Becoming a Wife


Lucy had travelled a long way in the past few years. From bedroom cross dresser, to out and about T girl. From T haunt socialite, to flirt ,to promiscuous thrill seeker. But it had never been enough. Chance bar room meets, one night stands, and hit and miss internet dates. Like many T girls she had started out as a confirmed heterosexual "getting off" on the thrill of the feel of female underwear. But once she had completed and "refined" the look, there was an inevitability that she would want to "try it out" .For a T girl there is always something more.

And so she did. For as a natal man, she knew just what was required to pull men, and what to do when she had done so. Yet having done so, she discovered an entire new world, and one that was not quite as alien, strange and repulsive as she had originally imagined. In fact she quite enjoyed it, playing the siren. Dressing to please others, as well as herself. After all, that was a big part of women's dressing, wasn't it? To attract, and be attractive to, men. She realised that like many T girls, she had been mistaken in her sexuality. It just needed awakening. Fine hosiery on ones legs felt better with a man's hand sliding upwards, perfectly coloured lipstick drenched lips were better around a pulsing cock. It just needed discovering, that's all. And doesn't every real woman know it?

She had first met Brian through the internet, they had started off chatting, then they had met for lunch. There was an instant attraction. She was 35, confident and sassy, he was in his early 50's, mature, but sexy as hell. Although she had promised herself that she would play hard to get, they had kissed passionately at the end of their first date in his car. Thereafter their dates culminated in mad sex either in the car, or in a hotel room. However after a while even that was no longer becoming enough, the fact that she was his girlfriend didn't quite do it. He lived alone and was always asking her back, but somehow she hadn't been quite ready to take "that step", from dirty sex to conventional relationship. Until then. So at the end of another date, as he was dropping her off at her house Lucy, drew breath, and spoke to him.

"Brian, I have never been happier since I met you. You are kind , generous, funny, and have an exceptionally gorgeous cock. But I wonder if we could have a bit more now."

"More?" enquired Brian curiously.

"Yes, more. You keep on inviting me back to yours to stay, and I think I have wanted to, but I have been secretly scared" "Scared?"

"Yes, scared of what it signals, well to me, anyway. You see I love being your girlfriend -- but I yearn to see what it would be like to be your wife, to look after your house, to tidy and clean, to welcome you home at night, to cook a meal for you, and then to satisfy you at night -- and in the morning."

"I see," Brian smiled. "Well let's see what we can do to make that come true, for I would like that very much." And with that he reached over and stroked her hair, and kissed her brow, and she knew that this was what she wanted.

The arrangements were made. H e had left her a key, and she was to let herself in mid-afternoon. Thereafter she was to clean and tidy, the dresser and wardrobe to the right of the bed would be clear for her clothes, she could stay for one night, the week --end, or longer. When he arrived at 7pm a hot bath was to be ready, and dinner served for 8pm.

She opened the door to Brian's house. The taxi driver offered to carry her two heavy suitcases upstairs for her. Lucy gratefully accepted, high heels and a shapely leg had worked their magic again. And then silence, and the enormity of what she was doing. First she carried the food shopping into the kitchen with what she needed for dinner. Then she returned upstairs to unpack. She had brought loads. Not so much for a long stay, but because she just wasn't sure what to wear and what she would need. Skirts, dresses tops were all efficiently hung up, shoes arranged at the bottom of the wardrobe. Then she moved to the dresser, and slid open the top drawer. THE top drawer, where her most intimate items of lingerie would rest in a shared bedroom. Mentally she "quartered" the draw, black, white pink and coloured panties. Then in the draw beneath, the same for the matching bras, then in the third draw hosiery, camisoles and slips. An ordered lingerie dresser was a good dresser.

There was work to be done. Her black knee length pencil skirt and pink jumper were fine, but high heels were not. She slipped into a pair of flats and got down to it. Tidying, dusting, hoovering, wiping down work surfaces. It didn't feel like work at all, more like preparing the nest. Making it right for her and her man. The time seemed to fly, and it didn't seem like work at all, more a labour of love. Then to the kitchen and preparing the food. She surprised herself as she quickly found where everything was , and got on with it. How easily she was slipping into the role of the woman of the house. She glanced up at the clock, it was almost 5 0'clock, just enough time to have a shower and prepare herself for Brian.

Stepping out of the bathroom, she patted herself down. Sat down at the dressing table she caught her breath at the sight of the make -up, potions and lotions she had arranged around the mirror. Moisturiser, foundation, powder, blusher, concealer, eye liner, mascara, eye shadow , nail vanish and tweezers .All would be required to look her best. She chose dangly pearl earings and matching pearl bracelet and necklace, although she was hoping for a pearl necklace of a slightly different kind. The feel of ten denier nude hold ups against her showered skin was divine, the lacy white bra and panties were like a second skin, then a smart white skirt and a diaphanous georgette flower print top, oozing femininity and with tantalising glimpses of her pretty bra fleetingly visible. Her make up was flawless, her Dior scent applied, and when she stepped into her white heels, she was ready.

The door bell rang, crazy really as it was his house, but with a last check of her make up in the mirror, she answered the door.

"Welcome home, darling" she cooed, then kissed him firmly. His hand slipped around her waist, drawing her in. "You go through and sit down, I'll bring you a drink, and run you your bath like I promised". The sheer domesticity of it all was intoxicating, here she was, REALLY looking after a man. The small talk was wonderful, just the mindless nothingness of it all. She called hi through when the bath was ready, lingering momentarily to see him undress and catch a glimpse of his swaying cock. But this was not the moment, her duty right now was to have the food ready o the table for when he was bathed -- even though she had her mind on a different sort of gobble as she saw his naked body.

The meal went like a dream, he loved it, and she fussed over him to make sure that everything was just so. She didn't even let him help clear the table and wash up, she wanted him fully relaxed. But when she had finally finished she returned to the lounge to see Brian on the sofa beckoning for her to join him.

"Lucy, my dear, you have excelled yourself. The house is as clean as could be, the hot bath was just what I needed to unwind, and the meal was as good as anything we could have had out. Come and sit next to me, and I will show you my appreciation."

Lucy sat down like a nervous teenager. She could feel the warmth of his thighs through her skirt and stockings, then le leaned over and kissed her with a passion and intensity that she had scarcely experienced before, his tongue probing her mouth, his hands caressing her face. As she moved to steady herself her hand fell in his lap, he was already hard. She knew what she needed to do. In one lithe movement she wriggled out of his grasp, and sank to her knees between his legs. Then with a big smile on her face she unzipped his bulging trousers and unleashed his pulsing erection. Her mouth fell on it with the enthusiasm of the most ravenous whore. Yanking his trousers off, she cupped his balls in her left hand. She steadied the twitching length which was now coated in a rich mixture of pre cum, saliva and pink lipstick smears with the other , before lowering her head to pleasure him. She went at it like a woman possessed, sucking and swirling her tongue, taking him deep into her throat, lapping at his heavy balls, whilst wanking him furiously. Brian, sighed, the benefits of having a woman waiting for him at home were becoming immediately apparent.

"Lucy, you have got me good and ready, now it is time for us me to fuck you."

Reaching down he picked her up by the hand and led her upstairs -- to be fucked. In the bedroom, he unfastened her skirt and let it slip to the floor, then in a flurry of discarded clothing and flailing limbs they tumbled onto the bed. Lucy ended up underneath Brian and frantically positioned herself to take his cock, instinctively they found the position, and then in one thrust he drove into her - she gasped in pleasure taking every inch he had to offer.

Lucy knew what she had to do, she was determined to please her man. He started up a steady rhythm into her ass and she moved her hips to greet each thrust, to feel his spunk heavy balls slap against her ass cheeks. Then she traced her freshly painted pink finger bails around his chest, tantalising him with her soft touch before pressing the nails into his chest as his ardour rose. First she tweaked his nipples, and then reached up and licked at them, before closing her teeth around his pebble hard nipples.

"Fucking hell, you dirty, gorgeous, bitch" he screamed as the glorious sensations in his chest spasmed against the sensations engulfing his cock as Lucy took him like a pro. He reached down to grab her ass cheeks and gripped them as he drove his cock home, wanting to hose his seed into her. Lucy in turn took every stroke, willing him to cum, to fulfil her wifely duty. And he did, battering her ass with his cum strokes and pressing down heavily on to her body as his senses exploded. Then collapsing in relief upon her pummelled but grateful body.

She got up to clean up in the bathroom, and remove her make up. As she did so in her stockings she thought of those times, years ago when she had pranced around her own bedroom in stockings, seeking solitary relief, alone. Never dreaming that one day she would be properly fulfilled, as a woman. And instead of putting her clothes back on, and heading home, she slipped her stockings off, and slipped her long strappy print night dress on, exchanged pillow talk with her "hubby" and drifted off into a grateful and deep sleep in his arms.

Lucy's drowsy eyes opened, taking in the new, unfamiliar bedroom. First she became aware of a heavy arm around her as she lay on her side, then that her nightdress had been rucked up around her waist and that a very stiff cock was prodding between her ass cheeks. "I want you Lucy," Brian whispered into her ear.

"Take me then" she obediently replied.

There was no foreplay this time. Brian just firmly and deliberately forced his wanting meat up her ass, instinctively she tried to adjust her position, to make things more comfortable, but Brian had her in a vice like grip and she could only hold on to his muscular, strong, hirsute arms as he drove into her, took her, and satisfied himself with her. He finished off by turning her onto her stomach and slapping her ass cheeks as he forced another load up her tight, sore -- but grateful ass.

Brian got out of bed, showered, and dressed."Don't bother with breakfast for me, I've gotta go, but tidy the bathroom up and have dinner ready for 8pm again." With that he was gone.

Lucy sat up, her head in a spin, spunk seeping out between her thighs. The bed smelt of her perfume, his after shave, and the sweat of sex. She hadn't promised she would stay, he had just assumed it. The dresser was there with fresh underwear, the wardrobe with clothes and shoes for a new day. He had assumed that she would clean and tidy, and cook, and satisfy his sexual needs when he wanted- but she had said that she had wanted to be a wife, hadn't she?

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