tagLoving WivesBecoming A Wife Watcher Ch. 01

Becoming A Wife Watcher Ch. 01


Ever since I married my beautiful wife Erica, I have had a strange fantasy to watch her make love to other men. I think I understand where this fantasy originated, maybe if she reads this, she will understand too. The following story is a true account of events that led to this fantasy being realised.

It all started after we had been going out for about 6 months, we were teenage sweethearts, I had been in the army since 16 and met Erica a year later during my first posting which was quite close to home for me. This meant that I could still keep in touch with my old friends from school and quite often Erica and I would go out on the town with them. In the summer we planned a long weekend camping at a local beach resort that I had went to many times as a child. Two of my mates, Pete and Mitch, had decided to come with us.

I had an old mini van at the time and Pete and I were sitting in the front of it, smoking a cigarette and waiting on Erica finishing off packing. She was bent over packing stuff into the back of the van; I caught sight of her in the mirror and looked round. She had a lightweight peach coloured summers dress on which was baggy and low cut. For some reason she hadn't put underwear on that morning and I could now because of the dress hanging down, see right down her body to the curls of pubic hair. Without any thought, I nudged Pete's arm and indicated by nodding my head for him to look round. He started to say something but stopped dead as he suddenly saw what I was looking at. Erica must have picked up on this and looked up at us; she gave us a real horny smile and jiggled her tits. She didn't try to cover herself up but instead just carried on packing the car.

We eventually got the car parked and Erica jumped in the back and we set off. We met up with Mitch at the campsite and got set up. We spent the next day swimming, fishing and sun bathing and getting pretty much drunk. I was cooking a meal for us and as it was nearly ready I asked Pete to go fetch Mitch who was out fishing on the rocks. Pete came back 5 minutes later splitting his sides laughing. He told us that he had just caught Mitch tossing off on the rocks. Mitch had been embarrassed but had admitted to Pete that he needed to as Erica was too damn sexy and he had been catching glimpses of her body all day. He then said to Erica, "it's all your fault, frustrating poor Mitch like that." She said, "If you think I'm putting more clothes on and sweating my arse off just because you lot can't handle my hot body you can think again."

We continued getting merrily drunk round the fire and eventually Erica decided to turn in for the night. I got in beside Erica and we got down to some heavy petting. We whispered to each other and I had confessed that what I'd seen in the car with Pete had turned me on immensely. She said I bet it turned Pete on too. I then said to her, if he was here now, would you let him do this and proceeded to touch her pussy finding her extremely wet. I'd let him do much more than that she replied. What about this I asked getting down and slipping my tongue into her wet slit. Oh yes she moaned, he could do that to me anytime. I continued licking her for a few minutes and she orgasmed in my mouth. This was all too much for me, I was excited like never before and felt like I was about to explode. I had to have her, I got on top of her and slipped into her, I mean slipped because she was so wet.

She continued to whisper in my ear whilst I was fucking her, she was saying things like, "Just imagine Pete doing this to me, I bet he is hung like a horse." She continued saying things like this and telling how good it would be to fuck Pete and maybe Mitch and I could join in but maybe I'd just like to watch and toss off. I couldn't hold back and exploded inside her. I said thanks and she disappeared to the toilet to clean up. Whilst she was away, I drifted off into a deep satisfied sleep and the next thing I remember is waking up next to her in the morning. I woke her and said thanks for last night. In the cold light of day, jealousy set in and I decided it was best not to mention it again. We packed up that day and headed home.

That was the seed planted, over the next few years, we occasionally fantasised together whilst fucking or during foreplay about Erica having someone else. She always said afterward that it was just a fantasy and that was the way we were going to keep it. We got married and set up home in army married quarters and occasionally went back home to see our respective families. The next stage in our story happened on one of these visits. We had gone to stay with Erica's sister Laura and her husband for a weekend. Her husband Gareth was a salesman and they had also moved away from the area they grew up in and were only a hundred or so miles away from where we lived. There was only a year between Erica and Laura. They were not very alike apart from their voices and sometimes their facial expressions were similar. Where Erica is dark haired, slim and about 5'6, Laura is much taller and heavier built; she has very blonde hair and is extremely well endowed in the chest department.

They had recently had a son so she was still carrying extra weight from the pregnancy. Anyway, the girls were catching up on all the gossip and Gareth and I decided to go out for a few beers. He wasn't really my cup of tea and I found him very arrogant and sometimes downright obnoxious. We must have visited on a good weekend and he had recently had a promotion at work and rather than being even more power crazed, he was actually quite good company and we chatted and laughed over a few more beers than we had actually intended to. His mobile phone rang and it was Laura, asking if us pair of drunks were going to come home as they had prepared a meal for us. They had done in a few bottles of wine and they asked us to get some more at the off licence on the way home. We stopped off and got some more wine and a bottle of vodka.

When we arrived home, we ate while the girls got stuck in about the wine. We finished up and had a couple of cold beers. By this time all of us were pretty far gone but we decided to crack open the vodka. The girls were talking about underwear; Erica had been telling her sister about a new teddy I had bought her as part of her birthday present. This prompted Laura to take Erica upstairs to show her some of the new things she had recently bought. She came back down with a full drawer of lingerie and were sitting on the floor going through it. Gareth and I were jokingly suggesting that they should give us an Anne Summers show. I suggested Gareth should pour a few more vodka's first and give them a couple too. They disappeared into the kitchen and all we could hear was hoots of laughter. Gareth and I were wondering what they were up to when suddenly the kitchen door was opened and they strutted through like a couple of cat walk models in nothing more but black negligees.

The reason for the laughter was very evident as soon as Erica came in and did a little shake; she was having trouble filling out the negligee as her sister was so much bigger. As she shook, the negligee swung from side to side and left nothing to the imagination. They soon disappeared back into the kitchen but reappeared again with more of Laura's lingerie on display. This continued for about half an hour and the lingerie was getting more and more daring till eventually they were coming in with see through underwear and Laura even came in with nothing more that a pair of crutch less panties and a bra with slits at the nipples. Her blond pussy and large nipples were fully on show. Gareth and I had been discussing each others wife's bodies and he had been complaining about the number of stretch marks Laura had been left with after having their son. I said she still looked good and her big breasts and blond curls more than made up for it. After Laura came in with the crutch less number, he suggested that it was only fair if Erica tried it on too. I agreed that this was only fair.

They went back into the kitchen and there was a silence for a few minutes and then they reappeared, Erica with the crutch less gear on and Laura fully naked. They danced around for a few minutes then Laura said ok lets go. They then jumped on us, Erica on Gareth and Laura on me. Before I knew it, she was on top of me and had her tongue down my throat, she was groping for my belt and soon had my flies open and her hand grabbed my dick. She continued playing with me and my hands were not idle either, I had a good explore and soon had two fingers in her pussy. Looking over her shoulder, I could see Erica and Gareth were in much the same position, the thought of him fucking Erica gave me a huge erection. This could also have been helped by Erica's big sister's hands which were now holding my dick in a tight fist. We continued like this for ten or fifteen minutes, the atmosphere was electric and all you could hear was the soft grunts and moans of foreplay from all concerned. I looked over at Erica again and saw her slowly move her head down to Gareth's waist. Laura noticed where my eyes were and said "Come on, looks like those pair need some privacy." She pulled me by the hand to the door and we went upstairs. I wanted to say that I would rather stay and watch but thought better of it. The last thing I saw was my wife's head bobbing up and down with another man's cock in her mouth.

When Laura and I got upstairs and into the bedroom, I stripped off and was soon on the bed with Laura and was licking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I found her to be totally different than Erica and she was extremely vocal which in a weird sort of way was a little off putting. It just seemed a little false. My mind was torn, here I was living everyman's dream and was in bed with my sister in law. But all I could think of, was I wish I could see my wife getting fucked down stairs. Obviously, all this had an effect on me and probably the last few vodka's didn't help but when it came time for me to fuck Laura, my erection just disappeared, much to my embarrassment. I apologised and she said, don't worry, we will see if we can sober you up a bit and take it from there. We proceeded to get into the en suite they had in their bedroom and took a shower. We were busily soaping each other up and kissing when the door was flung open with Erica in a rage, saying what the fuck are you pair up to. This was rich after what position I'd seen her in last. Laura managed to calm her down and told her that nothing had happened as I'd been too drunk. Erika believed her and soon they were laughing it off. We ended up going to bed and Erica still seemed really mad with me.

When we were in bed, we talked and I did manage to sober up, I asked her what had happened with Gareth. Initially she said that nothing had really happened as she was upset about me upstairs with her sister. I told her how I had last seen her and said it must have progressed from there. At this stage, I got an erection which was poking into her arse. I shuffled slightly and my cock was level with her pussy. I eased forward and just slipped into her because she was so wet. I was really hard and soon I had her groaning. I assured her I didn't mind how far she had gone with Gareth.

She then told me what really happened. She said that when I had went upstairs with Laura; Gareth had turned her round onto her knees and fucked her. She said he was so big and she had difficulty taking him to start with. He had fucked her for only about ten minutes and then flooded her with his come. At that stage, her and him could both hear us upstairs and were sobering up and feeling a little awkward. Gareth was starting to get upset and Erica had decided to come upstairs to put and end to it to save any trouble. After hearing Erica tell me this and knowing she had not only fucked someone else but they had come inside her made me really horny. I started to thrust deeply into her and came within a few minutes. Erica wasn't letting me off easily and told me she wanted to come too. I went down on her and licked her, my tongue tasting her, mine and probably Gareth's love juice.

I licked her until she orgasmed and she seemed to be sexier than ever. When she came, she flooded my mouth. I was hard again and mounted her; it was glorious slipping into her sopping cunt. As I fucked her she encouraged me by whispering in my ear. She was telling me I was the second prick she had up her that night and I was barely filling her compared to Gareth. Fuck me hard she said, if you don't, I will go wake Gareth up and get him to do me again. I was enraged but horny like never before and gave her it as hard and fast as I could. I can honestly say, up until then, it was the best fuck that we had ever had. I pulled out just before I came and she took me in her mouth and swallowed the lot. We fell asleep that night, both of us contented and extremely well fucked.

I woke up in the morning with a severe hangover and visions of the night before came flooding back with a bang. I was dreading going downstairs to face my wife's sister and my brother in law. I woke Erica and I decided that not mentioning it was the best course of action. I woke her gently and kissing her I said looks like we could both use a shower before breakfast. When we got downstairs, it was obvious that Gareth and Laura were not going to mention it either. Gareth asked me if I would run Laura to the shop for some milk for the breakfast as he didn't think he could drive as he still felt drunk. I obliged and on the way I decided to apologise to Laura. I said I was sorry about what happened and particularly the way Erica reacted and that I didn't want to cause trouble between them. She said not to worry about it and that we had less to be sorry for than Gareth and Erica did if what Gareth had told her was true. I said that may be but still, she was probably disappointed with my performance.

She said, don't worry, there will be other opportunities for me to make up for it. She also said by the sounds of that bed creaking that you must have got it working when you sobered up later with Erica. She asked if I was jealous about what Gareth and Erica had done, I said no and admitted I had been turned on by it. I then told her about my fantasies and she told me that she and Gareth had been having similar fantasies. We left later that day and for months after Erica and I relived that night in our fantasies. Erica had been with another man whilst being married to me, but I had never seen it. It was to be several years and a few more escapades later before my fantasy was finally realised in full but that is another story.

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