Becoming a Lesbian Slave


"I can't go to Hawaii," I replied, the suggestion ludicrous.

"You can and you will," she said, her tone firm, as she stood up and slipped back into her heels.

I stared at her stunned and stammered, "I-I-I can't...."

She bent down and put her perfectly red manicured finger nail to my lips. "Sssssshhh, Cassie," she said, again using my shortened name, again attempting to show her power. "The last piece of my non-negotiable contract is that the owner leaves for at least a week, so I am not dealing with him or her as I try to restructure the company."

"You want me to leave?" I said, bewildered.

"Yes," she said, pulling me up from the chair, "now go home, pack for the heat of Hawaii and let me do my job."

"But...." I began but was again interrupted.

"Simple question," she began, towering over me. "Do you want your store to boom again and not look like a western ghost town?"

"Yes, but...." I was again stopped.

"Then leave it to me. I have taken stores and companies much bigger than yours from the depth of disaster to the top of the market, I can do the same for you, if you let me," she said, sitting on MY desk directly in front of me, again I was losing the power play as she positioned herself firmly in control.

I was staring at her black stocking-clad legs which were distracting me even though I didn't remotely find women sexually attractive.

"Earth to Cassie," she said, her heel now tangling on her toes. "Do you need me or not? I have other business's who would hire me in a second."

"Sorry, yes I need you," I admitted, breaking my daze.

"Good, then do as I tell you," she said, her heel falling to the floor.

I stared at her toes which were just as perfectly manicured as her fingers. Everything about her was perfect, why would I expect anything less for my store. Before I could regret my decision, I announced, standing up, "You are hired."

"Can you get me my shoe," she asked, showing no happiness or surprise by my declaration.

I instinctively grabbed the shoe, even though deep inside I knew this was a test. I handed her the shoe and she pushed me even further. "Could you please put it on for me, Cassie?"

I was already beginning to regret my just declared offer as she continued to attempt to put me in my place. But I ignored the urge to snap, my store more important than my pride, and I grabbed her ankle and was shocked at how soft the nylon was.

As if reading my mind, she explained, "The newest stocking from Hotwear Hosiery, an invention I, silky smooth and seductive, don't you think?"

"Yes," I agreed, my hand without permission from my mind slowly caressing her stocking-clad ankle.

"The shoe Cassie, the shoe," she said, her tone amused at my obsession with her ankle.

"Sorry, Amber," I apologized, embarrassed by my actions as I put on her shoe.

"It's Ms. Amber, Cassie," she corrected, standing up and again towering over me. She was at least 5'8 in her five inch heels compared to my 5'1 in my comfortable, but not fashionable flats, which only helped to exaggerate the height difference.

I refused to apologize but instead asked, "What now?"

Amber pulled out a contract from her briefcase and ordered, "Just sign the contract."

I began to read it, knowing never to sign a contract without reading the fine print. She said, "It is all standard except for the non-negotiable items we have already discussed and my ten percent."

Very unlike me, I signed the document without reading it entirely, something I would regret later.

She took the papers and said, "You should get going or you will miss your flight."

Dazed by everything, the power I was giving up, my business in the hands of a cold twenty-five year old and the fact that I had to stay away for a week, I was unable to move.

Amber again brought me out of another daze, "Cassie, leave now," she instructed, with a very clear finality to it.

"Kkkkk," I agreed, my head in a fog as I walked out of the office, leaving it in the seemingly capable hands of a young woman I had met just over an hour ago.

"You ok, Cassandra," Sophia asked, seeing my dazed look.

"Fine, fine," I said, before adding, "Ms. Amber will be in charge for the next week."

"Where are you going?" Sophia asked shocked by my sudden decision to leave.

"On a much needed vacation," I answered, just as Amber called out.

"Sophia please come in here this instant."

"Go," I said, adding, although I wasn't sure I believed it myself, "Everything will be all right."

I headed down the stairs, into the empty store and out the door, everything I worked for now literally in the hands of a stranger.

It was hours later, while on the flight to Hawaii that it occurred to me that she never told me the three pieces of success.

3. Relaxation and Masturbation

My week in Hawaii was the most relaxing of my life...eventually. Located right on the beach of Maui, my luxurious room had a beautiful view of the ocean...the scene was so serene that I felt at peace with life for the first time in years. It didn't start out that way though. I considered turning around and returning home the whole flight as I replayed the bizarre day in my head over and over...watching the most bizarre rerun ever. I flip-flopped back and forth a million times. Had I really just given my store to a twenty-three year old to run for a week?

Finally, just as we were landing, I decided I would stay the night and return tomorrow...but that all changed when reality set in.

Once off the plane, I was greeted by a handsome Hawaiian man who had my name on a sign...Cassie Williams I noted, but it wasn't his fault. He took my bags, called me ma'am and took me on an hour long drive to the middle of nowhere. I checked into the hotel and was given an agenda by a young blonde woman who introduced herself as Betty.

"We have been expecting you, Ms. Williams," she greeted with the warmest of smiles.

"You have?" I asked.

"Ms. Amber has booked you in for the full service celebrity package," Betty explained.

I noticed the use of the Ms. again and tried to recall if this was a place that Amber had rebuilt. Ignoring that curiosity for the moment, I asked, "And what does that include?"

"A week long journey of serenity and self-discovery," she smiled, before adding, "in layman terms you get to live like the stars do, except with no media to distract your mediation."

"No media?" I asked, my cell phone my best friend.

"None," she repeated, adding, "no phone service, no Internet service, not even a T.V."

"I didn't know such a place even existed in this world," I said, shocked.

"Here is your key," Betty said, her smile so sweet and comforting.

I asked, taking the key, a serious question, "What will I do here for a week?"

"Don't you worry about that; your whole schedule for the week has been pre-planned by Ms. Amber," the pony-tailed blonde explained.

"Figures," I mumbled under my breath, before asking, having to know, "Why do you call her Ms. Amber?"

"That is her name," she responded, as if the answer was obvious.

"Yes, but you called me Ms. Williams," I pointed out.

"Which is your name, isn't it," she said, seemingly genuinely confused by my confusion.

Figuring this was enough of the 'Who's on First' routine, I said, "Thank you, Betty, all I need now is a glass of Chardonnay and a good long night's sleep."

"I will have Spencer carry your bags up and bring you a list of all our exotic drinks," Betty said, ringing the bell.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a shirtless Roman God with muscles like a wrestler appeared.

"Room 69, Spencer?" Betty instructed.

"Yes, Ms. Betty," the Greek God said taking my bags.

Again the Ms. and first name, it was driving me nuts. I followed behind him and quickly learned he was just as perfect from behind as he was from the front. Suddenly feeling adventurous and horny, I wondered if he would enjoy a blow job as a tip. I let my teenage lust out as we arrived at my room...which would be a very inaccurate description. It was a Penthouse, with its own library wall. Candles were lit throughout the massive spread and classical music played that seemed to be coming from all directions.

I turned to Spencer the God of all Men and attempting to turn on my charm I smiled, "Can you stay for a drink?"

"Sorry, Ms. Williams, the help is not allowed to fraternize with the guests," he replied.

My hand on his chest, I asked, on full attack mode, "You sure? You look like a rule breaker."

"I am flattered, ma'am," he said, "but I must decline."

"If you change your mind just knock three times," I flirted, the implication of what I was offering obvious.

"Ok, ma'am," he said, trying to be polite, but clearly not interested.

"Can you please bring me a bottle of Chardonnay?" I requested, trying to regain a shred of integrity.

"Of course, Ms. Williams," he said, leaving me standing there frustrated by his rebuff of my offer.

I walked around the room in awe at the luxurious room before going to the balcony. Opening the door, I walked out and was instantly on the beach and a hundred yards from the ocean. The fresh air was vitalizing and seemed to be clearing my senses.

A knock at the door brought me back into the room. Opening my door, Spencer was there with a full bottle of Chardonnay and walked in and placed it on the glorious oak table. "Do you need anything else, Ms. Williams?"

"Not unless you have reconsidered my offer," I smiled, coyly.

"Sorry, ma'am, rules are rules," he said.

Once he was gone, I poured myself a glass of wine and returned outside. I tried to think of the last time a man had refused my advances. I had never married because the thought of a man I would have to look after was exhausting. Instead, I went from fling to fling, the men staying the same age even as I got older. Not having the baggage that a relationship carries had afforded me the opportunity to build my business, to travel to exotic places and to have a great home and many of the other luxuries of my life.

Very few people believed me when I said I was forty. Like my mother, I have aged well due to a mixture of things including: my DNA, my rigorous work out regiment, and a healthy diet. I have hazel eyes that many men have complimented, pitch black hair that shines and a smile that has always been my secret weapon to get what I want (until Spencer that is). I have firm strong legs that I usually showcase in my trademark silky shine mocha pantyhose, I still have firm 38D breasts that I accentuate with tight blouses and dresses and a pretty perfect ass that is highlighted when I do wear jeans..which isn't too often. In other words, I never had much problem getting a man when I needed one, I just seldom needed one.

With today's technology it isn't just phones that have improved greatly, so have the toys, which I sure was wishing I would have thought to have brought with me instead of forgetting in my rush to catch my abrupt flight. I did have to admit though, first class was a whole new world of flying. Not sure I could afford it every time I flew, but I would definitely be considering it if my store took off like Amber implied it would in her hands.

My first glass gone, mixed with the crazy day, a lengthy flight and my exhaustion hit me hard. After taking one more look at the ocean and the waves lazily hitting the shore, I returned to my glorious room. I put the rest of the Chardonnay in the fridge behind the bar and after all the usual night time routines, I collapsed into my bed. I was so tired, I don't even remember falling asleep...but I do remember waking up.

The dream that shook me awake felt so real.

Spencer was in my room having changed his mind. "Ma'am, you are impossible to resist," he said, as he lifted me into his arms and carried me outside. The warm breeze and fresh air hit us both as he laid me on the soft sandy beach just a few feet from where the waves continued to gently roll in and roll back out.

He lowered himself on top of me kissing me gently. My hunger to be pleased, to be fucked hard the way I usually like it, had me breaking the kiss and pushing him onto his back. I tugged off his pants and underwear and eagerly took his disappointingly still flaccid cock in my mouth. The feeling of a cock growing inside my mouth has always been a turn-on to me...I like the power...the knowledge that it is me making him grow. Although flaccid, it did look impressive, once fully erect he was a solid seven inches and thick. I bobbed up and down on his cock, enjoying the first cock I have had in a while until I couldn't wait any longer.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth, I ordered, "Fuck me Spencer."

He smiled back, holding his cock straight up, "No you fuck me."

I didn't hesitate as I tore my panties off and was left in only my flimsy nightie covering me up. I straddled his cock and lowered myself on him. His girth widened my wet pussy, making me feel full and hungry for more. I began riding his cock filling myself completely with each downward bounce. My body felt chills of euphoria as my impending orgasm began building inside me.

Surprising me, he lifted me up like I was a leaf and flipped me onto my back. Looking down at me, his smile began to change as his cock slid back into me. I closed my eyes enjoying his hard deep thrusts into me, my orgasm about to explode. Finally, he spoke, "Do you want to come, slut?"

I moaned, surprised by the sudden name-calling of this perfect gentleman, "God, yes, I am so close."

"Beg for it," he ordered, squeezing my tits roughly.

"Fuck yes, can I come baby, can I come like the dirty slut I am," I begged, the orgasm imminent, and my own derogatory words surprising me.

"Come for me slut," he ordered, and seconds later did just that, my body being swept away with an intensity I hadn't felt for a long time.

He kept pounding away inside me...hard and I wanted it, as the orgasm continued to flow through me. Finally, opening my eyes, I screamed, as I was no longer being fucked my Spencer, but his face and body had been replaced by Amber who had a devious smile on her face.


I woke up flushed and my panties were soaked, my left hand still in them. I sat up and looked around, confused by my surroundings. Slowly, yesterday came flooding back as I stood up, my knees weak from the orgasm I apparently had in sleep. I walked to the sink and poured myself a glass of water as I tried to make sense of my dream. Still exhausted and deciding it was nothing more than a lack of sleep, I downed the water and returned to bed. I drifted back into slumber rather quickly...but deep in my subconscious I was really rattled by the strange end to my dream.


The next morning I was woke up by a knock at the door. I groggily staggered to the door and asked, "Who is it?"

"Room service, Ms. Williams," a female voice answered.

"What time is it?" I asked, starting to wake up.

"Eight o'clock," she answered, "your breakfast is here for you."

"Ok," I replied, surprised by the scheduled breakfast. I opened the door and a petite Chinese girl dressed in a shockingly revealing hostess outfit stood in front of me, holding a tray. The top of her white thigh high stockings were in clear view and her matching blouse was way too tight for her large breasts...and she was wearing five inch opened toe heels that allowed her pink toenails to peak through.

"Good morning, ma'am," she said, bowing to me slightly before coming into my room and placing the tray on the table made for eight. "How was your slumber, ma'am?"

"Very refreshing," I answered, realizing how good I felt. I was not a morning person, so feeling so alert and fresh after being woken up was rare for me.

"Excellent," the young Chinese woman replied, before adding, "My name is Bao and I will be your hostess for the week?"

"What happened to Spencer?" I asked, hoping to see more eye candy.

"He is on the evening shift ma'am," she answered.

Always interested in the origin of names, another quirk of mine, I asked, "And where does the name Bao originate from?"

"It means precious treasure, ma'am," she answered.

"Very cool," I said.

She smiled softly and said, "Ma'am, your full body massage is at nine."

"How do they know I want a full body massage?" I asked, even though nothing in the world sounded better.

"Your whole visit here has been scheduled by Ms. Amber," she answered.

"Have you met Ms. Amber?" I asked, digging for dirt.

"Yes, Ma'am," she replied.

"Did she reinvent this business?"

"Yes, ma'am, she changed everything."

"Everything?" I asked.

"Yes, Ma'am she changed this location from an obscure secret location to the ultimate hot spot for the rich and famous."

"Like who?" I asked.

"I am not allowed to say, Ma'am."

"Understood," I said, understanding the concept of confidentiality.

"Can I get you anything else?" she asked.

"No, I am good," I said, not used to being pampered.

"I will be back to get you ready at eight forty-five, Ma'am," she said.

"Thank you, Bao," I replied.

She bowed, this time without the tray, like a servant and said, "You are welcome."

She left and I shook my head at just how bizarre this experience had been so far and deciding since I was already here I would stay for the week...already feeling refreshed after just one evening.

I took a bite of my eggs and almost instantly had a food orgasm as they were literally the best tasting eggs I have ever had. The rest of the meal was just as amazing as I relaxed and ate in peace...something that seldom happened.

I was startled when there was a knock at the door.

I called, "Come in," as I glanced at the clock and realized I had been eating for forty-five minutes.

Bao walked in and asked, "How was breakfast, ma'am?"

"Almost orgasmic," I joked.

She quickly replied, with just the slightest hint of a smile, "Well, then just wait until you have had your massage."

"Oh my," I said standing up with a soft playful laugh.

Bao went to my bedroom and returned with a robe. She put it on me and said, "Follow me."

I did, amazed at the grace this petite woman had while wearing such ridiculously high heels.

I was led into a room with at least a couple of dozen candles which gave off a sweet fruity aroma, while light jazz played in the background. Bao said, "Please get undressed and comfortable on the massage table. Tiffany will be with you shortly."

Bao left and I undressed and got comfortable. A few minutes later, the mixture of the sweet aroma and the light jazz and I was falling back asleep when yet another ridiculously pretty woman came in. Just as ridiculous was her outfit. Although the attire itself was what one would expect, the white stockings and five inch heels were not. She was a ravenous redhead, with exotic blue eyes and looked to be in her earlier thirties.

"Good morning, Ms. Williams, my name is Tiffany. How are you enjoying your stay so far?" she asked, grabbing the oil.

"Exquisite so far," I smiled.

"Great word choice," she smiled, before instructing me. "Now just relax."

"Will do," I agreed, already well on my way.

The next two hours were pure heaven. She worked every nerve ending of my body it seemed as I became jelly from her touch.

When she was done, she instructed, "Drink a lot of water today and I will see you again Monday."

"You will?" I asked.

"You get me three times," she smiled with a wink.

Once she left, I lay there for a couple of minutes before Bao startled me by returning. She handed me my robe and suggested, "You may want to shower to get all the oil off of you."

I took the robe and agreed as she led me back to my room. The shower turned into a bath and I almost fell asleep when there was a knock on the door. I yelled, "Come in," as I got out of the bathtub.

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