever since then it's been more and more routine. Sometimes I touch him back. Sometimes I touch him first.

Now though, sometimes it's other places too. A week or so ago, I made a wise guy remark when no one else was around and he gave me a little swat on the butt. I almost jumped again, but instead I kept my cool and pumped my ass back at him. Then turned and stuck my tongue out. He had a look on his face I've never seen before. Longing?

But yesterday, everything changed. Right at quitting time, when the office was almost empty and no one was down our end, he walked over as I was getting my purse out of my desk. He never said a word, just stood behind me. And I felt his hands on my shoulders. And he began to massage, gently at first, then harder and deeper. For a long time, maybe five minutes. At times his hands brushed the sides and back of my neck, but never strayed further than my shoulder blades.

When he finished he bent down, his mouth inches from my ear and whispered, "I thought you looked a little tense. Have a nice night, Becky."

I managed to gasp out, "Thanks, you too, Rob," but it came out so softly I don't know if he heard me. I couldn't move, I didn't dare try. And when I finally turned to look, he was gone. That was a good thing, because by then I had tears streaming down my cheeks. I'm not even sure why, I certainly wasn't sad or offended, I loved it! I just didn't want him to stop. Ever.

Last night that was all I thought about. Almost all night. Towards dawn, I managed an hour or two of sleep though. After I had made the decision. So today, I'm ready. I haven't a doubt left in my mind. I just need the strength. But I can still feel those hands on my shoulders. That's all I need.

This morning, when I came in he was at his desk, and I just gave him a cheery smile. "Hi Rob, you going for pizza tonight?" It's an office tradition. Friday night, a dozen or so of us go across the street for pizza and beer.

"Of course," he replied, "do I ever miss?"

He doesn't and I was counting on that. So now, I'm watching the clock. It's 10 of 5, almost time. I take a quick walk to the ladies room. And I take off my bra. Fuck it, all or nothing. When I get back, he's just cleaning up his desk, so I lock mine and wait for him. Some always cheat and leave a little early, so we aren't the first. We usually take up three booths, and one is full already. One guy is sitting at the second, and Rob heads towards it, but I tug at his arm and say, "Do you mind?" and angle him towards the third booth.

It's empty, and he waits for me to slide in, but I smile and say, "You first, ok?" I get a little questioning look, but he does as told, and I slide in next to him. Pretty soon, a young secretary from the office sits next to me and I slide closer to Rob, my leg pressing against his. A couple of guys sit across from us, but they're more interested in her. We order a couple of pitchers of beer and two different pizzas for the table, and there's the usual chit-chat as we wait. Of course the beer comes first, so we start on that.

But somewhere along the line he notices. I have an extra button on my blouse undone, and he can see right in. I planned it that way, this shirt was always like that. And of course, he can see my braless breasts. I say something and he doesn't answer, and when I turn to him I see his eyes. Somehow he notices me looking, and his expression becomes a question, almost shock. He knows I wasn't like this in the office. I just give him the warmest smile I know how, turn a little more to him and bend slightly, to give him the best possible look. And I gently pat him on the thigh, beneath the table.

He closes his eyes, almost scrunches them up, and looks away for a moment. But now, he looks back, and he understands. He accepts the invitation and I can feel his eyeballs slide right into my shirt and stroke my breasts. I have this terrible urge, and I have to fight it. Oh God, it wouldn't be cool with the office bunch. But I want to lean over and kiss him SO bad!

My hand hasn't moved since the pat, but now it does, sliding lightly up and down the top of his thigh. He sits back against the booth and very softly moans. I feel his hand settle on top of mine, moving with it at first, but then sliding softly up and down my arm, encouraging me.

The pizzas come and break the spell. Both of us manage to get down a slice or two, but it's hard with only one hand apiece. And for some reason, I'm not really hungry at all. And I didn't eat breakfast or lunch, either. We finish our beers, and he reaches for the pitcher to pour us more, but I put my hand over the top of my glass. And I turn to him and say very softly, "If you'd like another beer, we could have it at my apartment." Why do I feel like my whole life rests on that statement?

"Are you ready?" he says.

"I've been ready."

We excuse ourselves and head out the door. I only live three minutes from here, so we just walk. He's been there before, but always with a little group from the office. As soon as we are well away from the restaurant I feel his arm go around my back. I look up to him and smile and oh DAMN! I want to stop right there and kiss him, so much, but I know we should wait. But I don't have to. Somehow, suddenly, his arms are tight around me and I'm practically crushed against his body.

And my arms are around his shoulders pulling him down as my chin goes up and my lips are slightly open and the millisecond before his are on mine takes forever and I have no idea who is moaning but I think its me but maybe its him too as our eyes close and I feel those wonderful soft lips he has thoughtfully moistened devour mine as his tongue slips into my mouth and mine greets it like an old friend and we must be kissing forever because at the end of time there are people watching us, and I almost expect them to cheer.

And when, for no good reason I can think of, the kiss finally ends, I look up at him in total shock, a single tear running down from each eye and softly breath a quavering, "OHHhhhhhhhhhhhh." And I know he understands, because the same expression is on his face. He wraps an arm around me again, and we walk in silence to my door. The elevator takes forever, somehow I never noticed that before, but I manage to fish my key from my purse. Now if my hand would stop shaking, I'd unlock the door.

I drop my purse and walk to the middle of the room, when I feel a touch on my shoulder. I turn and he's right there, so close I can feel the heat from his body. Or is that from me? We stare, and very slowly, I feel his arms close around me, enveloping me gently. I put my head on his chest, and cling to him as one hand strokes my hair and the other slides slowly up and down my back.

I hear him breathe, very softly, "Becky." I look up and see a beautiful smile for the second before his lips softly touch mine and our eyes close. This time the kiss is soft and gentle, but every bit as passionate as the first, and I begin to feel my legs quivering, my whole body shaking. All at once, he slides one hand down under my ass, and he lifts me in one quick motion. I lock my arms around his neck and look up to see the desire in his eyes. "Where?"

I point with my eyes, and in seconds, he lays me gently on the bed. I lie still, eyes closed, and I hear rustling as he fumbles with his clothes. Then I feel his weight on the bed, and his lips find mine again and he wraps an arm across me, holding me, as we just kiss and kiss and kiss. His chest is pressing on mine, and I know he wants to feel my breasts, so I try to squirm under him just a bit and moan quietly, letting him know how good he feels. One hand is in my hair again, fingers running through it now, and the other moves slowly up and down my side. I roll towards him just a little, trying to get more of our bodies in contact.

But he pushes up, just a little, and his lips start wandering over my face and ears and neck. And I feel his fingers slowly undoing the buttons on my shirt. When he pulls the blouse free of the waistband of my skirt to undo the last one, I open my eyes and smile at him. He's a bit out of focus, so I know my eyes are a little watery and probably shining in the dim light. Which is just how I feel. Shining. I see he's in his underwear, white Tee and boxers.

The job done, he sits back, kneeling beside me, and very slowly folds back the sides of my shirt, exposing me, as though he's unveiling a statue. And one of the nicest sounds I've ever heard is his breath suddenly being sucked in and catching in his throat as he looks at me and bites his lip. I watch his eyes as they travel over every inch of my chest, down to my stomach.

Deliberately, I reach down to my side, undo the button, and unzip my skirt, smiling at him. When he grasps the hem I lift my hips, making it easy for him to slide it down, and soon it's on the floor. Now I hold my breath, watching him as he takes in my body, and the panties I selected for him this morning, not a bikini, but black, lacey, almost sheer. I know they are already a little damp, but I don't think he should mind that. After all, it is his fault.

He peels off his T-shirt, then bends down and kisses me, just above my belly button, and I have to stifle a gasp. Then he looks up at me, and our eyes lock as he puts both hands just above my hips and slowly slides them up my sides. They stop when his thumbs are caught in the creases of the underside of my breasts, and he bends over and kisses me again, this time a little higher. He slides his hands under my breasts and very lightly cups them in his palms, holding me. And I realize, his hands are shaking. Really SHAKING! To reassure him, I purr, a long contented "Mmmmmmmmmmm" at the wonderful feeling of being in his hands. The broad smile on my face should help, too.

Very slowly, lightly, gently, he runs his hands all over my chest, his fingers relishing the feel of every inch of the smooth skin. I gasp as he brushes over my nipples, already so hard and swollen, and I really wish he would squeeze me harder, grasp those nipples, claim them once and for all. But this is his time, to explore me, savor me, know me, and whatever he wants is what I want. I know I'll have my chance, too.

His fingers tighten, and he squeezes, tentatively at first, then kneading slowly. I can only hope he enjoys it as much as I do. When his fingertips close around my nipples I gasp, then moan, and my head goes back into the pillow, eyes tightly shut. He squeezes, then pulls, then twists, then does it all again, harder. Maybe he's finding out what I like. Little does he know there's not much he can do that I won't love.

I put both my hands over his and squeeze - hard - forcing his fingers into my flesh, showing him I won't break, but I don't mind if he tries. He looks up at me with a smile, and suddenly leans forward, kissing me hard, tongue ramming into my mouth. It's as though the dam holding back the passion has broken, and he grinds his chest against my breasts and throws one leg between mine. His thigh comes to rest on my now soaked panties, and as we both squirm, it moves up and down. I lift my hips, grinding against his leg, needing to feel him touching me and needing to let him know.

When he lifts his head again his lips immediately envelop one of my aching hard nipples and he sucks it right in. His tongue grinds down hard on the tip as he takes more of my breast into his mouth. My hips are pumping and I let go a loud "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" at the sudden exquisite sensation. One hand grasps the other breast again, now kneading and squeezing hard, and his fingertips are stretching and twisting the tip.

He moves his leg aside, and his other hand slides over my pussy, clutching and squeezing my mound over the soaking wet panties. My back is arched to his mouth and my hips are pumping against his hand as my whole body is in motion. My feet are sliding up and down on the sheet, my legs spreading wider with each movement. I'm groaning and gasping and sighing and purring at every touch, and I hear his breathing coming harder and faster as he moans contentedly against my breast. "Oh Rob!" I sigh, "This feels so fucking good!"

With a groan he forces himself away from my breast and sits back. Once again, he looks over my body, top to bottom and back again, and I like the ragged gasps he's making. I know what he's thinking, but I have other ideas, to do with the gigantic tent in his boxers. I sit up too, and smile at him, putting my hands on his shoulders and pushing gently. "Lie down, baby, it's my turn," I giggle, and I love the big smile as he does as told. My eyes suddenly widen, as the motion causes his outrageously hard cock to burst out of the fly on the boxers!

And oh my! I never expected this! It's big! Long and straight and shiny hard, the skin stretched so tight it glistens. And best of all, a large drop of pre-cum immediately forms on the tip. I swoop down and suck it in as he jumps and shudders. Then I sit back up and let him watch as I slowly savor his taste. To add a little spice I cup my breasts and squeeze them for him as I lick my lips. I love the way he moans.

I giggle as I see he's getting anxious now. He grasps the waistband of his boxers and slides them down below his ass. Perhaps I'll have to torture him just a bit. First I lean down and kiss his lips, letting the hard tips of my breasts drag over his chest. I hope my gasp tells him how good it feels. As our lips and tongues play, I run a hand down over his body, stroking him, but stopping short of the furry mat around his cock. He's got a little bit of fur up top too, just enough to grab hold of. Mmmmmmmm.

When I lift my head I start kissing slowly down, following my hand. I can't resist giving one of his nipples a little nip, and he gasps. And he gasps again, almost panting, as I kiss a little circle around his belly button. I'm sure he'll get even. I lie on my stomach and run my hands down his thighs to the top of the boxers, still trapped on his legs. Mmmmmmmmm, he catches on fast! I feel his hand running over my round ass, now next to his shoulder, as I kiss back and forth across him from hip to hip, just above his groin.

I'm making him think I'm ignoring his cock; I haven't touched it yet. But my eyes are taking in every twitch and shudder as my face is only a few inches from it. It's straight up, standing at attention, and I can feel my mouth getting wet with anticipation. Already, I'm memorizing all the little bumps and veins and that delicious looking round head, now purplish red. With my lips against his body I have to look up to see the tip. That's a good sign.

Finally I relent, turning briefly to plant another smooch on his lips, then crawling down the bed. I grasp the boxers and make short work of them, and he sighs with relief and spreads his legs. With a giggle I slip between them and smile up at him. I give him a couple of kisses inside both thighs, loving the little shudders I feel. Then I lift my head and just breathe on the head of his cock. He moans and it twitches, almost wagging back and forth. Giggle.

I gently grasp his cock around the base, then hold it as I lick and kiss his balls. I feel his hips rock and he moans again, "Ahhhh baby, Goddd!" his legs squirming. Then I open my hand and let his cock press against my palm as my wet tongue slowly slides up the underside, all the way to the tip. He's gasping and groaning and I can hear him squirming against the sheet. With a big grin I lick the tip lightly, gradually getting it glistening wet. He's got his eyes shut, and his hands are fists now, as he makes a new sound with every touch.

I close my lips around the tip, my mouth already drooling, and his head is slippery wet as my tongue swirls and I suck him like a Popsicle. His hips start bucking and rolling and I hear his hands pounding the bed, but my eyes are closed as I enjoy the sensation of this beautiful cock in my mouth. All at once his hands are on my head, just gently resting on my hair, but I can feel him shuddering constantly. I slip him out, planting little kisses all over his tip, then slide my lips over him again.

But this time, I don't stop, slowly taking more and more of him, a little at a time. I slide down a bit, getting his big shaft wet, then back up, then down a little further. I only have half of him, and my mouth feels very full, lips almost stretched open. I use my tongue to paint his shaft with my spit, wanting him sloppy wet and slippery. His hips have stopped bucking quite so badly, and he's picked up a rhythm, which I use to time my strokes. I feel him start to hit the back of my mouth, and for a minute, I stroke up and down steadily, which seems to calm him a bit, and he lies back and begins to really enjoy it. His eyes open and he smiles at me, his hips rolling in time with my bobbing head.

I know I love it at least as much as he does; I could keep this up all night, but my curiosity won't let me. I grasp his shaft with my fist, and am pleased to realize that when I go all the way down, I can only keep four fingers around him, so there's hope. I slide all the way up his shaft, then suddenly press down hard, and am almost shocked when his head slips into my throat. Of course I gag immediately, and have to come up for air, coughing and choking. But it's do-able!

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