tagBDSMBecoming a Tigress

Becoming a Tigress


My head is on my hand and I am watching the raindrop running down the window outside. The sky is grey and I wish I were with you in the warm sun on the beach. My mind starts drifting off.................

.........I feel the heat of the sun on my near bare body and lazily open my eyes. I am on a long lonely beach. The sand is soft and I can hear the waves washing to shore behind me. I sit up and look out along the water. I pull my knees up and put my head down on them, closing my eyes again. Suddenly I feel something cold against my back. I let out a small yelp and look around. You are behind me, a glass of cold water pressed into my heated body and grinning.

I can’t help smiling up at you. You hand me the water and sit down beside me. I take a sip and stretch out my legs. I look over at you and notice that you are running your look over my body. I can’t help noticing the bulge growing in your boxers. I lean over and kiss you lightly and as I do this I empty the cold water onto your bulge. You growl out and tackle me, pinning me to the sand. I try fighting you, but only halfhearted.

Your knee goes between my legs and pushes them apart. I open them willingly and you slide between me, pressing into my hot crotch. I can feel the cold wetness from you touching my skin and wetting my bikini bottoms. You have my arms pinned over my head with one hand and the other opens my top, freeing my full breasts. You lean down and start licking around my nipples. I moan out and arch my back up. My nipples turn solid and you take them between your teeth, sucking and nibbling. I press my body up more, rubbing my hot crotch against the hard bulge in your boxers. You take to the second nipple, sucking on it, gently biting. My juices start running and my body flames up.

“Please,” I start begging, “oh god, please!” You know what I want and your free hand goes down to your boxers to release your hard cock. You push my bikini aside and run your cock through my wet slit. I moan out and buck my hips up. Your cockhead pops into me. My legs go around your hips and lock behind you. I want to pull you deeper into me, but you resist.

“Don’t tease me,” I start begging again.

“You want my cock?” you ask, grinning at me. I nod and plead with my eyes. “Then beg for it Bitch! Let me hear how much you want me to fuck you,” you reply harshly. I love it when you use this tone. My whole body shudders and I get even wetter.

“Please Hun, please fuck me,” I start begging again; you can hear the need in my voice. “Let me be your Bitch. Take me hard until I can’t go on.” You laugh at me wickedly and then ram your cock into me in one long hard stroke. My hips buck up and I scream out. Your cock stretches my pussy and fills me out. I want so much right now, I want you to take me till loose my control. You start ramming into me again and again. Your moves hard and fast. I try freeing my hands, but you push down harder on them, keeping me under your control.

Your whole body is tensed as you power into me, showing me that you are my master. My orgasm starts coming and I start screaming it out. You feel my pussy tightening on you, trying to milk you and you let your control go. Your hot cum shoots up into me as I start exploding. You grab me tightly and ram your cock in deeper, burying your sperm in me.

Our breath is coming in fast pants, as you start relaxing slowly. You release my hands and slide out of me, sitting back on your knees. I get up with wobbly knees and take of my bikini bottom. Careless if I could be seen by someone or not, I walk towards the water and dive into the coolness. You follow short behind me. The water surrounds my hot body and carries me out a little further. You grab hold of my ankle and pull me back towards you. Your arm goes around my waist and you kiss my hungrily.

The sun is slowly starting to set in the distance. I pull away from you and swim back to the beach. I grab my bikini and wrap a dry towel around me. Slowly I make my way back up to your Apartment. I can hear you behind me.

The moment I enter the place and you have the door shut you pull the towel of me and pull me close to you again. I rub my body up to yours and can feel something growing under your towel. I move down to my knees and remove the towel, revealing your hard big cock to me. I let my tongue lick up the whole length of it, before I take it into my mouth. You taste salty from the water. I suck your cock deep into my mouth and let it slide into my throat. Your hands come to the side of my face and hold my mouth steady over your hard shaft. Slowly I start moving, my head bobbing up and down, my tongue playing around the underside of your cock and my hand cupping your balls. I can hear low growls escaping your throat.

My second hand goes in-between my legs and I start rubbing my clit. I am so hot for you and just want to fuck you all night, but I want you to have the pleasure of cumming in my throat. My sucking gets harder and I can feel the grip on my face becoming tighter as you ram your cock into my face, fucking my mouth. I moan out and keep sucking, whilst I slide two fingers into my wet and waiting pussy. I can feel your cum in me and start moaning louder. I squeeze your balls and feel them tighten. I let your cock slide out of my mouth and lick down the long shaft, till I reach your balls. I suck them into my hot mouth and I can see your hand enclosing your cock as you start jacking off for me.

I let your balls plop out of my mouth and lean back, so you can see my fingers buried in my wet pussy. You start jacking faster. I let my fingers slide in and out of me, spreading your cum in me. Then I take the fingers out and lick at them, tasting us. A low, deep, dangerous growl escapes your throat and I can see your cock expanding. I move forward again and open my mouth. You point your cock at my face and start shooting. Hot spurts of cum shoot into my mouth and over my face. I swallow. You stop shooting and I run my tongue along your cock, cleaning him off, sucking him into my mouth, to savor your taste.

After I have licked all the cum from your cock you pull me up and kiss me, letting your tongue play with mine. Your hand cups my breast and you spread the cum from your hand on it. I put one leg up against your hip and rub my wet pussy against your still hard cock. You know that I want you to fuck me, but you aren’t going to make it that easy for me. You know that I love to be treated bad by you. Roughly you push my leg down and turn me around. Behind me is a chair and you force me to bend over it.

You come around to the front and tie my hands to the chair, so I cant get up or move away from you. I shiver in anticipation. You move back around me and push my legs apart and tie them to the bottom of the chair. Then I hear you walking away. My breath is heavy and fast, my whole body excited to a breaking point. You return to me and your hand gently strokes across my ass. I start moaning lightly and suddenly feel a sharp pain, as you slap a belt across my ass. I scream out in a sweet mixture of pain and pleasure. You kiss the red mark you have made and then slap the belt across me again. I press my back through and push my head up.

“Are you a good girl?” you ask. I nod my head. Another slap. “I asked you a question, Bitch. Answer me!” you say harshly.

“Yes.... yes...I am a good girl,” I manage to stutter. A harder slap. I scream again.

“Are you supposed to lie Bitch? Your no good girl, your a cock craving slut!!!” you say to me and I can hear the dangerous tone in your voice. Every slap you take, every hard word you use and that tone in your voice makes me cream my pussy more. “Are you going to obey me?” The belt hitting my red ass again. I mumble a light yes. Another hard slap. “Answer me god damn it, you fucking Bitch!!!!!!” You let the belt go across my ass another time. Tears shoot into my eyes from the pain.

“Yes Master,” I answer through clenched teeth. “I will obey you and do whatever you say.”

“Better Bitch,” you answer. You lean forward and kiss the red and bloody marks on my ass. Gently, softly, lovingly. I relax slightly and start purring. Your hand comes up between my legs and runs through my wet slit. I hear you laughing at the extreme wetness you discover there. You get on your knees and let your tongue touch my pussy. Then run it up to my ass. You use your hands to spread my ass cheeks and run your tongue over my waiting anus. I moan lightly and you lick harder. Suddenly you are gone, back on your legs.

“Don’t want to treat you too good,” you laugh and come closer. You take your hard throbbing cock into your hand and run it through my slit, up to my ass and with one swift hard move you ram it into my tight asshole. I try screaming, but my voice breaks and fails me. Your hands grab my hips as you start pounding into my tight ass mercilessly. My hands claw into the chair until my knuckles are white. I can hear your hard breath and you are panting like a wild animal that is mating with his bitch.

Every time you slam into me, I can feel your balls hit against me. Your movements get faster and faster, your moans louder and louder. One hand leaves my hip and you grab a handful of my long wet hair and pull my head back.

“Don’t you like this, you little slut?” you ask between hard pushes, “ I cant hear you.” You pull my head back further and I moan out. You laugh at me again and keep pounding into me. The pleasure I am feeling is amazing. Your moans turn into deep low growls, and you start cumming. Your hot cum shooting into my ass. I moan out with you as I feel the heat spreading in me. Your movements get slower.... slower.... then stop. You are panting heavily and let go of my hair.

“You will regret that,” I spit at you, but you just laugh at me. You pull your cock out of my ass and get back onto your knees. Then you slide between my legs and start licking at my dripping pussy. Only with the tip of your tongue. This is too much for me and I push down with my pussy, until I can feel your tongue entering me. I moan and move around on your tongue. I can feel you free my legs from their ties. You push yourself up, licking along my pussy, over my tummy, through my bellybutton, over my breasts, my hard nipples. You slip up onto the chair and your cock is now directly under me.

You keep licking your way up, along my neckline, my jaw line and then finally you reach my lips. I start sucking on your tongue, tasting myself. You untie my hands, but keep them held tightly. You take your cock into your free hand and point it upwards at me. “Sit!” you tell me and I obey you. I move down and feel your cockhead pop into me. I drop my head back and slowly slide down your cock. You fill me completely and I start moving my hips.

I try freeing my hands, but you hold tightly onto them. You push up from below, my hips circling. We can both hear how wet I am, as your cock makes slurping noises every time you pull out and drive back into me.

“Please let my hands go,” I request. You look at me and then loosen your grip. Major mistake. One of my hands goes into your neck, the other along your back. I shoot forward with my head and you feel my teeth biting into your neck at the same time as I run my nails into your back. Your skin breaks at both points. You growl out and grab me again, pushing me back. My eyes shoot hate and desire at you. Blood starts running along your neck from the bite wound. My eyes are fixed on that little river of blood. I push forward, start fighting you.

“I will behave,” I whisper sweetly and you make the mistake to trust me again. You release me and I gently move forward, lick up the blood. You moan lightly and start fucking me again. Your hands on my hips again, to hold me in place as you ram up. You start moving faster and I feel my pussy tighten and twitch. I lick at the bite mark again, taste your blood on my tongue and feel a hunger creeping up in me. I take another bite at you and draw more blood. You growl at the pain, but don’t try to stop me.

I suck the running blood into my mouth, letting run down my throat. I can feel your power running through my body and suck in more. I feel like a needy animal. All that is human in me, leaves and a dangerous animal takes over. I take control. My hips bucking to meet your cock. Every time you hit deep into me I scratch and bite at you, taking more of your blood up. When I feel strong enough I move up off your cock and you look at me in astonishment.

"Come here man," I growl at you. "Come and pleasure your new Mistress!!" You get on your hands and knees in front of me and I can see that you are willing to do what I request!!!!

To be continued.............

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