tagMind ControlBecoming a Double Agent Ch. 03

Becoming a Double Agent Ch. 03


The door to his cell opened and in walked the woman in black followed by the same two men who had been dolling out his torture these past days. As physically attractive her appearance was, he had long since felt anything but animus towards her.

"Good morning agent Smith," her eyes held a glint like she knew something he did not, "time for your regular meeting. If you don't mind following me," she finished by motioning to the two men to help him to his feet and free him from the shackles on the wall.

Her words perplexed him as the usual torture was dealt out here in his cell rather than being taken elsewhere. The men brought him to his feet being less than gentle before directing him out the door still wearing the same gown he had been in for how long he could not remember. The hallway was long with several doors on each side ending with what appeared to be an elevator.

He followed the woman in black as the click of her black leather boots echoed off the walls. The sway of her hips in her tight black outfit mildly distracted him as he reminded himself of what type of woman her shapely frame contained. He started to weigh the option of trying to overpower the men behind him, if he even had the strength, before dealing with the woman against being left in a location he was unfamiliar with and did not want to attempt escape without having some sort of idea where exactly he was. Breaking free only to find himself on an island in the middle of the ocean might prove to be an exercise in futility. He decided patience was still his best option given they had kept him alive this long thanks to the help of his fellow imprisoned caretaker.

Thinking of Shelle he found his libido stirring much more than anything the woman in black had been able to evoke from him. Where the woman in black was harsh and cold, Shelle was sweet and comforting. He was brought out of his reverie as the doors to the elevator opened and he was forcible pushed inside by the men trailing him.

There were several unmarked buttons inside the elevator with a hand scanner off to one side which the woman in black used prior to pressing one of the buttons. Another good piece of information to have before choosing his time to escape. He would need someone to assist with the elevator in order to free himself. Next, which floor led out and when out, where was he and how could he get to safety?

The ride was short, and the doors opened to a small lobby with a desk which was attended by a diminutive man with blonde hair and glasses who looked up as the group exited the elevator. Behind the desk to the right was a door that was closed, other than that the room was empty. The man behind the desk was the first to speak, "she is waiting for him. You can leave him with me."

The woman in black laughed softly at the blonde-haired man's words, "think you can keep him under control this time?"

The blonde-haired man's face took on an annoyed expression, "the last time was a mistake. It won't happen again."

The last time? He did not remember seeing the blonde-haired man prior to this moment. What was going on here?

"Very well," the woman in black responded as the two men with her gave him a gentle push towards the desk before turning back to the elevator.

As the doors to the elevator closed he thought of overpowering the blond-haired man and possibly trying to get some information from him. His thoughts started to wonder again about the conversation he just witnessed, what did they mean about the last time? Where was he? How could he find Shelle before finding a way out of this place?

"There's no need for violence or threats this time," the blonde-haired man said to him. "If you are still wanting to know where Shelle is, she is in there," he motioned towards the door beyond his desk. Reaching down under his desk he did something that caused the door to automatically open. "You can go in now. She is waiting for you."

It took several moments for him to respond. The confusion caused too many thoughts to race through his head until he was finally able to calm his mind. Without saying a word, he slowly walked through the door which immediately closed behind him.

The room held a large desk at the far end with chairs in front of it and a white leather couch behind them against the wall to his left. The woman behind the desk gave him pause. He had never seen her when her hair was not in complete disarray and her lips that were curved into a smile never had appeared such a deep red as they currently did.

"And how are you feeling today agent Smith?"

He chided himself for not knowing better than to fall for their deception. To fall for her deception. "I should have known," he said shaking his head, "what is it you expect to gain now? It's not like I have told you anything."

The woman laughed mildly, "oh agent Smith? Agent John Smith? Your mission to infiltrate our organization, establish contacts, and send back our methods and sources?"

The confidence she exuded gave him pause. What had he said? When did it happen? A sinking feeling started to form in his stomach.

"Figuring it out now?"

"I...I can't have told you everything. You might as well dispose of me now," he thought about taking her captive if she was so important and use her to help get out of here.

"Dispose of you?" she asked as her eyebrows raised. She stood up from her desk and he found his eyes pleased, despite his current situation, at seeing her in the tight black dress she wore. "Oh no John. I am helping you accomplish your mission," she moved from behind the desk and he took in the sight of her in the tight black dress and high heels. She stopped and placed her hands on her hips, "do you need some more time to look?"

He found her eyes as he tore his away from her legs, "Shelle...is your name really Shelle?" Why did he find her smile so disarming? Or her eyes? Or lips?

"I didn't lie to you John. Not about my name. Not about helping you forget."

He cursed himself for being so foolish, "what did I forget?"

"That we have had this conversation many times before John," she started to slowly walk towards him, "so many times so I can make sure my suggestions take hold."

"Suggestions? What suggestions?" His mind raced trying to remember anything, but all he remembered was Shelle leaving his cell after he had just been tortured by the woman in black.

She was standing right in front of him now, "I think everything is just the way I want it. Don't you think so my pet?"

His body suddenly started to tingle, and her eyes held his gaze. "I wouldn't want you remembering all the times I hypnotized you," she gently took him by the hand and led him to the white leather couch easing him down until he was sitting down with her next to him. "Can't have you remembering all the things you told me," she gently pushed him back until his head was resting against the back cushion and he felt her hand slide up under his gown and grasp his already erect cock causing his breath to quicken. "Can't have you remembering how much you love it when my hand is on your cock," she slowly started stroking up and down. "The pleasure takes you down so deep my pet. The deeper you go the better it feels and the more you forget all the commands I give you."

His eyes were closed as he lay back feeling the wonderful sensations coursing through his body. Her voice was so soft in his ear, "don't go too deep yet my pet. I want your body to react to me without thought because I make you feel so good. So weak when my hand is around your cock aren't you?"

"Yes," was the word he registered touching his ears. Was that his voice?

"You like being weak for me don't you pet?"

"Yes," again he heard his voice respond.

"So hard for me pet," her hand kept its slow pace on his cock, "and so hard for your conscious mind to comprehend how you respond to me without hesitation. How you obey my commands. Absorb and act on my suggestions pet."

He felt like he was split in two. He was responding to her and no matter how aware he was, he could not stop himself, or stop her.

"You like being mine pet. You want to serve me and serve me you shall."

His body was being hit by wave after wave of pleasure as she spoke to him. His cock was throbbing under her gentle touch.

"You feel your balls filling up pet with all we have talked about today. All memories of serving me are flooding to your crotch, causing you to ache. Your dreams of being with me make you ache even more pet. The frenzy I stir inside you makes you so unbelievably weak for me. So weak and easy to manipulate making you crave to do my bidding."

His body was on fire and the aching inside him left him feeling open and bare. "The pleasure makes you fall deeper and desire to serve me even more. Serving me brings you pleasure making the desire to obey me even stronger." He felt like he was in a never ending spiral. As his thoughts moved from the pleasure that was overwhelming him, they moved to desires to please her which meant obeying and serving her and back again to the pleasure.

"You have succeeded in infiltrating my organization pet. You are to report back to your agency everything I tell you to report back. When the time comes you will finish your mission and return to the agency where you will become my information source. Is that clear pet?"

"Yes," his voice again echoed in his ears.

"Now you are going to feel your mission cemented in the back of your mind. You know when your hear me call you 'my pet', you immediately fall into to trance for me. My words are so easy for you to obey now, aren't they my pet?"


"That's right. The pleasure you are experiencing is what you feel when you serve me. When I give you release you will forget everything we have talked about and act without thought to carry out my orders. Are you ready for me to give you your release pet?"


"Cum for your Domina now," the words lifted the damn that was holding back the explosion. His body felt like it was dipped in liquid pleasure. His mind did not register the cries that escaped his lips as she pumped the cum out of his cock.

He sat at the table waiting on his contact. He had picked this restaurant because it was dark and the people who frequented it did so because they liked keeping their business to themselves. He had finished with establishing a connection with the person who helped the smuggling efforts into and out of the northeast borders of the US. He had brought several "deals" to the contact already and was slowly insinuating himself deeper and deeper into his undercover role.

He saw the contact making her way towards his table and took a moment to admire how attractive she looked in her tight black dress and heels...

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