tagLoving WivesBecoming a Houseslut: The Beginning

Becoming a Houseslut: The Beginning


The events that forever altered my marriage to Kim, my wife of 15 years, started a few weeks ago, but it wasn't until this morning that I started to put the pieces together and I realized things between us were about to change. Kim and I met in college. She was 18 and I was 23. We married four years later after a dating exclusively.

I was on a business trip in San Francisco (my wife and I live in Los Angeles). I was in my hotel getting ready on a Friday morning -- the second day of what was to be a two-day trip. I had a set of meetings to attend, followed by a dinner. After that, some work friends and I were going to go out for drinks to blow off some steam. So I was going to fly home first thing in the morning.

I was just brushing my hair before grabbing my things when my text alert sounded. I left the bathroom to go retrieve my phone and picked it up off of the chest of drawers thinking it might be a co-worker with some news about the morning's events. Instead, I saw it was from my wife. So I opened the text and was surprised to find it was a photo attachment. More surprising was the photo itself. My wife was standing in front of our bedroom mirror dressed in black lingerie -- quite fancy lingerie at that. She had on black thigh-highs attached to a garter belt. She was wearing sheer black panties and a very skimpy bra. I could she her dark bush through the thin material. This was surprising because while my wife occasionally wears some sexy underwear for special occasions for us, she never takes pictures of herself and texts them to me. Kim is somewhat reserved when it comes such things. I was also surprised that through the sheer material I could see she had shaved her pubic hair into a landing strip and that area around her pussy was clean-shaven. I had suggested this in this past, but she had always resisted the idea.

"Getting ready . . ." was the text that accompanied the picture.

I was about to write back to say, "Looking great, but what's the occasion?" when another text showed up in reply to hers from her best friend Sue saying, "You look so sexy! Does this mean you are going to go through with it?"

Confused, I tried to figure out why Sue was responding. As I looked at the message thread, I realized that Kim had sent the message in the thread of a group message Kim had sent to Sue and I about a week ago saying she'd be late to meet us at dinner -- Kim and I meeting with Sue and her husband Mark at restaurant and we were all coming from different places. Had she meant to text me and accidentally included Sue? And if so, what was Sue's comment all about?

As I contemplated this, Kim sent a reply to Sue, "Yes. At least I think so. Going to ask Dave for drinks when we finish work. Hopefully after some liquid courage I can get the nerve to ask him back to my place for some fun. ☺"

"He's going to totally jump you when he sees you in that. I know from experience LOL. I was so glad you chose that outfit when we went 'shopping'". Sue wrote back.

"Ahhhh yes. The infamous 'shopping trip' ;) " Kim texted.

"Best customer service EVER!" Sue replied.

They were texting so quickly it took me a moment to process what I was reading. Clearly it was I who was the unintended recipient, though it didn't appear that Kim or Sue had caught on to that. I didn't know what to make about the cryptic references to the shopping trip, but the part about asking some guy named Dave back to our house to have sex was pretty clear. My head was spinning. My wife was planning to cheat on me and Sue was in on it. I tried to sort out what the hell was going on and what to do about it. I wanted to run home right away and confront Kim, but obviously that wasn't possible at the moment. I wanted to stand in front of her and have her tell me it was just some kind of weird misunderstanding and everything was fine. My mind was racing, had she done this before? I never even remotely had any suspicions that it was something she'd do. We had a very happy marriage and still enjoyed each other's company and sex life very much -- or at least I thought so.

"Make sure to let me know how it goes. I'm excited for you . . . and when I saw excited, I mean the wet, sticky kind. ;)" Sue texted.

"Me too. I had a little 'playtime' this morning " Kim replied.

'Jesus. My wife is 'sexting' with her best friend' I thought, stunned -- and a bit turned on. This was like a weird dream. I stood there confused and stunned, staring at the words on my screen and the sexy picture of my wife. My cock twitched a bit, which struck me as odd given the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was lost in thought when my text alert went off again. I quickly looked back at the screen expecting to see the conversation continue between my wife and Sue. Instead it was a text from my colleague Jim saying he and some others were in the lobby ready to go. I tried to shake the shock and uneasiness so I could meet up with the others. I took one more look at my wife, closed the message app and texted Jim.

"Be right down".

I grabbed my messenger bag and headed out of the hotel room, hoping that the brief elevator ride would bring some color to my skin and slow down the racing that was going on in my mind. I met up with Jim and the others and headed for coffee and a bite to eat at a café in the hotel. While they all chatted, I tried not to appear too distracted or disturbed. I kept hoping that I would get that feeling you sometimes get in the morning that something you thought that you had experienced was actually a very vivid dream. I tried to engage in the small talk just to try and calm the swirling emotions I was experiencing.

We finished up and headed to the meeting room. I checked my phone to see if there were further texts, but there weren't. I sensed a bit of relief mixed with a hint of disappointment. After the morning's session, I was going to have to come up with something to do to address the situation, but I wasn't sure what it could be from 400 miles away. As we sat down to start the meetings I set my phone to vibrate so that I could keep an eye on it without interrupting the anything. As the meeting progressed, I was pleased to be forced to concentrate on things other than the texts I had read, but it wasn't easy.

When we broke for lunch I checked my phone and saw that I had somehow missed a call from my wife and that she had left a voice message. As I pushed the button to play it back. I had butterflies in my stomach -- afraid of what I might hear, or not hear.

"Hi Baby. Just wanted to check in. I'm going to be tied up this afternoon, and it turns out I have a work dinner tonight so I just wanted so say I'm going to miss you tonight. I can't wait to see you in the morning, so travel safely . . . oh and I will have a surprise for you when you get home. I hope you'll like it." Now I was quite confused and a little scared. Surprise? She said it like it was a good thing, but given the circumstances I worried it would be a bad thing.

The sickening feeling in my stomach had grown. I was angry, confused, worried and still weirdly turned on by the text exchange Kim had with Sue. I thought about calling my wife back, and really wouldn't that be the normal thing to do? But I wasn't sure I would know what to say, or that Kim might catch on to my concern and get curious as to why I sounded strange.

"Come on Nick. You gonna eat or what?" Jim's voice snapped me back to reality.

"Uh yeah, yeah," I stammered heading to follow him and the others to the restaurant for lunch. I tried again to hide my confusion and angst as we lunched. I tried to engage in the discussions as I could. A couple of the others were having wine and cocktails, so I ordered a gin and tonic in hopes it would calm my nerves a bit. One became two and three. I hoped that my indulgence had gone unnoticed, and if anyone was wondering about my trio of cocktails, they didn't mention it. As we settled up the bill and headed back for the afternoon session of meetings I called my wife back, not sure if I hoped she would answer or not. It went to voicemail and I left her a message.

"Hi hon. Sorry I missed you're call. I'm going to miss you too. I can't wait for my surprise tomorrow. See you then. Love you." I said trying to sound as relaxed as possible.

I didn't bother to keep my phone handy during the first afternoon session. It was pretty clear I wasn't going to be hearing from her, and it was almost a relief to know that for now I wasn't going to have any further messages to cloud my thoughts. I tried to focus in on the meeting, and again it was nice to have something distracting me (well, a tiny bit) from the situation with Kim. As the first session wound down to the break, my mind returned to the issue at hand and I realized I had to head home -- to do what, I wasn't sure. But I knew I had to get back to LA. I could figure out what I would do on my arrival on the flight home. So I used the break time to reschedule my flight for early that evening.

As we convened for the last session of the day, I pulled Jim aside and explained that I wasn't feeling well and that I was going to skip the dinner and catch a flight home.

"That's fine Nick. I was going to say you seemed a bit off today, and you look a little pale." Jim said.

I managed to shut out the distractions and get through the session. The decision to return home was now settling in well and it felt good to have taken some kind of action and not feel like my world was completely out of control. At the end of the meeting, I said my apologies for missing the dinner and said my goodbyes.

I got to my room and after grabbing a beer from the mini-bar, I quickly packed and then headed down to check out of the hotel. During the cab ride to the airport I started to weigh my options, or at least tried to. I had to figure out what they were first. By the time I arrived at the airport, I thought I had them sorted out. The ranged from calling Kim and telling her I was coming home early to various scenarios of trying to track her down and confront her on her "date" before it went too far.

One the flight home I rant through them all, thinking about the pitfalls of each. And after a few airline cocktails, as the pilot announced our descent into LAX, I decided on my move. I would head home, park my car a street over from our house and wait inside to see what happened, hoping that she would show up alone, or would chicken out at the last moment and send her guy packing before anything happened. If anything started to happen. I would be there to put a stop to it. I figured that if I just parked at home and let her see I was there, I ran the risk that she would tell her "date" to take her somewhere else and I would lose my chance to put an end to it.

So that's what I did. When I got to our street I drove by the house and saw no car. Relieved that I had beaten them home, I circled the block and parked on a neighboring street. I headed home and when inside I decided to check to see if there was any evidence that perhaps they had been there and left. The lights were all off except the entry hall light, which we often left on to make it easier to see when we got home. I looked for any of the tell tale signs of Kim bringing someone home to "entertain" -- maybe an open bottle of wine and a couple of glasses, anything that might indicate she had been home that evening.

Finding it all quiet downstairs, I went upstairs to check our bedroom. I entered to find our bed neatly made, which you would think would bring instant relief -- it would mean that there hadn't been recent sex going on in it. But to me it also indicated that my wife had left the house intending to have a guest in our room that night, because we never made the bed on work mornings. We were just too lazy in the mornings. It occurred to me to look for some other sign that she had changed her mind and I decided to see if perhaps she had changed out of her provocative lingerie. I checked her underwear drawer, but didn't see it. I then went and checked the hamper. It wasn't there either. On top of the clothes I did see the tight little flannel shorts she sometimes wore as pajamas. Something urged to me pick them up and check them. They were turned inside out and I looked at the crotch. There was a large smear of Kim's cum all across it, evidence of Kim's morning playtime she had referred to in her text with Sue. I sniffed them, drinking in my wife's lovely scent and hoped that at that moment there wasn't this man smelling the same thing from it's source. I returned the shorts to the hamper and checked my wife's beside drawer. Sure enough her vibrator was sitting there, not in the case she typically stores it in after cleaning it when she, or we, were done with it. I picked it up and looked at it, there was clearly remnants of her cum on its shaft. This indicated she had a serious toying session. Typically she just uses it to stimulate her clit. But this time she had obvious had a good "fuck" session with it. I think I was doing this detective work to convince myself that this was just a big fantasy for her, and having satisfied that she would decide not to fulfill it for real. I returned to vibrator to the drawer and contemplated what else to while I waited.

I went downstairs realizing I had little to do but wait for her return. Each minute that passed was going to be a minute that made me wonder whether she had changed her mind about bringing him to our home and instead had headed elsewhere for her tryst. I paced around the dining room where I was waiting because it had the best view of the driveway, hoping to see her pull up any minute -- alone.

The time passed agonizingly slowly, so I poured myself a scotch. As I was pouring my second one, I heard car doors close in the driveway so I moved back to the window and peeked out, realizing that the sound of two doors was a bad sign. Kim and her colleague had driven from the bar in her car. I was surprised to see that Kim's blouse was open and the sexy black bra (which apparently was one of those that snaps in front) was undone leaving her cleavage and much of her breasts exposed. It was a good thing that the front of our house isn't really visible to the neighbors, because not only would that have had a good look at her tits, but as Kim bent over to get the back-up front door key from under a flower pot, it was clear she wasn't wearing the shear panties she wore in the photo and they would have seen he bare pussy as well. She was so wet that it glistened in the in the glow of the porch lamp. Kim's ass looked gorgeous, and the sight was made all the better by the black thigh-highs on her lovely legs. She took her time getting the key out. I know she carries one with her, so this was clearly for the benefit of her companion. While she was pretending to fumble for the key, this man ran his middle finger along her pussy slit. She acknowledged his touch by pushing her hips back and his finger slid briefly inside before she stood up and winked at him.

As Kim unlocked the door, I moved quickly to the darkened hallway so I could watch as they entered. The door opened and Kim led the tall, dark haired man into the entry hall. He pushed the door closed behind him as she turned and put her arms around his waist and pulled him close. She leaned in and they kissed a long slow and obviously tongue knotting kiss.

You would have thought that at this point I would be charging into the hallway to end things before they went any further. That's certainly what I was thinking. Yet my feet weren't moving and I stood there stunned by what I was seeing.

They broke their kiss and Kim said excitedly, "I thought we'd never get here. That was the longest two-mile drive ever. I've been dying to actually see that big cock that I felt at the bar. Dave, you were cruel to tease me by not letting me see it in the car even though I sat there and played with myself for you."

What the hell? Kim had masturbated in the car for him? I'd have a hard time talking her into that even on her horniest and most adventurous of drunken evenings. The knowledge that had happened was angering me. Part of my brain wanted to storm out and put an end to what had already been too much. But another part of my brain was urging me to remain calm and hear more.

"I was afraid if I did show it to you, I would get tempted to let you do more than just look . . . we wouldn't have wanted to ruin our evening before it really got started by having a car wreck" the man answered with a chuckle. She laughed back.

"Noooo we wouldn't," she said in a seductive voice and kissed him again. After a moment she began to laugh and broke the kiss.

"I can't believe that you almost left my panties in the booth at the bar."

"That would have been a shame. I would have lost my memento from what I know is going to be a memorable evening" the man said with a big grin as he pulled the panties out of his pocket and held them to his nose taking a deep sniff. I was instantly jealous. Kim gets quite wet when aroused and she has a wonderful scent. It was my scent to sniff, not his. You'd think that any husband would run out and tear the panties from the asshole's hands and throw him out of the house. But I didn't. I just thought about how I wished it were me who was sniffing them.

"When you did that at the bar, I was both horrified that someone would see and totally turned on by the idea that someone might have. I still am shaking my head that you talked me into taking my panties off right there and that you smelled them. And god it felt good when you then slipped your fingers inside me."

"You were nice and wet", he said.

"Still am," Kim said with a wink.

Getting fingered in the bar? Playing with her pussy as he drove her home in our car to come fuck in our house? This was unbelievable behavior from my wife -- behavior that should have left me furious, jealous and had me storming into the room, demanding to know what the hell my wife was thinking. But no, I was surprisingly fascinated by the idea that my lovely wife would act so slutty and I was actually disturbingly turned on. Though I did feel a bit disappointed and ripped off that I had not yet experienced that slutty behavior myself.

"When you took your fingers out and sucked them clean I got even wetter" she continued. "And then when you placed my hand in your lap and I felt that big thing inside your pants, my legs literally shook."

"And I think I probably would have come in my pants if I had let you rub it for much longer".

"Mmmmm," Kim said, "it would have been fun to watch you walk out of there with a big cum stain on your pants" and she laughed. "So now there are no excuses," and she reached down and started undoing his pants "I get to see it and really feel it." And she slid her hands inside his pants. "Mmmm, the skin is nice and soft for something that is starting to get so hard." Kim kept her hands in there groping him for about 20 seconds before taking her hand out and proceeding to push his pants down over his thighs. He shook his hips a bit to let them fall down around his ankles. His cock was now out and Kim looked down at the large erection as she wrapped her fingers around it. During their kissing and conversation they had turned a bit, so I could now see them almost in profile. She was correct. His dick was big, at least 8 inches with a nice girth to it. I am by no means small, but it was clearly a more substantial cock than mine.

Kim moaned as she began to stroke its length. Dave moved his hand under her skirt and she gasped as he reached her pussy. She spread her feet wider apart to give him better access. I wish he had pushed her skirt down so I could see what he was doing to her, but I could tell that he was probably moving his fingers in and out of her. She closed her eyes for a moment but quickly opened them again so that she could gaze down at the rock hard cock in her hand. Some pre-cum formed at its tip and she scooped it up with her fingertip, brining it up to her outstretched tongue.

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